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  1. Nice built. This aircraft represents the one flown the Col Nero Moura, the Squadron Leader. The 1st Brazilian Squadron was attached/part of the US 350th in Italy. Besides the P-47 squadron Brazilians also sent 1 army division and also a Reconnaissance Squadron (attached to the army) flying Piper P-4's for artillery orientation.
  2. Excellent work. Beautiful paint scheme.
  3. Cheers mate. I was also scared to try it. But, hey! If we don't try we'll never know we can get it or not.
  4. Thanks everyone for your kind words. The camouflage ring wasn't too difficult as I was think at first. I used Tamiya XF-13 thinned with Tamiya paint retarder (1:1) and applied with a fine pointed brush. I firstly drawn how I wanted the rings formats based on my references photos using watercolour pencils and then I brush painted over it. Using the watercolour pencils allowed me to correct any shape which might be wrong (just smudge it using a cotton bud moisture in water). I'm glad you guys have liked it. Cheers Paulo
  5. Hi all I haven't post here for a while, so I decided to post the little Italian stallion I just finished today. Machi Mc.202 Folgore (Italeri 1/72) representing a very well documented aircraft of the 51 Stormo, 153 Gruppo Autonomo, 374 Squadriglia - Sicily 1942. Model built basically straight from the box apart for the seat belts. Painted with Gunze aqueous line. Critics and comments are very welcome. Cheers Paulo
  6. Very nice job on the pair. I couldn’t see any problems with the decals, very well done. good job on the canopy as well
  7. Top notch work right there mate. Very well done indeed. Thanks for sharing it
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