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  1. Robert Stuart

    Eleventh Hour GB chat

    @Smudge, of course you are welcome to jump in - anytime before the Group Build closes.
  2. That looks like an interesting kit, with a good tie in to your other builds. BTW - An August start is appropriate, France and Britain entered the war that month in 1914.
  3. Thank-you, both. I do have two more builds that won't make the cut - a Gladiator and a Gauntlet maybe finish them next year ?
  4. OK, I'm going to call this finished ... (whew! it's unusual for me to complete a GB in time) Varnished, with a little pin wash to highlight control surfaces and key panels. More photos in the gallery.
  5. Robert Stuart

    Royal Air Force Centenary Gallery

    Spitfire I, 421 (Reconnaissance) Flight, 1940 Airfix, Out of Box, with home made seat straps, Xtradecal decals. Build thread here:
  6. Umm, er, it's not LO-P anymore. I very carefully painted the wrong camouflage, an 'A' scheme (I think) when I needed a 'B' - basically I was looking at the wrong image on the decal instructions So, a quick scratch around, and after applying decals ... I have this: That wants a second coat of gloss, and a few of matt, then I'm into fine details - undercarriage, arial &c. I hope to finish this tomorrow (hope).
  7. Sorry to read the news about your shelf crash. I do hope you can recover from this - those models look great.
  8. Robert Stuart

    Hawker Hurricane Mk1 R4118

    Mmmm, I like it, but, I've painted the base colour first, and then masked the second colour (says he, who has just painted a 'B' scheme Spitfire when he wanted an 'A' camouflage pattern )
  9. Oh, that should be fun I intend to build a Dr1 too, though in a larger scale.
  10. Oh, take a bit of modeller's licence there - they both 'did their bit' so form part of the story of WWI. Besides which (I'm guessing) most of us will only do stand alone models, without the scenery.
  11. The build is open to any subject from the First World War, or to incidents directly related to the First World War - I am thinking specifically of the Iolaire Disaster on New Year's Eve 1918 ... ... but there may be others - if in doubt, ask! Any subject includes land sea and air forces from any participant in the conflict. Dates: 21 July 2018 to 11 November Host: Robert Stuart Standard Britmodeller GB rules apply: models must be no more than 25% complete when entered no 'What If' builds participants must establish and maintain a 'Work in Progress' thread throughout their build, complete with photographs participants must post photographs of their completed build(s), in the GB Gallery a Poll (open to all members) will be held at the end of the GB, based on the photographs posted in the Gallery. the GB threads must not be used for the purposes of buying or selling anything In case of doubt please ask the host before posting your thread. Having fun with your build is encouraged, so ... Have a great time and good luck to all RS {edit 14 July 2018} Anybody who is signed up to Britmodeller is welcome to join the Group Build before the close date. If you have any doubts or questions about your build, then check in chat. Otherwise start a new thread. {/edit}
  12. That lettering certainly make your Sea King stand out, with a good story added - nice one
  13. Robert Stuart

    Maritime Patrol including Coastal Command GB

    Hello @Ettore, Yes, they both sound good, and builds with personal links tend to be more interesting - mention your links when you start your build thread. p.s. I found this about the Cr 25 (translated) https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=it&u=http://www.assodispade.it/fiat_cr25.html&prev=search In Italian: http://www.assodispade.it/fiat_cr25.html
  14. And now, a first go at green on the Dark Earth ... Hmm, needs retouching in places ...
  15. Robert Stuart

    Airfix 1/72 Spitfire MKI

    That pin-lining does look sharp - I'll be intersted to see the outcome.