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  1. An interesting project Steve I can't say I've built a King Tiger either - or not in this scale.
  2. Nice one Badder, and now, at least, your tracks are done ... ... done - apart from umpteen more wash coats?
  3. Spue shots of the RyeField model (Zvezda shots are hidden up here ) Lower hull and Afrika components. The detached pieces are power cables for the head lights. On of cable was broken on the sprue, so I snipped them out to prevent further damage (these should be easy to replace with wire). Upper hull, tools &c Running gear and ammo - there are two spues each of these ... The loose ammo is nice to have, but ... why the racked shells too? The eagle eyed reader will note that there are three outer drive spoket styles and two inner styles (I can not see the difference between the inners), and three pistol ports. Outer road wheels And two of the outer drive sprokets The turret components Tracks, glazing, etch, tow cable and kit decals. AM stuff Early (or 'Afrika' style) fenders and Pz III turret bin. The Afrika fenders wouldn't be needed for this kit, except that I want to model a battle scarred version, and feel these will give better results. As with the Zvezda kit, the turret bin is the real frightener here. If I can get that right, the rest of the model looks buildable. Comments Early issues of RyeField's Afrika Tiger had two issues that have been addressed in this copy: The main gun barrel was 2.5 mm too long, reviews of later kits suggest that this has been dealt with, so logically shouldn't be a problem with my kit. RyeField's early (Afrika Tiger) pressings of the model had the wrong bolt spacing on the fenders. My kit's bolt match the Aber etch, so should be fine. Oh, and just to prove that I'm under the delusion that I know what I'm doing ... Some decals: The upper set will supply turret numbers for the Zvezda kit, the lower for the RyeField model. Reference For the Zvezda kit, Tiger 123 of s.PzAbt 503 in January / February 1943. And for the RyeField model, Tiger 123 of s.PzAbt 503 in July 1943 ... this link: http://www.alanhamby.com/gallery5.shtml And some notes ... Now .... one more sleep before I can start work ....
  4. Sounds interesting, balancing your D-Day build against your Tiger build - that is an appealing project mix.
  5. CMK do a Tiger engine - https://www.cmkkits.com/en/detail-sets-accessories/tiger-i-engine-set-for-tamiya/ That is also listed with Hannants (with the wrong title!) https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/CMK3066 Expensive if it isn't the right model p.s. CMK show instructions on their site - a Maybach HL 210 P 45 engine? p.p.s. If you can source one, a RyeField Tiger with full interior costs about the same as the Tamiya kit + that resin
  6. Is this the one with a turret, VK 45.01 ? "A little knowledge is dangerous, I'll prove it." I believe s.Pz.Abt. 503 in trained with these before switching to Henshel Tigers?
  7. Given those options @badger, I'd say Ferdinand too - if you'd had the Elefant, that would have been my prefered option, but the earlier mod is good.
  8. Three Kings, with only two options in the box ... wonder which star these will follow?
  9. Those Ryefield models do look good, and I'll follow your build with interest. Will you going with the full interior TR, or save time by skipping past that bit for the build? Be interested to see how you get on with those masks, I've been looking their product, but shipping them back here seems incredibly expensive.
  10. Thanks Hewy I took a quick look on Scalemates, and no, I don't think this is ex-Dragon. Zvezda did, apparently, use Italeri moulds for an earlier Tiger I, but this is a new tool. Assuming it all works, there should be lots of images of Zvezda plastic hidden below. Comments .... The kit ... most reviews suggest that Zvezda released their Tiger I with vinyl tracks; this one has link and length tracks. There is a report by vlogger John Moore who took a best in show with his build of the model - "beautiful, beautiful kit" Video ...
  11. Tiger I Information Center http://www.alanhamby.com/tiger.html Lots of information here, photos, time lines, and a scan of the Tigerfibel or user's guide - written with a bit more humour than most. TIGER1.INFO http://tiger1.info/index.html
  12. Don't think I've heard of Skybow before @PlaStix, it'll be interesting to watch
  13. Love your initial title B ("CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN TAMIYA" - quoted here 'cause B is bound to change it) - loved the film too Going to sit back and watch you have fun with your Tiger (mmm, could have phrased that better) Tracks, or the photos?
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