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  1. Have a couple of parts that I need copies doing for a future build. Is their anybody out there who can help me out and do them for me. Obviously I'll pay what ever it costs. TIA
  2. Monty Python


    Looking for a Ju88C-6 night fighter in 1/48 scale. So far have seen the ICM and Dragon kits. Have never built any of these brands so my question is simply which is the best one? TIA
  3. The red and white striped Fw190 was operated by JV44 (Jagdverband 44), this unit was commanded by Adolf Galland. The aircraft were painted with striped under surfaces so as to identify them against friendly fire from the flak crews as they were used as top cover for the Me262 jets when taking off and landing. The unit was nicknamed the papagei staffel (parrot squadron).
  4. Thanks for the info, that is the handle in question. If it was for the brake chute it wouldn’t have been a problem as I intend to do a F.6A using the parts supplied in the kit.
  5. Just got the new Airfix 1/48 Hawker Hunter and have a query regarding part C37 in the cockpit. This looks as though it's the parachute brake release handle which the standard F.6 would not have been fitted with. Is this correct? TIA
  6. Earlier on in this posting it was stated that the F-4J(UK) did not have slatted wings. Take a look at the photo on the site that I have linked of the Tiger Meet a/c and it clearly shows deployed slats. https://falkeeinsgreatplanes.blogspot.com/2014/04/british-phantoms-f-4-phantom-ii-in-raf.html?m=1
  7. I'm just starting the F-4J marines boxing. This will be done as a 74sq F-4J(UK) a/c. Possibly the only things that needs adding are the underwing strengthening strap and rear seaters periscope. The Marines offering gives you the option of posable L/E slats and tail planes, although some surgery is required for these. The first boxing of the J did not give these options.
  8. Quick question. Are the Roden 1/144 VC 10 tanker kits any good? TIA
  9. That’s interesting as it shows the tiger stripes on the starboard side and the tigers head on the nose. According to one book on 74 sq, the nose art came off on the flight home as it was quickly applied on the base in Italy with non standard paint.
  10. Thanks for that. Glad to know I’m not going daft and I was correct.
  11. IIRC, I have read somewhere that ZE355/S only had the tiger stripes applied on one side of the rudder when it was at the Tiger Meet in Italy. Anybody out there confirm this? Also, did this have the back seaters periscope fitted at the time in question. Toying with doing this one from the ZM F-4J Marines kit as I have a pot of xtracolour X127 standing idle. TIA Chris
  12. Thanks for the reply. Primed with my usual primer, Alclad.
  13. Just sprayed gunze acrylic paint for the first time ever. How long do I have to wait till it’s safe to apply masking tape so as not to peel any of it off?
  14. I have the ZM F-4J kit along with their 74sq decals, this is on the next to do list. First impressions and dry fitting looks every inch a winner.
  15. Not stop me getting the 2 HKM kits I have on order along with the Iconicair Dambuster conversion.
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