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  1. This is (mostly) phtalo blue over burn sienna followed by a dusting of phtalo green and titanium white mix Taken with flash There is some over spray to bring back, but that base is getting close ...
  2. I've started adding colour to the base There is a little heavy-handed spraying to deal with here, but I'll soon be able to start work on the ship (hope)
  3. But, it looks good already Worms, Good luck with your etch
  4. That base, given a little twitching, a night to dry, and shot on a raking light (from my phone) Still looks a bit porridgy there? I had a chance to give it a squirt of paint, mostly phtalo blue over burnt sienna, with a light dash of iron yellow ... ... and photographed in natural daylight. Still stuff to do with this base before I can focus on the kit, but ...
  5. I've been working on Renown's base - it will be less dramatic than Zetland's, but the same techniques were used. This is with some moulding paste applied, followed by a thin coat of gloss medium - then photographed using the torch on my phone for dramatic effect. In normal light, this photographs as flat white. (Reminds me, I haven't had my morning coffee).
  6. Going to watch this with interest. Personally, I'd stick with the colours on the box - those were the traditional Royal Navy scheme by Nelson's era.
  7. Looks promising Stew. The I-16's office was fairly open, I feel you may want to spray more of that cockpit - up to the fire wall. (I know, you'll check before you close up).
  8. Good to see her underway Mark. (Not so sure about the ?snorkel? this early in the build.)
  9. Drilling out those gun barrels looks like hard work Worms. And I echo your request for Colourcoats in acrylics, clean up is so much easier than cleaning enamels.
  10. Grey Beema's image, or this one? That wheel chock looks interesting - I'm not sure it would hold if the aircraft began to move.
  11. Thanks Rob, it's a start I've now given the base a coat of gloss medium, to start smoothing out the form, and to highlight any glaring errors. There are a few issues here, most noticably the middle wave, below the ship, and some of the peaks (top left of picture). We can see, from this image, how deep that 'sea' becomes around the hull with this technique.
  12. Started modelling the sea on Zetland's base The cocktail sticks were there to give a sense of the waves' rythm, and were going to be embedded on the base ... The sea base with Zetland's hull and this is where I planned to stop... --- But I didn't I wrapped the hull in Magic Tape for protection, and went on with the base By this stage, I'd removed the coctail sticks (they were making the waves too mechanical).
  13. How else would I feed the carpet monster? Thanks Stix, feel I'm just getting up steam, but, at least something is hapening. The holder idea isn't original to me, I stole it from one of the ship modelling sites.
  14. Some progress with Zetland ... The base has had a coat of white paint, and I've given the top a coat of molding (sic) paste. The molding paste is basically acrylic medium with a filler to make it stiffer (I believe the filler is marble dust?). The layer of plastic film is an attempt to keep it smooth while it dries. It does slow the drying, and can introduce other issues if removed too soon. I've also made a start on a holder for the model. The idea here is that the upright piece of wood will protect any sticky out things when I drop the model.
  15. Thanks Pete. There is a review of the Combrig Renown on Steel Navy that I find useful: http://www.steelnavy.com/CombrigRenown.htm The base has been given a coat of paint all around (zinc white, 'cause that is what I had to hand), and the top & bottom have thin layers of molding (sic) paste. It is sandwiched between layers of plastic film to help smooth the surface, though that can introduce it's own problems and slows the drying noticably. I've also made a building base (jig?) that should make the ship easier to handle and help protect the sticky out things when I drop the model. The hull is placed here for now...
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