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  1. Another thumbs up, that looks fantastic, then I was always a fan of the BA World Images (well, most of them) SD
  2. Was at Edwards AFB for the Open House in 1997 when the NASA SR71B did a Mach 3 pass - not something you see every day of the week! Loving your build of this awesome machine SD
  3. Heller Noratlas on its way. Starting an inventory of my hundreds of decal sheets and found a lovely IDFAF machine. Will it ever get built? Who knows? SD
  4. Indeed the passage of time is increasingly annoying! And if Canberraman will forgive me, here’s a little memory for Bill Cottesmore, September 1982 SD
  5. I’m with Alpha Delta 210, hard to believe it’s 20 years (a bit like the 57- KC135’s that fly OTT Newcastle fairly regularly) Lovely photos SD
  6. I’ll post a picture when it arrives from the Big H - promise! SD
  7. The Wellesley has arrived so I’m in with that. Absolutely remember building that when it came out and the completed build lasted a long time. However, in a moment of utter madness I’ve just bought something that will qualify for the bomber/strike/ground attack gb which I’m highly unlikely to ever build as it’s so far out of my sphere of interest. Impulse buys, humph….but it’ll be cool if I do get round to it!! SD
  8. What a marvellous documentary. I’ve got a very big grin across my ugly mug! Would love to go and see that collection - maybe one day? SD
  9. Fabulous looking F102. Was lucky enough to see a few of these birds fly SD
  10. I need a jolly good KUTA to even consider joining the KUTA GB, which is ridiculous given my shelf of doom looks like Davis Monthan AFB. I’ll give myself a good talking to when I get back from darkest Northumberland tomorrow SD
  11. Call a halt to it now, now I tell you, I can’t take anymore! This is fabulously exciting (one would think I don’t get out much ) SD
  12. Ah, those were the days. Great set of photos, thanks for sharing SD
  13. Oops! Naughty postman This GB is playing to my obsessive tendencies SD
  14. I’ll take that new tool 1/72 Seafire! SD
  15. Don’t recall ever seeing this machine, but your rendition is lovely SD
  16. This beauty just turned up, box still sealed and in immaculate condition (and not silly money). Even though I’ve had 2 huge stashes and sold both off (now working on 3rd), don’t ever remember having this before. Will it get built? Who knows? SD
  17. So pleased the Buccs are still in one piece. Lovely photos SD
  18. Tempest on pre order, but I’ll be delighted when Airfix announce their brand new 1/72 Sea Fury (I live in hope) I’m in SD
  19. First 2 arrived. The Strikemaster was a bit more than 25 new pence though! SD
  20. Not normally a fan of pre shading as it’s often overdone (to my eye), but that is subtle and looks fabulous. A real treat to see this beautiful Liberator SD
  21. Well, I’ve indulged in the tactical blood letting, but to no avail. My 22 years working for Air Canada is all for nowt now, all for nowt I tell you. Woe is me! SD
  22. Already have 5 on their way, too idle to raid the stash which resides in a 20’ container along the road! (from memory, I found a Strikemaster, Buckeye, Wellesley, Heyford and Privateer, and not for stupid prices) I’ll have a look in the stash when I go and retrieve the Christmas Tree in December SD
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