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Hasegawa Jaguar GR1 with Maintrack ACT conversion

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A standard Jaguar GR1 was modified for the ACT programme to trial controlling an unstable fast jet for the forthcoming EFA/Typhoon. Large leading edge extensions with weights in the rear fuselage significantly changed the flight behaviour and the fly-by-wire control system was developed over several years of test flying. After the trials the aircraft was loaned to Loughborough University and now is preserved at the RAF Museum Cosford.


The model uses the Hasegawa Jaguar GR1 with an old Maintrack resin conversion for the new leading edges and blisters. The markings come from the Combat Decals development aircraft sheet. 




Thanks for looking.



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Thanks all.


7 hours ago, Planebuilder62 said:

Well done Britjet, makes me want to build one as well.

regards Toby



It's not a difficult conversion even if you can't get the Maintrack or Combat Kits conversions. I don't know if the Combat Decals sheet is still available but most of the markings are easy enough to find.


3 hours ago, speedy said:

Wow maintrack, that’s a blast from the past. I was rummaging through my childhood bit box and found a C scale Tornado ADV conversion!.


I've got one of those as well but the radome will be used on a Buccaneer - http:// https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1692983


3 hours ago, AMB said:

Beautifully built and love the diorama. Presume the LandRover is from the Airfix Bloodhound set?  Maintrack....hmmm, must get on with my Belvedere conversion by them.


I wish I'd got the space to leave the diorama setup permanently, it ends up different each time! The Land Rover is the one from the Bloodhound kit and is very basic but does the job in the background. I seem to remember that Maintrack Belvedere needing a lot of work so good luck with it! We really need a decent kit of the Belvedere.


2 minutes ago, canberraman said:

Another beautiful addition to your growing collection of Raspberry Ripple liveried UK test types. Very eye catching all!




I think I've still got 15 types to go to have the full set but there are two that will slow me down a bit due to the lack of kits - Leonardo AW109S Grand and AW139



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Thanks both.


On 29/12/2021 at 16:17, HOUSTON said:

Did you make the hangar etc..



The hangar is a Polish card kit, it's very easy to make and a decent size. I've added lights to relieve the gloom inside a bit.




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