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  1. A great project Steve and I will follow along with interest. We used to regularly see Mirages flying out of HMAS Albatross back in the 70’s when I lived in Nowra.
  2. Coming along nicely Laurie. The yellow finish looks top notch. We are enjoying Easter at home in sparkling Autumn weather. About 25 degrees and clear blue skies. It’s a long weekend and the start of 2 weeks school holidays and hundreds of thousands of Aussies are on the roads travelling to local holiday spots. Many would normally go to Bali or Thailand or cruise the South Pacific but that’s not an option now. We do our travelling in between school holidays - much less congested. The pandemic control has been first class here but unfortunately the vaccine rollout has been a complete c
  3. Taking shape nicely Laurie. Sorry to hear about the medical issue. Things are going quite good in Oz. We are almost COVID free but the vaccine rollout has been a bit of a mess so far. Travel within the country is just about back to normal. We’ve just had our coolest and wettest summer for years. It’s been quite pleasant and a complete contrast with last summer. Cheers Steve
  4. A superb job on a very different looking Sea King.
  5. That is a very nicely finished Avenger Tony. I hadn't realised that the Kiwis flew them nor kept them for so long as TT's. It's also a great looking scheme. I wonder how the turret removal affected the flight characteristics, particularly the CofG. Maybe ballast was added. Anyway, very nicely done.
  6. Another cracking finish Laurie. Your airport apron is starting to look very busy. It shows what a large aircraft the Bristol Freighter was. Look forward to seeing the Islander.
  7. Hi Christer I was visiting my Dad in Nowra, NSW this week and took him out to the Australian Fleet Air Arm Museum at the local Naval Air Station where he used to work. It was closed for most of last year due to Covid and has been completely updated. It re opened in December. It was my first time there for a few years. My Dad volunteered there as a guide for many years after he retired from the Navy. Anyway, I wanted a few photos for an ex RAN Dakota I'm going to build and photographed that and everything else on display. I recalled your Gannet build and hoped you might find t
  8. All looking good Laurie. I was doing some reading a while ago and Islander production was done on the IOW for the first few years then switched to Romania of all places. As for the under wingy things - the military Defender version had underwing hard points for fuel tanks etc. I don't know if any civil versions had the same. Cheers Steve
  9. No rest for the weary Laurie. Nice choice and this should be a fairly straightforward build compared with your last couple of builds. I used to spend time with my grandparents in St Helens on the IOW. You could see Bembridge airport and the Islander factory from their house. Good luck with this one.
  10. This has been our coolest summer for years. We are 650 to 700 meters above sea level in Goulburn but we usually average high 20's in summer. Today was 13 degrees, so we just beat you . I'm just about to get back to the bench after moving house in mid January. I'm pleased things are OK in Jersey. Cheers Steve
  11. Looking good Laurie. Nice work on the tail fillet. Hope all is well with you and your family. Pretty good here. The virus is well under control and life is more or less normal. Inter state travel is still problematic and overseas travel is not possible. My next UK trip probably won’t happen for another 2 or 3 years.
  12. Nice progress Andrew and taking shape.
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