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  1. Yeah @Hairtrigger, I'm definately not a photographer, and natural daylight is a rare commodity after office hours here at 64 degrees north at this time of year. Any good advice regarding photographing models is appreciated. Isak
  2. Thanks, I think it looks like a basking shark: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basking_shark Isak
  3. A few more photos that aren't so dark Isak
  4. Thanks a lot for the positive feedback! Really appreciated. Isak
  5. Hi all. Wanted to show off my latest build, a Hawker Typhoon from Airfix. The kit was really nice with nice detail and went together fast with no problems, except its tiny size. After some consultancy from my kids, the chosen scheme was this pretty cool looking and colorful shark mouth from 245 Squadron, 2nd Tactical Air Force based in Germany and RAF Warmwell, Dorset in June.August 1945. If anyone know anything interesting about this aircraft, please share. The kit was painted with Mission Models acrylic throughout, and they worked really well. I used the black primer as a base for black-basing, added some salt weathering, a RLM66 wash and some Tamiya weathering powders. Hope you enjoy, and please don't hesitate to give some constructive feedback. Regards, Isak
  6. Thanks a lot. Isak
  7. Thanks a lot @72modeler and @Michael-S
  8. @Abandoned Project Takk skal du ha. @Johnny_Sokko Thanks. It's a limited edition, actually just a bf 109 g-10 with Czech markings. @exdraken Thanks. I kind of fell for the colours myself. The crimson came out a bit darker than planned, thanks to my attempt at black-basing. Should probably had a light coat over the black. It certainly isn't camouflage. @HansReggelsen Thank you. Actually I think It's the Avia S-199 thats was dubbed the mule. After a fire destroyed the warehouse with all the DB605 engines for the S-99 they started using Jumo engines in them and called it S-199. It apparantly sort of worked...
  9. Hi all. Wanted to post this Avia S-99 from Eduard in 1:48 scale. As most of you can see its a Bf109G10, the Czechs had a fully functioning aircraft factory left behind by the Germans and decided to continue producing after the war. The markings is actually for a police force plane. Police fighter planes are not so common anymore I guess. Have been at this one since Christmas (was a present from my lovely wife and kids) and finally calling it done. The kit did fit together quite well, but was a lot more complex than the Airfix kits I have built before. Tried my hands at photo etch for the first time as well. Painted in Humbrol enamels, Mission Models Clear coat. Aerial wire is a strand of hair. Feel free to comment and criticize. Regards, Isak
  10. Hi Great looking model. I have been itching to get one myself. I like especaially the Norway-based markings, not so often seen. Isak
  11. Very impressive, both the beautiful Hurricanes and the historical research. The planes look well used and very convincingly weathered. The background story, photos and figures made it very personal. Isak
  12. Thank you, much appreciated Isak
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