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  1. This arrived today The kit is an early release version with interior - or, at least, the crew area (don't think it has an engine) ... the interior may be a bit too much for a GB anyway. Has anybody experience with Dragon's neo tracks? Think they are a relatively new product (basically a variant on link and length). See how I get along with them. LnL tracks always seem to break up on me, so I may go with some AM examples. {edit} Interesting, the box art shows lower hull escape hatches. The kit has late type PzIII hull with no escape hatch openings. The
  2. Can't help directly, but try googling "sdkfz 251 restoration" That lead me to this site: http://www.sdkfz251.com/ which has lots of SdKfz 251 images {edit} p.s. pages iii and iv have images of a restoration in progress {/edit}
  3. Hello John, you've been added Looking at that Turkish scheme, I took a look at your F-5B build ... good catch with the WD40.
  4. Bit late to the discussion, but ... I always thought of 1/72 as 1" to 6' (1 inch to 6 foot) - six foot being the height of a reasonably tall man, 1 inch becomes a good height for a miniature figure.
  5. Welcome to group builds Ned - your 1st Panzer Division project sounds interesting, I hope we'll hear more of that as the year goes on, The Bronco kit sounds like an interesting option.
  6. There are sprue photos on this page: http://www.moxingfans.com/test/TAKOM/2020/1125/8455.html (probably Chinese) From what I can see, no interior. {edit} p.s. Instructions on page 7, http://www.moxingfans.com/test/TAKOM/2020/1125/8455_7.html No interior {/edit}
  7. Welcome to the world of group builds - the Pz III should be a good place to start. Remember to take the time to enjoy your build and have fun. Oh, and, just to confuse things ... take a look at this thread It has become a little less formal than this one
  8. Yes Maurice, The Porsche chassis was remarkable because of its transmission - though it wasn't the first petrol-electric drive tank (1917 saw at least three experimental projects). Regarding Tiger tank transmissions, this page might be of interest: http://www.alanhamby.com/transmission.shtml {edit} The WWI French Saint-Chamond may have had a petrol electric drive (check) {/edit}
  9. Think there will be a lot of these in the GB. The plastic looks good - I haven't noticed the Longbow's bow in the top deck, but mine is still in its placci bags ... IIRC one bag has four or five sprues bundled (but nicely).
  10. The Porsche Tigers had electric drives, about 90 chassis - these were converted to Elefants (aka Ferdinands). The production Tiger I used the Porsche turret. Porsche Tiger Elefant
  11. Ready for the off. Very tempted to build one of my StuGs now - with a Panzer III on its way (last heard of in Duisburg), I will have too many kits to complete in the GB time frame.
  12. You are very welcome . Done Johnny B The old Airfix F-5A Freedom Fighter was in Imperial Iranian colours (I was convinced it was Jordanian ... then I checked).
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