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  1. Superb. Fantastic weathering - please do another and post stage by stage in WIP!
  2. HI Einar, can you tell me what paint you used for the grey undersides and wings? Justin
  3. Lovely models. I am just finishing the Roden VC10 in East African livery. I flew on the BOAC VC10 as a kid up and down the length of Africa.
  4. Cracking model. My uncle flew them in WW2 and always praised the Swordfish greatly. So robust.
  5. A very high quality build. Lots to get inspiration from. Most impressed.
  6. Excellent. I made Robin Olds' machine recently - same kit.
  7. Hi - did you use an airbrush for the Molotow liquid chrome? Beautiful model.
  8. Very nice. I have one on the shelf and aim to build it quite soon. I like building Vietnam stuff. Couple of mine below...... Photos of F-105 coming shortly.
  9. This build takes an interesting direction; all to do with the wings.
  10. Looks like a superb model. Older large kits can be a challenge, but that's what it is all about, especially when they come out so well. B-29 is a great aeroplane.
  11. Fantastic looking model. The finish is most realistic and very much worth the effort by the looks of it. Well done.
  12. Internally, I added a bit of "insulation" to the very front of the cockpit to enhance it a bit. Little will be visible but it was worth a try. The surface detail was done by applying putty and then rolling the handle of a modelling knife over the surface to represent the quilted texture.
  13. Rubbing down and re-scribing the fuselage. I found having the two halves together provided better grip and also ensured that the panel lines over the 2 halves linked up. It is possible to see the slight ribbing that appears on these kits just aft of the wing. Rubbing down for re-scribing does remove the prominence a bit.
  14. Overall, it is not a bad kit, especially given its age. The surface detail is not fantastic but using the photo etch will improve that. The internal details is quite extensive, a bit softly moulded in places, but plenty of material. I did not add much detail other than some levers that would be vaguely visible from the outside. I used a decal set for the instruments - it was an old set that covered the B-29, B-17 and B-24. I recollect they were made by Monogram but I bought them about 25 years ago so I am not sure if they are still available.
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