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  1. Definitely go for aftermarket decals. The kit deserves it
  2. Hi all Just finished this little gem from Tamiya. It was the time build the Tamiya Zero and I was really impressed. The overall fitting and crispy details makes hard to believe it's a 1/72nd scale kit. Kit built OOTB including the seatbelts decals. The only addition to the kit was a scratch built pitot tube using syringe needles and the IFF antenna made with stretching line 0.1mm from MIG. The Tamiya decals continue to disappoint. I don't really understand a company that makes the most beautiful kit to assemble and can't get good decals (to be clear, their decals are way too thick), in this case I think they should benchmark Airfix or Eduard. Even using tons of decal solutions I couldn't get a excellent result. Comments and critics are welcomed and appreciated. Cheers Paulo
  3. Unfortunate choice of decal version. I, particularly, will refuse to buy this kit just because the decal option. But this is just my own opinion. I'm also curious to know if this a re-box of another manufacturer or a new tooling from KP.
  4. That's an amazing build mate. Very well done.
  5. Hi all Here are the photos for my latest finished model. Academy kit 1/72 Very nice kit to build straight out of the box. I didi a few scratch built details like the seatbelts for the ejection seat, the canopy tinting, threads on the tyres and a landing light on the nose landing gear. I regretted to made the option to leave the canopy open since it was very hard to glue it in place and it still a little bit crooked. The have glass painting was a mixed of Tamiya and Gunze to get the match. I've tried SMS 69 Have Glass but I wasn't happy with the colour (too greenish to my taste). Comments and critics are welcomed.
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