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  1. Great progress there Bob, though I don't envy you, painting those wheels around the track teeth.
  2. Had a chance to start splashing some paint around ... Inside the turret That (MiG) cremeweiss looks grey in the pictures than it does IRL. And onto half of the wheels Had to stop there, since I was called away.
  3. If you google "panther g commanders machine gun" and look in images, you'll find lots of photos with the mount but no machine gun (OK, mostly 'A's). Including several in the Bundesarchiv - look at page 2 here https://www.bild.bundesarchiv.de/dba/en/search/?channelid=dcx-channel-channel_barch_bilder&query=panther&day=&month=&yearfrom=1944&yearto=1945&imageid=&title=&farbe=&kostenfrei=&ausrichtung=&view=gallery&submit=
  4. Let's get back to Carl's build here
  5. Pat, welcome to the build ... ... I hope I can still build something when I'm 80
  6. The wooden deck on that car looks great, very effective.
  7. Correction: Panther 213 (I know where I got 123, I have two Tigers with that turret number)
  8. Looks good Carl. I too would be interested to see the railcar
  9. Thanks for the heads up Bob - I'll keep an eye on that build up. I have tried the Dunkelgelb with a hairy stick - that went on very well. Makes sense FWIW, I think this Panther was a September '44 build, probably by MNH. Definatly the 'normal' dished wheels.
  10. Me too - except stencils ... but, so many photos of disc camouflage appear washed out Lee, you are so close with your RFM build, you can finish it, I'm sure.
  11. I've been quiet here for a few days - but that doesn't mean the modelling has stopped! I've made a start on the gun barrel, and the ... well, not the trunions, and not the mantlet Adding the elevator mechanism was a mistake at this stage - I will not get the mechanism through the front of the turret after gluing the turret floor (see my previous post). Not insurmountable, I have an approach that might work - or a couple of approaches, but the second is ... not so clever. The hull top is progressing too Getting to the stage where the breakie off bits will g
  12. Looks interesting, going to see how this goes
  13. Very Evocative Photo Lee, with the light (more or less) behind your Panther The build looks good, just waiting to see this in colour.
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