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  1. Magnificent Mossies! Beautiful builds, lovely finishes, and greatly improved by the Freightdog aftermarket additions and decals. Mark
  2. Many thanks for the kind words. I too so wish that sqn colours would return to the Typhoon fleet,and get added to the F-35s! Mark
  3. A delightful and neat build. I'm so impressed by the quality of these Airfix Chippies that I could be tempted over to the dark side of 1/48th modelling! Mark
  4. Thanks Leigh. But you've been in a Dragon Rapide AND a Hurricane
  5. Thanks Keith. You are absolutely right - some of the squadron's former VC10 mates can't believe the leap forward in capability. Mind you, the VC10 had class and elegance!
  6. Thanks everyone for the brilliant comments and likes. It was a great day and I'm glad I could share some of the highlights with the BM members and viewers. Mark
  7. Simply superb Shaun! Fantastic images that were worth the wait and frustrations. I do like the afterburner shots in particular. Mark
  8. Hi Keith Thanks for the kind comments. Couldn't agree more about the lack of sqn colours on most Typhoons these days. It looks like the Coningsby squadron are particularly lacking markings these days which does not make for interesting photos! We were due to tank 12 Sqn Typhoons initially - which are still wearing full colours - but sadly that element cancelled Mark
  9. Lovely Autumnal light and lots of movements - what's not to like! Mark
  10. On October 8th 2021, I seized the rare opportunity to witness and enjoy an air to air refuelling mission, courtesy of 101 Sqn, flying in Voyager KC.3 serial ZZ337, using callsign ‘Tartan 59’. At 0953 local time, the Voyager launched from Runway 25 at RAF Brize Norton, and proceeded in a North Westerly direction towards the Lichfield Corridor. The mission was planned to take in Air Refuelling Area 8 (AARA off the Lincolnshire coast, followed by a transit to Air Refuelling Area 14 (AARA 14), off the Western Isles of Scotland. Trade was scheduled to be three 11 Sqn Typhoons from RAF Coningsby for the first fuel offload, followed by a pair of 41 Test and Evaluation Sqn Typhoons -also from Coningsby, for the Scottish leg, that were due to undertake live weapons trials over the Cape Wrath firing ranges. The first receiver was Typhoon FGR.4 callsign ‘Typhoon 19’. This aircraft positioned itself off the port wing before moving over to the starboard side, and at 1044 local began to take on 1700 lbs of fuel. It was followed at 1055 by a further pair of Typhoons - callsigns Razor 11 and 12, that took on 1400 and 1500 lbs of fuel respectively, utilising both port and starboard refuelling pods and hoses on the Voyager. At 1105, Tartan 59 departed its North Sea track, climbed to 28000 ft, and began the transit North Westerly towards next destination, AARA 14, off the Western Isles of Scotland. It became apparent that our aircraft was being trailed by the two 41 Sqn Typhoons (callsigns Apollo 11 and 12) that had departed RAF Coningsby, en-route to their weapons trial work at Cape Wrath. At just after 1200 local, the first of the two 41 Sqn Typhoons took up position in the AARA 14 racetrack for its initial refuelling. These two aircraft were conducting trials of the latest ASRAAM air-to-air missile. After this initial fuel offload, the Typhoons broke away from the tanker and proceeded North-East to the Garvie Island range. At 1320 the pair returned for a second AAR. This was completed by 1340 after which they accelerated away and began their return to Coningsby. Tartan 59 then commenced a rapid transit back towards Brize and we touched down after >5 hours aloft at 1519 hours. On with the show... ZK311 of 11 Sqn arrives for refuelling in AARA 8. 11 Sqn Typhoons callsigns Razor 11/12 formate on the Voyager after refuelling A view of the Voyager MSO's work station showing the trailing hose. 41 Sqn Typhoons Apollo 11/12 arrive for refuelling in AARA 14. Note the live ASRAAM beneath the starboard wing Back to Brize. Thanks are extended to both OC 101 Sqn and Flt Lt York and the crew of Tartan 59 for making the trip possible. Thank you for looking.C&C always welcome. Mark Mark
  11. Very nice video footage Jon and good catch with the Danish F-16. It's such a shame that so few Coningsby Typhoons now carry squadron markings, but it was nice to see a marked up 12 Sqn bird along with the 29 Sqn ttrainers. Thanks for posting. Mark
  12. Absolutely fantastic and agree, that that is the best camo scheme ever for a Herc. I too have very fond memories of the original Airfix release with the Bloodhound missile set. I reckon it was my main present for Christmas 1972 when I was just 10 years old. The kit's complexity daunted me, as until then I had only build a handful of series 1 or 2 Airfix kits. It was my Dad, who got me interested in modelling in the first place, that took over the construction of this monster and over several nights that Christmas holiday, he built and painted it for me. It was a treasured toy rather than a display piece for some years afterwards until time took its toll, and it succumbed to the rubbish bin after too many parts got broke or went missing. Seeing how lovely the Zveda kit is, I am sorely tempted to add it to the 300+ kits in my current stash, and perhaps actually something for once to take me back to those halcyon, carefree childhood days. Thanks for sharing. It's a build to be proud of. Mark
  13. Fantastic finish and weathering that looks just right for 1/72. Well done, I like it a lot! Mark
  14. Yep, sad times indeed and the Wedgetail is certainly no looker! Mind you some people said the same about 8's previous platform, the Shack AEW.2, but not me Mark
  15. I've managed to obtain a few more photos of when E-3D ZH101 returned to Waddington from Akrotiri, at the end of the type's last operational deployment on 4 August 2021. Here you go... Thanks for looking. Mark
  16. Lovely images from what looks a busy and varied day. Valley is such a photogenic base, I really must visit one day. I do like the Hawks in the 25 Sqn markings and just wish that the Texans would get the 72 Sqn fuselage bars. Mark
  17. What a unique and magnificent experience and superb photography. The black and white images do really look like period pieces. I must admit I'd love a flight in a DH Rapide. I keep dropping hints to the wife. I have a special birthday next year so maybe with a bit more urging?! Thanks for sharing your memorable trip. Mark
  18. A grand finale to your airshow season Leigh - beautiful and evocative shots as always. Roll on 2022 and further lifting of restrictions. Mark
  19. Lovely images, high vis markings and great slide scans - what's not to like! Mark
  20. The first 495th jet AF-302 is in systems integration/testing at Lockheed-Martins Dallas-Forth Worth plant. Should be flying in a couple of weeks. It'll be a while before all the 495th jest have been built or delivered. Mark
  21. Thanks Evalman for the kind words and to you and everyone else for the likes and commentary - much appreciated!
  22. Thanks Colin, I too remember their arrival. Where on Earth has the last 30 years gone?!
  23. Many thanks as ever Leigh, glad you found them worthwhile. A sad and poignant day but one I'm glad I recorded for posterity.
  24. Thanks Tim! I agree it doesn't seem possible that the RAF Sentry has been around 30 years. I can still hear Shackletons if I close my eyes and reminisce!
  25. This Huinter is really XE606 which was on display outside the IV(AC) Sqn hangar at Cottesmore until that station closed in 2011. This left XE606 looking for another home which was found with 8 Squadron at Waddington. She has initially moved to Barkston Heath for a repaint and once that was done moved onwards to Waddington for a formal unveiling on 2nd June 2013 (replacing the Phantom that used to be on display). XE606 is now marked up as XE620, the aircraft Sqn Ldr Tam Syme had as OC 8 Sqn from 1963 to 1965.
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