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  1. Hello from Scotland

    Welcome from an old colonial who was born in New Scotland, but now lives in the northwest of our vast land. Chris
  2. Yes, that is what I am referring to. I have seen Ian's video. Nice. Have you seen this Hercules sleeve-valve video? Chris Yes, that is what I am referring to. I have seen Ian's video. Nice. Have you seen this Hercules sleeve-valve video? Chris
  3. Village Photos - a few qu's

    I started using VP, too, but have gone over to Flickr. With VP, I couldn't find any way to resize images so they fit properly on forum pages. Flickr does give you options. Chris
  4. Edouard's war

    He's just telling the story as he ex-father-in-law told him, from his point of view. Let's not pass any judgement on something that happened to others so long ago. Chris
  5. Lancaster PA474 Question

  6. Lancaster PA474 Question

    If you find them, might I acquire a copy. too? Chris
  7. That's a great start. Trumpeter's painting instructions are a bit off. On the engines, the central gear casings should be black and please, please do not paint the exhaust collector ring copper. Some form of heat-stained steel would be much better. Chris
  8. I've been following this since it began. Bravo, Ced! This turned out great. Chris
  9. I have already started replacing my PB hosted images with Flickr hosted ones. So far, I've only managed to get through about 4 pages of my 71 pages of activity. Of course, I started with the oldest and working forward. As I still have my paid up PB account, all of them are still viewable, at least until the end of the year. Chris
  10. French bombs, colours & markings?

    Some info: http://www.pangea-systems.com/wwiiws/aircraft/bombs/ http://www.bombfuzecollectorsnet.com/USERIMAGES/OP 1668 Italian & French Explosive Ordnance.PDF Chris
  11. My 1/48 Tamiya Beaufighter

    If I might be so bold as to add one small comment. Maybe brush a little bit of whatever flat coat you have over the crew's flight suits. They're a bit too glossy, at least to my eye. All else looks good. As I'm a bit of a Beaufighter junkie, I shall be following your build. Chris

    WARNING - CONTAINS NUDITY! What a shocking display! That a great looking build. Most original. Chris
  13. Greetings from deepest Kanuckistan! This place be great. Chris
  14. Bravo, Patrick, well done. Is that a new ( relatively ) release or one of the older SH or MPM kits. I have an older MPM A-17A that I thought I might build as an RCAF Nomad but just want to make sure I use the proper engine combination. Chris