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  1. Help with possible Jeep conversion...

    I'd like to keep to the 'active side' as I already have a converted tow tractor in yellow. This tow tractor had to be converted from a WW2 vintage to cater for heavier aircraft but what about the common old jeep. I have seen the 'follow me' jeeps but would they be standard WW2 jeeps or were their changes? What colour as I've seen a number of schemes including yellow? Stuart
  2. Those dudes look 'almless'...
  3. Help with possible Jeep conversion...

    Hi All, I recently acquired a 1/72 Jeep as part of a Mustang kit that was in North Africa, 1942. I fancy using the jeep as an airfield vehicle used alongside F86 Sabres in Korea. Can I use the said jeep? If so, how and into what? Stuart
  4. Does anyone recognise this badge? USAF?

    What...it's a 'Solved it' badge?!
  5. P-51 landing gear

    IIRC from earlier discussions, the landing gear doors on Allison Mustangs COULD NOT bleed down but on Merlin Mustangs did.
  6. Vosper 73' MTB Type 1 (Airfix 1/72)

    I have always loved the MTB's with it's variations and spin-offs since I was a boy but alas the first and last I built was way back then. So being suitably inspired by MTB modellers on BM, I decided to track down these lovely boats whilst at the Nationals and I didn't see anything on a club table?! I was very impressed with Coastal Crafts shining examples, yum-yum but couldn't make that leap as yet. So, I tracked down an old Airfix MTB and hopefully I'll get building that sometime soon. Stuart
  7. What is this?

    I wondeer what the new owners are going to do with it, restoration to original possibly... Stuart
  8. P-51D canopy variations - a quick guide

    I don't have Airfix's kit and so I'm quite surprised it has 3 out of 4 canopies, impressive. Good luck with your build. Stuart
  9. P-51D canopy variations - a quick guide

    Useful link there Jonners but how many of us are going to have all these types I wonder?
  10. 1/18 Fairey Firefly VX376

    Excellent work Peter, way past my skill base.
  11. Grumman Wildcat

    Was you ever tempted to model it as per photo?
  12. Sword FJ-2 Fury

    Another good tutorial on speed brake manufacture SJ. As a matter of interest SJ, do you know in what position the slats, brakes and undercarriage doors were left in when the aircraft was parked up?
  13. My Telford sin... Supermarine Walrus

    A nice collection the CC. In most cases, our 'other halves' believe we're are sinners...they just don't understand. Anyway, my purchases from Telford: Land, sea and air bases are all covered. I thought it was about time to support my avatar and username by getting 7 sub kits with an MTB thrown in. Air was covered by a number of aircraft kits, the best one being a Nightjar naval fighter by Blue Rider and a Plover, supported by Colourcoat paints and Buccaneer pitot/ probe. The 'accidental' find was a 1/24 Morris Minor resin kit that needed a Mini kit for support, this will keep the 'other half' happy. Stuart
  14. 1/72 Buccaneer S.2?

    A slow week on the modelling front. Started last weekend with a visit to the RAF Museum at Cosford before heading to Telford for the Nationals. A great weekend culminating in spending lots of money, fortunately this type of expenditure happens only once a year. So this week has been like Christmas, opening all your 'presents' and browsing your books. In between all the goodies I done a bit of work on the old 'bucc' and this is it. No expense spared here. Decided to add a few features to this undercarriage; holes at pivot points, holes on the outboard hubs, brakes lines added. Not seen here is the inboard hubs which had slots cut into them. Everything looks bland here but I'm hoping after a paint job and a wash they'll look better. Stuart