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  1. Absolutely fantastic! Hope your wife liked it?
  2. The latest addition to the stash is the superbly detailed Revell USS Voyager There is the intention to light this one up too, pretty straight forward with lots of room in the primary & secondary hull sections.
  3. Morning all, Just heard that Apple TV have announced they are developing a "sequel" to the 2001 WWII drama Band of Brothers with Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks called "Masters of the Air" which is based on Donald L. Millers book of the same name. Filming apparently to start soon in London Masters of the Air - Wiki Masters of the Air - linky Should be very interesting to see how this develops.
  4. They look fantastic together, and the Curtis flyer looks brilliant! So glad you were able to discover Porco Rosso
  5. This looks absolutely superb! I really love the diffused lighting look to
  6. Looks fantastic! I especially like your use of Lego to support the lighting too. I may just have to pinch that idea when I come to sort the lighting out on my Enterprise D build.
  7. I've just picked up the 2009 release from a seller on eBay.....Quite looking forward to getting round to lighting it up once I've refurbished the Enterprise D.
  8. Looking really good there @Johnny Tip and I completely understand your frustrations at the support struts.....it took me the best part of a week to do these. I even walked away from it for a few days as the kit was soon to become a member of Lord Flashhearts Air corps.......and launched through the nearest window.... Stick with it chap! It will look resplendent when completed
  9. Refurbishment update.......Some further work has been made on the windows for the secondary hull drive section. The plan is that the ship will represent 3rd shift, with most of the crew asleep. With only a few windows exposed on the underside, it should limit the amount of visibility of any of the circuitry within the hull section. There will be extensive clean up prior to painting the inside of the hull sections too. Next were the neck sections, which were particularly difficult as the windows were pretty small and the smallest drill bit I could use is 0.3mm
  10. Coming together really nicely there! You can definitely see an improvement in your skills too
  11. If you have an Amazon firestick and have managed to free it from the restrictions, I am pretty sure you can find it through the "Cinema" app I have seen it, and it is spectacular to watch.
  12. Hi @whitestar12chris Thanks for the links I did look through these and decided on the JT Graphics set. All being well, when his printer is back up and running they'll be dispatched. I have started the refurb on the work in progress forum too. The paint stripping too the best part of a week and seems to be in reasonably good condition too. Now the long process of drilling out all of those windows.
  13. I caught the last 5 minutes of the 747 documentary and a little bit of the Rolls Royce docu afterwards Will have to catch up with it soon.
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