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  1. It looks good.... Doesn't it? My one is still under wraps for its own safety
  2. Many thanks for these vids Trek Bear.. I am offically tempted, lol The only downside I can think of is getting some kind of structure behind the the big empty bridge window, perhaps there will be a photoetch set to do that...at twice the cost of the kit.
  3. Soooooo looking forward to watching you work your magic on this handsome AC..
  4. Hi fellow britmodellers, I was locked out of Britmodeller for a week or so, but I have been able to get back on the site today... Many thanks for getting this sorted for me. I feel like I am back in the family again Cheers, Stary (Phil)
  5. Cheers Colin, and thanks for the welcome :-) I'm still tempted to add the filters anyway.. perhaps a future mod?
  6. Hiya, Newbie here I have been lurking/admiring here on BM for a while and am getting a bit drooly over all these fantastic Lynx builds, especially the HMA8s. I have a few pics of Army and Navy Lynx taken aboard HMS Ocean during her pre Olympics visit to Greenwich.. as soon as I figure out how to post pics on here I'll add them... would this thread be a suitable venue? So, a question :-) (please don't beat me up if it's a silly one!!) Do/have HMA8's been fitted with the army style exhaust baffles (the big square shaped ones)? I think it would look quite the dogs danglies along with all
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