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  1. Great looking build. Congrats Isak
  2. Thanks for the positive feedback. I ageee with the overly stark wash, it started as a brownish dark grey but looks black. Yes, its the airfix kit, and it built up nice, I can recommend it, but I guess there are even better options around.
  3. Hi all. Please see attached some photos of this Focke Wulf I finished some time ago. Built out of the box, bought it partly for the Norway-themed decals. This aircraft was stationed at Herdla outsider of Bergen at some time during the war. Makes me curious about who "Ingeborg" was (or still is), it's a common name in norwegian. The build was straight forward, some irritating issues that I didn't fix, such as thick trailing edges and some strange depresseions on the top side of the flaps, and inspection hatch on both sides of the vertical stab. Finished wi
  4. @amos brierley that must have been quite a sight. This type isn't seen much here in Norway. Thanks a lot @Sky Keg, @Homerand @wellsprop for the encouraging replies Isak
  5. Great looking Seafire Makes me want to build one myself. Isak
  6. Thanks for all the positive feedback . Isak
  7. Hi This one was finished earlier this year, and is my first biplane. The kit was not bad, with good fit. Finished more or less out of the box in kit supplied belgian livery. Painted with mission models acrylic paint and no weathering exept for a water colour wash. The rigging is made up from mig medium fine rigging, and is a little to fine. Rigging this one was a challenge, but I'm quite please with the results. Regards, Isak
  8. Thanks a lot for the positive feedback . @Paulaero, there's at least three schemes of the same aircraft in the box, who knows what other schemes it has had. @Robin-42, I have no idea what they were thinking, but it looks neat. BTW, I painted all the yellow parts, I have bad experience with the stiff yellow decals from airfix. @johnd, I didn't weigh out the nose weight, I just filled the nose with lead shot and blue tac. Isak
  9. Hi. This is an Airfix Jet Provost I finished earlier this year, in 1/72. It's made completely out of the box with kit scheme. Have to say it was a really nice little kit, went together with no issues at all. Regards, Isak
  10. Very nice build of a very good looking aircraft. Great work! Isak
  11. Thanks for the positive feedback. @Tbolt, Great tips, will try to incorporate this the next time. Appreciate the specific nature of your help, very useful. Also, the aerial is a mig jimenez elastic thread, quite a handful to handle, but easy to tighten up right. Isak
  12. Hi all Here is a model I finished a couple of months ago, an Eduard Bf 109 F4 from the royal class boxing. one of the biggest challenges was to choose a scheme, but my choice was this one stationed in Petsamo, Finland, because I like the way it looked and Finland is a neighbor country to Norway. The Finnish role in WWII is also quite interesting, being allied to Germany, but its leaders did apparently not share the Nazi views on race. Finnish Jews did actually fight alongside the Germans against Soviet, how many other places did this happen? The build was quite enjoyable with good pa
  13. Thanks for all the kind replies, it's really appreciated. Apart from the few issues mentioned, it's actually a quite nice kit. Isak
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