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  1. I’m allocated the Turkish flag and will build ONE OF an F100, F102 or F104 - no, NOT all three! That’s in the spirit of the build as outlined by Enzo above. I’m also planning at least one Lightning (Gods finest ever machine!) SD
  2. I know this is terribly sad, but couldn’t resist looking my flight up! N1306L DC-8-71 ATL-MIA 13/10/82 Flight Number DL967 (good trip, flew a couple of L1011’s, DC-9’s, a brand new Eastern A300 and a Pan Am B747-SP) sorry! SD
  3. Beautiful! Flew on one of these (from memory) ATL-MIA. Superb machine SD
  4. Another cracking photograph, another lovely, classic livery SD
  5. Absolutely superb! Those VF111 cats take some beating in the looks department! SD
  6. Yet another classic, keep them coming! Would have seen this in Kuwait service, don’t recall seeing it as SAT SD
  7. That Delta livery was so classy. Loved the B747’s at LHR in the 70’s SD
  8. Ooh, that’s lovely. Another super shot and thanks for sharing SD
  9. Tasty! Pretty sure I photographed these at a William Tell at Tyndall, but would need to check to be sure. Loving your postings, thank you SD
  10. Suspect many of us made very similar mistakes, but we still have our memories. Another lovely shot of a classic airliner SD
  11. Stunning! That’s a great looking B727 SD
  12. Agree with everything Canberraman says. Vividly remember these at Mildenhall in the 1970’s, all the frames at DM over the last few years, and had a FY57 machine overhead (here in the North East) a couple of weeks ago. Not often I see active aircraft older than me (only just) SD
  13. Yet another super image. Certainly helps having access and the weather! Although I had airside access at LHR, taking a camera airside was a total no no, and rarely was the weather Texan SD
  14. Classy, looks great. Another lovely photo SD
  15. Yet another lovely photo of a classic airliner. Had the pleasure of riding a Delta DC-8-70 back in the day SD
  16. Same as usual for me, all 1/72 Lightning F1/3, I guess a tub would be too much to ask Javelin Canberra Sea Vixen and I guess a new Jag and Hunter family wouldn’t go amiss Last granted wish was the Bucc SD
  17. There should also be photos of the B707’s and B737’s knocking around. Very similar livery to the 76’s SD
  18. Einar I was based at LHR when we had numerous visits of these, I think we had 5 one day ( forgive me if this is incorrect, it was a very long time ago). It was a mixture of Air Force machines and Iraqi Airways - these were definitely dark green, not black SD
  19. That said, the F-86 selection is pretty saucy, so are the T-33’s… SD
  20. I simply have no idea what to build. I’ve had these Flight Colours decals for as long as I can remember - donkeys years. Suspect I’ll kick off with a CF-104 as I have plenty of Starfighters in the stash SD
  21. I did this in reverse. When I met my wife, I was living to the west of London (I was based at LHR) and Mrs SD lived in a small village in rural Essex. Approaching retirement I sold up and moved to Essex. I ‘hated’ it, I’m not built for country living as all the stuff outlined by Dennis didn’t do it for me. Upon retirement we sold up and moved 300 miles north, now living on the coast just 15 minutes train ride to Newcastle and I love it. I filled the car up the other day, first time this year! City life for me, every time SD
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