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  1. From the photos, that looks very smooth and sleek. James, if the lights are retracted, I'm pretty sure they fold forward, hiding the reflector. See image in this link https://www.airteamimages.com/northrop-f-5_803_chile---air-force_130282.html
  2. Looks as though it has submitted, and that painting has started?
  3. That paint looks lovely Col. Five days to get there? That makes sense too.
  4. Seems as though you are getting those decals under control, that side looks good to me.
  5. The worst ever? What did they do wrong? Hope the rest behave better than these
  6. It will be worth it Dermot, getting rid of those seams. Good work!
  7. A good recovery after your stumble, this looks good in it's backdated scheme. Glad you enjoyed the GB, thank-you for participating and sharing your build.
  8. Gekko kit has (almost) half as many parts again as the ICM offering? Don't tell Enzo, but I'd be tempted to build the model with the smaller parts count.
  9. Haven't checked, but I suspect the ICM offering might have fewer parts? Either would be good options.
  10. Do what you can, and catch up later if time allows; it is meant to be fun. Real life takes precedence, whether that is family, work, or whatever.
  11. Remember Arya's pies? Now, about the red wedding...
  12. Love it, but Sundowners are good too. Coming along nicely there.
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