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  1. Thanks for the positive feedback. @Tbolt, Great tips, will try to incorporate this the next time. Appreciate the specific nature of your help, very useful. Also, the aerial is a mig jimenez elastic thread, quite a handful to handle, but easy to tighten up right. Isak
  2. Hi all Here is a model I finished a couple of months ago, an Eduard Bf 109 F4 from the royal class boxing. one of the biggest challenges was to choose a scheme, but my choice was this one stationed in Petsamo, Finland, because I like the way it looked and Finland is a neighbor country to Norway. The Finnish role in WWII is also quite interesting, being allied to Germany, but its leaders did apparently not share the Nazi views on race. Finnish Jews did actually fight alongside the Germans against Soviet, how many other places did this happen? The build was quite enjoyable with good pa
  3. Thanks for all the kind replies, it's really appreciated. Apart from the few issues mentioned, it's actually a quite nice kit. Isak
  4. Hi all I want to show off this example of Airfix Spitfire mk XIV that I got for Christmas from my sons (after buying it myself). After seeing one fly at Flying legends at Duxford last summer I knew i had to get this model Airfix released this earlier this year. Built mostly out of the box, but added the Löök instrument panel and seat belts from Eduard. The kit is not the very best, with some iffy fit issues especially around the fuel tank cover and the wing cannons doesn't really fit. I would also wish the trailing edges were thinner. After some filling and sanding it d
  5. Great looking Sukhoi, congrats
  6. Yeah @Hairtrigger, I'm definately not a photographer, and natural daylight is a rare commodity after office hours here at 64 degrees north at this time of year. Any good advice regarding photographing models is appreciated. Isak
  7. Thanks, I think it looks like a basking shark: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basking_shark Isak
  8. A few more photos that aren't so dark Isak
  9. Thanks a lot for the positive feedback! Really appreciated. Isak
  10. Hi all. Wanted to show off my latest build, a Hawker Typhoon from Airfix. The kit was really nice with nice detail and went together fast with no problems, except its tiny size. After some consultancy from my kids, the chosen scheme was this pretty cool looking and colorful shark mouth from 245 Squadron, 2nd Tactical Air Force based in Germany and RAF Warmwell, Dorset in June.August 1945. If anyone know anything interesting about this aircraft, please share. The kit was painted with Mission Models acrylic throughout, and they worked really well. I used the black primer as a base for
  11. Thanks a lot @72modeler and @Michael-S
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