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  1. 2557fb75-b527-44e2-bd05-b08efa9f556f.jpg

    My latest book, released on Nov 9th! Amazon worldwide, Kindle e-book and paperback.

  2. 1/350 IJN Maya with Flyhawk

    Enjoying this! Those Japanese cruisers make great subjects. Your PE work is very crisp and neat, keep up the good work. Alan
  3. Su-24MK Fencer IRAQ - Trumpeter 1/48

    Great work! Also excellent close-up photography. Well done. Al
  4. Ho-ho! i'm back!

    Gosh that's a blast from the past! I've changed my screen name about three times since you vanished! Alan (aka Phatness/Brokenedge et al)
  5. 1/32 F-16 Double Bill!

    It's effective but very messy. I wouldn't recommend it unless you like cleaning
  6. 1/32 F-16 Double Bill!

    Here's the link to the magnets - they're 3mm diameter x 2mm wide. Pack of 50. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003BKPIN0
  7. 1/32 F-16 Double Bill!

    Ah, I see! Yes, it's the same plastic. I'm going to build everything and attach magnets to the pylons and ordnance so theoretically I can load anything! Alan
  8. 1/32 F-16 Double Bill!

    'Bashing the head to fit the helmet' is a great expression! Is that a direct translation from Swedish?
  9. 1/32 F-16 Double Bill!

    Thank you! (Looked at your bio and thought, "two of them big ones", eh?!)
  10. 1/32 F-16 Double Bill!

    After a short break (got my third novel back from the editor!) I was trying to get the fuselages together, but there's a lot of work involved on the cockpits and wheelwells before that happens. First, I shot all the white (mix of satin and gloss) Then the interiors - I completed the painting but haven't done any other effects like washes or dry-brushing. I'll finish that when everything's put together. These Aires wheelwells are things of beauty - just very fiddly to paint! This is pretty untidy (if you look closely) but all will be made pristine! Dry-fitted the fuselages: Note the new spine for the Block 50+, lots of filling and sanding later! Still not finished but looking more like a Block 50 than a Sufa now! The nose wheelwells are the kit version - the Aires ones are such a job to fit I've opted to detail these myself using Aires as a template. Cheers, Alan
  11. 1/32 F-16 Double Bill!

    Long time no update, but I have been busy... Doing the open gun bay on the MLU Also on the MLU, I've made a solution for the bulged gear doors: First line the inside with white Milliput: Then get the dremel out and sand that sucker down! Before (left) and After (right). Both now done. Managed the tedious job of preparing and cleaning up all the landing gear components for both aircraft, including the intake sections. My plan is to all the white parts in one go to save a lot of time later. Alan
  12. 1/32 F-16 Double Bill!

    While all that was drying I quickly got to assembling the flying surfaces: The fit of the parts is excellent. I don't think I'll need any filler on the leading edges at all. No warping either, it all sits nice and straight. The eagle-eyed among you will notice the wrong tail for the Block 50+... this was because the brief for the build changed today, so I have a new spine to fit and the tail will be updated! Okay, now for the intakes again. First I sealed the end of the intake with blu-tacked milk bottle caps and paper towels. I stopped up any other holes with more blu-tac: The filling process was so messy, I didn't get any photos! But I filled both intakes up to the lip with goopy satin white emulsion. I left it for a while and then let it pour out the bottom back into the paint pot. I'm left with nice seamless intakes. Last job was to fit the cockpit sidewalls to the D cockpits and then add the photoetch. Although I've posted these all at once, this was just one and a half days work. Just primed all the cockpit parts, so the next pictures will be painting the interior. Alan
  13. 1/32 F-16 Double Bill!

    Next, I moved on to the interior. You might remember from my F-16F build I used emulsion paint to obtain a seamless intake. Same story here. The two aircraft have different intakes, but the Academy kit supplies both GE and P&W MCID and NSI intakes. Nice one, Academy! Not so nice - the NSI intake had some impressive sink marks owing to the nose gear wheelwell moulded to the bottom: We'll need to come back later. Here are the two upper fuselage halves - the single-seater has the option to show the M61 cannon and ammunition drum, but the twin-seater is closed up. One weakness of the Academy kit is the splitter between the fuselage and the intake lip is far too narrow. It requires a shoe to expand the gap: Here are my pair of shoes ready for cutting and shaping! And fitted to the respective aircraft: Meanwhile, both intakes are ready for the seamless treatment: More on that coming up... Alan
  14. 1/32 F-16 Double Bill!

    Started where I usually start - the cockpit. The customer provided a double set of ACES II seats for the two-seater: Sadly they are just the seats and don't come with ejector rails. So I nicked them from the kit seats. Just a nifty bit of work with a razor saw and... Close enough! Next, decided to give all the resin a scrub and wash: Aires might be a pig to fit, but it looks amazing! Speaking of a pig to fit....The cockpit set would have you remove an awkward chunk of the kit fuselage aft of the cockpit tub. Rather than a lot of cutting followed by the inevitable fiddly filling and sanding, I hit upon a better idea. It was much easier to cut the back off the cockpit set and cut and sand it down into fascias which fit the kit parts perfectly. No surgery required on the kit parts and no messy filler required! Job done. There was a bit of material to remove at the front coaming but it was easy to measure using the resin coaming as a guide. Much tidier, and a lot quicker. Alan
  15. Hi all, Back again with another build blog. This time it's a double build of the 1/32 Academy F-16CG/CJ kit. The first is a Norwegian F-16 from the Gulf War 2 era (2004): (pic credit: f-16.net) The other is a Turkish F-16D Block 50+: (pic credit fineartamerica.com) The first comes from the vanilla F-16 kit: The D comes from limited edition kit from Korea: The customer has provided me with a dazzling array of aftermarket items including Big Ed photoetch for both, Aires wheelwells and Wheelliant wheels, Aires cockpit for the single-seater and tailpipe set for the Block 50. The Aires cockpit set looks particularly good! Trying to build these side by side in record time. Wish me luck! Alan