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  1. Found it! Chris
  2. Could you please tell me what issue this article is in? Chris
  3. Beauty! If I had one critique, it's that the pictures are a bit small. The model looks great. Chris
  4. Wow! Nice work. Chris
  5. Geebis Crackers! I spent most of the day weeding the veggie garden and trimming and mowing the lawn. I come in the house for a rest and a coffee and I find THIS! I almost let loose with a barrage of grossly inappropriate language, but I noticed that it actually was Britmodeller I was seeing. There, I've calmed down now. It looks great. Thanks, Simon. Chris
  6. Just to add to Michael Enright's posting. An all-in-one view: Chris
  7. Retirement is the cat's bahookie! Whenever I think I may be approaching a spell of boredom, I take a nap and it goes away. Chris
  8. Greetings from the northern colony. Sounds like we have a similar issue with the climate. It's way too cold up here to do much of anything outside during winter and almost too hot in summer. Chris
  9. My newest favourite song. Chris
  10. When I was a wee lad, back in the late 50's and early 60's, we had something like this. The ones I had were just a plastic prop with a small stick. Put end of stick into hole in centre of prop and spin it vigorously between palms of your hands. Chris
  11. Some Intel: http://www.boxartden.com/gallery/index.php/Profiles/Camoflage-Markings/08-Boulton-Paul-Defiant Chris
  12. The instructions in both kits I have, AO2052 and AO2063, call for the gear casing to be painted with colour # 11, which is silver. Step # 12, Part # B3: Chris
  13. If you should do a Shark, I have some nice scale drawings. Just sayin'. Chris
  14. The Airfix painting directions are wrong, regarding the engine. The central gear casing should be painted black. In real life, it was painted a semi-gloss black, but flat black rubbed with a finger after drying looks good. Chris