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  1. I've recently been into Stockport and Team Valley - both seem to have the usual stock levels - but non of 1/24 kits at knock down prices - which work out as a real bargain every now and again...
  2. ...sorry to admit this - but I have been cheating... http://s7d1.scene7.com/is/image/officedepot/754871_p?$OD-Dynamic$&wid=450&hei=450 ...but hey - it works for me
  3. I've only just found this thread - so apologies for the late arrival. I have the same kit in the stash and having read the parts count - 255 - when it arrived - it scared me to death and went to the back of the cupboard. Having read through your 'journey' I am in awe of your perseverance - WELL DONE THAT MAN Like your good self - I am still very much at the learning stage and the question I am asking myself is... If this kit is a 'duffer' - actually a quite expensive duffer - do I get it out of the way now - fight the flaws and call it a learning experience and then bin the result - or... Keep it at the back of the cupboard until I have a few years of experience under my belt - it makes your head spin
  4. ...lovely job - reminds me of long summer days - laying on the school playing fields at lunchtime - under the approach to Ringway Airport - back in the late 60's... Watching classics like this on their way in to land - smashing job - thanks for sharing such a lovely build.
  5. ...so tiny - so perfect - thanks for sharing 'mr steady hand'
  6. ...update... The Galleria Matt airbrushes NEAT - really well. I did try flat brushing first and it was OK - but I could definitely see brush marks when it dried. 0.6mm needle and cap - 30psi - reducing to 20psi when spraying - quite a fine setting on the HS EVO - the result is MAGIC!!! Thanks folks - sound advice as usual - I love this forum!!!
  7. I have 0.2mm / 0.4mm / 0.6mm needles for my HS EVO - sounds like the trusty 0.6mm 'Hosepipe' might be the way to go
  8. I'm looking to thin my new Galleria Matt varnish to put it through my airbrush. I can't seem to get hold of the Galleria flow enhancer anywhere though... I do have... tap water vallejo airbrush thinners vallejo model air flow improver humbrol acrylic thinners ...any tips on which way to go???
  9. It looks great Mike - if only My own Spitfires looked that good on the bench. WELL DONE and thanks for the brief snow - I need something to cool me down today.
  10. Thank you Steve. I have adopted the talc method for now... I wonder which is better - baking soda or talc??? ...any chemists out there???
  11. I reckon the matt base might be the key - sods law says I have glossed over the final decal coat - so an overall matt coat before weathering seems required. Then another matt coat after I suppose...
  12. That is a good shout - my two local model shops are really more geared for Hornby than Airfix and Hattons is only a half hour away. These Tamiya 'eyeshadows' look pretty good too - but hey - hang the expense - I'll try everything to get a good result with my limited talents
  13. Progress - I popped out to Hobbycraft and picked up the Tamiya weathering master set B. SNOW / SOOT / RUST - it goes on like eyeshadow with a similar sponge applicator - thank heavens for that - I was going loopy but this appears to have sorted the issue. Now I just need to remember Troy's wise words... REPEAT AFTER ME - less is more... less is more... less is more...