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  1. I love an 88!! Got one in the stash Not sure how to approach the camo but the pen work looks fantastic and I'm ging to look more into that option for sure Thanks for posting Congratulations on a great build
  2. That is just fantastic What a beauty! At my build rate of single engine 1/72 fighters I suspect that would have taken me at least four years to finish!!! Congratulations on your crackin' Lanc
  3. I love that collection Currently building an RAAF P-40 Getting to the end game and wondered if you had any thoughts or preferences for RAAF Foliage Green???? It is a colour that seems to raise many a question! Regards Bruce
  4. Just a note I really like the blended demarcation on the camo too I think there's been some very careful and clever work with the airbrush there
  5. What a great build and finish Never seen a camo in those shades before ....very unique The subject is something very unusual too Nice details on some of the underwing stores and the cockpit and props Special Hobby kits aren't always easy to put together and this looks fantastic Bravo!!!
  6. If the P-39 aint one of the curviest, sexiest looking, fighter/ground support aircraft of all time I don't know what is!! Great version Wow! Looks awesome in a British suit Well done indeed
  7. Love it Great build and scheme But how did you get her up on that wonderful clear plastic Airfix stand without a major scar on her belly???!!!
  8. That looks amazing Never seen one in that scale Congratulations!
  9. I don't even know what that thing is!! But crikey you have done an amazing job on it Looks absolutely stunning in the metal finish Congrats!
  10. Love Matchbox Your rendition of the Wellesley is nothing short of brilliant Cheers!
  11. Really superb build and finish Canopy masking is super crisp Totally agree with GRK's comment above The spinners are a real highlight and add an aesthetic "pop" of interest
  12. Those Hobby Boss easy assembly kits still work up to be decent builds Great version Did the kit come with the pilot or did you whack a spare one into the front office?
  13. Superb build The colours look excellent and I like the subtle weathering Cheers
  14. That is an absolute beast Roman! Awesome Dora So much detail in the kit and your camo and weathering really does it justice Congrats!
  15. That is fantastic! You have done an incrdible job on that kit That beast is literally armed to the teeth!
  16. Wow That is quite simply something to behold!
  17. This thread is absolutely amazing! Fascinating work Cheers to all contributors
  18. That is just superb Great subject really well executed I love it!
  19. I love that Great version Really nicely done...the colours look spot on and dramatic
  20. How cool is that!!! Too much fun I like it for a bit of theatre and of course the build and finish were excellent Thank you for posting something very different and unique Cheers!
  21. Geez those colours looks amazing Great build and finish Love it!
  22. Wow! What an incredible restoration Love the new version You really have done a fine job on the resto with the new livery, decals and overall finish Top stuff
  23. That is one clipped wing sexy beast! Love the version and camo Top stuff
  24. Great finish I love it Rigging is super tight too Excellent job!
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