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  1. viscount806x

    Old Airfix Dakota Anyone?

    Ah, so you noticed the confused tool swapping doings. A year or two back, I did an exercise to try and work out whose toolings were in who's boxes and it wasn't easy. The Esci and Italeri kits are from different tools but both have appeared in Italeri boxes and one or other (I forget which) was issued by Airfix, Italeri I think. On top of that, some Esci kits contain a passenger door so that a DC3 can be built. The Esci kit has a misshaped upper roof above the cockpit which Red Roo does a new forward fuse section for but a bit of filing improves it. (But thanks Ed Russel of Red Roo anyway, greatly appreciated) . The original point you made about building the old kit is still valid and it can be a bit of fun trying to get a model out of an old kit. I did a similar thing with an old Lincoln Viscount which took months of filing and filling. I eventually achieved a model and a lot of fun at quite low cost and investment except time and going a bit mad, which often is all we want, not the mad bit though . Have fun! Nige
  2. + different engines and larger props.
  3. viscount806x

    BA Negus Viscount query

    Late to this thread, sorry. Just to confirm that the tailplanes were definitely grey. I worked on these and visually checked carefully colours at the time for a model which I had on the go , C.1979. BTW, it was the ancient Kader (Lincoln) kit and it was very hard work to turn into V701 G-AMON in BA colours. Cheers, Nige
  4. viscount806x

    Lightning P1A Options

    The Aeroclub conversion was a vac fuselage basically and needed a donor kit for the other bits. The P1A flew with the straight and cambered leading edge wings so there are a few options on donor kits for parts. Worth trying to get an Aeroclub set. Probably model shows might be a good place to look out for one. Not particularly desirable as a collectors item which might make it a bit more of a possibility.
  5. viscount806x

    Chain Home radar towers

    Thanks John, you live & learn! I've never seen images of the Ventnor towers as such but the CH station you mention at Ventnor may have been the one which local history refers to as 'St Lawrence CH'. I have seen a distant image of this and it was located along the cliff tops a little west of Ventnor town, above St Lawrence itself which is actually a 'suburb' of Ventnor.
  6. viscount806x

    Old Airfix Dakota Anyone?

    All kits are worth building Alan. I have some of those kits and have built them too and at a time of prehistory, they were the only option. The dihedral is easily correctable by taking out a small slot on the upper wings. Go on, you know you want to do it! Nige
  7. viscount806x

    Spitfire Wheels

    Just looking at one of my Eduard 'combo' kits, I can see that wheels for the IXC and IXE are very different both in spokage and diameter. I think that there probably isn't a straight forward rule of thumb which can be applied, but I'm not a Spit expert and tthem what are might disagree. Hopefully!
  8. viscount806x

    Chain Home radar towers

    Because they were mostly wooden structures, these days only the concrete bases remain. These must exist in quite a few locations but for sure they are still there (I've seen them) at the summit of St Boniface Down above Ventnor, IW. Nige
  9. viscount806x

    Chain Home radar towers

    Here's some stuff on Poling CH station: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chain_Home_radar_installation_at_Poling,_Sussex,_1945._CH15173.jpg Includes some photos. Heights of masts: Transmitter towers 360ft, receiver masts 240ft.
  10. viscount806x

    RAF yellow T bands

    John, sorry I can't find anything on this so have nothing concrete to add but my posting here brings it back to the top of the pile again and someone might be able to give an answer. I'm very interested in your question because it seems to be a point which has been overlooked. One for Paul Lucas perhaps, unsure if he is on here or not. Cheers, Nige
  11. There is quite a nice shaped AIM resin kit in existence of both the V.700 and V.800. Long out of production but I've never seem any built so you might be able to flush one out. The V.700 is particularly nice because it includes both types of engine nacelles to enable any variant.
  12. Nice choice of schemes but is it new tool plastic too? Much apprehension from me on that one.
  13. Mr Bass Man, I quoted this on the forum a while back and gives a good grounding on your rhetorical question regarding nose lengths. If you can stay with the following pasted text, it will greatly enhance your grounding on the subject. Mind you, your resin looks really good by the way. "Nose lengths of the nightfighter Meteors used to be a minefield until John Adams of Aeroclub got it sorted for us. At the risk of plagiarising his good work and findings, it might be worth repeating again. John did measurements from actual airframes using plumbs dropped onto the hangar floor so they are very reliable. Most sources have the NF.11 and NF.12 correct and most sources have the NF.14 WRONG. And I mean most sources, including many esteemed and worshipped books. Indeed, out of more than 10 books on my shelf specifically on the Meteor, all bar one gets the NF.14 length wrong. The correct one is the Haynes 'Super Profile' by MJ Hardy. Unfortunately he quotes the NF.12 as being the same as the -11/13. You just cannot win it all can you? The NF.11 and NF.13 are both the same, both being versions of the same variant. The NF.12 was longer and was identical in length to the NF.14, contrary to quotes still seen regularly. The apparent differences were due to the later NF.14 windscreen being redesigned in shape and appearing to be further back along the nose than the -12. The shorter 'Deep Breather' nacelles on the -14 compounds this visual anomaly. When the radar became redundant in the NF.TT.14 era, sometimes the metal ring around the rear of the nose dielectric cone also got painted on some a/c, making the nose radome appear longer. All this is detailed in a couple of places by John Adams. One I dug out today is a letter in Scale Aircraft Modelling Vol.26/10. Thanks John. Incidentally, the -14 length at 49ft 11in. is also confirmed in AP 2210AP Vol.1.  Lengths: NF.11/13 48ft 6ins. NF.12 49ft 11ins. NF.14 49ft 11ins. It also turns out that later in life, all -14s and some -12s received a tail radar warning receiver, the antenna being in the extreme tail cone which shortened these a/c by 3.5ins. This wouldn't change the nose length though. at some point in prehistory, someone got the quoted length of the -14 wrong and it has been perpetuated ever since. Certainly Shacklady had it wrong. Was he the original sinner? Certainly his book has been the Meteor bible down the decades hasn't it? I hope it is of interest anyway, cheers. Nige "
  14. viscount806x

    Richard Riding Former Editor of Aeroplane monthly.

    Just caught up with this. I have Aeroplane from Vol 1 to about 2011 when I gave up on it as it had morphed into more of a 'coffee table' magazine. Mr Riding had retired from it by this time so his great influence was obviously doing the business during his tenure. A sad loss to the aviation scene.
  15. viscount806x

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    There is a colour profile of 'XG223/27' on P.46 of the Neil Robinson/Jon Freeman Airfile book 'Hunter in RAF Service' so that might be the source of the Xtradecal item. In that profile, the canopy side rails and windscreen framing have the yellow carried over them.and is dated to 1979 too. Normally I'd consider anything from either of those guys very kosher. I agree with Dennis that XG223 appears to have not been built (XG212-XG224 unbuilt ?? )