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    Looks good. More pics of the Elefant please! Rearguards, Badder
  2. Land Rover Leightweight

    Smart little kit, done well. The licence plates will really make it 'zing' when they are on. Rearguards Badder
  3. M7 Priest

    Welcome to the nuthouse! Better late than never, but then you are lucky to be working in a smaller scale! Reaguards, Badder

    Looking good Ozzy! I love a nice crowd on a Sherman! I didn't know him, but sorry to hear about Mr Grove. No doubt he was a great ambassador for our hobby, as all model shop owners are. ps, great to see a work surface approaching a level half as messy as mine! Rearguards Badder

  6. 'FACE OFF' More Top Tips p12

    First things first, I've extended the mud/staining upwards on one side of the added frontal armour. It seemed to me that the mud stopped fairly abruptly at the join with the bolted plate and didn't look right. Now onto the stowage. As well as the figures, the Tamiya kit comes with 3 ammo crates for the .50cal and 2 for the .45cal bow MG. I've given the crates coats of the required colours and coats of gloss in readiness for the decals. Each crate has 4 decals. Some are tiny, so I expect to ruin some! MiniArt's kit comes with nothing but the figures (unless I lost a decal sheet which I was not aware it had) The details are better than those of the Tamiya kit, but the poses are a bit lame, with no 'action' poses. With 11 figures in total, I'm hoping I can cannibalise some of them and make something more interesting. I will only make 4-6 figures, so I should have enough decals to do them all justice. BTW, I now have a powerful desktop lamp, just like the wife's, thanks to an early birthday present from the in-laws. TFL Badder TFL Pics later.
  7. 'FACE OFF' More Top Tips p12

    I have a choice of figures for the crew.... I may try a bit of cannibalism to get a pose I am particularly wanting. There's a few ammo boxes with the Tamiya kit, which is handy. The troublesome guitar wire aerial: I tried drilling a hole in the tip of the aerial mount, but that proved too difficult for me. I then tried melting a hole instead. That wasn't very successful either. So I removed the tip of the mount, leaving the wider collar to play with instead. Eventually I got a satisfactory hole melted into it and fixed the guitar wire in place. The tip of the mount can now be re-built around the base of the aerial. A tip for anyone using guitar wire as an aerial: Mine was slightly curved and had a bit of a kink in it. I straightened it by clamping each end in a pair of pliers, pulled it tight and then heated the entire length over a candle. I didn't relax the tension on the wire until I had removed it from the heat source and had let it cool fully. TFL Badder
  8. 'FACE OFF' More Top Tips p12

    Hi Stix, Yesterday I overdosed on chocolates and so had sky-high blood sugar - which is never a good idea! Loads of insulin did solve that problem, but I had terrible heartburn and acid reflux all night and didn't sleep well. However, I did feel better today and it's been a good day all round, thanks for asking. Thanks for liking my worn whitewash! I'm fairly pleased with how it looks. Messy, but realistically messy, I hope! After the work above I tried tidying up a few bits and pieces. I re-drilled the barrel of the .50cal, getting it properly central. Unfortunately I had to take 1mm off the length of the barrel to square it up after a bit of a boo-boo with a hot needle. I thought about replacing it with the .50cal from my Sherman 105mm, but when I compared them, they were actually the same length, so that was fortunate! I also made and fixed the aerial in place. That wasn't so easy either. I used a guitar string instead of my usual carbon fibre pole-float stem, thinking I could heat that up and just stick it into the mount. I had problems getting that central. It took me a length of time I am not prepared to confess, but I got it done eventually. I have to replace the very top of the mount though as I cut that off, leaving a 'collar' with a greater diameter in which to stick the aerial. Replacing the top of the mount should be easy. I will just slip a fine nylon cylinder down the aerial and onto the collar. This cylinder will be a 'rubber' used in angling to hold pole floats on the line. Then I have to re-drill the bow MG barrel, because that's off centre... ho hum! Once that's done I will crack on with the stowage. I believe I have the US Tank Crew set, with the ammo boxes etc. I will have to check. Bit of a problem if I haven't! Perhaps some craftily shaped tarps will 'cover things up'. Rearguards Badder
  9. Hi Major, The 'woman' is actually long-deceased English comedian called 'Dick Emery' in drag. It was he who invented the 'sandpaper' non-slip finish on surf boards an so they called them 'Emery Boards'. Rearguards, Badder
  10. Sexton 11 25 PDR

    Coming together nicely. Those figures look the business, with realistic poses. Rearguards, Badder
  11. 1/35 M4A2 76mm "Wet" Sherman

    Lovely work Nigel. Rearguards, Badder
  12. Great work. I'm liking all the markings. Lovely textures. Nice stowage. I can see no figure though! Rearguards, Badder
  13. 'FACE OFF' More Top Tips p12

    Looking at the rear, I can see now I need to add more mud and grass. With this done (apart from needing some more mud and grass on and around the exhaust deflector) I will now be moving on to the stowage and the figures. TFL Badder
  14. 'FACE OFF' More Top Tips p12

    I've added mud/grass to the frontal armour, a bit beneath the sponsons, and more on the tracks. I then gave everything beneath the sponsons, and the overhanging armour plate a spray with gloss, and everything above the side fenders a spray with matt. Any further weathering, which won't be much, will be done with powders. TFL Badder