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  1. Iii./jg2 fw190 a8 scheme

    ...I knew I'd read it somewhere...
  2. Iii./jg2 fw190 a8 scheme

    That is a beautiful looking 190 - it really stands out. I am no expert - by any means - and I will willing to be correct in the interests of Lawzer getting it right... I thought yellow tails and cowls were BoB period - so red may be 'another theatre' or simply be a JG thing. On the ejection ports - I have been reliably informed on my previous 109 builds that the luftwaffe took their rubbish home with them - very green - by storing the spent shell belts in the wings. The 190 could be completely different of course. Let's get some answers from those that actually 'know' though...
  3. A really smashing looking pair of Spits - I'm looking forward to the final photos - great job.
  4. Hey Ant - I've got one too. Well I say that - I had two actually I built one and I'm left with all the 'worst' bits after picking out the most useable stuff from each box. But I have a 'cunning plan' for the dross that remains - roll on June eh
  5. Trumpeter 1/16 Panzer IV Ausf.F2

    May the gods protect you from the evils of the carpet monster
  6. OK - it's all over now... ...the masking tape is off and it's out with the Tamiya liquid poly - I love the smell of peardrops - it does smell of peardrops doesn't it or is it just me... Anyway the wheels are on... ...oops - nearly forgot the 'cats whiskers'... So there we have it and for those that helped - THANKS GUYS All the best - Steve
  7. More dirt today and I think I'm there now - well I hope so - as I just coated everything in matt varnish ...that's enough I think
  8. Trumpeter 1/16 Panzer IV Ausf.F2

    OMG... ...2000+pcs If a 36pc Spitfire took me 3 weeks - how long would this take
  9. BIG X's Gallery for 2017

    This is my first ‘yearbook’ - so please be gentle. 2017 got off to a slow start for me as I was far too busy asking you all annoying questions, but getting some great answers along the way. The first part of the year was in reality spent acquiring ‘tools and equipment’ before I could actually build anything. So it was the end of May before I started and finished my first 'project'. This is the 1/48 Airfix MWD Utility truck – complete with a milliput base. It was my first go with an airbrush and my first attempt at weathering too – so very much a ‘work in progress’ – but it was fun to build. The slightly random theme was down to the fact that I had various decals lying around – the result – an RAF Ambulance. Oh it was my first making a plinth too... Next up in July was the 1/48 Airfix Hurricane MKI. I was debating whether to go ‘wheels up’ or ‘wheels down’ at the time and also how to deal with moving propellers. This is the result and again I made a little stand for it – but forgot to put the year on the end of the quote… By the end of July I felt I ‘was on a roll’ and disaster from over confidence was just around the corner. I made the mistake of ‘experimenting’ with a Sharpie to try and create panel lines on a 1/48 Messerschmitt 109E. This experiment turned into my first WIP – and though the result was a bit of a disaster – I really enjoyed the interaction with other forum folk and hey – I don’t mind ‘learning in public’. If you fancy a laugh then the WIP is here – all good fun… I had a couple of weeks off work in late August and I’d enjoyed my first ‘Emil’ so much – I decided to do a ‘matching pair’. If one 109 is fun then two is even better. I put a lot of ‘research’ into the build and this was the first ‘project’ I finished that I was really happy with – whatever happy is. ...and here is the WIP for these lovely girls - 'Grace' and 'Fortuna'... During September and October I went through a bit of a ‘strange patch’ – where I just couldn’t ‘get going’ with anything. But with a bit of encouragement from some good folk on here I was back on ‘track’ by the end of October with my first ‘proper AFV’ build. I say ‘proper’ in the loosest of terms, as I went 1/72 – rather than the 1/35 ‘standard’ and built the PLASTIC SOLDIER COMPANY M5 halftrack –simply because you get 3 in a box. The WIP thread is here and again it was a new experience to try filters and weathering. I can’t get my head round filters yet – but I love the Flory washes for creating a bit of ‘mud and dust’. As my mojo was fully restored by starting the halftrack and I was falling in love with 1/72 stuff I bagged a 1/72 Airfix Spitfire MKIA and worked on this at the same time. I don’t know how a 36 piece kit can turn into an eleven page WIP – but it did – thanks to so much input from fellow members ‘egging me on’. Again a 1/72 aircraft was a first – I haven’t done one that small since I was a kid. My final project of the year is still on the bench - but I'm almost there - so please feel free to cheer me along - Here is the WIP… So, looking back I have had quite a busy year. I won’t win any competitions anytime soon – but I have had an awful lot of fun. So thanks for all the support everyone and I hope you have a super festive season and a brilliant 2018. Lots of love from BIG X
  10. Gun travel lock - so that's what it's really called - I'll remember that - cheers Steve
  11. ...just a quick update - I've been busy with other things today - like work All I got done today was a quick coat of dusty / sandy / muddy / messy - I don't really know what you'd call it... ...in summary - some bits need a bit more - some need taking back - I'm going to go at it first with a stiff brush - but only gently - if that makes sense. I also need to pull back some of the 'bare metal' on the tracks and I do have a bit of 'pooling' and a couple of 'runs' - but I'm confident I can drag it over the finishing line. I want to get it finished now - as I have figured a way of putting a canvas top or 'tilt' on a halftrack to make this ambulance... ...why is it we all - so often - start working on something new before we have finished what we have.... DISCIPLINE - That's what I need - MUST CONCENTRATE ...more tomorrow - thanks for looking in - Steve
  12. Thanks for the encouragement Troy - I get the feeling this tank may be 'quite dusty'
  13. As looking 'too closely' at my work is never advisable - here is a quick mock up - from a little further back... ...a 'dusty summer' or 'sandy brown' wash tomorrow night and then a matt varnish and the agony will all be over...
  14. Last night was a bit of a disaster. It's the old old story - I 'got sloppy' and sure enough - things went wrong. I was attempting a 'dirt wash' with an airbrush - without bothering to hand brush some dirt into the panel lines first. Consequently by the time the panel lines were showing up the rest of the Sherman had been obliterated in dirt. I decided to let it all dry and see if I could 'brush' the worst of it off - with a large stiff bristled paint brush. NO JOY - it was literally 'caked on' and even damp paper towels only removed the fainter areas and left the thick areas untouched. This made it look ten times worse than before. I slept on it - (boy Sherman tanks are lumpy ) and this morning at 7am - before nipping off to work I used a tip that Phil Flory shows in one of his videos. I 'power washed' the tank with an airbrush filled with warm water. It was literally just like power washing a muddy car - but it worked. THANK YOU PHIL FLORY - YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!! Now I couldn't wait until this evening before having 'another go' and as luck would have it I needed to 'pop out' and see a customer - which meant passing home. So I took a quick 'tea break' and hand brushed all the nooks / crannies / panel lines - then left it to dry for an hour or two. Passing on the way back I decided a quick 'lunch break' was in order - so I wiped off the excess around the panels and then gave it a fine mist of dirt all over - paying close attention to 'not making it too even'. When I got home tonight I was quite pleased with the result - but that may be in light of how it looked last night - anyway I have now sealed the dirt in with another gloss coat - so please don't see any mistakes as they are there for good. Here is where we are... ...YES that carrier film is showing through - too late now - maybe a bit of 'mud' might hide it... ...I'm quite happy with the way the star has turned out... ...not too bad and happily the feeling of 'fun' has returned and that's what important