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  1. Thanks for all your kind words team This is Typhoon with the old Airfix Tempest V (ex Heller mould I think)
  2. This is the 2019 boxing of the lovely 1/72 kit from Airfix which includes the appropriate June 1944 markings seen here. I built this for a Twitter based Group Build, #DDAYGB which has just finished. Put together OOB, paint is all by brush, Lifecolor acrylics for the camouflage and then details using Lifecolor\Citadel\Vallejo. Glossed with Vallejo before the decals and a final few coats of Mig Ammo matt to finish with Vallejo light\dark grey washes to add a lightly used look. Hope you enjoy More pics here: http://blog.cjhm.net/2019/06/08/1-72-airfix-hawker-typhoon-d-day-1944/ Work in progress pics here: https://twitter.com/search?q=cjhm airfix typhoon&src=typd See stuff the other members of our group did: https://twitter.com/search?q=ddaygb;src=typd Excellent video from our ‘leader’ here:
  3. Well a Eunos Roadster kit from 1989 actually Main paint is Tamiya TS43 British Racing Green, brighter than I expected but quite pleased with finish after light going over of some dust flecks with Micromesh 6000\8000\12000 cloths and a bit of Autoglym car polish Interior is TS46 Light Sand with details in Lifecolor and Citadel acrylics Number plates were created in Photoshop using UK font then printed on photo paper Window surrounds are Sharpie permanent marker and chrome details by Molotow pen Hope you enjoy WIP Here: https://twitter.com/search?q=cjhm %23tamiya %23mazda&src=typd More pictures here: http://blog.cjhm.net/2019/05/16/1-24-tamiya-mazda-mx5/
  4. Lovely, both the balsa and paper models Thanks for sharing
  5. Excellent build Need to get one of these, are the main Red\Blue areas in the kit decals or mask\paint? Been lucky enough to see these race, not the best noise but imposing machines
  6. Date for this years show: Saturday, 11th May 2019 We have updated the website: http://www.lancingmodelshow.org.uk/ and are on Twitter too https://twitter.com/BN15ModelShow Our club always welcomes new members and we don't have any meeting or membership fees so please feel free to come along if you are vaguely close to Southwick, West Sussex, every 4th Tuesday; more information here: http://southdownsmodelgroup.org.uk/ See you there Chris
  7. All packed and ready to go ! see you tomorrow Chris
  8. Southdowns club is attending, it’s a bit vague but agree with what Sean says Clubs have to take own tables, I’m planning small personal display alongside our club tables. Matt is doing his Sci Fi display I think too Tangmere club may be going too ? Cheers Chris
  9. Yep, never smoked or had any desire too but those Group C colour schemes ...
  10. Great models, thanks for showing Been lucky to see a few of Jim Halls creations at Goodwood Festival of Speed, this is from 2017 (heads to eBay ....)
  11. End of frustrating build but hope you will agree a reasonable recovery from adversity in the end! This is Airfix 1/32 kit I wanted to do as the 1970 Richard Attwood \ Hans Herrmann Le Mans winner using Patto slot car decals from Austrailia Red was Tamiya TS spray and then I started on decals, I left Mr Softner on some of the white stripes too long and they wrinkled slightly; after a few weeks I clear coated with Tamiya TS gloss varnish - Disaster struck and the decals wrinkled\cracked big time, especially on top sides. I was on the verge of binning it but I had idea to use an old handkerchief, thin MIG matt varnish and some grey paint to make a car cover, leaving the few reasonable areas exposed Work in progress pics here: https://twitter.com/search?q=CJHM%20AIRFIX%20PORSCHE
  12. Recently finished this build of Group C racer, the only Jaguar XJR-8 that finished Le Mans 1987 (5th place). Drivers were Eddie Cheever, Raul Boesel and Jan Lammers. Kit is a recent re-release of 1980s 'curbside' kit which still includes correct Silk Cut markings on a separate decal sheet. Built 'from the box', Tamiya TS rattle cans were used for main white body paint and black chassis. Decals were brittle\cracking when dry so lot of touch up was needed (Vallejo 'Hexed Lichen' for purple, Citadel yellow for stripes) before Tamiya TS gloss varnish sealed everything. Despite lots of softner\setter there are bits that still stand proud so looks a bit scruffy on close inspection. Natural light highlights colour variation in purple paint touchup but indoors its not noticeable! If I did another one I would consider masking\spraying all the purple and trim decals to match (or go for aftermarket set). Black surrounds to glasswork were hand painted from inside using the moulded detail as a guide, inside edges of headlamp covers were brushed with Tamiya acrylic dark green. Aerial on roof is a piece of stretched sprue. Base is from Coastal Kits Hope you enjoy, will do an XJR-9 (1988 Le Mans winner) as well soon Work in progress pictures here: https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&q=cjhm%20hasegawa%20jaguar More pictures here: http://blog.cjhm.net/124-hasegawa-jaguar-xjr-8-lemans-1987
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