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  1. Winenut

    RS Models 1/72 P-51H

    nice 'Tang!
  2. Great build and finish I have an academy version in the stash I think I will use your multiple metallic colour method with the paint as it looks amazing Cheers Bruce
  3. Winenut

    1/72 Revell Avro Lancaster B.III

    Great Lancaster Roman I wish my builds were half as good!! Have you thought of gently using the tip of a wooden toothpick to very carefully scrape and remove the black paint from the canopy that wasn't masked correctly? Often if I have overspray or paint creep on canopies I tidy up the windows back to the canopy framing using this technique.....it works pretty well .....might be worth a try??? Cheers Bruce
  4. lookin great to me well done indeed
  5. What a suitably beastly beast! I reckon Revell used the same night fighter antennae on the FW as they did on my Do 335! Great version congrats!
  6. Winenut

    Revell/ ICM TU-144.

    Great build Steve. Looks amazing I love the fact you actually still hang some builds from the ceiling! Cheers
  7. Winenut

    1/32 Bf-109 G-6

    Great 109 Really like it a lot Looks superb in the Scottish sunshine!
  8. Winenut

    Defiant - Airfix - 1/72

    Absolutely superb Gorgeous finish Congrats
  9. Winenut

    Airfix Anson 1/72 1970's boxing

    Love it. Great job. Very happy that one was saved from the dump! Cheers
  10. Winenut

    Matchbox? Do 335 Pfeil 1/72

    LOL thanks Paulo. I think the correct phrase is "make a silk purse out of a sows ear" (a sow being an older female pig) and yes the meaning is to make something refined, beautiful or admirable out of something of poor value or poor materials. Was originally used in the negative as in "You cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear" ...... I am very glad you think I have managed to do it with this old Frog, Revell, Matchbox kit! She's not perfect by any means but it looks interesting in the cabinet. Now I have to get back to that P-40 that is on the shelf of doom! Cheers
  11. Great Jug. Academy kits have a great level of detail and build up nicely for the price You have done a superb job on this one Cheers
  12. I love it but it's teasing me! Get a little more light on the subject so we can see her in all her glory Cheers Bruce
  13. Winenut

    Whitley Mk.V

    Very nicely done. Top job Cheers
  14. Winenut

    Dornier Do 17Z-3 1/72 ICM

    Wow superb! Just got that pesky Swastika a bit wonky on the underneath......believe me decals and canopies are not my friends lol!! Great version congrats Cheers Bruce