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  1. Thanks for the heads-up @JOCKNEY Message received and understood
  2. I couldn't take a look at this for the last few days, but it is here now - snapshot 17:00 04 Apr 2021 UTC (approx)
  3. Interesting chat about German armoured cars from the Tank Museum
  4. The FAQ area is relatively new here, and (IIRC) is made up from old posts asking fundamental questions. One of the problems for those of us who spend time in a space, or working on an activity, is that we begin to think that what we do is obvious and normal, and everybody else would see that. Working out what should be in an FAQ is not so easy. The questions you ask in your OP are helpful, both because they are real, and because you came up with the correct answers. Common Terms and Acronyms: Bun fight (or bunfight) - local jargon for an annual vote. The vote is held
  5. Snapshot, 09:00 27 Mar 2021 UTC (approx)
  6. Try Googling Aerogallo - or check here: https://www.flightjournal.com/the-rooster-flies/
  7. Oh, a nice one Mark - going to watch What did you use for the armature? And how did you soften your Chavant? I really couldn't get on with that stuff
  8. OK, done, your name is on the list now Bronco Humber? Did this one come with a 'Michael Caine' figure?
  9. Snap-shot, 11:00 20 Mar 2021 (approx)
  10. AK Interactive (two types of paint) and Vallejo both offer boxed sets of Acrylics for British and Commonwealth N Africa schemes - but boxed sets are expensive. Presumably the same bottles are available unboxed too?
  11. A good choice for a build @825 Do you use enamel paints? Receiving acrylic paint through the post hasn't been an issue for me. Finding a supplier with enough of the correct colours to justify the postage? Now, that has been challenging.
  12. Looks interesting Darryl. My opinion ... no more white on these pieces. Not sure about the remaining turret hatches ...
  13. Looking very good Stix - I do like your track colour. Those are spare torsion bars.
  14. No promises as to well worn. They were, but they have done what link-and-length tracks always do for me, separated back into their component parts That aside ... progress. A thin and flexible sheet of polystyrene foam has been glued over the base, base painting has started. The wheels have been glued together and the outer edges of the tyres painted a darker grey I'm not sure yet if the darker grey will work: the intent is to contrast the damp area in contact with the running surface with the side walls. The exhausts have been painted a d
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