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  1. Calling this one done....hope on over the ready for inspection Hop on over to the ready for inspection for a butchers! or you can just click here
  2. Calling this one done..... You can see the build log by clicking here.......Space Seed Build Log A nice build to do, even though it was a snap fit, some of the fittings were very tricky and didn't quite sit right. You had 3 choices to build in the kit which was great. The decals were easy to soak and released very easily, though they were complex in their layout and did tend to break a lot as they slid off of the sheet. Esepecially the registration markings on the secondary hull and the nacelles. The Original pilot episode enterprise from the "The Cage". the Mirror universe Enterprise, which is basically the pilot episode Enterprise but with ISS markings, or the "Space Seed" episode whish is what you get to see here.... Had to use the flash as the pictures were coming our really dark. A nice side effect was the flash bouncing off of the navigation lights. All in all, a fun build to do and one I would recommend. Thoughts and comments all welcomed
  3. Cheers @Kushan_Farsight The version I have is the Early version that is in the thread here. But I suspect that the kit itself will go together in very much the same way?
  4. Very nice finish! How show she sit with the rest of the Zero's build?
  5. I purchased this kit from IPMS this weekend. Really looking forward to building this aircraft. if there are any downloads for the instructions, that would be great In the excitement of my purchase, the instructions were accidentally left out of the box haha!
  6. From all the excitement of the weekend, what with IPMS and going to see Reel Big Fish on Sunday night...I managed to squeeze in an hour last night for some more decalling. Using my new and improved tweezers purchased from IPMS, applying the markings just became a WHOLE lot easier.... The windows, and impulse engines were added to the primary hull along with the markings on the lower side of the secondary hull.....though I have spotted a fatal floor in the Emperors plans, and the time is now to make our move....no wait....wrong franchise...hmmm The fatal floor how ever is this.....The yellow dot is exactly where the steel rod is supposed to go.....plust the decal itself split into 3 sections as I removed it from the paper backing..hence why it's a little wonky in the pic, but that has now since been sorted.... Will wait for it to dry thoroughly before slicing it up to accommodate the support rod.
  7. Mikey-1980

    Telford 2019

    First time at the show as a birthday prezzie from my good lady who also attended with me, who also, I think may have caught the bug.....purchasing a Triumph Herald to dip her toes into...We couldn't find a Ford Anglia, so this is the next best thing... I could have spent a small fortune with the amount of kits on sale there. Some fantastic displays and diorama's from all the societies and all really friendly. Especially the chap from Cornwall who seemed slightly concerned that it was sleeting out side on Saturday. Also really great to meet @canberra kid on the 70th Anniversary stand for the Canberra in all of it's forms. More kits for the stash too, including a first generation of a GeeBee from Dora Wings....I think this may be my next build log.
  8. Fantastic! I've just picked up a 1/48 Spit mkvb from IPMS. Now the hunt for the decal kit serials to build it. Cheers for the link too
  9. Hi, Not sure if this has been listed anywhere, but I stumbled across this page whilst looking for Spitfire AB842 - The "Staffordian" Thought it may be a nice resource for anyone looking up the history of various Spitfires flown by the airmen of Australia & New Zealand. ADF Serials - Spitfires
  10. Looks fantastic! I think I know what my next build will be now
  11. Fantastic finish!! I definitely need one for the stash
  12. Well the ship year was open again last night after a minor dispute with the Tellarite labour camps in the San Fransisco ship yards.... though they have made a mistake in the building of this fine space fairing vessel.... They seem to have installed the wrong bridge type......idiots! Whilst looking closely at the decal markings I noticed that i had some build the production Enterprise with e ISS or pilot episode bridge instead....I don't think it looks too out of place but I cant remove it to replace it with the correct bridge dome.... Anyways...paint scheme completed and ready for markings.. So, on with the decals...I started with the primary hull and getting the symmetry was tricky but I think I have them in place OK? The decal sheet is slightly confusing and you do have to be careful with the production and pilot episode markings as they are very slightly different. The registration markings I think are just about level and symmetrical..... There is a slight bit of silvering from the decal fix, but this can be cleaned up once the decals have dried and settled. Secondary hull and neck section will be up next with some minor weathering..... Hopefully I'll get to pick up some goodies at IPMS this weekend
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