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  1. Really great build Gra! I'm a huge fan of the Fortress myself and you've definitely done it justice
  2. Gorgeous finish and what a build too! I really want to build one as a representative of the gate guardian that was at RAF Stafford fo many years before it was scrapped and replaced with a Harrier.
  3. Fantastic build so far! Just spent the last 30 mins catching up and reading through...your skills have definitely improved over the past 12 months too....The cockpit especially!
  4. You've not hung about with the Enterprise there have you!?! Looks fantastic by the way too
  5. VERY nice Gra! They site nicely next to each other too
  6. If you have access to an Amazon Firestick and manage to decode it (YouTube tutorials are widely available) their is an app called "Cinema" search for the ColdBlue on there and I suspect "Master of the Air" when it is eventually released will be available to stream.
  7. I did think that as well when reading this? I do wonder if there will be a mention of the Bomber Boys and the RAF Bomber Command.....though I suspect it will be all told from the USAAF perspective on how they single handedly won the Air war over Europe. With regards to the B-24 crews, I hope they mare mentioned as well and the efforts from the Italian airfields too? Perhaps an appearance from the 332nd Squadron?
  8. Unfortunately work has stopped on this for a few days as the 0.3mm drill bits are causing issues with the smaller windows. Hopefully the newly ordered 0.2mm bits will help solve the issue.
  9. Morning All, As promised, a small(ish) update for you all. Progress of the upper primary hull is slow going. Finding the time in between work, the impending new arrival to the home (just a few weeks away now) an other aspects of life admin, here is where we are at as of today. Some windows are better than others in their appearance, bt they do look reasonably OK when held up to the light It's not going to be the prettiest, and certainly wont win any awards, but its looking OK so far. My main concern at the momen
  10. Small update....progress is slow, but getting there. The upper primary hull windows are trickier than I thought and needs a little more care when drilling them out. I'm about 1/4 way round the upper hull. Pics to follow soon
  11. The latest addition to the stash is the superbly detailed Revell USS Voyager There is the intention to light this one up too, pretty straight forward with lots of room in the primary & secondary hull sections.
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