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  1. Swordfish weathering pic: Chris
  2. Were these tanks actually filled with napalm or just Avgas and some form of igniter? Here's an image of the double-tiered rockets and wing tank on a Mossie. Forgive me bot I do not recall the source. It's been in my Photobucket for about as long as this forum has been operating. Chris
  3. Some intel: Chris
  4. David, I think the first pic you posted shows a Jug fitted with 20mm. cannons on the pylons. I have seen another image of a Jug so fitted. I believe this was just a test and was not used on operations. Chris
  5. Mitch K, you may need to scratch and replace both aileron balance tabs, as it looks like you have installed them wrong way around. They should angle forward toward the leading edge, not rearward toward the tail. I like the what-if idea. Is there a backstory to go with it? Chris
  6. The Jug in the first photo has a Curtiss prop while the model has a Hamilton Standard prop. I'm not sure about the prop in the second photo and I'm don't know what props were on that squadron's bubble-top Jugs. Oh, that's a great looking build. David. Chris
  7. Happy Birthday

    Yah! Chris
  8. Buenos días from Northern Canada. This is a good place. You should like it here. Chris

    No problems for me, either with my PC or my IPad. Haven't been here on my IPad for at least two weeks and it still had me logged in. Chris
  10. Since I opted for the add-free PB, it's been working quite well, like it used to years ago. Chris
  11. Looking real good, Adrian. Just a wee note: the prop hubs should be painted black, like the prop blades. The only Blenheims I've ever seen with unpainted hubs were some Mk.V's. Mk.I's and IV's all had them black. Chris
  12. Just to drift a bit off topic, but were these actual drop tanks or just extra fuel tanks to extend range? Chris
  13. A good place to ask Stirling questions: Chris
  14. I built two of those Me109"s back in the mid 70's, one of each decal option. Chris