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  1. Outstanding finish and a great se up too!
  2. The official Round2 aztec decals are now discontinued, but there are a few websites dotted around that you can print them off i think?
  3. My gods!! which internal organ did you have to sell to get the fiber optic kit? Ideally I would do this build with the newer clear polymer hull sections and scratch out where the lights would be. drilling them out is aright kuffufle. The other bonus is that the clear hull kit comes with the Round2 Aztec decals included which are now no longer available. The Aztec ones are still available, took me a while to get mine as the chap's printer was out of action for a while. The quality is superb, but the one niggle to them is that you will have to cut right up to the decal i
  4. Something a little more sedate next perhaps?
  5. Outstanding build and paint job as always there Gra! You seem to be a specialist at splinter cammo schemes now!
  6. Heya Cory, Glad my little build thread has inspired you Have you started a build thread on here yet? I found another great little tip that may help you too, if you go to your local arts and crafts store, you can pick up some water paint pencils. sharpen them to a point and dip them into a little water, dab off any excess and you can use the pencil paint for some extra fine details. The det cords as well perhaps? They're also really good for weathering too, especially the oily bits From my understanding, they are very similar to the AMMO MiG
  7. Looks great so far! I put mine away for the moment as my head wasnt in the right space for it, plus with a baby to look after too, I couldn't dedicate the time to it. Looking forward to seeing the results though. How did you find drilling out the channels needed for the Warp nacelle wiring?
  8. Hi @HerrUther I have already purchased these decals its the Aztec ones that Round 2 / AMT supplied with the clear 1/1400 kit. For a period you could buy them seperately but they has since been discontinued. Thats some fantastic progress there @Jonathan Jones what gauge drill bit did you use for the windows please? I'm just over half way round the upper primary hull at the moment with 0.3mm drill bit, and its causing issues with creating a bigger hole for the winder than I want. Meh!!
  9. These are fantastic Tony! Really appreciate it How may I ask, did you attached the C shaped rod to the underside of the Dornier? The effect of flight is really quite something. This effect is close to what i am thinking of doing? Plans have slightly changed for the Vulcan, and I am tempted to portray XL317 from 617Sq as it had the capability to carry Blue Steel. the bonus for this is that there is already a hole cut into the bomb bay for a potential mount point with out the need for further modification. Just hoping that the center of gravity
  10. I dont suppose you have any pictures of this at all? That must have been a seriously strong rod?
  11. Cheers buddy One of the major challenges for this build was finding the Aztec decals that AMT/Round 2 once produced for the 1/1400 scale Enterprise. When the kit was reissued in Clear PS, the were included, finding them as a separate set is impossible. They're discontinued and no website has them listed as available. If you know of someone who has a set, and are prepared to sell them, I would be very interested
  12. I'm afraid this particular project has been shelved for the moment. Not quite in the right frame of mind to keep it going. It will definitely happen, just not quite just yet.
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