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  1. I like that a lot. I would say it is about spot on having seen quite a few of these, they were worked pretty hard. I worked in Iran for two years, at the main airport in Tehran in those days I spotted 37 Phantoms all The Boeing 747 and Boeing 707 tankers. As you exited the airport road one side of the road contained twenty four Chinooks,the other Side of the road had thirty eight UH1s. Highlight of my spotting there was four Tomcats at Abadan airport plus two Orions on one of my leave trips.
  2. Another nice one Tony,Wellingtons seem to be you favourite at present. Cheers Ian
  3. Made a nice job of that Andy,I have the Twogar so will pay attention to your comments. Ian
  4. camper1

    Old models

    If you want to sell them there is an advert in Flypast each month placed by someone who will purchase them.
  5. Hi Folks Another Meteor,this one from 610 County of Chester Squadron. Once again decals from Marmaduke decals and painted with Xtracolor HSS. 610 Squadron had some very interesting colour variations, one in particular has an inverted triangle on the fin with something inside it. If anyone has any information on what this is I would appreciate them getting in touch with me. Cheers Ian
  6. Very nice rendition, saw this aircraft quite a few time at Prestwick airport when the US base was there. Ian
  7. Another Airfix Meteor in 1/48th scale. This one from 245 Squadron as usual painted with Xtracolor and Compucolour paints and finished with a mix of Rowney varnish. Decals are from one of the Marmaduke decal sheets,these decals are first class and I would recommend them to anyone with an interest in Meteors. Cheers Ian
  8. Hi Folks The Airfix Meteor finished as a 74 Squadron aircraft. Decals by Marmaduke and painted with Xtracolor and Compucolour paints, finished off with a mix of Rowney varnishes. Cheers Ian
  9. If you can take the floatplane trip in Ketchican it is fantastic. Don't buy it on the ship it will cost you twice as much as on the dockside. When we went I wa s about to book it when my wife saw a driver getting a bit irate, apparently his booking was late and the Beaver was leaving. Cost me$100 dollars{the previous booking had paid for their flight] only problem was he was dropping some fishermen 30 minutes up country did we mind the extra journey? Not at all said I,well you woundn't like to upset the locals would you?
  10. Hi Folks This had lurked on the shelf of doom for a while,I had to wait a long time for the replacement canopy to arrive. Nice kit to build ,no problems were encountered. Model finished using one of the kit options,no FTS number given on them so I'm in the dark as far as the unit is concerned. Painted with Xtracolor HSS. Cheers Ian
  11. camper1


    Can I join please?
  12. This aircraft was in the dump at Jeddah old International Airport in the early 80s along with another half a dozen Sabres The dump also had Vampires,Harvards,DC3s,DC4s,B26s and a Short Sealand plus a few other aircraft. Nicely built and finished model,the paint by then was bleached almost white which threw me a bit when walking around them. Most of the photo's of this dump were taken during the Gulf War,to have a camera. when working on the airfield would have earned a few days in the local nick.
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