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  1. Robert Stuart

    Panzer IV STGB Chat

    In a discussion with @Badder, we've spotted that some Pz IV types had clamps holding their front spare tracks to the storage bracket. The first I noticed was on a Nashorn, but it appears on tanks also Ignore the Russian (T-34 ?) tracks, but between the third and fourth PzIV spare links you can see a clamp. This wasn't universal, see the image below - though tracks 3-4 seem normal when used. (I think I've seen an image with a clamp on the cental pair of tracks - but can't find it just now). Question: Have others noticed this?, and Is there a rule for when these clamps were used?
  2. Are you using wet'n'dry sand paper? Used wet it makes things easier.
  3. Robert Stuart

    Sd.Kfz. 165 Hummel - decals on

    Thanks Badder How are you, are you able to get back to modelling yet? Short answer: The kit does come with three figures, two cavalry and an artillery man. I'm thinking about a vingette Longer answer, missing the point In typical Dragon fashion, in their instructions, they have blanked out one complete cavalry soldier as waste plastic - he isn't waste, he is a complete kit I presume the inclusion of cavalry is inspired by this photo of a despatch rider ... That is an interesting photo, with some useful info about the spacing of ice cleats (?), clamping brackets for the spare track (are those included in any kit?) and the distribution of mud on the spare track vs the lower hull, but ... it ain't a Hummel! If I do make a vinette, I doubt I'll include any of dragon's figures - the artilleryman needs a lot of modification to filt the vehicle, and the cavalry don't fit the story I'd want to tell.
  4. Shamless bump, so people know this is coming along in a few months ....
  5. That looks excellent Alexy. Yes, that is correct - both the drawing and the drip. It is more usual to say 'painted a drip'. (p.s. Will your FAB 500's be grey?)
  6. Robert Stuart

    Ray's 1/72 RAAF AP-3C - 10 Squadron

    Looking very nice Ray.
  7. Nice work with your masking there Icarus (looks complex). I hope somebody can give you an answer to your upper camo question.
  8. Robert Stuart

    Martin Mariner, Mach 2

    Lovely build Jerzy, very nice
  9. Excellent Dermot - how did you find sanding the upper wing tips? I might have reduced the amount of plastic on the leading corner before sanding ...
  10. Robert Stuart

    Scourge of the Atlantic

    Nice find Pat Are the wings on this Condor any better?
  11. Robert Stuart

    Sd.Kfz. 165 Hummel - decals on

    Thanks @Badder and @PlaStix For the hull and shield, torn blue masking tape (same as the stuff under the fenders). I tear the tape lengthways - which gets strips abour four to six inches long. {edit} After removing the masking, I did fill in some stripes and remove others free hand {/edit} For the the gun carriage, I wound in the back stop on my airbrush and sprayed that free hand - paper tape was too painful to apply there or on the gun. I will (probably) re-visit the gun barrel, because there is a detail I don't like. Decals are on ... but I've been a little heavy handed with the post decal modulation coat. The doors are still seperate items
  12. Robert Stuart

    Dragon Panzer IV Ausf C - ‘Super’ kit

    Looking very nice Tom, from what you've written, this does sound like a typical Dragon kit - umpteen ways to get it together, but try understanding the instructions
  13. Robert Stuart

    Sd.Kfz. 165 Hummel - decals on

    Started the camouflage scheme today - I'll stick with a simple yellow / green scheme. Gun, shield, and rear doors are dry fitted here Those following Badder's thread might know that the shield has snapped intp two pieces - you can see one of the sides displaced here
  14. Robert Stuart

    1/48 Tamiya Pz.IV Ausf.J

    Nice one Stix - very quick progress.
  15. Robert Stuart

    Sd.Kfz. 165 Hummel - decals on

    I thought the same but there aren images of a 15cm Howitzer on this Wikipedia page says I would have been wrong. Progress - I've added a coat of primer to the outside of the Hummel ... "Seems a pity to paint the funnel" I can just see the (painted) funnel in the image above, here is an easier shot ...