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  1. Just wondered as I have a car door on order and also wanting the bubble top as well but at the moment they seem to be as rare as hens teeth.
  2. Monty Python

    1/24 Typhoon

    Is the Airfix 1/24 Typhoon car door kit the same as the bubble top but with the extra parts needed for that version?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Having built the Airfix kit many many moons ago I know about the issues but also know that Trumpeter screws up on a lot of their kits in one way or another.
  4. After a 1/24 scale Hurricane but cannot decide between the old Airfix kit or one of the Trumpeter offerings. Anybody built the Trump kit and if so, is it worth paying the extra over the Airfix kit. TIA
  5. Picked one up of evilbay a couple of weeks ago for the princely sum of £35 and after reading the reviews I was seriously thinking of putting it up for sale myself. After seeing your Hornet, I'm now going to build it myself. That is one good looking Hornet that you have built.
  6. How do the 1/32 Revell F-4 Phantoms Compare to the Tamiya kits?
  7. Just seen that big H has a couple in stock
  8. Quick question. Can the Airfix Whitley GR Mk.VII be built as the Mk.V? Been looking for the Mk.V but can only find a Mk.VII. TIA
  9. Have got the Airfix Sea Vixen in the to do pile. Hobby Boss is not the manufacturer of choice, it's just when looking for a Tornado F.3 I also came across the Hawk T.1a as well. I know the Airfix T.1a has a few flaws and wondered if the HB put them right. Yes I do only do RAF/FAA
  10. Currently building the Airfix Javelin and thinking of my next project. Been looking at the 1/48 Hobby Boss Tornado F.3 and Bae Hawk T.1a kits and after some feed back on them. Any points to watch out for during the build. TIA
  11. Cheers for the replies guy's Will have to get hold of a tin
  12. After having problems with Alclad High Speed Silver I'm looking at trying Xtracolor's offering. So does this have to go on a gloss black base? The problem with the Alclad is more than likely my doing as I have never had a problem with their other paints. Must add that I really like using the brand as well as the pre thinned Mil-Spec paint. Also does the Xtracolor offering have a metallic finish? TIA
  13. Thanks to all who have posted an answer. I asked the question as I'm building the new Airfix wimpy and this is the first time I've moved into the dark side of 72 scale, usually do 32 & 24 scale where you can get away with a soft edge. So hard edge it is.
  14. Quick question. Did the green/dark earth camouflage on the Wellington have a hard or soft edge. TIA
  15. First off I'll start by wishing everybody a merry xmas. Now for the main part. Changing scale due to running out of room for the 1/32 and 1/24 scale a/c so this year doing more 1/48 scale. For xmas the wife bought me 4 Airfix kits, 1/72 Victor B.2, 1/48 Hunter F.6, Meteor F.8 and Blenheim Mk.1F. The last time I built an Airfix kit god was a still a lad. Must say I'm really impressed with the kits and how Airfix has come on in leaps and bounds. Now waiting for the Vulcan. Chris
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