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  1. Oops - forgot to say... She looks real & ready to fly - well done on an absolutely brilliant job - you are the man
  2. John - Simply the most amazing WIP I have followed since I joined the forum a few months back - a real epic - thank you for sharing your awe inspiring trip - Steve.
  3. Great tip about the burnishing - I have had one or two hiccups with paint bleeding - very annoying I must say.
  4. Never mind tea today - it's fat Friday at lots of work places - 2 x bacon & egg on toast at 10am for me washed down with a lovely cup of tea!!!
  5. I understand where you are coming from - lots of pocketable items & there is no real solution other than getting more staff to man your stand - but that leads to increased costs. Which isn't really the answer.
  6. Thanks for the tip - most appreciated - I simply bought it on a whim - but now I know better I will be getting some dissolved putty - thank you Graham
  7. Could I be ever so nosy & ask - which airbrush you went for??? I know you said you were already airbrushing when we briefly said hello - so I assume it was an "upgrade" - so which little beauty caught your eye...
  8. If true that is just awful. In my business life I do dozens of "trade shows" every year & on the whole people are very honest, but it only takes the odd idiot to spoil things. Sad!!!
  9. It was a good show. I bought a set of micro mesh pads & sanding sticks from @little-cars as a thank you for showing me his airbrushes. Then in a totally random move I bought some mr surfacer "500" - I think it is a filler? & there were other options of 1000 & 1200 ??? I currently use squadron filler & find it very thick & rough - have I bought the right stuff - who knows - but it was a good show
  10. Hey Tony - Great to meet you too (what a nice guy) Paul @little-cars was amazing too. My main reason for going to the show was to try out some airbrushes for the very first time & though he was very busy he spent more time than he should showing me a couple of different brush types & compressor types too. His stand was busy & lots of people were "buying" - so to spend the time explaining things to a novice was most appreciated - thank you Sir.
  11. Thanks for the update Tony - much appreciated. Just tucking into a bacon & egg muffin then into the motor for a trip over the hill!!!
  12. Thanks for that link... Met Office Warnings Issued For: West Yorkshire Yellow warning of snow From: 2100 on Sat 11 February To: 1500 on Sun 12 February Updated 11 February at 10:50 Active Warning Further sleet and snow is expected at times through Saturday night, becoming heavier during Sunday morning, particularly over the southern Pennines. Some temporary slushy accumulations are possible down to 150 metres early on Sunday, with 2-5 cm likely above 250 metres and possibly 10-15 cm above 350 metres. The snow will drift in the strengthening winds. Some transport routes and travel services may be affected.
  13. An update on the weather & parking situation later would be a big help. I'm just "over the hill" (geographically) & it is snowing lightly - but the wind is blowing an absolute gale. Proper "earache" weather.
  14. I think the Siamese was called Jason.