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  1. Tried it on scrap with no barrier between the lacquer and Alclad lacquer with no adverse reaction. Went ahead on the kit and again went down well.
  2. Is it ok to use Alclad over mr. color paint, the lacquer paint not the acrylic paint?
  3. Building the 1/24 car door tiffie and wondering about the seat harness. Kit gives both early and late seats which depends on which aircraft being built, but instructions only shows harness for the early type. If using the later type, is it the same harness used or should it be the same as the bubble top. Difference is the later type comes from the back of the seat where as the early type comes from the head cushion. Hope this makes sense.
  4. thanks for the advice, will try it over the weekend
  5. air in the cup causing the paint to bubble up
  6. Been using a H&S infinity CP-R for the last couple of years with no problems. Stripped it down today to clean it and when reassembled I’m now getting blow back. Have tried different things but still no good. Anybody out there had a similar experience and if so, what cured it. TIA
  7. Chuck My mistake, should have stated internal tanks, wings and fuselage.
  8. Monty Python

    F6F Hellcat

    Looking for the colour of the fuel tanks on the Hellcat. Anybody help out? TIA
  9. Monty Python

    F-15 kits

    Looking at GWH F-15C and E kits in 1/48 scale. Any problems with these and how do they build up.
  10. All the German props that I know of were RLM70 black green HTH
  11. Currently doing a 1/48 Eduard Spitfire Mk.VIII and wondered if the rivets on the upper and lower surfaces of the D box should be filled. If so, would this apply to other marks as I have boxes of their other Spitfire kits TIA
  12. Just wondered as I have a car door on order and also wanting the bubble top as well but at the moment they seem to be as rare as hens teeth.
  13. Monty Python

    1/24 Typhoon

    Is the Airfix 1/24 Typhoon car door kit the same as the bubble top but with the extra parts needed for that version?
  14. Thanks for the reply. Having built the Airfix kit many many moons ago I know about the issues but also know that Trumpeter screws up on a lot of their kits in one way or another.
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