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  1. Nice one Cookie. I have enjoyed all your builds based on the pacific theme. Keep it up mate Cheers Bruce
  2. Airfix 1:72 Hawker Hurricane Mk1

    I think I can see some potential there for sure! Keep up the effort and enjoy each and every build. Cheers
  3. P-51D Mustang 'Rose Marie', 'The Kelly Kid 2'

    Gotta be happy with that one!
  4. Hawker Typhoon - 1/72 Airfix

    Top stuff! I have this kit in the stash and will use your build as inspiration Cheers
  5. Hey Paulo, Not sure why but I can't see the pics in the most recent post.....would love to see what you actually started with!!
  6. Brilliant job Paulo! Never had any idea that the SAPMA guys inflicted the kit on you in the Build a B! end of year Kris Kringle lol!!! I love the overall shape and beautiful paint, mottling and weathering. 4 years to finish?..........sounds like my sort of build timeframe!!!! Cheers Bruce
  7. Aussie P-51K AIRFIX 1/48

    Wow. Thank you for doing such a brilliant Aussie P-51 I like them in any livery but your version is certainly close to the heart and very much appreciated Top Stuff!!!!!
  8. really great finish there Faud. Who would of the thought the same people could have made the Storch.....
  9. New 1/72 Airfix Phantom FG1

    It takes me 6 months to finish a single prop WWII fighter....... Your Phantom to me looks absolutely fantastic and very smart indeed. Well done
  10. I switched to Flickr and find it works fine
  11. Great job! Welcome back to the hobby. I came back after a hiatus of about the same time. I now have a new compressor, airbrush, paints, stash, tools, cabinet of glory, books, magazines, magnifiers, hobby room.............and my wife hasn't quite recovered.....yet
  12. I would love to see the images.....I too can only see the botophucket ransom messages
  13. Matchbox BAC Lightning.

    Well done Steve I have a micro stash of old Matchbox stands Every build looks better in flight mode aboard those classic clear plastic bad boys Cheers Bruce
  14. Hi Bill, What a brilliant build and finish Outstanding. Cheers Bruce