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  1. Brilliant Great build and finish Excellent weathering and very realistic
  2. That is amazing Russ I don't know how you do it but to me that thing looks 100% real! A turkey cooked to absolute perfection Cheers
  3. That is amazing! Congratulations Gee what do you have to do to get first place!!!???
  4. They look great together! I particularly like A52-526
  5. Great Tempest Roman Colours looks brilliant Really like the comparison between the Academy and KP versions One of my favourite aircraft!
  6. I love this vignette! To me I don't need a big display or have everything "fit" inside the boundaries of the base You have expertly conveyed the feeling of the scene and the cold and the snow and you really get the sense of that The "frankenfigures" looks like they are toiling about their tasks and I think this is an absolute cracker! If I ever do something like this I'll use the tip on the baking powder for sure Cheers Nut
  7. I have never seen anything like that! Incredible work Congratulations.....I'm sure the client will be well pleased!
  8. Great Folgore Paulo! I really like these WWII Italian aircraft and their interesting schemes Smoke rings and overall camo and weathering looks spot on Looking at the reference photos it's a fantastic version of the real thing I think I'm going to have to add one of these to the stash Bravo!!
  9. Great 190 executed in a cracking scheme I've not seen before Well done indeed
  10. That can't be 1/72! Fantastic Harrier The detail and the scheme are just fantastic Good luck in the competition Cheers Nut
  11. Really love the build and scheme Absolutely striking I think you nailed the colours perfectly Congrats
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