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      Ongoing DDoS Attack causing Forum Slowness   26/04/17

      In case you have missed the announcement, the reason that the forum has been slow at times since the minor version update the other day is due to a Denial of Service attack, brute force attack on our email, and judging by the lag with our FTP response, that too.  If you're feeling like you're experiencing a glitch in the Matrix, you're not wrong.  This is the same MO as the attack in September 2016 that occurred when we transitioned to the new version 4 of the software.  We're currently working with US and UK cyber-crime departments, who specialise in this sort of thing, and we're hopeful that we'll be able to track them down this time by using the accumulated evidence already held.    We are pretty certain that it's a continuation of the same attack last year, only at a reduced intensity to deter people from using the site "because it's terribly slow", rather than taking it down completely, and we're also sure of the motivations of those responsible.  Spite.   Please bear with us in the interim, and wish us luck in dealing with these.... "people".


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  1. I have seen a little roller machine - In hobbycraft I think that corrugates tinfoil - but this looks pretty good actually.
  2. Hey Steve - Grrrr!!! That is a mean Hellcat - I love the idea of mojo builds - need one myself - thanks for sharing. Steve
  3. Cheers Badder - thanks for the suggestions - all gratefully received.
  4. Both Evergreen & Plastruct do various corrugated sheets - in varying scales - Hatton's in Widnes is a good place to start - but lots of the traders on here sell one or the other too.
  5. Yeh - they were just stacked up at the back of the shed - waiting for a late sunny summer evening - ready for the boys when they get back from fighting the hun - that & a cold beer. But seriously - I am building a proper base for this - but the Gypsy Moths I planned are killing me (1/48 A Model DH60's - very tricky for a beginner) - so for now it is just a grass mat as a base & a picture of a hedge & a south downs type back drop.
  6. Hey Gorby - thanks a million for the kind comment - if only I could build a real "shed" for the garden
  7. Hey Max - what do you think - deck chairs added...
  8. Well here it is folks – please be gentle – my first RFI… By the way - it is "going to be" a diorama - when I build a base This was actually built last year & was my first project – but I didn’t have a clue how to post pictures until today – thanks to another member “cathasatail” (thank you). The South Downs Flying Club is the fictitious aero club that Michael Caine’s squadron is sent to in the epic movie – The Battle of Britain. In the movie the club’s name has been white washed out – but it is still easy to see. This is obviously a scratch build with evergreen plastic & a lot of brush painted humbrol 70. I had trouble with the windows – so I added the shutters & closed 3 of them off. The others were “glazed” – but that didn’t work either – so… …the mother in-law – who is a bit of an “artist” pointed out that when she is painting windows they look black – rather than transparent – so black they are. I hope you like it & any comments would be most appreciated – I am still learning after all. Thanks for taking a look - I'm no David Bailey. Steve
  9. Hey Cat - THANK YOU - I think I have cracked it - with your help - BRILLIANT See here...
  10. version 4

    another attempt to post a picture... Wow - seems to have worked
  11. Ha Ha - The Tardis - I never thought of that I don't have a sonic screwdriver - but I'll just take my airbrush
  12. I have to say - when lined up next to my dark earth sample the H163 is looking much better than my old H30 - never thought I'd say that... Thanks guys - I am learning so much here.