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  1. aboard Stian - glad to have you here. Norway is a lovely country, although I only ever saw the sticky-up white bits in the winter
  2. It's handy, isn't it? Saves going through the post winnowing out the less relevant stuff, doesn't it?
  3. A lovely clean build, and for the tail masking. Top photography too Almost forgot... to the forums
  4. It's a nuisance that seems to have decreased a little with this new forum software, which must be partly due to the new layout. I remember being new to this forum software, and the nearest Reply button was the one that quoted people, so it often happened that every post would be a quote of the last post, even if it wasn't germaine to the last post The new Reply box at the bottom of the page is much more useful, and separates the Quote and Reply buttons far enough to make accidental quotes less likely. I find that people aren't using the Quote This option enough though, where you can highlight parts of people's posts, such as a particular photo and accompanying text, and as you let go of the mouse button, you get a small "Quote This" bubble pop up. Click that and you selectively quote. A powerful little tool I think some of it is people can be too focused on making a post, without first familiarising themselves with the software. Granted, the software is a means to an end, but if you read up on how best to use it, you can become more effective with your posts. Sounds silly on the face of it, but with some practice you can get more done in less time. Version 4 is the best, most powerful forum software I've used... I'm a big fan
  5. That's a lot bigger than I first thought Nice job of conveying a hard-working, battle-scarred Cylon. Away from the norm without being too jarring
  6. Updated to the current de rigeur resolution of 1080p - 1920 x 1080 px. How time marches on
  7. OT head for me too. You can always glue on some grandad hairs onto his scone to replicate Henson's work
  8. Tempest Pilots & Armament Set 1:32 Special Hobby With the Hi-Tech boxing of the new Tempest II that we reviewed recently, here, included a port armament set amongst the generous box of resin, so it makes sense to release one for the other side, to give people the option of opening them both up. Aircraft often look more "human" with a crew figure to give it a sense of scale too, and here comes a couple just for you. As usual with Special Hobby's resin sets, they arrive in the familiar clear-fronted yellow box, with the resin parts safely cocooned inside, and the instructions sandwiched between the rear header card. Starboard Armament Set (5109) This resin and Photo-Etch (PE) set is used in adding a pair of cannon and their ammo feeds in the port wing, which requires a T-shaped portion of the upper wing to be removed, the resin bays to be constructed and painted in the suggested colours, and inserted from below with PE supports for the edges, and resin panels that can be left nearby to give a more candid appearance to the scene. It is a complete mirror-image of the port bay, as you’d imagine. Tempest Pilot Climbing out of Cockpit (F32317) A beautifully sculpted pilot figure that could equally be climbing into his cockpit as climbing out of it. He has separate arms and head, with an unbuttoned leather flying helmet on his head, and parachute pack bumping the backs of his legs, with one leg on the sill of the cockpit, the other on the wingroot and his hands steadying himself as he enters or exits. A painting guide is also given on the rear of the instructions, using Humbrol codes. Note: the pictures of the figure on the website (link below) seems to show an earlier sculpt of the figure, as the production mould has much improved crispness than the main photo, which also shows the right hand in an unusual position. Tempest Pilot Sitting in Cockpit (F32316) Another fine figure that is moulded to a replacement seat with harnesses in situ, to best reflect the pilot in a seated position. The arms and head are separate, giving some room for personalising the pose, such as turning the head to the side. As with the other figure above, the finished mould is more crisp than the pictures shown on the website, and once painted should look superb. Conclusion Both figures need minimal clean-up, and the attachment points for the casting blocks have been hidden away nicely for the most part, with the head attached on the smooth dome of the helmet to aid tidying up. As usual with resin, take the precaution of wearing a mask when cutting or sanding resin, as the tiny particles are harmful to your health if breathed in. Washing the parts in warm water will also improve the adhesion of paint, as there may still be some moulding release agent on the parts when you receive them. Review sample courtesy of
  9. I think more users need to complain to PhotoBucket. If the service they're providing is poor, don't feel bad for doing so because it's "free", because it's far from free, YOU are the commodity to be sold advertising to. Moan at them, and maybe if there's enough others taking the time out of their day, they'll do something about it. If not, vote with your feet and try one of the many alternatives that have already been mentioned in this thread
  10. Calm it down lads... the last thing we want is to have the swearing thread locked because of filth!
  11. I've just finished catching up with the Boy looking over my shoulder, and we both think it's coming along great
  12. It probably depends on which server you're on Simon, as I've seen this many times where one person is unaffected but others are, not just with PhotoBucket. Yet more evidence of PB being a spent force, throwing away their previous market dominance by being crap
  13. I have seen an excerpt from that "show", and it was deeply uncomfortable to watch.
  14. Link or it didn't happen
  15. Nice tidy work on the removal of the canopy blanking - are you planning on putting anything inside to imply a cockpit?