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  1. What a great version! have never seen that before Seems like there are a lot of 104s coming onto the forum I've got one in the pipeline.....not quite as good or as flambouyant as yours though I'm afraid! Cheers
  2. Your builds are absolutely beatiful Interesting subjects incredibly finshed and detailed Cheers!!
  3. Lovely bird A few more photo's closer to the subject to really see the detail and weathering would be fantastic!! Cheers
  4. Wow that is jut a thing of beauty Congratulations The finish is stunning!
  5. Tell you what! You breathed some life into that kit for me!! Love it Congratulations
  6. That's an abolute beauty! The colours and camo are simply fantastic Well done indeed Cheers!
  7. Wow That is just full of life! Great work on show there Cheers!
  8. Steve! Can you share with me the secret of how to successfully brainwash anyone under 50 years old to get into the hobby of playing with plastic sprues, glue, paint and decals!???? You must have some divine insight Or was it just the sheer weight and volume of kits and builds in the Stevej60 household that life just naturally took it's course???
  9. Brush painted? you are kidding aren't you Absolutely crackin' build and finish Well done indeed
  10. Waa Waa Wee Waa!!! That is one big beautiful bird indeed Really like the combination of scale and detail and weathering Congratuations
  11. Those figures and the scratchbuilt harnesses and parachutes look amazing Adrian I have no idea how you managed that in this scale Is their any wip info on how to do that??? Blown away again!
  12. Oh and by the way.....how do you create those little white blobby things on the aerial wires? (I'm so technical )
  13. I reckon that is absolutely fantastic Adrian!! What a triumph I love that version ...it is a stunning completion of a classic little Matchbox model Bravo!
  14. What a cool, clever idea! I love it Bit of fun What are you using to "temporarily" glue the kit together? I would hazard a guess at just a safe non-aggressive PVA white glue? Also I found your method of removing everything from the sprues as the starting point interesting If I did that there would be no hope I could assemble the kit.... I wouldn't be able to work out what was bloody what and on top of that I would have lost half the parts before I even got close to finishing!!!
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