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  1. Bit late, but, depending on scale, you could consider plush. Plush is furry fabric, often used in soft furnishings or teddy bears. This is a model I made earlier: The furry stuff was a light brown, trimmed and then sprayed with (I think) greens and yellows. Depending on your sample, plush can start quite long, but sharp scissors will cure that:
  2. Thanks for the suggestions Andy - the kit does look like a paint before make type, with a fair amount of the interior available. Your Freelancer looks to be about right for a standard scheme. Cheers Robert p.s. don't be ... blame doesn't equate to guilt
  3. I'm going to blame @Ngantek, nothing to do with browsing the manufacturer's site nor my inability to press the 'buy' button. This is a copy of the kit he mentioned (here) A MISC Freelancer from the Star Citizen 'verse, together with some cargo crates. At least, this might help me resist buying a new ship in game next week (SC have a marketing event starting Friday).
  4. Not a jig, but a piece of equipment ... FDM printed paint storage This is sized for Vallejo/Hataka/Ammo-Mig paints. Not perfect, but does the job, so good enough ..
  5. Beginning to do post WWII stuff now. OK, this needs to be in ... Maybe @Enzo Matrix will give this GB a bye, and let it in without a vote?
  6. Hope you can find some - Taiwan stars would look good on an F-20 {edit} And those camo options sound excellent - GL with the masking {/edit}
  7. With a little over two months to go, is it may be early to remind everybody that this build is coming up? I wouldn't want people to be caught without a kit?
  8. Thanks @HOUSTON, @psdavidson Oil paint is, in my opinion, the best medium for representing leather (after leather itself ) The seat is darker now: Again, wet paint, so some of that gloss should tone down. Here I've used a mix of burnt umber and ultramarine blue which, with artists' quality paint, give a good range of dark browns to black.
  9. A few wood and leather components, painted with oil paints. The brand used (Michael Harding) is an artists' quality paint, which is more interesting to use than the high street brands we usually see. Seat, kick board(?), dashboard/firewall (?), and steering wheel I wasn't totally happy with the seat, so I stripped it back And repainted it Freshly painted (very wet) in this image, I'll give the seat a few hours, and see is I want to make it darker.
  10. Get something similar in Firefox - think the Britmodeller site's security / validation certificate has expired. Depending on the host, this may refresh automatically.
  11. Thanks @JackG, looking at the chart, I think the decals need the second (lower) 509-101, "as applied to CT-134 Musketeers ... a Dupont automotive paint, mixed locally to match the proper colour". Mixed locally? OK, think I've got a little wiggle room for colour, will try to match the decal's colour.
  12. The decals arrived soon after that post - and I'm still planning to build that CAF 419 squadron CF-5 in this build*. Question. What colour is a good match for the red Maple leaf on Canadian aircraft in (say) the late 1980's? *The F-5 STGB starts mid-July, yours truly is host.
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