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  1. What an absolutely glorious collection of aircraft models! I think I need to get a wiggle on and sort out the loft conversion sooner rather than later....but with a mini me on their way, finding the time for kit building will become increasingly more difficult. Love that there is also a Beverley in your collection too....an aircraft that has a special place in my families history.
  2. High gloss was already applied prior to decaling. Just hope the gloss afterwards will help settle them down further cheers Mike
  3. gorgeous build, and I echo @SAT69 Interesting colour scheme to. I really like it
  4. Glorious work there @Moa I do like seeing your work and how much dedication you place on your builds. Great work sir!
  5. @Serkan Sen Sir, Your build looks FRAKKING AWESOME so far ! Very impressed with your work, and very much looking forward to your paint job too Thank you for the kind words, but I'm amateur in comparison. Just a damn shame about the silvering on the decals though. I am hoping that the gloss over coat will help the silvering settle down then to attempt pin shading for the panel lines. Always seem to mess that bit up.
  6. morning all, Apologies for the lack of posting updates for the Ferret, work, life admin and other jobs around the house seem to be taking me away from the work bench more and more at the moment. Alas, I managed to find some time yesterday to get on with the HUGE amount of decaling needed on the Ferret. The underside is complete, with LOTS of silvering happening with these older decals. The red stars split and broke into multiple parts prior to applying. Top side is coming together nicely, though I stopped at this point to allow the decals to dry before carrying on Another view of the decals so far. If anyone has any tips to reduce the silvering once they have dried, I am more than happy to explore options. The aircraft has has a gloss coat to help, but as you can see it hasn't made much of a difference. Decal fix has also been used too. Cheers! Mike
  7. Just catching up with your build and your work is superb! Really like the shape it is beginning to take as well.
  8. beautiful finish to the 262 there! Almost looks real with the paint work & weathering
  9. Glorious! One of the most iconic and stunning aircraft ever built. love it! I'd love to start my Victor and Vulcan soon, but with a nipper on the way and who will be commandeering the the spare room / workbench room I know exactly what my other half will say..... "Where are you going to put it????!"
  10. My first foreign holiday was taken onboard an Airtours aircraft back in 1991. No idea what the aircraft type was though. Great finish you've had there too
  11. Finally I've been able to do an update for you fine fine people. Though not a lot was done over the weekend for the build. Life admin took over, again and the prospect to take our ale from one of the best bars in town. ALL HAIL THE ALE!!!! So, on with the show....the Ferret has now been given a coat of semi gloss clear to seal the paint and prep for the decals. Now as these are 24 years old, they may be a little fragile.....and yes they were. The Radar reflection panels cracked into multiple parts. so they are going to need to be painted. Working from the center line out wards, it's very slow progress as there are lots of decals. Silvering is an issue with these decals, and I hope that they settle down once the dull coat is applied afterwards. This is a far as I have gotten so far, so much more to follow. Cheers! Mike
  12. This is a superb build! Loved this movie growing up and still love it now. Even down to the continuity errors on the F-16's
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