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  1. That is fantastic! You have done an incrdible job on that kit That beast is literally armed to the teeth!
  2. Wow That is quite simply something to behold!
  3. This thread is absolutely amazing! Fascinating work Cheers to all contributors
  4. That is just superb Great subject really well executed I love it!
  5. I love that Great version Really nicely done...the colours look spot on and dramatic
  6. How cool is that!!! Too much fun I like it for a bit of theatre and of course the build and finish were excellent Thank you for posting something very different and unique Cheers!
  7. Geez those colours looks amazing Great build and finish Love it!
  8. Wow! What an incredible restoration Love the new version You really have done a fine job on the resto with the new livery, decals and overall finish Top stuff
  9. That is one clipped wing sexy beast! Love the version and camo Top stuff
  10. Great finish I love it Rigging is super tight too Excellent job!
  11. Wow! A beautifully battered P-400 Looks amazing I understand they were not vastly different to P-39's (some nose armament changes and a few other things) One of my favourite aircraft....very unique and look awesome Superb build and finish on this one Thanks for posting
  12. Beautiful build Looks superb I love the finish you attain with your builds It's like a subtley weathered satin Photography really sets it off too Cheers!
  13. Seriously that is absolutely superb The kit itself looks amazing but the finish you have applied is perfection Congratulations
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