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  1. Airfix Huricane Attempted Build

    That's awesome. Bob! Thanks for the quick reply Chris
  2. Yes, please tone down that bright brassy colour on your collector rings. Take a look at this to see a real aircraft's rings. http://vintageaviationecho.com/arco-blenheim/ Chris
  3. Nice job on those engines. Look very similar to the pair of Matchbox Welly engines I did many years ago. Chris
  4. Airfix Huricane Attempted Build

    Dear members, after a few decades of not finishing the few kits that I've started, I've decided to try to complete at least one kit this year. My choice is the Airfix 1/72 Hawker Hurricane. I would like to do it as one of the 20 Hurricanes the RCAF acquired in early 1939. Some of these were later sent back to Britain in early 1940, along with No.1 Squadron ( Fighter ) RCAF. I want to do it up as one of those during that year in Canada. Some images here: http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/lac-bac/results/images?form=image&lang=eng&FormName=Image+Search&PageNum=1&SortSpec=score+desc&HighLightFields=title%2Cname&Language=eng&QueryParser=lac_mikan&Sources=mikan&Archives=&ShowForm=show&SearchIn_1=&SearchInText_1=hawker+hurricane&Operator_1=AND&SearchIn_2=&SearchInText_2=&Operator_2=AND&SearchIn_3=&SearchInText_3=&Media[]=&Level=&MaterialDateOperator=after&MaterialDate=&MaterialDate=&DigitalImages=1&Source=&cainInd=&ResultCount=50 What I need is a source of number decals to do the underwing numbers. I am assuming they would be in the same font as RAF numbers and letters. The RCAF numbers for the Hurricanes are 310 to 330. See: http://www.rwrwalker.ca/RCAF_301_350_detailed.htm Looking through the images posted above and a few others that I have, it appears that #315 was the only one fitted with a radio mast ant it is without a venture below the cockpit. Any information that can be provided will be greatly appreciated. Chris
  5. Photobucket Have Seen The Error of Their Ways

    I don't know. Should I drop Flickr and continue using PB? I still have an active , ad-free PB account that was $14.99US per year, but I stopped using it back in June when I went to Flickr. Flickr is free, so far and PB will be $100.00 US dollars. Decisions decisions! Chris
  6. Bristol Bolingbroke

    Some wartime Bolingbroke pictures here: http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/lac-bac/results/images?form=image&lang=eng&FormName=Image+Search&PageNum=1&SortSpec=score+desc&HighLightFields=title%2Cname&Language=eng&QueryParser=lac_mikan&Sources=mikan&Archives=&ShowForm=show&SearchIn_1=&SearchInText_1=bolingbroke+aircraft&Operator_1=AND&SearchIn_2=&SearchInText_2=&Operator_2=AND&SearchIn_3=&SearchInText_3=&Media[]=&Level=&MaterialDateOperator=after&MaterialDate=&MaterialDate=&DigitalImages=1&Source=&cainInd=&ResultCount=50 Chris
  7. No doubt you've seen this, but just in case, I'll post them. http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205126677 Chris
  8. Any recipes for Aotake blue?

    Many years ago, I read somewhere about a mix of Tamiya Clear Blue and Clear Green, about a 50-50 mix, painted over whatever shiny metallic colour you have. I tried the mix over an old Testor's silver and it looked quite nice, at least to me. Sorry, no pics. The model didn't survive a basement renovation in the mid 90's. Chris
  9. Bristol Bolingbroke

    My pictures of The Bomber Command Museum Of Canada ( Nanton ) Blenheim ( Bolingbroke ). They have a full aircraft and a separate nose section. Chris
  10. What an eye-catching beauty! Well done, Fuad. Chris
  11. British Pacific Fleet aircraft decals & kits

    The Hasegawa wings are a fraction of a millimetre longer than the Academy wings, but the Hasegawa wing fits into a slight recess in the fuselage while the Academy wing joins onto a wingroot that is a bit proud on the fuselage. Makes them about the same wingspan if you want my opinion. Hasegawa: Academy: Chris
  12. British Pacific Fleet aircraft decals & kits

    I just did a quick check of the Academy cowl and the Hasegawa kit and they both look almost exactly the same. I placed the cowling front from the Academy onto the fuselage of the Hasegawa and it was real close. A few minutes work with a fine file and a sanding stick should do it. Chris
  13. British Pacific Fleet aircraft decals & kits

    It's a drop-in match for the FROG kit. Haven't compared it to any other kits. Chris
  14. British Pacific Fleet aircraft decals & kits

    The 1/72 Academy kit also has the bulged fuselage windows. Chris