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  1. Funny, it all depends what you're used to. I like these because they're quite petite in 1/32
  2. 1/48 CAC-27 Avon Sabre

    I can only see the last two photos, but I like what I see! Alan
  3. What a great scheme! It looks brilliant.
  4. 1/72 Italeri F/A-18D

    Nice job for a seaborne build! Really like the scheme. Alan
  5. Catching Pictures in the Air

    Been away for a while and only just begun to catch up. What a thread! Very sorry to hear you had vertigo problems - it's what did for me in the end and why I can't fly anymore. Glad you're feeling better! Alan
  6. Made a flying start on this. I'm not one for hype but I have to say this kit really does live up to it. The build has you start with the separate engine and trolley. I suspect this is like a starter or appetiser in a great restaurant - to whet your appetite for the really good stuff to come! The parts are beautifully moulded and fit together so finely that sometimes it's hard to find the seam when you come to apply the liquid cement. Here's the engine trolley finished in WEM Dark Green and Gunze Mr Metal Color Stainless. It fits together so snugly you almost don't need glue. It's a mini-masterpiece which made me inexplicably happy to build! It's designed to hold the separate GE F110 engine which is simply amazing. This made up of no less than eight parts and I defy you to find the joins. No putty used anywhere on this. There are a bunch of small accessories that fit to the main engine casing. I primed in Mr Surfacer 1200 ready for the metallic coat. I painted some parts in a combination of grey primer and black acrylic. I sprayed over the ensemble with Alclad Honey Primer which enables the metallic colours to reflect the colour underneath in one uniform coat. It's a lot easier than respraying in different metallic colours. We'll see how that turns out when I spray on the metalisers tomorrow! I also got started on the intake and wheelwells - I'm going to mount the engine separately but use the Aires nozzle to display the aircraft as a complete airframe with its engine in situ. The wheelwells are also Aires but it's a DIY fit for the interior. More soon! This has "great build" written all over it thanks to the confidence I have in the quality of the kit. Alan
  7. That fell together quickly! Nice to see a bang up to date version - are you sure we can't change your mind about the Have Glass scheme Just started the 1/32 version. It IS living up to the hype! Alan
  8. What a monster! You look thoroughly prepared for the build, definitely one I'll be following. Alan
  9. Another necro-thread resurrected from Photob*cket oblivion! Enjoy! Alan
  10. Revell Platinum 1/144 USS Fletcher

    Nailed it Great work with the PE and built so fast. I'm also 100% with you on the Colourcoats. Still the best paints I've used for modelling. Alan
  11. Big white triangle

    You've certainly done your homework with this! Looks like a good white coverage. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses. Alan
  12. Hot on the heels of the last brace of F-16s comes another commission build - this time using the much-vaunted Tamiya 1/32 kit. So here's the kit, Aires jetpipe/nozzle and wheelwell sets and the Big Ed. Also along for the fun is the Astra Decals Aviano set for the Commander's aircraft circa 2003-4 which will be the subject of the build. The subject aircraft is a Block 40 F-16CG rather than the CJ in the box, but as far as I can see around this time the only difference would be the WAR (Wide Angle Raster) HUD and the stiffener plates on the spine area. The HUD will be provided from the Academy kit, and the plates courtesy of AstraDecals yet again. You'll be amazed to hear I've never made this kit before, so this should be fun! I've heard so many good things about it. It will be "all hanging out" - radar, gun bay and engine will all be on display. Should make for an eye-catching model! Feel free to follow and comment, I'd be very grateful for your company! All the best, Alan
  13. Lovely pholded Phantom there. And you did a great job with the zillion-odd stencils! Alan
  14. Wow. My tuppence worth is redundant after all the great comments, but that looks like it could fly off the table. Beautifully rendered, top drawer modelling Alan
  15. Thank you! Farnborough is a tough gig!