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  1. Milliput and Cling Film - A Question...

    Thanks for a very concise and informative answer - loving the new avatar too
  2. Milliput and Cling Film - A Question...

    Why cling film? well I guess pushing the building into polyfilla - to gain an imprint - then removing the building would leave polyfilla attached to the building.
  3. Milliput and Cling Film - A Question...

    So how does cling film react with ployfilla? any idea Ray? For mixing milliput I take the 'sausages' and chop them into 'coins' - then put them back together alternately to make 'stripy sausages' - if that makes sense... It mixes really well that way. I don't really need moulds for this project - it's only an area of relatively bland flat land and I just want to 'sink' the building a tad as it is 'ever so slightly' warped and doesn't want to sit completely flat on an actual flat surface - again - if that makes sense...
  4. Milliput and Cling Film - A Question...

    Thanks Ray - an entire weekend's viewing there... ...are you a milliput user yourself? Do you have any specific advice from your own personal experience?
  5. A quick question - if I may - for the good folk on here who use Milliput specifically... I want to make a base section approx 2mm thick - with an area of about 8“ x 12“ - fairly flat - onto which I can push a few 'subtle' undulations. I then want to 'press' a hollow building into it - but only very lightly - to create the outline of the building in the surface and 'sink' it by less than 0.5mm. I want to create the sunken outline - but not fix the building at this point. I want to do this so it sits level when I come to fix it into place - much further down the line. My question is - if I cover my milliput sheet with a piece of cling film - will it remove cleanly later - when it has 'set like a stone' - or - will I have a piece of milliput - that I can't sand - as it's now covered in soft plastic that won't come off... Any specific personal advice from a user would be most appreciated, Thanks - Steve
  6. Tristar Panzer 1 Ausf A

    Hi Tim, Pardon my ignorance - I am unfamiliar with this kit - what scale is it - I've read through the thread - but can't see the scale. BTW - Lovely work on the staining and chips - something to aspire to - thanks for sharing - Steve
  7. ...a little knowledge - as they say - very dangerous I must have typed the wrong thing into google - that's why I prefer the search engine that is - Britmodeller Thanks for the correction Sarge - most appreciated saves me opening this
  8. Monogram typhoon

    Hope you have fun in Eindhoven - I know a great McDonalds there
  9. Hi Duncan - I'm an 'aeroplane fan' too - but in recent months I have also been straying over to the 'dark side' of the forum - that is the AFV section... ...a brilliant time I've been having too - with 1/72 kits - amazing fun and really nice folk that have been helping me out. I'll be keen to follow along on this one and promise not to make 'too much of a nuisance' of myself - with a quiet seat on the back row I do have a quick question though - there seem to be two sets of tracks - 'line and link' - I think that's the right terminology on a sprue and then some 'rubber bands' - my own term in a tray... Do they both come with the kit???
  10. OK - STOP - I'm sold I've ordered all 3 and yes - though Puma's had been around since 1935 - there are photos of them around the Normandy area post D-Day - so I'm sure my Cromwells will end up 'brewing' one up - which I believe is the correct term Thanks for the insight - after the PSC kits I'm sure they will look 'complicated' enough for my basic level of ability
  11. Hi Ben, Does a tenner each sound fair...
  12. The pictures should now work in the original post - thanks again...
  13. beggar... I will have to have another go tonight... Thanks for the heads up - Steve
  14. Afternoon All, Can anyone please advise if these kits are any good... Daimler MKII Armoured Car Humber MKII Armoured Car I am new to AFV's and working in smaller scales - so far I have only built PSC & Airfix. I am looking at building a load of German stuff next - but these 2 caught my eye and I haven't seen any other British Armoured Cars in this scale. Henk of Holland describes them and I paraphrase - simple / no major flaws / extra detail could be added etc - not too offensive - but can anyone here offer some other comments - on the brand in general or these kits specifically. Thanks for any feedback - Steve
  15. Sd Kfz 173 Jagdpanther

    Phew I'm back - puff pant... OK here is some 'photo evidence'... rubber rims with damage to the rubber.... ...and a smarter looking unit... ...finally a colour scheme from a Jagdpanther in Alsace 1944 - like your scheme 2... ...hope that helps...