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  1. thanks Simon. It's the kit seat, which is slightly simplified, but the PE belts do bring it up to modern standards
  2. Them big Russian juts do have a certain presence, don't they? Just so y'all don't think I've been sitting there with my up my you-know-where, here are a few of the assemblies I'm just finishing off. I've been painting the cockpit lately, and have done the first install of the PE belts, which need a little extra fitting to conform to the shape of the seat, then I can matt coat it. it looks much nicer in the flesh, as I've managed to get quite a bit of shading going on with the rear quilting, but inevitably the belts are going to obscure some of it. Shame really I've still got to decide how to do the dials, but as I've lost my clear part (temporarily), that can wait
  3. There needs to be a before and after shot of this model next to the dictionary definition of "silk purse from a sow's ear"
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    The luck seems to have worked! That was easier than I thought it would be It took me longer to find the settings than to change them. Click and it's done. Now, when you log in, the quick login thing isn't shown, but a mini-page pops up that is served SECURELY, served via https:// and super-secret This way you're guaranteed that no-one will be snooping your password, although you'd have to be a pretty good and determined hacker to do that. It's not as easy as it looks in Person of Interest, and it's not the sort of thing you can pick-up on the dark web for $150. Cool. The next step is to serve all the site via https://, which although nice to be able to do isn't critical. To do this properly we just need to wait for Invision to create the necessary code that will convert our existing repository of useful info, pics and gibberish to the new format, and then we'll go ahead. Meantime you don't need to do jolly bally thing
  5. It seems I've inadvertently cost the modelling community quite a lot of money with that thread Ah well
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    Thanks for that Just got an email from support to say that the certificate has been installed, so I guess now I have to figure out how to use it. There's always a snag with everything, isn't there? I'll let the ramifications of it all sink in for a bit, then I might just press the necessary buttons to make logon happen via SSL. So if you all get logged out, you have my humble apologies in advance, and please bear in mind that it's a security upgrade that's for everyone's benefit, so don't be too irritated when you realise you've forgotten your password! If you haven't got it saved to your browser, or it doesn't carry it across because it's now being served via https:// then go through the password recovery process if you have forgotten, and you will get back in quick enough Wish me luck
  7. You're no fool - you bought a cracking kit, and in the process joined a BIG club of people that own it. There are a lot of build threads to help you with the fine details of painting and construction, and having built it myself when it first came out, it'll spoil you for other manufacturers once you've finished My build is linked from my signature if you're interested
  8. You certainly did, and thanks for the compliment I sometimes think that doing a clean build can be harder than a weather-beaten airframe. Both are quite satisfying to look at, just in different ways
  9. Very nice - not quite so weather-worn as the one I did last year
  10. Can't help you at this stage Murray, as I've not even thought about the painting of mine, but I know Ya-Gabor will probably be able to help. I was hoping he'd be along by now to offer his pearls of wisdom, but there's no sign of him yet However, Arkady has just posted up his build of the KH kit, and you might get some info there Sometimes it just has to be done if it's a case of getting it done or not
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    It has denuded the coffers a bit, and the crappy exchange rate isn't really doing wonders for us. All donations are (as always) highly appreciated
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    Bump for visibility
  13. That's a helluva project you've taken on Steve, especially as it's going to be shiny! THE most unforgiving of paint finishes You Sir, are a brave man