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  1. Time for tea... ...italian meats and cheese with a lovely salad - yum!!!
  2. ...some more progress before tea... Nosecones glued / sanded and first round of filler applied inside to give the impression of spinning props - top left hand corner... ...whilst that's drying some sprue chopping and sanding of the basic parts... The last job before tea is giving those pilots some arms - catch you later folks
  3. Well stage 1 is already complete and drying... ...famous last words Here is the basic cockpit - obviously I'm not wasting too much time on this - as there will be pilots hiding most of the detail. These Airfix kits come with pilots - but the pilots that @yarvelling @Gorby and @Lawzer are already forming a disorderly queue trying to bag themselves a bird. 'Don't panic boys - there is a BF-110 / JU-88 / DO-17 in the cupboard and they will be landing on the desk soon.
  4. The more the merrier Corsair - that beer looks good - but I need to keep a steady hand.
  5. Welcome aboard Neil - glad to have you along - please feel free to chip in with any comments / ideas / banter - we are here to have fun after all.
  6. OK – here is the decal set… …and here are the kits… I’ll be doing them ‘wheels up’ – I just seem to be in that groove right now. They will be ‘out of the box’ and finished in Vallejo Model Air paints. The first job will be the cockpits – sounds weird that – ‘cockpits’ – I’ve never built 2 models at once and I’m wondering if it will be any quicker or slower – we shall see…
  7. ...only if it flew with the matting on
  8. I’m off work for a couple of weeks at the moment – having a well earned rest - well everyone needs a break. So I have just been having a look at the stash and after my escapade with that sharpie daubed Messerschmitt I went out and bought five more – just to restore my sanity. Therefore I seem to have a cupboard full of 109’s. I also invested in a shed load of Luftwaffe decals for the first one – so a ‘double build’ or ‘rotte’ or ‘pack’ seems like a bright idea. I have enough for a ‘schwarm’ or ‘finger four’ – and though my desk is 8ft long – there simply isn’t the room for such a daft idea – I’ve never built more than one kit at a time – so this is uncharted territory for me. I’ve been doing some research over the weekend and I seem to have the appropriate decals for these two beauties… …and… As we all know – artwork can be unreliable – but I found some photo evidence to… OK – I’ve cleared the decks and I’m ready to go – I do hope some of you will tag along - for moral support and advice - or just for a laugh AND YES - I promise - no sharpies
  9. That's amazing Ben - thanks a million. There is a lot to digest there - so I will print this off and get the highlighter out...
  10. Propeller and Stand Diorama Help

    ...Not quite as fantastic as a motorised prop... ...but it works for me as a newbie - just chop off the props and fill in the nosecone Simples - Steve
  11. Hi Ben, I like the idea of the 11th armoured - especially after finding this on wikipedia just now... "Eleventh Armoured was not directly committed to Operation Market Garden. Instead, it was tasked with securing the right flank of the operation. Attached to VIII Corps, it began moving on 18 September. Advancing in two columns, it managed to reach the US 101st Airborne Division at Nuenen, while on the 22nd, its engineers established a bridge over the Willemsvaart canal. The division could then make an encircling move around Helmond, forcing the Germans to withdraw on 25 September." What could be better - troops / trucks / halftracks / tanks AND A BRIDGE BUILT OVER A CANAL - RESULT!!! I promise not to bug you anymore over the weekend - but I will need help with colours - I use Vallejo Model Air and on the paint stand is... 1 WHITE 3 RED RLM 23 5 GREY BLUE 7 OLIVE GREEN 9 EAU DE NIL "D.E.GREEN" 12 DARK GREEN 13 YELLOW OLIVE 14 GUNSHIP GREEN 15 DARK GREEN RLM 71 16 USAF OLIVE DRAB 17 RUSSIAN GREEN 20 GREEN BROWN 21 BLACK GREEN RLM 70 22 LIGHT GREEN RLM 82 24 KHAKI BROWN 29 DARK EARTH 32 GOLDEN BROWN 42 DARK BROWN RLM 61 44 GREY RLM 02 57 BLACK 67 BRIGHT BRASS 68 COPPER 72 GUN METAL 76 SKIN TONE 77 WOOD 78 YELLOW RLM 04 80 RUST 101 LIGHT BLUE RLM 78 104 GREEN RLM 62 126 IDF/IAF GREEN 255 LIGHT BLUE RLM 65 267 LIGHT GREEN RLM 25 302 SKY TYPE S 315 TYRE BLACK 323 BS DARK EARTH 324 BS DARK GREEN ...but I'm not averse to buying whatever colours are needed to get the job done. Thanks again Ben - you are a bit of a star - Steve
