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  1. I've a sudden urge to watch Under Siege now! Superb build there!
  2. Mikey-1980

    Penguin training- Norwegian F-16B

    Fantastic work, some of your shots there look extremely realistic!
  3. Mikey-1980


    Great build so far! Looking forward to seeing the outcome and sitting with the rest of your builds
  4. Mikey-1980

    Enterprise D refit!

    I am tempted to do this wilth my Enterprise D that i built when I was 14......strip it right back and start again. May I ask where you got the decal from please?
  5. Who doesnt love a Hunter build? I'm tempted to get another and add to the ever growing stash, haha!!
  6. Looking great so far!
  7. Mikey-1980

    My 2018 builds

    very very nice build collection there!
  8. Mikey-1980

    Retired, AV-8A

    Love this build, Your've a superb job with the moth balling I've spent hours looking through the Google earth pics of the Bone Yard in Arizona. Also found an interesting video on it on youtube thats worth a watch
  9. Mikey-1980

    Airfix 1:72 Spitfire F Mk. 22

    Very nice for a out of the box build!
  10. Mikey-1980

    Airfix 1/48 Walrus

    Outstanding build there! Really impressed with the rigging too!
  11. Mikey-1980

    Boing B-17 Mk. 1, 1/72, Academy

    Fantastic example of a B-17 Mk1
  12. Mikey-1980

    Italeri Jaguar GR1

    Crackin' job on the Jag!
  13. Mikey-1980

    Stand By For Action! - STINGRAY!

    Wow! Great links there chaps! I wonder if there will be a future, more detailed kit to come out?
  14. Mikey-1980

    Big ideas about a big wing

    WOW!! It really has come along very quickly! Good luck with the vortex generators....I'm sure the pain will be worth it in the end? I'm hoping to have the PR.9 completed in the not too distant future....the new work bench is slowly being put together.