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  1. Its been a little while since i have posted on here got some modeling done because Mr Covid came and said hi. learning lots of modeling techniques through out the build. Made some small mistakes with decals along the way but this is how you i can improve for my next model. When it come to aircraft wheels i always find this the part i have trouble with. Onwards and upwards to the next step of the build the P51 Mustang. .
  2. Well done iceni love the way that you have displayed the vulcan. Welcome to the britmodeller
  3. Love this diorama loving the detail and weathing of the tank and most of all the subject of the diorama. Great work also with the Cad getting those extra pieces to go on the diorama. Will follow this with great interest. Thanks for sharing
  4. Great build love the use of the foliage and use of the trees but most of all the display of the FV432.
  5. Got a little further with the P51 Getting to understand more on how to use the airbrush and enjoying just having time to get a little more done. Happy with the outcome.
  6. Great model loving the paint job and the details of your model
  7. I thought it was time for an update on the build and paint Job!! Whilst the wife and son is asleep out comes the P51 mustang first time using the airbrush and learnt so much and I'm happy with the result in my heart and mind. My 5 year old so will be over the moon as he wants this in his bedroom on the ceiling and keeps telling when will it be ready. Lol
  8. Great looking models. Bring back so many memories as a child spending hours on the crash gates at Wattisham airfield with my father waving at the pilots as they went passed and smelling lots the aviation fuel. Tiger squadron. Loving the looks of this models
  9. Jackroadkill amazing model love the weathering on it and the D-day stripes
  10. Great subject and great model build loving the printed parts of this model will be following this
  11. Thanks for that will do on the next P51 Mustang
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