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  1. Giemme, once you announced the blade issue and how much it bugged you, and Quickboost giving a get-out, their was only one option...and you took it . Now, less of the chit-chat and get building . Stuart
  2. A very well built and painted Alpha. The photography is very good making your Alpha looks very menacing. Stuart
  3. ORP Sokół - 1/400 - Mirage

    She looks lovely. Great to see some build images, could be very useful when I get round to building my 1/350 Upholder. Stuart
  4. 1/72 Nakajima Ki-44-I Shoki

    You're a man of few words Fuad but your model subjects say it all.
  5. A joy to watch .
  6. Lovely looking Texan. I'm not really into weathering what you've done is just about right . From a photographic point of view, I think the backdrop should have been something other than clouds, just my .
  7. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Get it off...get it off...get it off. Stuart
  8. Airfix Jet Provost T.3/T.3a

    Congratulations on your first post. Stuart
  9. Too fiddly for me. I think you need a team of nanobots to do that stuff.
  10. Those Quickboost fans have the correct number of blades too.
  11. Hi all, With a visit to Modelkraft 2018 at Milton Keynes yesterday, I came away from the show with an 'impulse' buy, these things happen and because it's a pretty red, ti will please the better half. I have read the WiP thread from last year by @beefy66 and was very impressed with the build, even with the cricket tease. Anyhow, I fancy doing something a little different to the subject. I understand that the vessel sank in a storm in 1954 and didn't get raised. Their are other images of 'South Goodwin' after this date with a helopad fitted on its stern like others in this period, and another image with the pad fitted and the ships name now displayed on the superstructure sides. So my question is, Can the kit be used to create these later named ships of 'South Goodwin'? Stuart
  12. Vosper Perkasa MTB

    Hi all, With a visit to Modelkraft 2018 at Milton Keynes yesterday, I came away from the show with nice big box of a 1/72 Vosper Perkasa MTB by Tamiya. I didn't appreciate how big these boats were when I compared it with my BPB 63' HSL...huge! Anyways, I have seen the Perkasa in the RFI and noted a comment or two about the model. I will be building it as an RN craft, so is their anything to be aware of or enhancements that can be carried out? Nothing in the WiP section either, so this at some stage could make an appearance there. Stuart
  13. Mil Mi-24 Hind - Revell 1/72

    Looks about 5 degrees to me . If your intention is to leave those gearbox access doors/ panels off, I would give that gearbox a wash. Carry on good sir.
  14. F-105D Thunderchief 58-1155 (D-10) 1/72

    I concur with Giorgio Red (or yellow) over white. I have also read somewhere on BM using s pink base for reds, makes them look 'richer' . Stuart
  15. If you go down that mad route of changing from 32 to 28 blades, may I suggest you visit a doctor... Stuart