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  1. Hi Folks At last I've decided to clear out the shelf of doom starting with this F84F. There are another dozen or so models which for some reason got flung to one side and ignored. Typical Monogram of the time, no filler required fits together very well. Supposed to have problems around the back end but it looks like an F84 and for a fiver a bit of a bargain. Painted with various silvers, decals by Aeromaster. Ian
  2. Another nicely done model Tony. Are you running out of space yet? Ian
  3. camper1

    Grump Britain replacement

    The don't call this treasure island for nothing. The whole place is just one big rip off.
  4. camper1

    Grump Britain replacement

    Looks like rain is on the way to you.
  5. Hi Paul You certainly had your trials and tribulations with this one. It turned out rather well though, good job you are patient!!!! Ian
  6. camper1

    Grump Britain replacement

    Yes Marty but what beautiful pile of mudstones!!!!
  7. camper1

    It’s too hot!

    I think the same, my only problem is that my spray set up is in the loft and it is a tad warm up there at present. Even going up to the stash to get a kit brings a good sweat on.
  8. camper1

    I bought a truck

    You need to watch it, the ECO police will be after you now. One of our neighbours is one of the fanatics and berated me when I bought a diesel A Class Mercedes a few months ago, does he drive an electric vehicle,does he heck as like. How about a Jaguar XF which churns out about five times the emissions as my car, he's ECO friendly?
  9. camper1

    It’s too hot!

    Marty you forgot the 'bogie'two big pram wheels and two small ones to steer with ,a fish box pinched from the harbour for the passenger compartments big thick plank of wood to support it all. NO BRAKES except the heels of your shoes,I reckon we must have exceeded the speed limit in ours by a good 10mph down hill till you got to a corner then the panic set in. Never learnt our lesson, can't think why we never had a accident or fell out of the thing.Elf and safety would have fit these days.
  10. camper1

    It’s too hot!

    Marty I think you and I must be the original latch key kids, left out and told to get on with it. Have to admit that my brother and I were encouraged to play outdoors, football swimming in the sea when it was summer, sitting at Prestwick airport in all weathers watching the aircraft. After all an Airfix kit was bought built and painted in one sitting on a Saturday afternoon. Nothing beat a thick ear when you appeared after being MIA for around 8 or 9 hours.
  11. camper1

    It’s too hot!

    I think you are just trying to wind us up. Being from Ayr I remember all those delights you have mentioned, one of the reasons I left.
  12. camper1

    Grump Britain replacement

    The average car parking space is designed by the small dent removal people who seem to have a growth industry around us. There are a lot of them.
  13. camper1

    Grump Britain replacement

    Went to fill the car with Diesel today[yes I know I'm such a polluter but 60 odd to the gallon appeals]turn into the local Morrison's filling station which is a one way entrance. Coming straight at me is a yoof on his phone and arguing with his girlfriend at the same time,proceeds to start swearing and carrying on insisting I move,did I,not on your life. I decided that idiots don't rule today, it took the fellow in the petrol station to point out it was one way, he caught the same abuse as I did,thing is he was a BIG bloke and didn't take it too well. Said yoof soon gave in.
  14. camper1

    Grump Britain replacement

    I thought I could be sarcastic!!!!! The problem you had was he probably couldn't spell the words you were using.
  15. camper1

    Grump Britain replacement

    We have anti this anti that anti everything but when you listen to the news and the people in charge the older generations would appear to be responsible for all the country's problems. Could be we are of no further use as we don't pay as much in the way of taxes, go on holiday too often,get in the way of 'busy' people who just think you're a pain in the a£$@%%$. Oh! and I was told a short time ago by one of the younger generation that ''your generation had it easy"yes we did 18% interest rates on mortgages plus a rocketing cost of living, it was so easy. I really need to go and lie down now.