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  1. I wonder how well the 1/72 & 1/48 Defiants have sold - pretty well I would have thought - so I agree a 1/24 turret could be even more exciting that a 1/24 cockpit. But it would be the likes of Eduard who would gain the capital - rather than airfix... Like the idea of the whirlwind too.
  2. Boulton Paul Defiant
  3. That's not too bad - thanks
  4. sounds very interesting - I always assumed this kind of agitator would actually cause all the components to separate to their own level - rather than mix it up - I suppose the clue is in the name "vortex mixer" - how much would one of these be???
  5. I haven't built a thing since the end of October. I took a couple of weeks off work & decided the office needed a tidy. That led to the loft & then the pantry in the kitchen. The bedroom drawers & wardrobes were next. Then it was the garages. I must have made about 40 trips to the local tip (seriously) - the workers there started to say "hello again" & I wondered if they thought I was doing house clearances without a commercial license or something. Anyway - everything ended up in moisture proof boxes in one of the garages & there it has all sat for the last 5 months. Kits / tools / paints / reference books / decals / materials / magazines. All this along with hundreds of records / tapes / cd's & paperbacks etc. I've never considered myself a "hoarder", but it was amazing just how much "clutter" I had accumulated that I thought I "needed". The experience actually felt very liberating - almost like I was clearing out all the "junk" in my life. As you can see it became a little addictive though. But if I dropped dead tomorrow there wouldn't be a lot of clearing up to do I thought. It has been a hard journey - trying to get going again & the forum has been a massive help in keeping my interest - even if I haven't been building anything. I have seriously enjoyed the work of all the folk on here & have been conducting some research for a future Defiant build (thank you Andy Long). Also Spadgent’s 1/24 BF109 build was an absolute treat to follow & one of the very best builds I have ever seen. I even went out at Christmas & bought 2 from Hobbycraft – as I knew I would build again at some point. I have also visited a couple of shows (Bolton / Huddersfield) to see what other folk are doing & this has cheered me up no end. I agree with many on here who suggest a “quick build” to get things going again. A 1/48 Tamiya Tilly is easy enough & goes together very quickly. Anyway, I sat in my empty office at home & took a long look around. What I needed was a completely new set up – more shelving units & most importantly a bigger desk or work bench. Moving from carpet to laminate was a real “no-no” though – with my super rolling chair the noise would have been horrendous in the kitchen below. But looking at all the paint spills on the carpet convinced me it was time for a new floor to lose all those fiddly bits on. So the carpet monster lives on. Then the old desk went & I was left with a couple of very sturdy drawer units – so I measured up & figured I could set up a 2.4M (8ft) work top across them. Oak veneered MDF was the solution. It needed a few coats of finishing oil & once sealed it actually looked so good I decided it needed protection from my messy working practices. 4mm toughened glass with polished edges was the solution – four sections – so if I ruin one the expense won’t be too prohibitive. That & one 8ft length of 4mm glass would have weighed an absolute tonne. Moving the existing cupboards & shelf units around on a piece of graph paper for hours revealed I had room for another big shelving unit (display area) – without everything becoming too “busy”. I was determined only to bring what was needed “to hand” back into the office – so I decided the loft needed to have the old boards ripped up & new ones installed. My loft is very low pitched & is of a “w” bracing style – so I could never work up there – but I have managed to create a totally clean space covering 128sqft. The stash can live up there along with some of the stuff that is “too good to throw away” but will never see the light of day in the foreseeable future – such as my music collection. Like most folk I no longer have a working record deck – but there are some things you simply can’t part with. The loft is clean & dry and gets neither, too hot or too cold – so it almost perfect – apart from having to drag the ladders out to get in there. So – here I am – ready to bring everything back in from the garage – it all looks a treat & if I had the know how to stick a few pictures up I would – but I am a real luddite – so forgive me. Wish me luck too – I really feel my mojo has returned & after testing the glass worktop with paint & glue – I can confirm I am ready to make a mess & have some fun again. Chocks away - Steve
  6. New carpet for the office £200 - don't ask...
  7. No one should be without bamboo skewers they are brilliant - I use them with a lump of blu tak on the end for spraying small parts & them jab the skewer into a bigger lump to stand & dry
  8. Ouch - I've recently "invested" a full 90 pence on Amazon - for 100 x 3mm ball bearings to pop into my little vallejo model air bottles. I have on more than one occasion gone for a full on shaking session - only to find that the lid of my old humbrol tinlets wasn't as secure as I had hoped. The result - I found dried paint scrapes easy enough off window panes - but not wall paper or the desk DOH!!! I do find an old sock is a good insurance policy to avoid this - pop the tinlet in & shake away. My new desk is now covered with 4mm toughened glass (with polished edges) - everything comes off with a razor blade - even super glue - result.
  9. ...just been back for a second gander at the pix - I am looking to build the ICM 1/48 when it is released later this year... I had never seen that cunning little tail gun before - who was in charge of firing it & did it take down any unwitting airmen??? It often amazes me when building a model the amount of detail you find that you have never noticed in photographs of the "real thing". Great job / great detail / great pix Thanks for sharing.
  10. Fantastic Job Tony - love the shading & panel lines (I struggle with panel lines)
  11. Thanks for the fast response - lovely work
  12. May I ask a quick question... ...which Vallejo Model Air colour did you use for the RAF blue uniforms?
  13. I can't see any rust
  14. Have fun everyone & please let us know how the day goes.
  15. Tonight it is squid & chips - with the biggest salad you have ever seen!!! Young's Calimari - normally £3.75 per bag - 2 for £5 today at ASDA ...other supermarkets are available