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  1. Hi Jim, I have two of the Falcon vacform Mk. XI fuselages and I can make do with one if there is something you have to swap. Regards. Neil
  2. Hi Troy, Yes some good points - I do have a number of ICM kits that I might sacrifice for the wings. The thing putting me off the Special Hobby Seafire kits is having to lengthen the fuselage. I believe that I can obtain a good result with kit builds in general - but I have never tried (and don't really rate my chances) chopping up a fuselage and putting it back together to a very high standard. Thanks Neil
  3. Many thanks - I think that I will take the Airfix Vb with Alley Cat 'c' wing conversion route - I have many, many Vbs I will scratch the arrester - unless you know of an existing after market one? Regards. Neil
  4. I was wondering principally about cowling bulges - but I suppose there was nothing particularly unusual about the specific Merlin versions used on these aircraft that would have necessitated these. Thanks. N.
  5. I have several of the Airfix Seafire III kits in 1:48 and plan on modelling several Mk. Ib; IIc; L. IIc; III and L. III aircraft - I have the Xtradecal sheet. I would like to know about any visible features distinguishing these variants from each other. I am aware of the following: Mk. IIc -> Mk. L. III - individual exhaust outlets - were these the same as featured on later Merlin engined Spitfires (fishtail) or were they different? Mk. IIc -> Mk. L. III - different spinner and 4 bladed prop - again were these the same as featured on Spitfire Mk. IX? Mk. III and Mk. L. III - folding wing I there anything else? Thanks in advance. Neil
  6. I think that the best way to obtain an accurate XII in 1:48 is to use the Aeroclub fuselage - supposing that you can get one. I'm fortunate in that I have two in my stash. N.
  7. I offer to undertake the IT part. It is really "only" a modelling problem - and I don't mean plastic modelling Neil
  8. Your model looks outstanding. Please explain your technique. Regards. Neil
  9. I second that - I would also love to know how you achieved that finish! Neil
  10. Fuad, Lovely - as are all of your models. I wish I was half as good a modeller. Neil
  11. Looks grand - I hadn't appreciated that there are issues with the wing chord on this kit - would you care to elaborate on your method for correction - it sounds very simple, but I for one wouldn't know how to go about it. Thanks. Neil
  12. John, you wrote: Yes I believe Airfix are very much on the right path as the new T.11 and the 1:48 PR X1X are both excellent and highly accurate despite divergent panel line opinion. There is a new design and research crew at Airfix and I'm sure Trevor Snowden won't mind me quoting him when we spoke at the weekend. He said "I have left Airfix in very good hands" and I think we are starting to see this. John I suppose that this means we can forget about you re-releasing your late Spitfire fuselages/conversions Regards. Neil
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