  12. ...actually these look better - from skytrex... http://www.skytrex.com/20mm-176th-scale-decals/1490-ad38-british-arms-of-service-set-2.html http://www.skytrex.com/20mm-176th-scale-decals/1491-ad39-british-division-signs.html
  13. Hi Ben - thanks for that info - it's very encouraging to know that what I've bought can be used together. PSC do indeed do these... I think I'm leaning towards the firefly if that is appropriate. Decal-wise I always wondered what the yellow circles were - I have made a couple of 1/48 Tilly's for RAF purposes and these have the yellow circle - so as always on here - I learn something new everyday - brilliant. Having another quick look on Hannants they offer PSC decals as follows... WWDEC2028 1:72 Allied Star decals. Pack of 4 sheets of mixed white and yellow stars, with and without circles plus different sizes. WWDEC2022 1:72 Guards Armoured Division. WWDEC2023 1:72 7th Armoured Division (Normandy). WWDEC2024 1:72 11th Armoured Division. I don't want to cut into your time - especially if you have visitors - but when you get five minutes if you could have a look and say if any seem suitable it would be most appreciated. Thanks for all the great info so far - Steve
  14. Well - 'Hello Ben' - very pleased to meet you This could get messy - but I do hope you can help me - no pressure... Here's the back story - I'm pretty clued up on RAF WWII stuff - I've also recently got up to speed on Luftwaffe stuff from the same period. Now a week or two ago - in a thread far, far away - someone mentioned kits from their childhood and it made me remember the Airfix pontoon bridge assault set I got from my dad in around 1971 or 1972. This brought back a lot of very fond memories and as if by magic... ...last week Hannants announced they had secured 13 pontoon bridges on limited import - saying - 'when they are gone - they are gone'. So how could I resist - so I jumped on and ordered one. It arrived mid week and when I opened it - my childhood was sat there in front of me. The kit is the bridge only and doubtless many would dive in and say 'it isn't accurate in any way' - but basically I don't care - I just want to have some fun. As the original kit came with tanks / troops / bunkers etc - I thought it might be nice to get a couple of simple kits to go with it. I originally found the Italeri fast build kits and asked if anyone had any opinions. This didn't illicit any responses and then I found the PSC kits. My local model shop stocks both - so I sneakily opened a couple of boxes and the PSC ones looked a bit better - so I bagged these in 1/72... ...on closer inspection they look pretty neat and one of my original aims was to learn AFV painting and weathering - rather than 'building' - so they seem ideal. Now - I have a bridge / 3 halftracks / 3 trucks AND NO DECALS. I wouldn't mind a couple of tanks and this is where the questions start... can you suggest a scenario for these kits and suggest which decals might be appropriate. Here is how naive I am on WWII AFV knowledge... I thought vehicles with stars were all American - but now I understand this was 'allied' markings - so you can see how low down the food chain I am on all of this. any thoughts or encouragement would be a big help. Cheers - Steve
  15. I got all my red cross decals from skytrex - via ebay - via some guy in Scotland - I will need to fish out his business card - they are pretty good. The main problem I have is zero knowledge of anything AFV - I guess I will need to start a thread with a few simple / beginners questions - about AFV / WWII / British forces etc. Are there any volunteers out there who are willing to help a AFV newbie...