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  1. It's in stock now at £259 - WOW!!!
  2. Good Luck & do let us know how you get on - I find mixing milliput to be a beggar too
  3. I think this will be denting a few wallets this year - £259
  4. More than SWMBO would like - but less than I would like In simple terms I know it costs less than she spends on wine
  5. I guess wine is on the list too then - all those lovely grapes must be good for you
  6. Battle of the Bulge was on Sky Top Picks last night - I'm not a tank man myself - but it is one movie that reminds me of a diorama I saw years ago - "Tiger of the Ardenne". A beautiful snow covered scene - it actually made you feel cold just to look at it - brilliant.
  7. If only I'd known chocolate oranges were one of your five a day I would have stocked up at Christmas - they were on offer at Asda Instead we bought those manky tangerines
  8. STOP PRESS... She has just announced "I fancy Fish & Chips" - are chips one of your 5 a day???
  9. Well it's panic stations in the X household tonight... SWMBO was very evasive this morning when I asked "What's for tea tonight" This is normally code for - "I can't be bothered - you will have to go out & get us takeaway" You have to love them though - even when they won't feed you
  10. In the famous lines from "The Battle of Britain" (movie) "three stripes on the wing eh laddie - that's a wing leader" - "That three of you that got him" - "a third of a kill laddie - a third of a kill" Does anyone know "who" these markings belong to - or "when" they were in use? All info is "very excitedly" received
  11. A few months ago... Only a few months??? I assumed you had been practicing these black arts for quite a long time (gob smacked - can't find an emoticon for that) I am more encouraged than ever
  12. Great work Jonny You are stepping out of your comfort zone with the chipping & it has tried to bite you - but you still have the magic silver pencil in your armoury - so YOU WINHi Ho Silver - Away!!! The pre-shading looks gorgeous - you have inspired me to ditch my rattle cans & take the plunge with airbrushes - Thank you - this forum is truly inspirational!!!
  13. Cheers Steve - you have confirmed my experience was not mine alone - always nice to be in good company - even if we are only ruining builds together