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  1. Thats a cracking speed build Will,Nice one.
  2. Yep,thats the much improved "assembly cut" Thanks for the input all.appreciate it.
  3. That's absolutely epic in every possible way.
  4. My final 1-1 scale Halcyon Vinyl kit(actually thats not strictly true,I do have the alien queen foetus knocking about somewhere ) The Dog buster from Alien 3 . Handsome little fella isnt it the base is a homemade job with extra added fleshy bits. Right,Back to Batman and the Joker ! Cheers Andy
  5. Heidi's Ride

    Very nice indeed,Looks a wee bit "Steam punk"
  6. Cheers HR Its a film full of repeatable lines isnt it ,after getting "Batman" i got the "Batman returns" blu-ray,A film, at the time I really was conflicted about(Penguin armys any body?) However on a re-watch I really enjoyed it. And a rare chance for Siouxsie & The Banshees to shine
  7. Having recently re-watched Batman on Blu ray,and throughly enjoyed it I scored a couple of Far-east Billiken copies of the Joker and Batman figures,Went together resonably well and all prepped for painting. Joker comes with two heads. Started blocking out some of the colours,Batman fairly straightforwards,Joker less so. Cheers Andy
  8. Nice to see someone else with my aversion to gardening Looking good H.
  9. Thats fantastic,love your finish and lighting rig.
  10. UNTAC C2 sidearm

    Great "upgrade" Will,Looks the buisness.
  11. Apologies to Mikemc,But it would appear Alien Queen Chestbursters are like Buses,You wait ages for one,then two turn up Another 2 decade + stash lurker finally completed. I am contemplating "bloodying" her up,but not sure as I quiet like how she looks at the moment
  12. Your persistence is admirable(Don't know why,but in my head that sounded like Darth Vader ) I would have more than likely chewed off my own foot by now!
  13. Parallel universes

    Good idea,Will watch with interest.
  14. Smart looking Falcon.Picked up the Tie fighter and X-Wing the other day,a bit dissapointed on the scale difference between them(should have checked the packaging in all fairness)