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  1. Hi - thanks for the comments. Just finished a 1/48 Monogram B-29 and, guess what, that's a complete re-scribe too! I'll start posting the build soon.
  2. Hi Everyone, that is correct - Flory Model's clay wash. Really easy to use as you just rub off the excess.
  3. Very nice, I have one in the stash ready to build once I have finished one of my current projects. Looking forward to it.
  4. Hello @Abandoned Project Many thanks, I looked through the 1969 onwards and never thought to look at the classic forum. Many thanks J
  5. Hi - can anyone make any paint suggestions for the blue of the BOAC Golden Speedbird livery? I am a seasoned military aircraft modeller but just getting into Civilian Aircraft as I want to make some BOAC aircraft, mainly as I flew on them as a kid (now that dates me). For info, I tend to use either acrylic or lacquer. Many thanks.
  6. Well done, great to see old kits being built.
  7. Great to see a model of the B-29 in 1/48. I am building one at the moment and will start posting it as a WIP. It's a great kit to build. I do like your Washington.
  8. I have made the Sword T5 Lightning and can appreciate the fun and games these kits present in terms of build. But they are interesting subjects so worth building. Well done.
  9. Great model and lovely weathering. I like the mirror mount to show off the underside. Well done,
  10. Lovely model, I'm keen to build one of these at some state.
  11. Hi Ron, thank you for your interesting and informative response. I have read a bit about Col Olds and his famous TFW and Op Bolo. I started reading books on the Vietnam air-war a couple of years ago and now seem to be interested in nothing else. I have a F-105G underway and then on to a USAF A-7 after that. Thanks for the comments on the AIM-9s. I'm not too hot on the types of AIM-7s. Kind regards Justin
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