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  1. Monty Python

    74sq F-4J(UK)

    That’s interesting as it shows the tiger stripes on the starboard side and the tigers head on the nose. According to one book on 74 sq, the nose art came off on the flight home as it was quickly applied on the base in Italy with non standard paint.
  2. Monty Python

    74sq F-4J(UK)

    Thanks for that. Glad to know I’m not going daft and I was correct.
  3. Monty Python

    74sq F-4J(UK)

    IIRC, I have read somewhere that ZE355/S only had the tiger stripes applied on one side of the rudder when it was at the Tiger Meet in Italy. Anybody out there confirm this? Also, did this have the back seaters periscope fitted at the time in question. Toying with doing this one from the ZM F-4J Marines kit as I have a pot of xtracolour X127 standing idle. TIA Chris
  4. Monty Python

    Gunze acrylic question

    Thanks for the reply. Primed with my usual primer, Alclad.
  5. Monty Python

    Gunze acrylic question

    Just sprayed gunze acrylic paint for the first time ever. How long do I have to wait till it’s safe to apply masking tape so as not to peel any of it off?
  6. Monty Python

    1/48 RAF Phantom

    I have the ZM F-4J kit along with their 74sq decals, this is on the next to do list. First impressions and dry fitting looks every inch a winner.
  7. Monty Python

    Another 1/32 Lancaster

    Not stop me getting the 2 HKM kits I have on order along with the Iconicair Dambuster conversion.
  8. Monty Python


    Looking to change scale from 1/32 to 1/48 and one of the aircraft I fancy doing is the EF-111 Raven. What is the Hobby Boss offering like regarding fit and detail? LHS has one in stock. TIA
  9. Monty Python

    F-4J UK questions

    Parabat has sent me a photocopy of the undersurface of a wing with the strap fitted out of the Daco book. This drawing is marked up as for all 1/48 scale F-4’s that had the strap fitted. I have laid the Zoukei Mura wing on to it and it’s a perfect match. I will trace this onto self adhesive vinyl and place that onto the wing.
  10. Monty Python

    F-4J UK questions

    Have the Zoukei Mura F-4J which I will do in the 74sq markings, pre delivery paint scheme. The kit comes with the ALQ-126 fairings but no periscope for the back seater. My questions are which aircraft would have the fairings and no periscope? Also any diagrams for the strengthening strap fitted under the wing as the kit does not have that included. TIA Chris
  11. Monty Python

    Spray booths

    Just been given a kitchen cooker hood extractor fan by somebody having a new fitted kitchen. May have a look at knocking one up myself using that
  12. Monty Python

    Spray booths

    Thanks for the help guy's will have to check the graphicair booths out
  13. Monty Python

    Spray booths

    I have only one boss, the wife
  14. Monty Python

    Spray booths

    Have been asked by the boss what I want for Christmas. I've said a new spray booth that would take large scale aircraft kits. Had a look on the web and finding it hard to see much choice. Have seen one that looks ok but it's only available from the US and the costs take that one out of consideration. Any advice on where to get them from would be most welcome. TIA
  15. Monty Python

    RFC colour help needed

    So basically PC10 is a case of I'll do it as I think what's right and you prove me wrong