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  1. PM me and I'll send you some pics. I have cockpit photos.
  2. Actually Air Graphics have announced they will be doing an AOP.9 in 1/72, so there's something to look forward to. Indeed several schemes can be applied to an AOP.9, but 'sand and spinach' was never one of them!! The Army's AOP.9s were olive drab and dark earth camo. Check out my Auster book in Guideline's Warpaint series. Which ever variant emerges from whoever, this will be an invaluable reference.
  3. A lot of people didn't know what the Fairey Rotodyne was, but Airfix reissued it three times!!! Ignorance of aviation history is no excuse for not producing a kit that indeed many people have heard of and would build a kit of.
  4. I can't see it being an AOP.9,as schemes would be limited, possibly an AOP.6/T.7 with options to make civil and military plus a BEAGLE Terrier perhaps?
  5. I have heard there might be a 1/48th Auster kit from Airfix next year. No idea which variant, so watch this space. Anyone else heard this?
  6. Please let us know how you get on and perhaps post the results? Good Luck!
  7. Exactly...so much for innovation...just copy old kits? Would have preferred an Auster AOP.9 or at least something not already made.
  8. Three months later and this has all gone quiet. Any news update?
  9. Thanks Homebee, I wasn't aware of that! Trying to find a different option for KP rather than reinventing the wheel with yet another 1/72 Bulldog. Anyone that has built the Airfix kit will be satisfied with it and will not need another one! I have to ask KP why? A RAF Grob Prefect might have been preferable?
  10. I wish it was that simple but I addressed this with KP who said ' they have a photo that shows it in a darker red'!!! Clearly lack of research as their photo is probably either in shadow or under-exposed!.
  11. Two issues I was considering? Plenty of Airfix Bulldogs still around, so I shame they picked a type already made. Would have been better in 1/48 perhaps? Don't understand the RAF Cranwell one in a darker red, as ALL RAF Bulldogs were painted in standard colours. The Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force Bulldog is missing the Hong Kong Government crest above the stripes and was only test-flown before delivery with that B-class reg.
  12. Excellent Job Ray. I recall my Dad built this kit as soon as it came out, I think in 1959 (?) and I had lots of fun running my Matchbox cars up those ramps. Since then, I think I have built three of these, two converted to Mk.31s. I have another couple in my stash with S&M Silver City and British United decals, so this inspiration will spur me on to building them.
  13. I was on one of my 'hiding in the grass pretending to have a picnic' under the approach at Boscombe Down way back in 1970. I hasten to add that I was hiding my trusty Pentax camerea and 200mm lens from the MoD plod patrols. Then suddenly I was astounded as this wierdly painted half black, half white Sea Vixen arrived in the circuit. Of course it was FAW.1, XJ481 that I duly captured on Kodachrome. I was so intrigued by this that I converted an old FROG DH.110 kit to represent this aircraft. I just filed the nose flat on an angle to represent the nose camera, andf added the 'pipe' that ran down the tail boom. Alas it was devoid of a Martel missile or camera pod, but the finished model certainly attracted attention when displayed as no one had seen this before. Interesting to know the reason for the colour scheme?
  14. I brush-painted my Yellowjacks Gnat and it came out fine. The most important thing with any 'translucent' colour is to undercoat it with matt white paint first, as trying to paint directly on to grey plastic you are asking for trouble! At least you got the 'lemon yellow ' colour right rather than the 'golden yellow' suggested by Airfix.
  15. Thanks Derek, someone else is of the same opinion and that's how I have finished mine.
  16. I had two of these, having flown in three different DH84 Dragons, so had to build one, but never got around to it as it looked like too much hard work. When Oxford Diecast brought out a lovely diecast DH84 Dragon, I immediately sold my RugRat Resin kits and now have three Oxford Diecast versions, which when the few joints were filled, they were repainted as G-ACGG of the King's Flight and G-ADDI or Chrisair and look superb. They are already rigged and you would never know they were noit built plastic kits. That's cheating you may say, but a far better job was made repainting these than struggling with a resin kit!!
  17. In Scott Henderson's book " The Pictorial History of BOAC and its Associated Airlines, there are two photos on P.74 of BWIA Vikings, VP-TAT, in the early light blue cheatline scheme, which does have propeller spinners. Also VP-TAX in the later BOAC-type dark blue cheatline that is without spinners.
  18. Not 'Navy Blue', a bit lighter. If you can match the excellent scan of the original Airfix decals by Rossm, you've nailed it! Good luck!
  19. The decal sheet is poor with the centre red in the RAF roundels being far too small ( looks like WW1 roundels!). Need replacing with Xtradecal RAF D-type roundels. The instructions show the cheatlines as being 'orange dayglo', which is correct, so why include cheatline decals that are plain orange and not 'dayglo/fluorescent'?
  20. I have been advised that LF Models are going to produce a 1/72 kit of a Sud-Aviation Alouette II, but no sign of it on their website?
  21. 'Signal Red' is a bright red shade used on the Red Arrows Hawks and was used on the Queens Flight Whirlwinds and Wessexes. The 'Cherry Red' colour is correct for the 'post dayglo' scheme as shown in the profiles above by 'Wellsprop'.
  22. Nooo..wings and belly on the Jersey Airlines Herons were natural metal/silver. Also, note that the decals in the latest reincarnation of the Airfix Heron depict the aircraft as it is now. When they repainted the actual Heron, they didn't bother painting the wing markings " JERSEY AIRLINES" (staggered) or reg on the wings. The original Airfix kit had these on its decal sheet, so the kit represents the aircraft as it is now.
  23. I have one of these SMER kits in my stash and I rather fancy doing it as G-EBIZ painted red overall as operated on joy flights by the Cornwall Aviation Company from St. Austell - just to be different from a standard WW1 scheme. I shall be watching this build, thanks.
  24. Good grief, you do make things difficult! Surely better to get hold of an Airfix VC10 kit to start with?
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