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  1. Fantastic work there, mate. Stunning paint job.
  2. ... back in a mo', just off to get some kitchen roll to mop up all the coffee I've just snorted all over the 'puter!
  3. Loving the figure, old man. Being an ex-matelot, I might be able to shed some light on the undershirt issue? Sailors wear a white front under their blue jacket- it's a stiff cotton t-shirt, with a broad, square cut neck, white with a dark blue trim. When it's cold, they can wear an 'itchy' over the white front, but still under the jacket. It's a coarse wollen jumper with a narrow round neck, finished in dark blue. I suspect your reference photos show lads wrapped up for outdoor work. Going with the itchy is a good move, since painting the white front in would reveal the collar is the wrong shape! Hth...
  4. oileanach

    1/1ish mecha skull

    I love it! That's a fantastic build mate. I can see the attraction, I've got a few skulls around here myself, but they're all pretty boring- bone or various shades of chrome. There must be a skeleton of puns I could make, but I can't think of anything humerus right now...
  5. Thanks for making the effort Pete. Tbh I wouldn't actually object to paying photobucket for their service if they charged something sensible. I really think they've shot themselves in the foot over this. I think I'll give Flickr a go, too.
  6. oileanach

    1/144 RGC-80 GM.

    I'm with Hunter- the hull red is a great match for the tan. I'd be inclined to use something to deepen the recesses- mahogany, panzer brown?- and something flatter to highlight the main part of the panels- possibly a scarlet/hull red mix? Of course, in my mind's eye I'm seeing a sun bleached and quite worn walking tank. If you see a brighter, glossier and much better looked after machine you'd be as well ignoring the beardie in the cheap seats!
  7. oileanach

    1/144 RGC-80 GM.

    And rightly so. It's the preparation stage that really makes the difference to the finished model. Sadly, it's the stage I'm too lazy that I struggle the most with... Great work so far mate, I'm really enjoying this one.
  8. oileanach

    Shadow War Armageddon

    Fantastic job as always, Will. How did you make/print the posters? They look tiny, but even on max zoom the lettering's still crisp as you like.
  9. oileanach

    The Briegel 1/35 scale mecha

    Charlie I'm all out of 'likes'! That's an incredible mech- I love the whole bulbous, industrial look of it. I'm really digging the wee added springs on the turret and I think lifting points on the heavy armour is a great idea. Looking forward to the next installment...
  10. Feels weird 'liking' someone's problems. The internet is a strange place... Obviously I don't like the way you're having snags, mate. But there isn't a 'sympathise' voting button. What I'd do is what I've been doing for years with uncooperative white metal and resin. Put it all in a box, so everything is readily to hand, but out of the way when you're doing other stuff. Nothing worse than a stalled project staring at you while you're doing something fun with another kit! When you have a spare minute, dig out a single component and spend some time tidying it up. If the mood takes you, do another one. If it doesn't, back in the box until next time. There's no hurry, the hobby is meant to be relaxing and fun. If it's not, do something else for a while. On a more practical level: needle files and a decent metal tipped flash remover should help with the modules. Acrylic putty or resin (green stuff) will fill the bubbles. It shrinks as it sets, so have those files ready the day after. Lots of careful filing, filling, sanding and buffing should sort out the command module. Sponge files are a fave of mine- UMP make some decent ones, but there are plenty of competitors out there. The nozzle is gubbed anyway, you've nothing to lose taking some linesman pliers to it and gently squeezing out the dent. Adjusting the fit of the nozzles into the engine is yet more patient filing and filling. It might be fun to scratch build a new antenna? Some sprue and mesh can be very effective with just a little effort, have a look at the ship modellers wip threads for some inspiration. If you're anything like me, once the kit parts are neatened up you should find your mojo again. I'd love to give the bridge and hanger doors some OSL. It's a favourite painting effect of mine that would be very challenging to pull off on a white or pale grey model. Good luck with it shipmate, if it helps, the more effort you put in the greater the reward when it's finished!
  11. My best mate loves collectables- if you sell AFVs or ship models in the UK, you've probably done business with him. This makes Christmas and birthdays easy going, since I get to send a model of whatever the flavour of the month is. He hates building, never mind painting, so I even get to make the kit. Bargain! This year I sourced a BSG Viper, then wasted a week trying (failing) to paint on wee Hara Thrace's glowing helmet. No biggie, plenty of time left... Or not. Spoiler- warning, contains tale of woe and much whining! The finished item:
  12. oileanach

    Bandai R2D2 and BB8 Newbie WIP

    Love the blue chipping, Chiefy! Beautifully done. Don't be afraid of the Vallejo metallics; there's loads of pigment in there, you can thin them down to a glaze if you really want to. A few thin layers and there shouldn't be a brush stroke in sight.
  13. oileanach

    Ed-209 vinyl

    Coffee everywhere, now where did I leave that cloth...
  14. oileanach

    Moebuis BSG Viper Complete.

    Nice work, mate. I prefer the cleaner look, too. I know it's 'only' sci-fi, but I spent a fair amount of my life on real world aircraft carriers, the inspiration for Galactica. The fighters have a hard life, but they're well looked after. Grime inevitably builds up, but the grubbers keep their chicks as tidy as they can manage. The final episode had Adama take his old fighter up; it looked a lot like your build! (Although with 'Husker' name boards, naturally). I'm building one of these as my mate's Christmas present. I'm more of a mini painter, so there's likely to be more weathering and painted lighting effects rather than real lights. Old habits die hard! If I get time I'll stick up some phots.
  15. oileanach

    Tyranid diorama

    No tropical plants in the hills around Glasgow to look at Will, but our house plants are glossiest (is that a word?) where the leaf is thickest. The spine and the edges are more satin, fading to matt on the stem and undersides. I'm not sure how easy that'd be to represent in miniature! What you've already got looks amazing, though. I might dig out some minis this week and try some of those techniques on the bases. It's inspiring stuff!