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  1. camper1


    Another nice one Andy, you really should take the advice I gave you and evict the kids, plenty of room then.
  2. Hi Folks Number four off the shelf of doom. I bought this conversion at SMW almost 2 years ago to say it was frustrating is putting it mildly, the resin looked liked it had been used for shotgun practice.Filled and filled again to get some sort of decent finish. Strapped it on to the Airfix Meteor and had to start filling it again when blending it in.Not my best effort. It would be the first kit in twenty years to go in the bin had it not been for £34 of Meteor on the back end of it. Cheers Ian
  3. camper1

    Vote Grump!

    It's the so called celebrity syndrome,where would TV and radio be if it wasn't for people who shove themselves into our faces every time they get out of bed. The sad thing is why do the likes of the 'commoners' have to put up with this S@£$£ everyday of the week from the idiots who run the 'entertainment?' industry. After 3 weeks of decorating the grump machine is back. Was it a Lorne sausage or a links that you were demolishing Richard?
  4. camper1

    Vote Grump!

    The one at at Cottingley has a fairly large queue. The Crosgreen one is probably quicker disposal wise,SWMBO has nearly ended up in the black bin a few times, suppose I have nearly been there as well though.
  5. camper1

    Vote Grump!

    Don't send them to Leeds,the roads round here are clogged enough already. We do have a very nice incinerator near the city centre for those that are unfortunate enough to arrive and peg out looking for the exit roads.
  6. camper1

    Vote Grump!

    Ah! the people who have a constant sale full of Chinese sofas which last about two weeks. Having seen the designs when loitering[waiting]for the other half to peruse Next and various other shops and having worn out the patience of WH Smith staff reading their magazines you have to think who the hell would buy something as ugly or uncomfortable looking. If you can't sleep on it it's not comfy.
  7. camper1


    Very nice, one of my favourite aircraft.
  8. camper1

    Vote Grump!

    Your definitely a marked man.
  9. camper1

    Vote Grump!

    Watch it wee crankie will be after you
  10. I have two of these Provosts,e mailed them twice didn't get a reply. Suppose I'll have to wait till Hannants gets them.
  11. camper1

    RF-84F Thunderflash

    Nice one again Andy,I have another one of these and like you got them at bargain price,2 for £7 at Huddersfield a couple of years ago.
  12. camper1

    Help needed with F-102 canopies

    Photographs in the Squadron Signal book on the F102 in Europe show them to have a seal round the opening part of the canopy. Having seen a lot of grey F102s in the flesh so to speak the sealant was yellow and is quite wide. HTH Ian
  13. I really like this model, diorama nice as well
  14. Hi Folks Number 3 from the shelf of doom and it's longest resident Not a bad kit for it's day,easy to build and fits together well. Finished with Compucolur and Xtracolor paints,decals by Caracal depicting an aircraft from the Alabama ANG Ian