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  1. Hi Jim, I have two of the Falcon vacform Mk. XI fuselages and I can make do with one if there is something you have to swap. Regards. Neil
  2. Hi Troy, Yes some good points - I do have a number of ICM kits that I might sacrifice for the wings. The thing putting me off the Special Hobby Seafire kits is having to lengthen the fuselage. I believe that I can obtain a good result with kit builds in general - but I have never tried (and don't really rate my chances) chopping up a fuselage and putting it back together to a very high standard. Thanks Neil
  3. Many thanks - I think that I will take the Airfix Vb with Alley Cat 'c' wing conversion route - I have many, many Vbs I will scratch the arrester - unless you know of an existing after market one? Regards. Neil
  4. I was wondering principally about cowling bulges - but I suppose there was nothing particularly unusual about the specific Merlin versions used on these aircraft that would have necessitated these. Thanks. N.
  5. I have several of the Airfix Seafire III kits in 1:48 and plan on modelling several Mk. Ib; IIc; L. IIc; III and L. III aircraft - I have the Xtradecal sheet. I would like to know about any visible features distinguishing these variants from each other. I am aware of the following: Mk. IIc -> Mk. L. III - individual exhaust outlets - were these the same as featured on later Merlin engined Spitfires (fishtail) or were they different? Mk. IIc -> Mk. L. III - different spinner and 4 bladed prop - again were these the same as featured on Spitfire Mk. IX? Mk. III and Mk. L. III - folding wing I there anything else? Thanks in advance. Neil
  6. I think that the best way to obtain an accurate XII in 1:48 is to use the Aeroclub fuselage - supposing that you can get one. I'm fortunate in that I have two in my stash. N.
  7. I offer to undertake the IT part. It is really "only" a modelling problem - and I don't mean plastic modelling Neil
  8. Your model looks outstanding. Please explain your technique. Regards. Neil
  9. I second that - I would also love to know how you achieved that finish! Neil
  10. Fuad, Lovely - as are all of your models. I wish I was half as good a modeller. Neil
  11. Looks grand - I hadn't appreciated that there are issues with the wing chord on this kit - would you care to elaborate on your method for correction - it sounds very simple, but I for one wouldn't know how to go about it. Thanks. Neil
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