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  1. ...those were the days eh... ...JUST HAD A THOUGHT - for our overseas friends - John Noakes was a children's TV presenter and all round 'dare devil' - what a guy... Get down Shep
  2. Monogram typhoon

    ...you can't beat a good 'toy truck' - I think I will make some at some point - as 'roadside damaged wrecks' - could be fun...
  3. Do we want these as BM members?

    Bless you Ratch - 18 is a fantastic age - bless her too - I know those feelings you have right now...
  4. Thanks Mike - I feel confident enough now to start a new project - I apologise in advance for littering the forum with more of my plastic nightmares
  5. MY PICTURE ARE BACK - RESULT!!! Mike did some jiggery pokery last night and here they are - in all their gory glory. Thanks Mike
  6. Tips needed for finishing Albion AM463

    That's a pretty good looking Albion - nice photography too - my top tip for weathering is common... ...if it looks like it needs a bit more - it usually doesn't - its actually perfect... ...if only I listened to myself more often I'll watch with interest and remember - HAVE FUN Steve
  7. Hello from Cheshire

    from the other side of the area - you know - the hills in the distance - covered in snow most of the time... Steve in sunny Saddleworth
  8. Thanks a million - I'm really still a newbie too - but with a bit of help from the 'bigger boys' on here - if I can - you can too. Welcome to the forum - it's a great place to learn - I've got a long way to go - but having fun is the name of the game
  9. Cheers Ben - they are Hasagawa - as per a previous recommendation of yours. Building multiples is actually proving easier for me than singles - how weird is that It makes me less scared of screwing things up - as I have 'back ups' to fall back on and allows me to be more adventurous about making 'modifications' - as I can keep one 'true' to the instructions and go 'off piste' a bit with the others. All good fun and at the end of the day - that's what it's all about. Just like all the other stuff I have built in the AFV section - I have no knowledge whatsoever about what I'm about to attempt to build. BUT - I learn all about them as I go along - so it's educational too... I feel pretty confident to talk about Cromwell's / Loyd Carriers / 6pdr guns / M5 halftracks / Universal carriers now - I didn't a few months back - but I do now. I'm not including Shermans in that list - that is far too dangerous a comment to make But when it comes to the less glamourous AFV's I feel the odd thread here and there is a good contribution to the forum. Give me a week or so to tidy up the mess on the bench though...
  10. Thanks again guys for all the kind words and support. Next up is likely is to be 6 armoured cars - 3 x Daimler and 3 x Humbers I certainly haven't given up on wingy things - the stash is massive - but I am having a ton of fun with these at the moment. The drivers are sat on cushions - so they can see over the top of the screens - only joking - but I had noticed that on other models. There is a 'slit' they can look through on other versions - but they look OK 'peeping over' I think. I'm taking a break until weekend now - but hopefully after I have tided up I can get something new started. Happy modelling folks Steve
  11. Monogram typhoon

    Well it looks really good to me - they both do I like the yellow leading edges too - did I miss how you did that - masking tape in the end??? So what's next - you still have 7 weeks to kill before the GB starts - how about some German trucks for these bad boys to shoot up??? ...you get 3 in a box and you can make 3 different types - they would make fantastic 'targets'
  12. ...ouch... sorry about that - but nice to find another Grand Prix fan.
  13. Well - despite everything - I've got them done. Just a couple of pictures for now as I'm hoping to get my others back. a quick shot of the backs - as there is quite a lot going on inside that doesn't come with the kits. ...and one from the front for now - with my lucky penny... ...thanks again for all the support and on behalf of the team here - 'thanks for following this painful trek' - the Sarge appreciates it Steve
  14. I am experimenting going in / coming in whatever - via firefox - rather than internet explorer - to see if I get thrown out via this route... In the meantime -- the muddy / dusty coating is done and I have just done the matt coat. I think I may have overdone the matt - it's looking glossy... I've just turned the radiator up on full in the office and left it to it's own devices for half an hour... ...either finished or ruined - I'm too nervous to go back up there at the minute