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  1. Chair pulled up for your build here. Having built this kit, its a challenge but a fun build. Plus the C.1 Beverley has a special place in my family as my dad spent his ealy RAF years flying in these all over the middle east as part of 30 Squadron.
  2. Fantastic build and really love the grubby weathering too
  3. Primer Time!!! Its not as clean as I would have hoped, but like a certain talking donkey...that'll do I did think I had enough Tamiya TS-26 rattle paint left, but alas nay.....more on order to give the Valiant the anti-flas white coat we all know and love
  4. Small update, the towel rail antenna cannot be moved with out causing damage to it. So with that in mind, it's staying where it is.
  5. Thats fantastic @Dave Swindell thanks for the advice on the rod bending, looks like I may have to employ the protoge, who already can name all 3 V Force bombers by sight, though with a little poetic licence on his pronunciation I'll move the towel rail as well as you recommend, as I say, the instructions were a little unclear on its actual location, but I can get that changed before paint too.
  6. Morning all! Bit of an update for you on the build......XD818 is almost ready for primer. After the 1:1 humans second successful orbit, and the new obsession of the rotunded chap in red that visits us but once a year. I managed to get some work done of the Valiant. The instructions downloaded from the MikrMir site did not print out clearly at all, so determining which PE part went where was a bit of a challenge. I know they may not be in the right places for the purests out there, but this was my best guest and effort due to quite a few fitment issues. You can just see the twin pitot tubes on each wing tip in the pictures....I hope, as well as the PE intakes as well. Mounting point for the 4mm acrylic rod is drilled and prepped too I would imagine the first coat of primer will show up any issus that may need to be address, to which I suspect there will be a quite a few. The 48" and 24" registration decals turned up as well as the 155mm MDF display base (Which will be stained in Oak)...though I suspect I would need the next size up of 220mm diameter to accomodate the crest successfully. as it doesnt leave a lot of room for the 4mm acrylic rod, which also need to be bent into shape....any tips on how to achieve a soft "S" bend would be great. I suspect warming up in boiling water should make it soft enought to bend into shape. So far so good, and already planning the next build.......potentially encased in clear blue resin.........
  7. Sounds like a plan! plus I have the kits to do it in 1/72.....but as my wife frequently tells me.........."where are you going to put it when its done?" errrrrrrrr
  8. Fantastic build! I have thought about doing this one myself some day, this is really well executed!
  9. Thanks @Dave Swindell I had heard the underside was gloss finish. Nice to have it confirmed
  10. getting close to laying down paint now. It seems that Halfords do a decent rattle can flat white paint that would be suitable? Thr problem is, which one? Has anyone used a Halfords White rattle can that comes close to the RAF Antiflash White? If so, which one please? Or would the flat white Primer be the best bet? Cheers Mike
  11. Cheers Gra, taking a while but slowly getting there. The CTA decals you pointed me in the direction of turns out he's a rather nice Russian chap and Putin is causing issues surrounding Paypal payments for him. he is exploring other methods of payment but everything else is on hold at the moment.
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