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  1. Gav G

    Actung Panzer GB Kugelblitz returns, COMPLETED!!

    Why is your panzer attacking Pingu?
  2. Gav G

    Hello there!

    Welcome. There seems to be a few of us with the same back story.
  3. Gav G

    GB idea...Winter War/Continuation War

    I wasn't sure this was going to get off he ground, but 15/16 and over a year to go yet is just awesome
  4. Gav G

    New Space 1999 kits on the way

    As a big Space 1999 fan, this looks interesting. But why on earth do they publish photos of such a nasty assembly and paint job?
  5. Current state, first scrub down with IPA and a toothbrush:
  6. A lengthy and not totally positive update. Initially I was going to paint the top wing separately, as the upper surface is orange-yellow so I built it all to a certain point including the main float. This turned out to be a mistake. I test fitted the top wing and found out that building it all and then painting was the way to go. However, the struts holding the float are just too flimsy for me and I broke them all at least three times. Argh #1 Eventually I got the thing done and the major rigging. I was going to do full rigging but decided I'd just end up breaking the main float off yet again. So I sprayed it all X-1 gloss black prior to spraying Vallejo Metal Color Aluminium. I left the paint to cure completely for several days, more to circumstance than design. So today I start with a light first coat on the underside and it runs straight away, there's no adhesion to the gloss black at all. Argh #2 Which is weird because when I painted the cockpit, it adhered to the gloss black no problem. However, when I painted the inside, I sprayed the aluminium on straight away when the gloss was barely dry and also used some X-20A thinner and some W&N flow improver. One or more of those three differences made all the difference! I've stripped almost all the paint off using IPA but of course the ****y main float has snapped off again. Also, I'd forgotten until I was part way through stripping that I'd used Mr Surfacer 500 in some places. This rehydrates in IPA so some of my filling will need redoing too. Argh! #3 So now I need to decide whether or not it's worth continuing or just binning
  7. Gav G

    Bogus BT call

    When we moved house some 5 years ago we were given a recycled phone number. We were getting so many spam calls a day that I unplugged the phone. Never plugged it back in again
  8. Gav G

    How do I post Pictures?

    Awesome, almost a whole jasta!
  9. An amazing piece of work, especially with the lighting and mass of aircraft!
  10. Gav G

    What have you purchased 9

    Pet hedgehog ate a dog. The bloating and constipation was terrible.
  11. Gav G

    What have you purchased 9

    Many, many years ago I used to do a short commute to Sheffield on the train from Leeds. When it turned up that is. Eventually I got fed up with it being so unreliable so I used to drive into the city centre and use contract parking. Eventually I got a works car parking space so that was even better.
  12. Confused!?!?! Has someone had Scammells on sale?
  13. Gav G

    How do I post Pictures?

    That's a link to a web page, what you need is something that ends with .jpg or .png
  14. Gav G

    What have you purchased 9

    An assortment of Humbrol enamels to create my own washes, a 1/35 Stug IV kit and a 1/35 halftrack kit