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  1. I would agree with the above, companies have to keep records of their transactions so why not the website. While I do appreciate the work that goes into maintaining it, in the words of most politicians it needs to be transparent.
  2. That is true, but there is more than one photo of this aircraft.
  3. The triangle should have the Squadron badge in the centre. Cheers Ian
  4. The fin is indeed silver,I have since corrected the model. I contacted the 610 Sqdn association and they very kindly sent me some photo's of various Meteor schemes used by the squadron Unfortunately I do not have permission to show them here. The model was posted before I had corrected it. Ian
  5. Hi Folks Another F86D,this time finished as the CO's aircraft from the 4th FIS based at Misawa in Japan Decals from Cutting Edge,painted with various shades of Xtracolor HSS. Ian
  6. Thank you, my father always said it flew very nicely and was the perfect introduction for basic training. I believe it is a bit difficult to get into a spin with it, not always conducive to teaching pupils spin recovery.
  7. Yes,Planet Models resin kit very easy to build and finish.
  8. Here is mine so far, not much of a struggle to build.
  9. The point I was trying to make is that the RAF has history of breaking up aircraft with plenty of flying hours left on the airframe. This of course solves the problem of buying the required spares to maintain the fleet, which has happened many times in the past. On visits to the MU's in years gone by there were plenty on aircraft sitting in the hangers with a list of parts removed, some of these lists ran to two and three pages, effectively RTP. So the question still remains why break up a good aircraft costing around £65 million to recover maybe around £8-£10 million at most.
  10. It may have been more logical to use these for lead in training before pilots flew the newer aircraft. It would also have kept the hours down on the more recent ones. However the people who run these things have never been logical. Easy when it's not their money, only £65 million or so each.
  11. I went with Post Office Red for mine, having seen the actual aircraft a long time ago I thought it was the nearest colour. Friend of mine who was on the base also conformed PO red as the colour. If you want to make the model a bit more interesting two of these flew with naval codes and retained the red paint after the team disbanded. If you are interested I have the serial numbers and codes somewhere. Ian
  12. Nice one Andy,it's not the easiest of builds. I didn"t think it was a bad kit when I finished mine.
  13. I flew on recruiting trips to the Philippines and Indonesia when I worked in Saudi,always flew Saudi Airlines good food for an airline and no alcohol. Long flight so plenty of sleep
  14. Would it not fit most of the other countries requirements as well? It's cheaper and you don't have to beg Lockheed Martin for spare parts or the maintenance computer codes. Also it's proven and doesn't have the defect list of the F35
  15. Having experienced more than my fair share of early morning flights why would you need to drink alcohol at 6am in the morning? I've seen delayed flight passengers hammered by 7am,why are the airport staff allowing them on the aircraft?
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