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  1. Fantastic tip Tony - thanks for that - I still need to get to grips with aerial wires. LOVELY build Zarichta -
  2. Fw190 d13 paint scheme

    You can't beat a good French curve...
  3. Fw190 d13 paint scheme

    Now that is what you call a painting guide bit worried about that spirally nose though - do you have a decal for that
  4. Fw190 d13 paint scheme

    Hi Ian - looks that way to me... ...paint the whole fuselage in the underside colour then crack on with the mottling. The wings and tail fins are solid colour with 'squiggles' over the top - to my aged eyes at least. Is there a WIP anywhere - looking for a bit of inspiration...
  5. OK - how much??? £36??? Launched when??? January '18??? any thoughts???
  6. Airfix 1/72 Me-262 Schwalbe

    yeh but - that's scratch building - not after market... ...and it looks like it could inflict a pretty decent scratch
  7. Airfix 2018

    OK - here we go again... WISH - 1/24 Defiant REASONING... 1/72 and 1/48 versions have sold well in the previous 2 years all necessary scanning has been done suitably well known but also suitably quirky enough to raise interest / appeal follows the BoB family theme from the old spitfire / hurricane / 109 / stuka decal options / paint schemes suitably varied from day to night fighter options do not forget the 'polish contingent' - there is a new generation of polish kids who are immensely proud of their ancestors exploits in the RAF FINALLY - imagine a 1/24 turret - OH THE DETAIL... I rest my case M'lud
  8. Airfix 1/72 Me-262 Schwalbe

    Forget the hiccups - an absolutely brilliant job Tony - inspiring as always. Airfix should be paying you for this brilliant advertisement - OOB - AMAZING WORK
  9. IPMS Southwell

    I held an event here in May and to be fair it is a bit of a minefield for organisers. Everyone found the event in the end and the weather was good - so no one got wet walking in. But I agree that the venue staff could be a bit better with signage and a bit clearer on entrances and car parks. I organise up to 14 tradeshows a year and have been doing events for over 30 years - so I know the 'questions to ask' when booking this kind of gig. Bad signage and poor directions are a real pain - glad to hear you enjoyed the day though.
  10. Oh no... Stupid question - can the doors be cut or scored along panel lines somehow - to give them more 'flex' - time to walk away - take some deep breaths and know you can always come back to it. Has anyone come across this problem - it's a kit I am unfamiliar with myself.
  11. Tu-114

    simply put - FANTASTIC
  12. I have just acquired one of these beauties - lovely work
  13. ...don't get me going on that one - have a read of the WIP - that will go some way to explaining the canopy - OUCH
  14. ...er... yes... the new additions to the stash... I had a tidy up and temporarily consigned all my 1/24 and 1/48 to the safety of the loft... but then I thought... hmmm... 1/72 must give that a bit of a try - so I have acquired these over the last few weeks ...whoops - so much for self control eh. If you think this is embarrassing - you should see all the masks / decals / exhausts / guns I want shooting - or some mojo at least
  15. Thanks Paul - it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience too.