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  1. Wow Like everyone else I thought it was the real thing! Brilliant build and photography Were the photos taken outside under natural light conditions?....just wondering as that's how it appears to my eye Cheers Bruce
  2. They look superb! Really like the finish and the canopies look particularly sharp I can see why the decals would have been difficult but I think you have done a great job with them Cheers
  3. Really great looking version Well done I cant imagine how you managed the windscreen wipers in that scale!
  4. That is just a superb version of an 88 Mark I have always wanted to build one and I think after seeing this I'll look out for that new tool Revell kit Don't worry about those minor slip ups....... no-one notices and I do them all the time! Cheers Bruce
  5. Ha ha yes we do lampoon Melbourne's weather.....if you want the really good stuff it's in Adelaide! Plus some of the countries best wine..... Cheers
  6. Ben your original build is stunning and the purpose for the build just elevates the whole thing to legendary status RCMS your thoughtful repairs and update that the model David treasures is permanently on display with the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group is just an incredible bookend to the story 7 years on Amazing! Cheers Bruce
  7. I absolutely love it Marcello I have looked to get the Matchbox original myself but had found the prices ridiculous! Back when I was a young teenager I built this exact kit and it brings back a lot of great memories to see yours today The scheme is just superb and you have certainly done the kit justice (So glad the decals worked out!) Yes we can see the typical Matchbox flaws compared to the standard of modern kit engineering (mainly the bulky/heavy look of the clear parts and canopy) but nevertheless you have created beauty Thanks for posting Cheers
  8. Great to see the slightly bigger pictures Just so you know it is possible to post the new pictures and comments into the original thread which makes things easy Nice Beau by the way! Cheers
  9. Love the SEAC aircraft Great version well done indeed
  10. Not to worry....decals can be a nightmare! Great that you finished the build and learnt some things along the way The tricolour looks great and an interesting subject Cheers
  11. Interesting subject and project I'll be keeping an eye on the progress Cheers
  12. That looks really smart Michael Great job What scale is the kit?
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