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  1. Spotted today on my way back to Lincolnshire from Kent. . A light blue and white Austin Cambridge (Pre-'63, judging by the plate), a Pageant Blue MG Midget on a trailer, an elderly Rolls-Royce (again pre-'63) which looked very nice indeed and, as a bonus when I drove past Duxford, the Catalina was doing some spirited circuits! Trevor PS I had a Sierra XR4x4 for many years. Loads of grunt, very reliable (apart from front discs!), and I covered over 140,000 miles with only breakdown. The only thing lacking was air conditioning.
  2. Spotted yesterday at The Lincolnshire Show. First, this very neat Mk1 Cooper S Historic Racer; And, at the opposite end of the size and agility scale, this Ford Galaxie 500 Skyliner. Trevor
  3. Nice work with intake in the rear screen. Trevor
  4. The Citroen looks lovely. Yesterday lunchtime, coming out of Tesco in Sleaford, a blue Renault Spyder and, later, on the A17, a yellow Caterham. Trevor
  5. That all looks very nice indeed. Great job. A Howmet, you say? That would be a great choice. Trevor
  6. Great job of applying the decals. Never easy over compound curves, scoops and intakes, etc. Love the wheels as well. Trevor
  7. An interesting story of an interesting (if forgotten) Le Mans racer. You're making rapid progress, and I look forward to future updates. Great work so far, and the colour is just lovely. Trevor
  8. Yes, it's still being published. I get the Le Mans special each year from GPM. Trevor
  9. I have quite a few issues of Pit Road magazine. Another good source for reference material and "hints and tips". 1/43 does appear to be in the shadows, despite the huge variety of kits there were manufactured. A number of the smaller companies (and some of the larger ones) have dropped by the wayside, sad to say. Trevor
  10. I agree, there are so few new kits these days but, much like Keith, I have more than enough to keep me occupied for quite some time. The printed FSW magazines were really good for the hints, tips, and build articles by Wayne Moyer. Lots of good stuff in them, and sadly missed. Trevor
  11. That looks so much better than the plastic kit part. Nicely done! Trevor
  12. Have to agree with Jeroen. Great skills on display. I'm thinking that "truck exhaust systems" is a fairly niche search request! Trevor
  13. If you can find it it, look out for the Testors version of Italeri's A-4M kit (Testors kit number 271). It may get re-released amidst the hype for the new film. It includes a decal sheet by ScaleMaster with markings for the Jester A-4E from the original film (plus markings for the final A-4M built when operated by VX-5). Granted, the decals aren't applicable to an A-4M, but I used them on an Esci kit and they were accurate and well printed. I'll try and find a photo of the finished model. Trevor
  14. GPM have, as Keith says, been going for ages. They are my primary source for the detail parts on my 1/43 models. Trevor
  15. That is a beautifully finished model of what appears to be a fearsome machine. No wonder it's called BULLDOG. Not exactly the work of a moment to get it running, is it? Trevor
  16. Well, that's different from your usual, immaculate, trucks! Very nice, and suitably "used" in appearance. Bravo. Trevor
  17. Tameo produce some nice mesh that might be suitable - Art. PG23 in their range. They specialise in 1/43, so the mesh may be a bit fine for your needs, but there might be other manufacturers with something suitable. Great work on the model, BTW. Trevor
  18. Well ,that is very different (and very shiny) compared to your usual models. Looks wonderful. Trevor
  19. That looks utterly brilliant! And you are building at a phenomenal pace - far quicker than I ever do. Another masterpiece nearly complete. Trevor
  20. It's a Lotus 69, which was an F2/F3 racer. Don't recall ever seeing them in GLTL colours with a Twin Cam in the back. Trevor
  21. Spotted this afternoon, heading north, just as the A1M transitions to A1, a white, E reg, Sunbeam Stiletto (or it could have been the Sunbeam Imp equivalent - the Californian?). Looked very tidy indeed. Trevor
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