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  1. I'd like to get the Aeroclub Halifax correction set, but they're quite thin on the ground. Chris
  2. Aircraft profiles

    I highly recommend John's work. His Douglas Digby profiles are fabulous! Chris
  3. Are Aviaelogy still going ?

    Good to hear from you, again, Terry. I wasn't sure if you were still around. I did have a question I was going to ask you a while ago, but I didn't write it down and have now forgotten what it was. Old age blows! Chris
  4. Photobucket beware!

    My account states that I will automatically be charged for renewal this coming March. As I have the $14.99 US PlusAdFree account, I don't know if this will continue or if I'll be dinged for the $399.00 account. Chris
  5. Photobucket beware!

    I just checked my PB account. When I clicked on " Your account is set to recur payments Yearly — Your next payment is on 16th Mar 2018 Please contact plus@photobucket.com to cancel your subscription " and clicked on the link, I get a small window which states: Could Not Perform This Operation Because Default Email Client Is Not Properly Installed. PB - What a piece of crap! Chris
  6. The central gear casing of wartime Hercules engines was painted semi-gloss black. Chris
  7. Seventy Second Scale Modeller magazine??

    When you live way up here, you definitely do need a good vendor. This guy kept his small store chock-full of all sorts of magazines, including lots of things from the UK. It has really dropped off the last few years as there was trouble with his Canadian supplier. The staples are still there but not so much of the more obscure types. Chris
  8. Airfix Bristol Blenheim MkIVF

    Airfix detail painting instructions for the engines are wrong. The central gear casing should be semi-gloss black, not anuminum. Chris
  9. Seventy Second Scale Modeller magazine??

    I bought mine off the shelf at a local vendor, up here in the north of this fair province. Chris
  10. Caproni Ca.310 Civil

    The " floaty " items are snow skis. Chris
  11. Grumman Martlet MKII "7" Pitot tube

    Not the best but better than a boot to the gonads. From Monografie Lotnicze No.20 F4F Wildcat: Chris
  12. Vickers Wellesley

    Are you going for a regular squadron machine or the L.R.D.U. version? Chris
  13. A Far Overdue Introduction

    Guten tag from your northern neighbour. Chris
  14. That is a post-war version of the Hercules, with the rear-swept exhaust pipes. Here is a war-time Hercules. Chris
  15. Night working

    I worked 35 tears of 12-hour day and night shifts at an oilsand extraction plant. we did three day, three nights then 6 off. The nights were better, as there was less staff and management around. I read a huge pile of books and magazines during that time. Chris