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  1. Happy Easter for all, I have seen the post now, I would be interested in the resin parts, can someone tell me if they are for sale, and who can produce them? thank you! Linus
  2. Hi guys, which is the cost of the book, and where I can buy this book? I'm interesting in this book, I live near Trieste,(60m km.) this a history. Cheers Linus
  3. Hi Stalker6Recon, sorry for a really big retard I reply, about the glue for the decals, I had use glue "Gomma Arabica" a common glue for paper that children use at school, but can also go very well with the vinyl glue diluted with a little water (I recommend the vinyl) the first can make yellowing being of amber color! Good work and sorry again for delay! Cheers Linus
  4. Compliments Alistair, it is very nice clean and beautiful, and no damage is seen!!! Cheers Linus
  5. Hi Stalker6Recon, I also had a problem similar to yours with a KP kit, very old, the decals were brownish not yellow!!! I solved this: put a saucepan with water on the stove until it started to boil, turned off and inserted the decal in the hot water for a moment, when it moved from the detached support placed on a plane and with the help of a brush , with the water from the pan removed all the old yellowed glue, taking the vinyl glue and applying the old decals. Sorry for my mistake english, I hope you can understand. P.S. first make a test if the decals keep the temperature with on
  6. Linus

    F-18D 1/48

    Hi mates, In your opinion, which kit do you recommend? Hasegawa, Kinetic, or Hobby boss? Thank you in advance. Linus
  7. Very nice work, my compliments!!! It is a true!!!
  8. Hi David, TSR2 ia a great model, my compliments, it is very nice!!! Linus
  9. Unfortunately, we often have a bad habit, that of buying a model and we put it in the room, and we also start years later when it is out of production, and then it may happen that they do not have the required parts available, better open and start immediately work if you buy a new kit or at least check if the parts are all there !!! Linus
  10. Yes, I think it's both a studied move, even two of my friends found 2 in a single box at the cost of the single. Linus
  11. Dear 757flyer, this is address mail where I write: customerservices.uk@hornby.com I hope you can solve in a short time, crossing fingers. All the best Linus
  12. Hi guys, just today I received the missing sprue (wings, engines and tanks), of my Mosquito PRXVI 1/48, really good guys of Airfix customer support. I'm really happy, THANK YOU AIRFIX!!! and all the guys in the forum who supported me, THANK YOU!!! Linus
  13. Hi Roberto, very nice job, I have the nightfighet and I hope the decals are good!!! Cheers linus
  14. Great job, one of my favourite jet, many time to see in AB Aviano!!!
  15. A really great work, compliments, it falls at a particular time Farewell Tonka!!!
  16. BritJet, thank you of your help, Linus
  17. HI Folks, someone knows the matches in FS. of colors Mr. Hobby C374 Shallow Ocean Blue, C375 Deep Ocean Blue ? Thank you in advance. Linus
  18. Until GWH was not present on the market Eduard or Academy seemed the Top, so you see ..... of course if you have to go to a competition, and maybe you want to aim to get among the first then .... Linus
  19. Linus

    The best 1/48 F-14

    I fully agree with exdraken, so much so that yesterday I bought through a friend in base, a F-14D 1/48 for only $ 18.00, Revell kit, it is the old monogram with new parts (seats, engine exhaust, sensors under the nose) much simple, but in effect when finished, I will change the main wheels ....certainly I'm not going to spend about $ 99.00 or more for a model (already done once) . What matters is having fun and spending some time in carefree !!! Linus
  20. Linus

    The best 1/48 F-14

    Good morning guys, I say mine, the Tamiya is in my opinion the best, both as a simplicity of construction and as forms, on the other hand, the very high price. Sure if I had to choose between Hasegawa and Tamiya, there is no doubt Tamiya !!! But if one is satisfied with the Academy, even if with some faults, it is a very valid alternative, quality / price. Once assembled well with well-painted invisible plastering, with a nice weathering and beautiful after market decals, all the defects will go into the background. I own both Tamiya and Academy, I also had a Hasegawa, which I sold as soon as
  21. guys thanks for your help, as I had guessed something about the prototypes, but not having publications that would give me confirmation I preferred to ask on the forum, before making a mistake, thank you gingerbob, and John R your contribution has been crucial. Now I'm very glad, because it is also interesting to know the history of the models that are built. Linus
  22. Hello guys, recently a friend told me that the wings of Attacker's first specimens were devoid of the folding mechanism, in order to create less space on board the aircraft carriers. I would like to know if this is true, and if yes, I would like to know which series were subject to this lack (certainly only Attacker F1) or maybe it was typical only of the prototypes? Thanks in advance to all those who will answer Cheers Linus
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