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  1. Fantastic to see this museum piece finished. It really is a masterpiece of scratchbuilding and I am in awe of your dedication. Well done. BTW, It would be great to see your Eagle placed next to something of a recognisable scale, just to show its size. Rearguards, Badder
  2. Austin-Putilov White Army

    My first ever car was an Austin Maxi. I think your machine was more advanced, faster, and attractive. Great job. Love the paint scheme and heavy weathering. Rearguards, Badder
  3. M3 Grant (Academy 1:35)

    A great set of photos that really do your Grant justice. As I said in the WIP, that looks like it's really been in the desert! Glad to hear you enjoyed the build so much and that it won't be your last AFV. Rearguards, Badder
  4. 4hr wait to be seen at A&E, despite my symptoms being possibly very serious.

    Came straight home. If I die during the night I won't be happy.

    1. Ozzy


      Neither will I, you're got to finish your diorama first.

    2. Badder


      Hi mate,

      Was a bit of a worry to have a kip, wake up and find a great big red bruise on my face, bleeding beneath the skin about 2inches square. Looked like I had a huge strawberry birthmark. NHS helpline told me to get to A&E within the hour and that they'd be expecting me. Rushed there and got told 4hrs to be seen. Sod that, I went home. I figured if it was something like meningitis or scarlet fever I'd soon know about it and could phone 999. :think:


      Anyway, after 12hrs it seems to have faded a bit. I reckon it was a burst blood vessel. Got a cold at moment (I don't usually catch colds) so possibly the coughing, sneezing caused it to burst?


      So, looks like I'm not heading for the big diorama in the sky and I'll be continuing with this one!





    3. Ozzy


      I think I would be a little on the worried side to Martin, sounds like you had a dismal weekend.

  5. Sturmgeshutz III Ausf D

    Very good Angelo! The figures' eyes are very well done, way better than most, so that's the first thing that....er.... caught my eye! That shade of dunkengelb is great, and nicely weathered. Now, I know what you did with the road wheels, dirtying/dusty-ing them up on the rubber on the 'side walls', but leaving them clean on the rubber contacted by the tracks, but maybe you overdid the dirtying? It looks like the StuG drove through a muddy puddle, rather than sand, but there's none of that same level of 'dirt' on the tracks or the wheel hubs. It just looks a bit odd to me. The only other thing I'd like to have seen is rusty exhausts, but then, I am turning more and more to the very dirty side! Great to see another StuG done so well, and another for the BM archive! Rearguards, Badder
  6. The 'underbrush' bulking out one of fishing line plants is visible between the left-most bush and the patch of 'cow parsley'. And the Silver Birch will go here: TFL Badder
  7. I've used some Woodland Scenics 'Underbrush' to bulk out one of the fishing line plants, and some more Seafoam to make a Silver Birch tree. The Silver Birch was a piece of cake to make, simply selecting a suitable piece of Seafoam, painting the trunk/branches white and applying black here and there to give them that distinctive look. To finish it off, I sprayed the foliage with dilute PVA and scattered Dil Tops over, let it dry then gave the whole tree several coats of Winsor and Newton's acrylic matt varnish. I have some more Woodland Scenics products which I will use to make further bushes. I am aslo thinking of planting a telegraph pole in a space in the hedgerow, but I will have to decide where the hedgerow is going to be fixed first. TFL Badder
  8. Fantastic result. That really does look like it's been in the desert. I hope you are going to take some more photos in 'clean' light and post them in the RFI section? Rearguards Badder
  9. Sdkfz 184 Schwerer Jagdpanzer "Elephant"

    That's a very neat job you've done on the Zimmerit, although I'm wondering if it's TOO neat? I suppose it depends on how you are going to depict the Elefant, beat up and dirty, or fresh to the fight? You could ask why Tamiya don't cut out the holes, OR make 'beaten up' Zimmerit as well? I have their Tiger I Zimmerit sheets for the future, and I'm wondering how easy it would be to 'beat them up'? Have you tried? I am looking forward to seeing how you progress because you are producing a tidy looking beast and I can't wait to see how you weather it. Following, Rearguards, Badder
  10. Thanks Stix, I know it's a lot to wade through, so thanks for taking the time and commenting! Rearguards, Badder Thanks Ratch, I've improved the cow parsley very slightly by altering the manufacturing process. Results to appear later. Rearguards, Badder
  11. Thanks Pete, Yeah, try things out, think what might be better and give that a go! Only way to learn, improve and maybe discover new methods/techniques. And yes, staves! Silly me! I'm actually gonna bin that butt and make a new one. We have an old 44 gallon barrel right outside our back door which was used for storing whisky, and it has 4 hoops around it. I won't be using that as a template though. Rearguards, Badder
  12. Thanks Vince, Much appreciated. Progress slowed due to exhaustion, but I plan to crack on with the hedgerow over the next 2 days. Rearguards Badder
  13. Nice job with the weathering. If it's your first go at it it's excellent and you'll soon be producing some stunners. Just a tip on the chipping.... look at photos of/or real old vehicles and see where the chips occur. For a truck like that there'd be dents and chips on the trailing edge of the doors (from the door handle area down) where the bonnet meets the side panels, along the tops of the drop sides and rear 'tail gate', and the framework for the canvas 'roof'. And of course the fenders/wheel arches. All of those areas are likely to be chipped first and it's those you should concentrate on, rather than just placing the chips more randomly. The only other suggestion would be to make your mud/dirt a colour which shows up better. Your mud/dirt is actually very good, with a great texture, but it's a bit lost against the background colour. (And again, make sure the mud is placed where it would be on a real vehicle) I am of course being pernickety, you've created a very nice model, but those small changes will really make a difference. Rearguards, Badder
  14. 'Defiance'

    Hi Tiking, Looking at this again, again, can you tell me where you got your bits and pieces for the top of the telegraph pole? You are very good at finding all these little details, and I wonder how much is scratch built and how much is from other kits/toys? Rearguards, Badder
  15. Tiger 1 initial prod.

    Sometimes a model is SO good that it deserves several 'looks at' over several weeks, and deserves more likes than one can give. Again, your winter camo and heavy weathering is stunning, and puts my winter StuG III to shame. I'm thinking maybe I shall have to re-weather it. Rearguards, Badder BTW, whilst typing this I was interrupted by a rather big house spider which ran across the back of the settee right by my head. It isn't the biggest I've ever seen, maybe 3/4s the size, but still big enough to make me yelp and swear profusely!! Here it is next to the queen's head for size comparison. Now, if the Germans had designed a tank with 8 legs.........