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  1. I'm modifying the HKM 1/48 Lanc to reflect a Canadian late B.X with the Martin turret. Does anyone have an accurate drawing of the reinforcing strips applied to either side of the fuselage beside the Martin turret?
  2. So a P-40K it will be. Now all I have to do is find an example of the out-of-production Hasegawa 1/32 P-40E/K kit. Wish me luck.
  3. I have initiated a project to model four of the aircraft flown by Stocky Edwards. So far, I have built a model of his Spit XVIe and Fw-190F-8 (see below) and am looking towards his P-40 as the next project. The P-40 in question was 260 Squadron's HS*B FR350. My problem is that photos of 260 Squadron aircraft and at least one artist's impression of HS*B show it to be a short tailed P-40K whereas the book "British Military Aircraft Serials 1912 - 1969" show FR350 to be a long tailed P-40M. Would anybody care to point me in the right direction???
  4. I just discovered a video of the interior of Lancaster NX611 "Just Jane" and the interior from the nose back to but not including the radio operator's station is predominately black. From the radio operator's station aft is grey/green. True, it is a Mk.VII, a late production aircraft, which may be in keeping with the above comments by Elger.
  5. While most kit painting guides would have you paint the cockpit area of the Lancaster grey/green, the more I look at photos, I am slowly becoming convinced that it, like the nose and turrets, was black as far back as the radio officer's station with the balance of the interior being grey/green. By my reasoning, it doesn't follow that the cockpit of a night bomber, like other areas visible from the outside, would be grey/green and not black. Conversely, I can understand that post-war Lancs might be given green cockpits in their maritime or other roles. Anybody care to comment?
  6. That would be greatly appreciated.

    The required info as follows....

    John Lumley

    118 Woodington Bay

    Winnipeg, Manitoba


    R3P 1M9

    My direct email is jlumley@mts.net

    The next question... how can I pay you?

    Again thanx from an ex Yorkshire Brit.


  7. Brewerjerry, my mistake, I should have indicated my HKM Lanc is 1/48 scale.
  8. I'm currently working towards converting the HKM Lancaster kit to a Mk.X. So far I've eliminated the side windows as can be seen below and am looking ahead at installing Hamilton Standard paddle blade propellors. Would anybody care to suggest an after market source for the required props?
  9. In 1945, the then Wing Commander (flying) James Francis Edwards, later and better known as Stocky Edwards, had his own Spitfire Mk.XVIe and a Fw-190F-8. The Spit is a Tamiya 1/32 Mk.IXc razor back/Mk.XVIe bubble top hybrid with some Aries and Edward added and the 190 is the Revell 1/32 kit less all guns and bomb racks and again with some Eduard detail added. Precision Designs in Altona provided the "JFE"s for both aircraft and the Spit serial number decals. As an aside, Stocky lives on Vancouver Island and recently celebrated his 100 birthday.
  10. I'm working on converting HK Models' 1/48 B-17F to a Coastal Command aircraft and would like to install a typical bomb load. While I would asume that Mk.53 depth bombs factored into a load, I would appreciate any input on what was included in a typical bomb load and how many of each.
  11. Grizly

    RAF B-17s

    A question regarding the B-17s used by RAF's Coastal Command - since their role exposed them to sea salt, were the areas of the interior such as the bomb bays and rear fuselage, which were normally unpainted when they left the factory, given a protective coating to minimize corrosion?
  12. The Shuttleworth's Gladiator I has cockpit grey green upper surfaces and presumably doped aluminum finish in the lower half. Conversely, the ICM Sea Gladiator instructions would have you paint the entire interior grey green. My goal is to complete my model as one of the Malta defenders and wonder if anybody would care to offer some educated thought on the subject.
  13. Specifically, my interest lies with the Malta defenders - Faith, Hope and Charity. I recently purchased the excellent 1/32 ICM kit and on researching the previously mentioned aircraft there appears to be differing opinions as to their paint scheme. Of the two prevailing schemes, one is simply Extra Dark Sea Grey, Dark Slate Grey over Sky Grey while the other is somewhat more complex with the upper surfaces in the Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey, the lower wing in Dark Sea grey and Light Slate Grey, the fuselage sides in Sky Grey and the underside in white and night. Anybody have any thoughts that might point to one or the other (or another)? As an aside, I understand they didn't have the dingy housing or the arrestor hook installed.
  14. I'd like to build my 1/32 Revell Arado AR-196 as a captured aircraft as flown by either the RAF or RN. Could someone provide photos/schematics/drawings that might assist?
  15. Grizly

    T Bird

    Two of my favourite pictures were two I took while I was a student pilot in 1971 and practicing formation flying out of Canadian Forces Base Gimli (hence the 'G' on the tail). My instructor took control while I snapped the pictures.
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