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  1. Nice start on the Quad. I have the kit with the 25pdr which is 99.9 percent finished, although in dark green for the European Theatre, just to be different. It's a nice easy build with only a few areas of minor concern, those being the fit of the bonnet/engine compartment parts, the fixing of the glazing (always an issue with CA and capillary action overspill) and the drive shafts. But as I say, they are minor issues and only stand out because everything else is so very very easy. I did think about adding seated crew behind the driver but that turned out impossible as they'd have to be severely deformed in order to fit. I'm thinking the interior seating arrangement is entirely inaccurate. There's not a lot more I can add really. I'm sure your Quad will turn out luvvverly! Rearguards Badder
  2. Great job on the Firefly, I can't fault it. I particularly like the figures. Very realistic poses and beautifully painted. The groundwork is superb. I do question the large 'blacked out' sides to the 'pill box' though. I assume it did have side walls and wonder why you 'chopped' them off? Rearguards, Badder
  3. fan-bloomin-tastic. And I know it looked good even before the photoshop. Great figures to compliment a pair of super aircraft. So often the figures let a scene down. You must be very chuffed. Any idea how you're going to 'preserve' the dio? A cover, display case? or what? Rearguards, Badder
  4. I fell into this 'wing'ed' section by mistake, but the title caught my eye and I decided to have a look. I'm no expert on Spits, or any other aircraft to be honest, but I can see that the camo isn't quite right. The contrast is harsh. Whilst that might actually be more effective as a desert camo scheme when compared to a lower contrast, I have to bow to the knowledge of others. If I were you and I wanted to follow their advice I'd go for applying darker washes, or filters, over the 'sand'. Maybe build up several layers, drying between each to judge the effect before deciding whether to apply the next? That's what I'd do if it had a turret and a bloomin' great big gun anyway. Rearguards, Badder
  5. I thought that was that, that must have happened. So, that's that that's been confirmed. Thanks, And rearguards, Badder It's the heat don't you know.
  6. Loving the new look, so thanks to all those who put in all the hard work. However, I've noticed a few anomalies, which I've listed below: 1. Surely the Eagle Moon Lander should represent the Sci-fi forum rather than Real Space? 2. The 'model' X-wing is made of plastic.... EXACTLY like the original X-wings were. The 'model' X-wing then, is not a model, but an ACTUAL, REAL LIFE X-wing and therefore should not be allowed on this 'modelling site'. The same applies to Star Destroyers, AT-ATs, R2D2s, Battlestars, Vipers, Cylon Raiders, Thunderbirds, Eagle Transporters, etc etc. 3. The tank in the header photo appears to be Russian, while the tank in the graphic is a German one. Why are neither British? I note that all the other graphics are of British designed/built subjects. (Let's not forget that the Real Eagle Moon lander was designed and built in a small disused potting shed in Luton, as were the later, and very real X-wings.) 4, and finally: Yesterday I selected the model Russian tank as my header, but today it turned into a Spitfire. I have to say I was incandescent, absolutely livid, and I'd still be raging even now, but luckily my North Korean mate is a wizard with websites, and he managed to hack in and change it back for me. Rearguards, Badder
  7. Too hot for typing, so I'll keep it short.... LEAVES ARE VERY BORING. THESE LATER LEAVES ARE MORE BORING THAN THE PREVIOUS LOT. I SEE NO REASON WHY THE NEXT LOT SHOULDN'T BE EVEN MORE BORING. But I'm getting there. No pics until they are all done. It's far too hot to take photos. TFL Badder
  8. Personally, I wouldn't build 'display models' with cut-aways, or disassembled parts, but that's because I prefer my AFV's to be displayed in dioramas rather than on simple 'plinths'. So, IF I were ever to justify the expense of a model tank with full interior, it would be for portraying a 'knocked out' tank in a diorama. I'd have to 'blow it up' as an excuse to expose the innards. And that requires skills that at present, I do not feel I have. So it's always nice to see someone else take on one of these kits, cut-aways, disassembled, blown-up, or whatever. You've certainly done a good job so far, with nice painting/weathering of the interior. The photo-etch looks neat and tidy. I assume the PE comes with the kit??? It would be nice to see a photo of turret inner/gun assembly though. As for the boo-boo with the tracks, the join - or lack of join - can be hidden behind the skirts. Following with interest....(because I have Tamiya's 1/35th king tiger prod. turret waiting impatiently in the stash, with all its faults and omissions) Badder
  9. Personally, I wouldn't trust water now. The original adhesive will have been ruined. Use Micro Set and Micro Sol instead. Follow the instructions and you won't have to bother with any other treatment. (Other than the usual application of varnishes to your finished model) I hope that helps. Badder
  10. That looks smart with the camo. You mentioned a splash of orange.... how about making one with Tiger stripes? Or Leopard spots? You could have a nice little themed collection then. Rearguards, Badder
  11. Ha, well it looks like I have a switched I.D as well then, because this is not my tank, or my thread!
  12. Ah, looks like you are suffering from 'switched identity syndrome' then. Look at 'announcements' at the very top of the page.
  13. The commander kicks the driver in the appropriate shoulder for directions left and right, in the spine for straight on and in the back of the head for reverse.
  14. Hi Cheez, or should I call you Burger? I did see the engine 'grills'etc, but if you ask me, a simple 'rim' around the hatches/grills would have kept MORE water out. Those sloping gutters are only stopping rainwater that hits the vertical armour plate, and THEN only rainwater that hits the upper half. Any rainwater hitting the lower half isn't channelled away, and any hitting the horizontal surface isn't channelled away either. As I said, I wasn't sure what they were for, and even now I think they were a bit 'ad-hoc' and not the best solution. I'd be thinking rubber seals, and/or raised rims around the hatches/grills would have been far better. Rearguards, Badder
  15. no, but you can copy each image link on your other site and paste it on this page and show the images here. If your other site doesn't have image links, you need to save them on a hosting site such as photobucket, flickr, etc first then copy paste the links here. Saves us having to open up new windows. Rearguards Badder