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  1. Please don't encourage him lol!! Nice clean Beau really well done Cheers!
  2. Tony Tony Tony! That is just amazing I think Academy do a great quality, value for money kit in 1/72........ but you have seriously taken that bird to another level. Love it Cheers
  3. Well done indeed! I kept flipping back from model to historic photo and back and back again and back!!! Thanks for posting a lovely Aussie Spitfire and since I'm born in April 1966..... (466) its even better for me! Cheers
  4. I was given the same kit as a gift. I haven't had a crack at it yet but I look forward to it. Planet Model kits require a bit of skill and knowledge in the build I believe so I'm working up to it! Great version of a very unusual aircraft Cheers Bruce
  5. I love it Really superb in so many ways I particularly like the reverse wash rivet and panel lines............ it is very, very, very crisp indeed. Did you add additional rivet lines to the Revell kit or is that the level of detail in the original boxing? Just wondering because it looks fantastic
  6. Excellent build and finish I think Hobby Boss kits can build up very well with skill and care and you've proved it!
  7. Nice to see! Well done indeed I did one in overall RLM02 a few years ago It's a simple kit but it's such a unique aircraft it always looks interesting.....top job!
  8. Superb and intimidating looking Cessna there! Great build and finish Bravo indeed
  9. Welcome back! I thought my hiatus of about 30 years was a big one Your return is significantly better than mine was lol! Enjoy the return to the hobby and enjoy the great opportunity to connect with friends. Oh nearly forgot......great P-51 cant wait to see the upcoming Spit! Cheers Bruce
  10. Very nice build and interesting scheme Fantastic Would look great in any collection
  11. Thanks for the response Fuad Sounds quite possible those original windows were darker in some way Regards Bruce
  12. I'm a prop man but somehow the Hornet grabs me. Great looking aircraft and your RAAF version is a standout Very nice indeed
  13. Great subject and like the rest I love the realistic water slime green on the floats. Very realistic One question.. Were the windows actually blue like that or is that a masking agent for painting that hasn't been removed?
  14. I bought some Hobby Boss easy assembly myself as they are cheap , quick to build and a great platform to try ideas...... be it scratch building, riveting, new painting techniques ...anything. The result can be a great addition to the collection which yours absolutely is. Well done indeed....... lovely 190
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