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  1. Top notch work right there mate. Very well done indeed. Thanks for sharing it
  2. Thanks all for your kind words Thanks Stew I'll have to check on that
  3. Hi all Here is my latest finished model. Academy Ju87G-2 Tank Buster in 1/72nd scale. Mostly out of the box except for: Eduard pre-painted PE seat belts, Master brass cannons, scratch-built piping and details on cannons gondolas, correction and re-scribing of a few panel lines and scratch-built pitot tube. Gunze acrylics used overall and weathered with Tamiya panel accent and water color pencil Critics and comments are welcomed!
  4. It looks really good. A question for you. If I want to represent a plane flow by G. Beurling, it would be in the same Malta Blue? Or the 3 tone desert camo?
  5. Stunning model mate. I just bought the same kit and I wondering how it goes together. Nice to hear it's a joy ride. Cheers
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