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  1. RIP Garry. I corresponded with him on numerous occasions, never failing to be impressed by his seemingly encylopaedic knowledge of British commercial aeroplanes. Such a waste. Nige B
  2. That's a very useful shot. Shame someone has removed the outer wings and nacelle fronts, both of which carried elements of the colourful markings.
  3. Image in 'Fighter Squadrons Of The RAF & Their Aircraft' McDonald, J Rawlings. In the 615 Sqn section. There is also an image in the old Profile #12. Neither the mentioned pictures above are much cop but the do tend to confirm Ian's references to the para in 'Cold War Warriors'. I have the Modelart decals you mention tucked away somewhere but as I remember, they are pretty good on colur and markings detail.
  4. Maintenance and parts manuals etc. for the 1C all had DH121 at the head of the pages on the microfilm packages. This was in place right to the last days of service of the 1C ('RPH as I recall, which is/was preserved) in the 1980s. It therefore qualifies perfectly.
  5. Absolutely. I am keeping a look out for any Eagle kits though but they never seem to crop up. I built a few at the time in the late '50s, like you, as a kid, and loved them mainly because they were cheaper by 3d than Airfix kits (1s9d) although they were smaller at 1:96 scale. I will be building any that I manage to get although I expect that collectors everywhere would have coronaries at the idea. Not looking very promising on that front and at age 67, time isn't on my side is it?
  6. Well done, it must have taken a bit of psyching up to go outside today in icy conditions. Thinks - did you remember to put anti freeze in the water?
  7. Spotted on EvilBay, here is a real blast from the past: Here is a Bell Models Bf109F kit. I have had a bit of a read up and according to John Burns work of esteem, it is ex Lindberg(h) and at 1:64 scale is a bit of a box fit kit. I had never heard of Bell Models before and had thought that it might have been an ex Eagle/Eaglewall 1:96 kit but not so apparently. The story doesn't end there though because Lindbergh obtained the moulds from an even older company in the U.S. called 'Hobby-Time' who apparently started in the 1940s with balsa kits and progressed early on to the then new plastics. Maybe 'The Cousins' over the pond can give us a bit more info. Interesting one I thought anyway. Nige B
  8. Nice selection Paul. I particularly liked the Viscount, a type still very much current equipment with my airline company in 1979. Now, I was at this 1979 Abingdon display with my wife and daughter (age 4 3/4) and the above looks very much like her but of course might not be. But what a coincidence! Nige B
  9. I believe you have omitted from your tale that, at the end, a large wedge of currency changed hands..... By the way, is 'Nice Optician' an example of an oxymoron? Always looking to improve my skills with the language you see. Nige B (Thick as a brick, blind as a bat and deaf as a post).
  10. I had an idea that even the 'States had thrown in the towel and gone metric. Not without a lot of spluttering and backfiring though I imagine.....
  11. Thinking about a slightly obtuse point: How long will it be before someone asks what is 6 feet to 1 inch? Indeed what is a foot? What is an inch? Don't get me started on Chains, Furlongs, Rods Poles and Perches! We had all these to learn in primary education in the 1950s. And there are more where they came from too but I don't want to bore you any more tonight. Nurse - where are my tablets? Nige B
  12. I think this is a case of the producers striving hard for thinness and overcooking it a little. Many might cope with the difficulties which this poses during application but, equally, many will not and I say this from experience having lost a few over the years. Fantasy Printshop print also produce commendably thin decals too and I got caught with some of them breaking up and/or folding a couple of times. As Stu (above) suggests, a coat of varnish before starting sorts it. Concluding, I feel that we could cope with thicker decals couldn't we? At least the wastage would be less. Modeldecals had it about right, never had a problem with them. I'd get on to Hannants about it, they are enthusiastic on behalf of us modellers and would take action where necessary I'm sure. Nige B
  13. Very nice selection Paul, brings back so many memories. Guys talking about Jersey made me remember some events from my time at LHR BA engineering - often JCI would be fogbound with high winds (What????) and as a popular destination for staff travellers and because of delays/cancellations, numbers of BA staff often built up to huge numbers stuck at JCI due to low priority over fare payers. I well remember (was it just once?) BA sent a Lockheed Tristar in there with min fuel on board to get them all home. Was that the biggest a/c into Jersey? This would have been in the 1980s. Nige B
  14. Yon lad is going to come reight unstuck if ee dunt think on....
  15. Thanks Graham, that's probably the case but I'd be too worried about missing worthwhile stuff on the other forums. No pleasing me is there? Nige B