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  1. For some reason, I can't log in to the Soviet Warplanes forum. It says my username doesn't exist. Is that because of the cloning? Chris
  2. This old ex-Bluenoser thinks you've done an excellent job on both Mossies. Well done! Chris
  3. Welcome from Northeast Alberta, the slightly charred segment. Yeah, this is a great spot. My # 1 go-to forum. Chris
  4. Shush! The missus thinks I mix it! Chris
  5. At least you have hobby shops to visit. This town has nothing. I have to drive 5 hours south to get to a shop. Edmonton has a few shops, but then I have the same problem as Phil ( shatters ). Very few, if any Airfix. Revell up to the armpits but not much else. It's depressing. Makes a man want to drink. Chris
  6. If I ever get off my bahookie, I'm doing my Digby as this: I worked with the pilot's son, John, a number of years ago. Chris
  7. There's this: Chris
  8. This one? Chris
  9. Yes, Tim Prosser. I don't know which of his talents was best. His model building or his photography. A real talented person, for sure. Chris
  10. First you have to know where a particular B-17 was built and by who. Boeing, Lockheed or Douglas. Who supplied the paint for those builders? Remember the old saying: close enough for government work. Chris
  11. Have you seen this forum? Chris
  12. The 18-cylinder Centaurus is even more so. Chris