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  1. It's astonishing to think that photo was taken 37 years ago when the aircraft was already 25 years old, and under current plans and after re-engining, could still be in service in 20 years time! Great photo BTW Steve Mark
  2. Another excellent and rare image Steve. White A-7s were usually assigned to the 6512 TS at Edwards AFB Flight Test Center. The only other one I have seen is 67-583 which is now preserved on base. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  3. Nice image ST. I think though its a 42 ACCS bird, not 43 ECS - as they operated the EC-130H and had red fin stripes. Keep 'em coming! Mark
  4. Nice images. I do miss the sight, sound and smoke of the old J57 engined A models which were regulars here at Mildenhall and Fairford. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  5. At one time RAF standards for colour schemes, markings, nose art etc were very strict and any exceptions or changes needed AOC approval. There were regulatory technical painting requirements that to be adhered to to ensure uniformity and so an aircraft with reversed camo would have stood out like a sore thumb in a line up.
  6. Hi Leigh. In was in two minds about whether or not to attend that event and now having seen your photos, I rather wish I had! Great stuff as usual on what looks a nice day weather wise and with great C17 angles to boot. Mark
  7. I forgot to mention also that there are numerous close up b&w images of WE113 among others in Linewrights Aeroguide 7 'Canberra' which was published some years ago, but is still readily available. I did a quick look on ebay and they start from around £3.49. Good luck with the build and I look forward to seeing it finished Mark
  8. Here's a few images from my collection of WE113. Hope they will help. While with 100 Sqn in 1982 With 231 OCU in June 1991 Awaiting scrapping in November 1991. Regards Mark
  9. A terrific and eye catching selection of the RAF's finest and from a time before 50 shades of grey became the norm
  10. Shaun, What a magnificent and varied selection from a variety of shooting locations. I must say I'd forgotten how good the west end P&V can be when aircraft use the full runway distance and its a spot I've tended top overlook in recent years. Next year I'm going back there! Beautiful light, fantastic colour and a great reminder of how good RIAT 2022 really was. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  11. I wonder whether it was a simple case of the painters transposing the correct DSG/DK camo Pattern. There was an example at Wyton way back where the camo scheme came back from the contractor reversed, but I believe it got sent back for redoing! The aircraft in question is shown beneath. Mark
  12. Another terrific set Evalman. I particularly like the French A330 at Newquay and the RIAT get aways. Hope August is as good! Mark
  13. Another excellent event Leigh - you are packing 'em in this year! Great photos despite the notoriously difficult aerial shots where the sun is in your face much of the day. Wish I had gone now Mark
  14. A terrific and nicely captured set of images that well captures the excellent variety of aircraft at RIAT 2022, which was one of the best that I can remember in recent years. The lovely blue skies also helped! Thanks for sharing. Mark
  15. Beautiful shots as ever Leigh. Looks like you made the most of the time spent there for arrivals and I like the way you moved around to get different angles and backgrounds. Hard to pick favorites from such a stellar collection but I do like the E4 landing shots. I also admire your resilience to persevere if that intense heat. Well done and thanks for sharing. Mark
  16. Some superb images Jinxman from a different location to most of the others seen so far, I particularly like the topsides of the Finnish Hawk and Austrian and RAF Typhoons. Well done! Thanks for sharing. Mark
  17. A superb and varied set. Particular faves are the Beluga and the Vespina Voyager with the Red Arrows. Thanks for sharing Mark
  18. A terrific set of shots Shaun. Love the Westland helos and great to see so many topsides and background motion blur. Thanks for sharing Mark
  19. Another grand day out Leigh! Some excellent and unique shots, interesting 'people' images, and from a team that appear most obliging. A real taster for their displays at RIAT next weekend. Mark
  20. A lovely and unique set of shots Latinbear and a real taster for their appearance at RIAT next weekend. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  21. Another excellent day out Leigh which despite the brooding weather, produced some fantastic and imaginative photo compositions. Hard to pick favourites as they are all so good, but being a big fan of the Wessex, those including the Sea King take some beating. Thanks for sharing. No doubt you're getting ready for RIAT now? Mark
  22. A very useful set of reference photos Adam. Many thanks for taking the time out to obtain and share. Mark
  23. ZH103 and ZH106 reported to be leaving for Chile before end of July 2022. A third aircraft - ZH101, is supposedly being broken up on site at Waddington. Mark
  24. Looks just right and I'm glad you've avoided the temptation to weather it to death as we so often see on UK Phantom builds. Paint colours look accurate and nice to see a II(AC) marked bird. Mark
  25. Another lovely series of shots Jon. It's sad though to see the effects of the good old British climate on many of the paint jobs. Mark
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