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  1. Ok, made the cut in the gallery, I'll try to get some piccies in here over the next few days
  2. Tiger I, 123, S.Pz.Abt 503, Jan/Feb 1943 Base kit: Zvezda Tiger I, early Includes: RyeField barrel and side fenders Aber front mud flaps. and Pz III turret bin RB MG barrels, Eureka tow cable MiniArt figure Build thread here
  3. Feeling a bit more hopeful than I was this morning ... This is still work in progress ... including a 'bad' winter camouflage
  4. Not convinced I'll get even one of mine in before midnight - good luck with your progress B.
  5. Been working with some ABER photo etch ... I HATE PE ... five hinges: three false, one frozen, and one actually works! Front fenders (?) - each side consists of a plate and bracing soldered together, and the hinge (four parts, including the pin) CA'd on. And a turret bin. These late 1942 production tigers were issued with Pz III turret bins. I have been dreading making these ... dread was justified. Started by soldering the front (turret side) face onto the side and bottom frame. That was strong, but messy. OK, sorted out the mess. Then CA'd the top front. Let that harden off and the front with Milliput to fill any gaps and (hopefully) lend strength to the unit. CA'd the back (engine side), and top flang (hidden here), allowing that lot to harden off, before adding the lid. That left me with an issue - the back of the bin was about 3 mm short of the flange and lid. OK, pack that out with Milliput, smooth off and wait for that lot to harden off. Finally add details - hinges, locks and strapping.
  6. That is looking very nice Glynn, I'm impatient to see your tarp on the vehicle.
  7. This does look good, and will sit well beside your trucks.
  8. Sorry to hear this won't be finished in time, but I hope you can get back to your Spit soon(ish).
  9. Good to see you back B, and great to see you back in the land of the muck and washes
  10. CedB I've been watching your build with interest - these Spitfires are beautiful, despite some of the hiccups you've had along the way.
  11. I don't think I have much power round here, that would be Mike & Enzo ... As a lowly group build moderator ... Dave, that sounds like a good plan provided the BlitzBuild moderator ( @Enzo Matrix ) has no objection.
  12. Sorry to hear that Ben. I hope you recover your enthusiasm for model making soon
  13. If you are looking at Austrailian suppliers on e-bay, postage prices are more reasonable when you actually click the product. In other words, drill through to find the costs. I haven't tried them, but you could take a look at Peddinghaus decals in Germany - they don't seem to have any agents but do have a web-shop and use ebay.
  14. Hello @WelshZeCorgi Styrene sheet should be easy to snap after scoreing a few of times with a sharp blade. I can't see the resin to make a suggestion there, but, if the part is robust enough, I often score along the sprue/part join and snap the to seperate. Pliers or side snips can help give leverage. When working with resin, wear a dust mask and clean up after - breating resin dust can be nasty.
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