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  1. Rest in peace Tony, TAHS was an all time great in aviation circles and a credit to Tony and Jan, later Philip and Clare. My first visit was back in ‘79, what a shop ! Best wishes and sympathy to Jan and family. Nige.
  2. You must have spent days getting all that down in such detail. The crucial thing is to flag this up to Hannants asap to enable updates to be incorporated, fingers crossed, before it goes to print. It may be too late for that sadly.
  3. Looks like a sort of ‘Frog meets Special Hobby’ type of thing. I’m happy with that and can overlook the price by telling myself that this is a limited run jobbie for the enthusiast market. Another consideration perhaps, I think these may be made in Ukraine (at least the decal sheet is), so supply of the kit may well be short or even non existent soon.
  4. Back 10 years from that for me. At the time it was this or the Airfix JE-J mk.IX. This always felt and looked like a proper Spitfire and only much more recently did we find out about it’s shortcomings. 150% cost of a series 1 Airfix kit so a bit of thinking for a small boy to find that extra shilling (‘Bob’).
  5. I believe that the original might also have had the pilots head moulded on to the cockpit section too but not 100% sure on that one.
  6. Is VAT always charged at source or is this an option practised by some sellers and not others. Arma say that any orders from UK must be above £135. Why that sum particularly one wonders?
  7. Anybody in the know for the above, seems like several phases will apply but when? I’m. primarily thinking about ordering from the likes of Arma Hobby and Eduard. Previously I filled my boots with such things as the ‘Overtrees’ with gay abandon. Now I’m scared stiff of incurring massive customs + post office handling fees along with a long drive to pick up the package. What is the score nowadays ?
  8. Rugrat kit latterley issued by AIM, ‘Historic Wings).
  9. Didn’t the Sword kit have the inappropriate alternative fin clipped off the sprues, depending which kit was bought ?
  10. Yes they are on sprue A in the 72437 NF11 kit. Incidentally, WM167 the now grounded but recent flyer NF11/TT20 has the air intakes but unsure when it acquired them. I can’t see any other -20s with them fitted.
  11. Confirmed grey inst panels. Also, confirm the red painted ones were integrated into the normal fleet when not on aerobatic duties, at least in 1966 when I flew in one during CCF summer camp , so I imagine technically identical.
  12. All very nice but the F40 6-3 wing with slats and extended tips has been available for years and the market cries out for the narrow slatted wing in a mainstream kit. A missed opportunity here and given the existing kit’s small shortcomings, I can’t see massive sales for this reissue. I expect that the project was more appealing though since the fuselage is already 6-3 engineered. Probably our last chance of a narrow slat wing regrettably. Still grateful for the ongoing efforts at Hornby, great team down there.
  13. Special Hobby had a low level project on the go over a year or more back. I wonder if that is is still ongoing. The CMR Venoms are not far off this price, £30 being rather high for a very small 1/72 kit even if it is a limited run. Still, I'll probably get one when Hannants get them in.
  14. Confirmed here. PAM #14 - mid 1976. I did the conversion back in the 1970s and it worked very well, using the front pod end of a Frog Vampire FB.5 and remainder of the Frog Sea Venom. Nowadays one might think that this sort of modelling is nonsense but options were limited at the time as in fact they still are in a way - until AccsGB come to the rescue-albeit at a price ! It's still a viable and satisfying conversion using these now cheap kits today and such a good modelling skill enhancing exercise. At the time these were quite recent kits (Vampire 1971, Sea Venom 1973). I did try to use the remaning bits & pieces to create a Vampire NF but never quite got there with that one and it all seemed such a waste, things were much different then with not so much cash sloshing round. Thanks for the memory.
  15. Where did you order it from? I have tried too but there seems to be a world shortage.
  16. A little birdy told me that maximum sales of existing and imminent kits is needed to allow the ongoing financing of the 1/48 Hurricane IIC project. So if like me you are champing at the bit for that, get buying what you can that is available now. There isn't a bad kit in the range from what I've seen. I have no connection with Arma by the way, simply another customer.
  17. Is this any good? For the Trumpeter kit but just a seat so..... https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PAVS48044
  18. Well said James. I'd also add 'In Flight Tanking' and 'Fleet Requirements' duties to your list of the Scimitars tasks.
  19. HPM (High Planes) do an early DB7 kit in several guises. They can be a bit of work but the core model is (I believe) quite accurate. This would be a much better starting point than taking an A20 variant into the operating theatre for reconstructive surgery.
  20. Probably a little academic but there was a Dutch Decals 'RAF/2 Special' sheet, mine is dated 1995, markings for 46 and 60 Sqn. Coincidenally, The Aeroclub kit had a very nice sheet (by Fantasy Printshop) for the same two squadrons but different airframes. The latter looks a better effort than the DD sheet and might at a pinch still be obtainable from John Adams or fantasy Printshop. For info, the Sword kit itself provides for 72 & 85 Sqns.
  21. OK, I worked at LBA,CWL,LHR between 1967 and 1992. Overalls colour varied between companies and also between maintenance areas. For example, BEA hangar staff (not supervision who always had white) wore navy blue overalls and apprentices in green. Rhoose maintenance staff wore green. ALL ramp (traffic departures/arrivals) at various airports wore white overalls including the most lowly jobs. When a ground operations man accidentally, on a dark day, got killed when a kite pushed back with him still standing on a mainwheel tyre and out of view behind the main gear leg, removing the ground power plug after starting, poor visibility and grey overalls were I believe cited as factors. A mandatory directive was invoked shortly afterwards, continuing to this day for anyone in a ramp area to have the requirement to wear a 'hi vis' fluorescent tabard. I'm not sure if grey overalls continued after that but I think they got quietly dropped. Hope that gives a bit of an insight
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