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  1. Great work going on there Steve. It’s fascinating to watch this take shape.
  2. Missed the start of this one Laurie bur nice progress. Good to see you back on deck. Cheers Steve
  3. A superb finish on your Skyhawk Andy. Very nicely detailed.
  4. Very nicely done. A great finish on the Tracker.
  5. That Is a very nice finish. I am currently building Academy’s F4N in USMC colours from 1980. I will be happy if it turns out as well as yours.
  6. You’ve done it again Laurie. Made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The Herald looks great and that airport apron is looking busy. The Herald was the first plane I flew in. Late 1970, Southampton to Belfast via Exeter to visit grandparents just before we left the UK for Oz. Hopefully something a bit easier for the next build.
  7. Thanks Joachim. Duly noted for future reference.
  8. Gotta love a Gannet. That is looking great. Lovely work on those wings.
  9. Hi All This is my finished 1/48 Airfix Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb Built OOB. It went together quite well other than a nasty wing join. One issue to look out for is fixing the main undercarriage in the down position. Airfix have tried to do the right thing in allowing you to fit the undercarriage at the end of the build, but the join is very flimsy and the legs only just hang on. Paints were Tamiya acrylics XF-61 Dark Green, XF-82 Ocean Grey, XF-20 Medium Grey plus various blacks, aluminium etc. Weathered with Flory Dark Dirt and Grime washes and Abteilung 502 oils. This aircraft was flown by 133 Squadron RAF which was the third of three Eagle squadrons manned largely by American volunteer pilots, many of whom came to the RAF via the RCAF. It was formed in August 1941 and in September 1942 the Squadron was transferred to the USAAF as the 336th Fighter Squadron of the 4th Fighter Group.
  10. That looks good Andrew. Nice job on the wavy line. The decals will make it pop.
  11. Many thanks for your comments and great info. Many thanks. Thanks Laurie. A tempting idea but I don’t think I’m as brave as you.
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