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  1. Fantasy Printshop may be able to help. I recall getting white discs from them a while back.
  2. ...plus a 6-3 slatted wing, the 'E' had the narrow wing with slats or 6-3 without slats AFAIK
  3. Cutting to the chase, where and who does one apply to to buy one of their kits? Anyone know?
  4. Lincoln International? Scale of that said to be 1/166 so your may be too big for that. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/lincoln-international-106-bristol-britannia--1052221
  5. I had that sheet but didn't use it as I thought the roundels were the wrong diameter. Anyone confirm or disprove that ?
  6. Interesting to know that so thanks. Shame the legs are not similar too because that's the bits which are the weakest link.
  7. Maintrack Models produced a large sheet of their own a long time ago. They were a special type of decal which was placed on the kit and then soaked to remove the carrier and paper parts. I'm sure RN a/c were catered for.
  8. As the others say, many C-47s were made to look like a DC-3 with the cargo doors being rebuilt to a single door. Notably, in the UK, BEA created the 'Pionair' class which was a serious attempt to create a decent airliner. These had more windows and the single l/h rear door. Lots of them found new owners eventually. Cambrian Airways are one such which comes readily to mind.
  9. I did indeed do this conversion but over 40 years ago now. I used the (then) widely available and cheap Airfix T.3 (old tool) and the (then) quite recent Matchbox Piston Provost T.1. The work is quite straightforward using just the nose of the JP and the major parts of the PP. The only real work involves opening up the u/c bays and splitting open the rear end to accommodate the teeny weeny jetpipe and building up the tail bumper area with milliput or similar. This area varied a bit between the prototype and the short run production versions so check your references. You'll have t
  10. Thanks Julien, I think this series of NF Meteors will run and run. Small point, the NF.13 was a tropicalised version of the NF.11 and not the NF.12. Thus the -11 and the -13 were the same overall length, shorter than the previously SH kitted NF.12. This must therefore be a completely new tool for the fuselage parts.
  11. Hi Tommo, Well there are two distinct radar nose shapes the V800 (e.g. The BEA 802/806s and V701s) and the 'stateside'/ later V700D and V810s. Your Aer Lingus Viscount is of the earlier type. This was a V805 later converted to a V808 to make it compatible with the rest of the AL fleet. This would have started life without radar and later fitted with the small radome like the BEA/BKS/Cambrian/BA 802/806 fleet. check out photos. I'm unsure whether this aircraft had the freight door conversion but whatever, it would have had the forward port 'big door' with a second immediately aft of it if
  12. I just fairly roughly measured my recently arrived '14 kit for overall fuselage length and they may have been a little overgenerous but who am I to snipe? Full scale: 49ft 11ins (599ins/1497.5cm) Kit: 31.5cm (X48= 604.8ins/1512cm) Not quite the full 17ins extra quoted by many accepted allegedly bona fide references but still a little bit over. This extra widely quoted 17ins added nose length was my worst fear before I received my kit. Nice kit though and this major worry is now dispelled. Probably most will be quite happy with the small 3mm scale over
  13. I think you've already had the holiday binned by the current issues......
  14. Good luck with it but you still may end up paying more if you get stung for import duty + Royal Mail handling charges....
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