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  1. I'm looking at my Hunter sets now and so nice to have too. The replacement Hunter pylons are very timely but the brass undercarriage legs are just so exquisite, almost like jewellery. Thanks Ali, good to have you back on the workbench. NB
  2. I recall that Triumph sportscars were mainly known for being static exhibits on the roadside... Sorry, no offence meant, I'll get my
  3. I'm also waiting and in for an order for 180 Euros or so. Hoping it is just a comms issue but it is very nerve racking and I can understand your misgivings totally. Artie is a good guy though and last week he told me that Juan was moulding 24/7 handcuffed to the work bench!
  4. This kit is by Diko Rama (Mexico) and is 1/160 scale. (From John Burns' Plastic Kits Of The 20th Century)
  5. I have a Folland Gnat T.1 and early Spitfire, BT-K issue albeit with a Spitfire IX canopy - I believe the original canopy mould was missing or damaged.. Both kits were obviously Airfix originated but instructions and transfers (well, I am old) are devoid of any Airfix references. There is a bit of a question mark over the Spitfire. If the JE-J Airfix Spit IX was now extant, why on earth did they haul out the old BT-K moulds for this Kelloggs offer? I have no dates for either of these, possibly early/mid 1960s. They both came to me from the estate of a much missed late chum.
  6. Well I would refer this to my statement on here last Friday. I wish the SA crew well in every sense and hope they overcome short term issues and continue successfully but with the best will in the world, comms is certainly a problem area. I won't discuss it any further publically but will happily continue any discussion privately. And I do so hope I get my kits eventually, in their time frame is absolutely fine by me. But I wish they would check emails and PMs a bit more often.
  7. From my own experiences, I can say that these guys are true enthusiasts and the Scimitar I have (so far) shows that they have exceptional skills too. My one problem, if it is in fact a real or imagined problem, is that communications have been difficult and that might well be at the root of things. It would seem that Facebook is the preferred way to get messages etc. to and fro. I don't have Facebook being 'of a certain age' and very wary of such things. Old fashioned email is my only way and unfortunately that doesn't seem to be very visible at the far end. Once comms were re-established, all was fine. For a long while, frustration and worry about stuff like "will I get my kit", "are the guys receiving my messages" etc. etc. were my constant companions. I was never rude nor did I try to put on any pressure but I can well imagine that many might go down that route. I do hope that the guys at SA manage to get past all this because I for one will miss these great kits. Vimy806X
  8. MHW Models (now defunct) used to sell ID vacs I know. I'm pretty sure that they date from the later 1970s. Magazine ads from the time would confirm that. I never built one myself, partly because of the large scale but also the seemingly extreme simplicity of the mouldings and the need for equally extreme scratch building skills.
  9. PM sent to Artie. Artie, please get in contact, thanks.
  10. viscount806x

    RAF Yellow?

    Thanks Geoff, a good tip there. I think, reading this thread, that 'Trainer/Golden Yellow' is not the colour used on props/L/edges. Apparently this was/is 'Ident Yellow'. I suppose that this is also the yellow used in roundel outer rings too. Unless someone knows differently.
  11. I have wanted to build the two carmine red Gloster owned aircraft for many years (F.4 G-AIDC & T.7 prototype G-AKPK) but the ivory fuselage script defeats my limited skills in decal making. Model Art did say once that they were going to do decals for these but I think they may have thought appeal might be limited. They never appeared anyway. I thought I'd persuaded Special Hobby to do their F.4 and T.7 with these colours too but again, if they did think of it, it went on the back burner. Perhaps SH or Model Art might see your post and reconsider. They would certainly be colourful models.
  12. viscount806x

    RAF Yellow?

    Just out of interest, is that 'Trainer Yellow' or is it a different shade again?
  13. Not 100% sure but I sure hope so since I have this combination in my stash.
  14. Airdecal 4801 has a few RR schemes but not the scale you want. Unsure if they did a 1/72 version but you could scan, shrink and print your own if all else fails.
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