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  1. My fascination with 1930’s/40’s floatplanes continues with this build of the Swordfish floatplane. This is the SMER 1:48 (1:50) version - it’s very basic and on reflection I wish I’d invested in the Tamiya model which is streets ahead on detail. But we are we’re we are... The areas needing most work are the cockpit and engine both of which are oversimplified. So here are a few shots of my scratch build work. The pilots instrument panel is non-existent so I’ve been experimenting with producing my own transfers - not perfect yet but getting there. Of course I could just order one from
  2. Great stuff. I’m watching your progress with interest Mark as I’m at the early stages of building the 1:48 SMER swordfish floatplane. It’s an old very basic kit so I’m having to decide how much I want to embellish it. Certainly I’ll improve the cockpit which has no real detailing to speak of. I haven’t got round to putting up a WIP on my progress to date. Must get that sorted in the next few days. Cheers. Phil
  3. Thanks Toryu, I'll share with you my setup. REgards, Phil
  4. I'm fairly new to dioramas, but had a go at creating a simple scene around my recently completed Hawk. The Arrows are of course based at Scampton so here are a couple of views of the aircraft taking off and also attempting to land. Approach is too high with no flaps down so looks to me like he's going around for a second attempt! Scampton airfield detail was taken from oblique shots on Google Earth and the sky was created with watercolours! Getting perspective and scale right was tricky and hiding the thick wire that I used to suspend the Hawk in its flying position. Phil
  5. Well, here goes my second RFI since rediscovering the joys of building kits after many years away! This one is very much an out of the box project for me, destined for my grandsons bedroom shelf. Enjoyable nevertheless! So here's a few photos of the final stages leading up to my declaring it complete. 1. First lesson learnt - The large white arrow on the underside. I foolishly attached the vortilons before applying the transfers. This caused major problems, although I recovered the situation - a mistake I won't make again. 2. The red is
  6. Thanks Serkan, Certainly today there’s masses of information online. I found the FAA museum, RAF museum and Seawings websites really useful. It was obviously a popular aircraft to photograph when in service, probably because it was such a unique and successful design. Phil
  7. Well spotted Dave, It got knocked off just before I took these photos, its back in place now. Thanks. Phil
  8. Thanks Charlie, Yes, good point - the 'glossiness' really stands out from that angle, which is clearly wrong, I'll get some matt varnish! Phil
  9. Well, I've finally completed my Walrus! It’s taken far longer than I’d anticipated, but I guess that’s par for the course... In my case it’s largely due to being a novice (with an eye for detail), so I’ve tended to spend a lot of time researching the aircraft, squadron history, paint schemes, thickness of rigging wires, etc, etc. I’ve been impressed by the quality of this kit, the only minor niggle was the omission of the short aerial mast atop the tail fin. Within the cockpit I was surprised that Airfix didn’t include the second pilots control column in its stowed position no
  10. hi billn53, you asked about my photos - most were taken using a simple (& cheap) macro lens clipped onto my iPhone! Slightly ‘amateurish’ approach I guess, but the results are fairly sharp in the centre of each image. I’ve been experimenting with various camera systems to see which best suits close-up work. I’ll be experimenting further as the Walrus takes shape. Cheers, Phil
  11. This is my first WIP, as a newcomer to BM and many years since building anything! The kit was a much appreciated birthday present although it’s taken me a month or more to roll my sleeves up and get started! It’s a great kit of a fascinating aircraft with plenty of detail to get my teeth into. Here are a few photos from the early stages which I hope you’ll find interesting. I’ve also been testing out my macro photography skills as you can see. Phil
  12. Hi, I'm a new BM member and came across the V Force GB thread so thought some of you might be interested in this b/w shot of a Valiant. I found it recently during a lockdown loft clear-out! Not sure this is the appropriate thread to post this on so hopefully someone can advise if I've got it wrong! I was curious to discover more about this specific aircraft so with some zoomed-in scanning I managed to identify the squadron, crew and possible serial number. I believe its a Valiant B(PR)K1, under the command of Wing Commander Ronald "Ras" Berry DSO OBE DFC,
  13. Hope I’ve copied the url correctly. This was taken at Cold WarbJets Day at Bruntingthorpe in 2018. Sitting in a Lightning was a unique experience although a very tight fit! Think a Hercules would have been more my cup of tea - far more legroom!
  14. Hello, my modelling days have really been ‘on hold’ since I was a teenager (many, many years ago!). I have always been interested in all things related to aviation, with a schoolboy ambition to become a pilot in the RAF. Sadly they didn’t want me... In those days I was heavily into making balsa aircraft/gliders, the pinnacle of my achievements being a Keli Kraft Chieftain glider - a big beast that actually made many successful flights before its final headlong plunge into a baked-hard corn field! I also built a few plastic kits (mainly RAF WW2 / 50’s/60’s) before I discovered the Air
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