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  1. Give it a blast in an ultrasonic cleaner with some airbrush cleaner?
  2. Having seen other good comments about this brush a while ago and on top of your positive comments, I was just able to order when... I found they had this also; the exact model you have (I think) plus the medium conversion kit all for £140 delivered. Confused! It's definitely worth the extra £16 but am I just upselling myself for the sake of it!?! https://barwellbodyworks-shop.com/gb/airbrushes/1043-sotar-20-20-fine-with-20-144-medium-conversersion-kit.html
  3. Thanks. Really tempted with that, £124 including next day delivery, a spare needle and a bottle of Regdab seems to be a bit of a bargain! It also says it includes an Iwata adaptor.
  4. Was it this one? https://barwellbodyworks-shop.com/gb/home/1069-sotar-20-20-new-2018.html I'm having similar problems to the OP with both my airbrushes, although a lack of experience is a contributing factor!
  5. Just in case someone is inspired by this inspiring build (see what I did there!), Creative currently have the Danton's sistership, the Condorcet, on sale for £30.24; a saving of around £20! It's the rebox of this kit by Hobbyboss so will be pretty much identical I assume. http://www.creativemodels.co.uk/hobbyboss_1350_french_navy_battleship_condorcet-p-48077.html
  6. That Roberts is an interesting old girl. I wouldn't have wanted to be in any of those forward tubs when the main guns were fired!
  7. Nope. I only have 10 fingers, do I need more?
  8. Oooo... Some people are a bit touchy! Forgot your meds today? I didn't even name the seller (and not a small one) and it was just a light hearted follow on from the linked thread. Perhaps some people need to put their soapbox away and have a stiff drink instead
  9. so we put your other items inside the box to fill that nasty gap... Inspired by Nocoolname's thread:
  10. Gav G

    Windsor Davies

    Highly unlikely. I have nothing positive to say about the travesty that is the BBC these days.
  11. Gav G

    Packaging Awards

    I have a packaging award to give out too if I can find the photo. From a well known seller who name starts with e and who should really know better.
  12. Which idiot put the handbrake under the dash!?! In an Insignia, they're in the centre console where the regular handbrake handle would be.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I vaguely had a C class Merc in mind before so those suggestions help. A neighbour has a Volvo V40 and I always liked the look of it but when I was car hunting last time I could only find white ones and I really didn't fancy that. However, I've since realised that they have manual handbrakes and electric ones are much better for a bad back than I thought they would be! Funnily enough, I've always fancied one of those but hadn't realised the prices had dropped that much. There's a fairly expensive design fault on them as well (which I can't remember), however, most cars have one e.g. the 6 speed gearbox on the earlier Insignias, clutch on the Rover 75's and so on.
  14. Gav G

    What are you reading?

    Just finished the latest JK Rowling / Robert Galbraith book Lethal White; 4th book in the Cormoran Strike series. It's OK I guess but it would help if the editor could actually read English as there are some seriously bad errors along the way. Edit: whoever gave JK a dictionary for Christmas needs to be shot.
  15. They think it's the 70's and there's some minstrels in the next field?
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