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  1. Monty Python

    Spray booths

    Just been given a kitchen cooker hood extractor fan by somebody having a new fitted kitchen. May have a look at knocking one up myself using that
  2. Monty Python

    Spray booths

    Thanks for the help guy's will have to check the graphicair booths out
  3. Monty Python

    Spray booths

    I have only one boss, the wife
  4. Monty Python

    Spray booths

    Have been asked by the boss what I want for Christmas. I've said a new spray booth that would take large scale aircraft kits. Had a look on the web and finding it hard to see much choice. Have seen one that looks ok but it's only available from the US and the costs take that one out of consideration. Any advice on where to get them from would be most welcome. TIA
  5. Monty Python

    RFC colour help needed

    So basically PC10 is a case of I'll do it as I think what's right and you prove me wrong
  6. Monty Python

    RFC colour help needed

    Tried the WNW colour call out on their Camel Br.1 and to my eyes it look as though there is hardly any green tint at all. Intending on doing the Camel of a local ace (17 victories). His name was Edwin Swales who was born, lived and died about 5 miles from where I live. He kept a pice of fabric of one of his a/c and this was definitely green in colour.
  7. Monty Python

    RFC colour help needed

    Looking for help regarding PC10 and clear doped linen. Best matches for Tamiya? TIA
  8. Monty Python

    Spitfire LF Vb

    Nice looking Spitfire. For some srange reason I do like the clipped wings on a Spitfire, to me it makes it look more aggressive.
  9. Monty Python

    Hurricane rag wing

    Find it strange that Airfix have done a rag wing in 1:72 scale. Wonder if they have any plans of a 1:48 kit in the future?
  10. Monty Python

    Hurricane rag wing

    Does anybody do a rag wing conversion for the Airfix 1:48 scale Hurricane Mk.I (A05127)?
  11. Monty Python

    Colour recommendation

    Cheers for that, will give them a look.
  12. Monty Python

    Colour recommendation

    Should have stated it's Royal Navy
  13. Monty Python

    Colour recommendation

    Looking for the humbrol or tamiya paint number for late WW1 battleship grey. tia
  14. Monty Python

    Mk.V wheel colour

    Cheers for the answer. Will probably go with Battleship grey.
  15. Monty Python

    Mk.V wheel colour

    Can't find the colour for the wheels of the female Mk.V tank. Toying with the idea of doing one that has shed one of it's tracks. I know they would most likely have been covered with dried mud but would also have shown a bit of colour. Also would the crew have gained access to the inside by the doors under the sponsons? TIA