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  1. A little late to this topic, but I thik I can echo everyones comments here that I would seriously be mistaken for thinking most of these builds were real aircraft. Outstanding work both in builds & your photography skills!
  2. An absolute outstanding build of one of the most unusal aircraft ever designed. Very well done and didnt know a kit of the Ekranoplan existed?
  3. Enjoy it! Getting back into kit building 9 years ago gave me something to focus on and and out of some very dark places. Keep doing what your doing bud! Looking forward to seeing your next build
  4. Having built this kit myself, its a beaut to do. Wouldnt mind doing another to be fair. You've a really decent job there too. As long as you enjoyed the build thats all that matters.
  5. SOme fantasting photos there, by far the most imtimidating is the Victor in Anti flash white head on and in mid flight. Great picture.
  6. It looks like a Thistle, which is the national flower of Scotland.
  7. You'd be surprised.....the board isnt that far away from Stafford to Wales.......unfortunately
  8. Hi Peter, These photo's are fantastic!! Thank you very much for them I will try and run them through a colouriser to bring out some of the detail too. I am curious with the horse shoe as well, as there seems to be a Thistle in the centre with the Kangaroo but I cant quite make out what is on the left side of the thistle?
  9. Thanks @Ray_W I did down load the picture and the horse shoe is clearly visable The UD squadron & X code should give me a good idea on height too. I also noticed on the art work for DK Decals 1/72 set that the AB842 is partially covered by the fuselarge band as well. Not entirely sure why the reg number wasnt repainted, but hey ho? I've contacted Red Roo models to see if they can lend a hand too.
  10. It is indeed, slap bang in the middle of England. not far from Middle Earth too. Stafford and the surrounding areas are famed for being some of the inspiration for Tolkiens Hobbit & Lord of the Rings saga. I'll check out Red Roo @stevehnz thanks for the recomendation
  11. Some fantastic information from everyone and massive thanks to @Magpie22 as well. A lot of the info you have provided I had no idea about, especially the changes in paint scheme. I haven't been able to find any photos of AB842 as yet, but I will check through Alamy.com though Regards to Decals, Although I would like to get as close to the actual aircraft as possible, It would appear that I may have to go with the slightly larger decals at the 22-24" Do DK Decals resell through Hannents or through their own website as I coudnt see anything on there regards to purchasing I saw the decal sheet in 1/48 but currently out of stock. If AB842 is available in that scale fromt hem soon, Jobs a goodun!
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