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  1. I have found lots of success with vac canopies by making sure they are warmed up a bit, at least to body heat, get yourself a very fine pair of nail scissors and use those to trim the excess plastic. The canopy will survive quite well if you do this, being warmed will allow it to be a bit pliable and stop it cracking. A sharp knife can then be used to true up the edges or it can be sanded carefully using a wet abrasive stick or piece of wet&dry.
  2. I thought that it seemed a good idea. Possibly the cartridge case ejector port would have been obstructed by the bomb carrier. I hadn't seen this before but oddly, if it was standard, perhaps only so on IIB variants. There are some other photos of 8 gun Hurricanes in this thread which have bomb racks fitted but show 4 open gun barrels indicating that all 8 guns were retained and had been fired. Or maybe not!
  3. Sorry for resurrecting this thread but I'm Just re reading my old and very readable old Aeroplane Monthly copies. I am following several episodic articles by a chap called 'Dopey' Edwards DFC and about his Burma experiences. P. 39 in Oct 1992 has an excellent photo of a bombed up (250lb) Hurricane IIB and interestingly they seem to have decided to tape off the 2nd from inner .303 barrel outlet on each side, the one directly over the bomb carrier. I'm wondering if that particular gun was removed in favour of re fitting one of the outer wing .303s (often removed to improve performance on a 12 gun a/c). It also positively locates the bomb carrier position, spanwise. The image doesn't show the whole wing but the inner of the two outermost .303s is definitely fitted because the barrel protrudes on the outer guns (but unsure about the very outer one regrettably). In an earlier article, August 1992, p. 57 he shows an excellent close up, directly from front-on of a IIC with Hispanos and again a bomb carrier. This shows the bomb carrier to be plumb centre between the two cannon barrels (under the wing). Apparently the bombs were hung on a single lug and the two pairs of clamps each side were hand wound down onto the bomb body to just lightly touch it and provide anti sway stability. It was found that if too tightly wound down onto the bombs, they often prevented a clean release. Hope this helps somebody.
  4. Confirmed from me also. Allegedly because LAG was much easier to maintain in top condition despite being a little anachronistic for the Trainer Yellow stripe schemes.
  5. Guill, the Red Roo sets are excellent if you want to show the slats separately or extended. Trust me, ordering from them, certainly to the UK anyway, is not an issue at all. Not sure about Addis Abbaba though! Ed Russell himself (of Red Roo) is a member of this forum and provides a top fast service. Somebody mentions the Revell/Mono F-86D and this is an option as a wing donor but I believe the wing sweep is a bit out and that might give fit issues. Regarding the others, the Academy kit probably comes at the best price. There were also great resin wing sets from Bill Scobie (Scobie-Doo) but these are long out of production and hard to find on the second hand market.
  6. viscount806x

    Hunter T7/T8M

    I seem to recall reading somewhere, regarding the Heritage conv Vs. the Aeroclub one. The latter is a better bet apparently due to the choice of point for the fuselage point. Perhaps somebody else could confirm this.
  7. I did find a couple of references in 'RAF Little Rissington' (Pen & Sword 2006) including Flt Lt Whittingham as a member of the 1961 team 'The Pelicans' on JP3s. Note: not as yet 'The Red Pelicans'. There was a concurrent team called 'Pelicans Red' but I think they were on Vampire T.11s, but nothing really outstanding detail wise. There is an in flight underside formation photo of what could be the team although it doesn't say that, quite indistinct and taken from the ground. Even with a magnifier it is difficult to make much out but all four look to be in the 'XM' range, and have underwing smoke generators (operating). There is a reference to 1963 and a repaint into over all "dayglo orange" so I'm assuming that your model would need to be in the early painted orange dayglo and silver scheme. They may also have simply used whichever a/c were available on the day, being a spare time team but I'm guessing now on that one. Possibly not since the underwing smoke canisters might take a bit of time to fit. Hope that helps a little bit. Cheers, Nige
  8. No that isn't correct. To put stuff on backorder you do have to be logged into 'My Account' though. I now always use Paypal with them and still have a healthy (or should that be unhealthy) number of items on backorder.
  9. Very interesting load of bits there. Did you have to 'fight' hard for them? I know that Aeroclub parts are quite difficult to nail in an auction.
  10. I remember doing my B737 engineering course back in 1980 at BA and came across these terminologies for the first time, so I think it is standard U.S. practice. Station '0' was indeed forward of the nose on that a/c too and the reason for it was given as allowing for nose extension while keeping other bits further back such as the doors or windows at their usual station number, as somebody else said earlier. A horizontal line approx midway down the fuselage, nose to tail was termed 'BBL' or 'Body Buttock Line'. Used to Viscounts and Tridents etc. we all thought it quite amusing and not a little confusing. Perhaps it was from a nautical origin.
  11. Conversion sets here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gloster-Meteor-NF14-Night-Fighter-Conversion-Set-for-1-48-Airfix-Meteor-kit/303204025938?hash=item46985e4652:g:FIwAAOSwG65dFe~J Also, said Classic Airframes kits of the NF.11/13 are not so bad if you take it steady. Nose length needs lengthening for a -12 but looking at your recent builds list, that won't be a problem. Aeroclub kits are around of the -14 but not readily available.
  12. No reason why not. Oddly enough, they do two versions which look identical, this one for Revell kits and another for Hasegawa. Again, oddly enough, I'm currently selling some aftermarket parts off and have a Me262 lot scheduled for 10th October on the bay which includes one of each and some etch frets too. If you are interested, get back to me by PM. It would certainly be better priced than the big H. Cheers, Nige
  13. Yes it is very odd that no new RAF type Harvard kits seem to be coming along. One could have assumed that the sheer numbers of airframes built might have elicited a bit more interest. SH to the rescue ? Even an Airfix retooled kit could have been an option. Not exciting enough perhaps.
  14. Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine November 1983 (vol.6/2) has a conversion article by Jim Howard, from a T.6 to a Mk.I Harvard. It's in 1/48 using the old Monogram kit but there are plans (accuracy unknown) too and the article could be used with a 1/72 kit. A IIB Harvard is best achieved, as somebody else here has said, by using one of the T.6 kits together with a Falcon vac RAF Harvard canopy. Set 30 is what you need and it is designed for Heller or Airfix kits (unsure which one, old Airfix or Heller buy-in) . Hannants seem to have stock under their own part number FNCV3072. The Belcher Bits Mk.I conversion, used with Italeri/Ocidental kits is indeed far better than the MDC affair by the way. I managed to get one direct from them without the usual accompanying Ocidental kit and used a locally purchased Italeri one instead (same kit) which worked out much cheaper on the shipping in to the UK and also saved on the dreaded import duty lottery, being below the threshold (without the Ocidental kit in the package).
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