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  1. camper1

    Advent Calendar

    Received this from my 15 year old grand daughter who likes to wind me up, also received a voucher for a deep fried Mars bar and and a deep fried Easter egg. Being a Scot I think this is a great piece of fun,I did get my own back though, we took her to the Leeds German market where they were selling deep fried Orio biscuits, watching her trying not to vomit was good payback.
  2. camper1

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    Christmas must be at mucckie Ds all the year round,how else do you explain what looks like reindeer droppings
  3. camper1

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    Not being much of a TV watcher I have seen the ALDI advert and thought it was really good Mickey take. On the grump side getting dragged out the wife to go Christmas shopping with my daughter who is so disorganised I could keep this one going on all on my own. I should point out my wife is so organised all shopping done in the sales and all wrapped already, no gripes about her.[just now anyway]
  4. camper1

    Airfix 1/48 Spitfire 22s

    The kits were the bargain of the day, what my wife bought was a bit [lot]more expensive.Boxes were tatty but who cares at that price. Auction houses sometimes have collections, this is the second time I've got a bargain, last time was some Hasegawa F104s
  5. Hi Folks The Airfix 1996 kit of the Spitfire22/24 is still a very nice kit to build,I got six of these and two Seafire FR46s in a sale room for £8,it would have been rude not to rescue them. One is from 73 Squadron used at Ta'Qali in1948 the other from 502 Squadron based at Turnhouse again in 1948. Decals from Aeromaster and painted with an old tin of Gloy paint for the undersides and Compucolour for the top. Cheers Ian
  6. camper1

    T-33 9FBS, 1955

    Another nice one Andy,your comments on the price difference are spot on. Cheers Ian
  7. camper1

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Thats totally unacceptable how do you expect Dave to live in the style that he's become accustomed to.
  8. camper1

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    I got dragged into an auction house last week by the other half, had a long walk round and found a box with 6 Airfix Spitfire 22s and 2 Seafire FR46 in it. Went back the next day and paid £8 for it. Now that is a bargain
  9. Hi Folks Number 6 from the shelf of doom This is the AZ kit using the Belcher Bits conversion for the trainer version of the Firefly. Not the easiest of builds hence being left to stagnate for a while, my thanks to Tony O'Toole for the for the front canopy which is the early version contrasting with the late version on the rear cockpit which is vac form from somewhere,I've lost the packaging and the brain is not computing. Painted with Xtracolor HSS and Trainer yellow, decals from the spares box. Ian
  10. Hi Tony Nice to see it finished at last and looking so good. After the problems you had with it I thought it may have joined your shelf of doom for a while. Ian
  11. camper1

    AIM 1/72 DC-7 B and C Resin Conversion Set

    At least the engine stayed on in the early sixties a KLM DC7C had an engine fall off Mid Atlantic en route to Prestwick. I think all the 67th ARS aircraft at Prestwick apart from one SC54 went off in a bit off a rush to escort it in to the airport. There are some photo's of it on the net at SAL for repair, cant remember where though.
  12. If you look at the rails the camera was being rolled back and forth under the wing. It was moved several times during the day to photograph the entire underneath of the aircraft. Presumably they have to photograph the aircraft as well to pick up the detail. Just playing devils advocate
  13. Could it be this in 1/24 scale
  14. Hi Folks A quick build not from the shelf of doom. The Hobbycraft kit is quite simple to build and reminds me of Matchbox kits, nice fairly thick plastic to work with and with no warping. Otter's were frequent visitors to Prestwick Airport in the mid sixties in the main US Army ones but a few Canadian ones wrapped up in UN markings also appeared. Painted with Tamiya acrylics and Xtracolor paints, decals from the spares box. Cheers Ian
  15. The original Airfix Lancaster was 7/6d as was the Halifax. The Sunderland and Stirling were 10/6d. Thats where my Christmas and birthday money went.