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  1. My Clubman saloon runs on 12 inch Minilites. I think I'll pass on the transkit, based on your description of the surface, etc. Trevor
  2. The transkit looks very good. Rostyle wheels, the three different grille badges, etc. Just a shame that it's not my preferred scale (but I may be tempted!). Trevor
  3. Both looking good. The green 19080 variant seems to be less popular than the black. Not the legendary JPS livery, so perhaps that's why. Also, less successful in 1980. By all accounts, the aluminium chassis (which is really slim) was starting to suffer from fatigue from the downforce generated by the ground effects bodywork. Other teams recognised this and so the shift to considerably stiffer carbon fibre chassis began (with McLaren, IIRC). Trevor
  4. That looks really nice! I remember seeing the real car in action at Brands Hatch in 1972, and then buying this kit a bit later. The end result was OK, but nowhere as good as yours. Looking forward to seeing more photos, especially those from the construction phase. Trevor
  5. Glad you managed to redo the aluminium paint - never easy to work with, even with an airbrush, IMHO. Engine looks good! Trevor
  6. The bonnet boot badges suggests that it is a Mk3 Cooper S. If so, probably worth very silly money. Doesn't look too much like a basket case, especially for the year. My local specialist would no doubt turn it into something solid and immaculate. A 1965 Mk1 (admittedly more desirable) Austin Cooper S, which was crumbling at every seam and joint, sold on Banger and Cash for £20k. Saw pictures of it recently after a full restoration, and it looked fabulous! BTW, what it is with those Citroen vans that make them so desirable to trendy hipster types trying to sell you overpriced coffee, etc? I avoid them on principle. Trevor
  7. And a Range-Rover on Mud+Snow tyres? Trevor
  8. Great workmanship thus far. Really enjoying the build, the details, and all the little touches. It looks really good. Trevor
  9. Another build of yours for me to follow - Yay! I don't see any resin or 3D printed parts yet! Looks a great car, and to have the ultimate reference is brilliant. One in the garage, one in the display cabinet. Trevor
  10. Sadly, the #22 Gulf car didn't finish Le Mans in the real world. Driven by David Hobbs and Mike Hailwood, it crashed out in the dodgy weather conditions. Driving past is the Solar Productions' Porsche 908 camera car driven by Herbert Linge and Jonathan Williams which captured some wonderful footage (a lot of it discarded, apparently) for Steve McQueen's movie. Trevor
  11. Go for it! What could possibly go wrong? Trevor
  12. Can't argue with that sentiment. Trevor
  13. Not my cup of tea, but nice photos, nonetheless. Those wings and things - complex little b*ggers, aren't they? Trevor
  14. Nicely done, especially the weathering on the Salzburg car, and the damage to the nose on the Martini car. Despite winning pretty much everything with the 917K, JWAE's Gulf sponsored cars didn't win Le Mans except, of course, in the film. Trevor
  15. Nice!! Lovely model of (what is now) a legendary car. A great shame that the real thing didn't achieve more success. It deserved to, just based on the sheer "bonkers-ness" of the idea of putting a Metro on steroids! Trevor
  16. Looking good. God bless Evergreen! Trevor
  17. Lovely cars. So jealous of you driving the Delta Integrale! One of my all-time favourites. On my way to Kent today I saw what appeared to be an Edsel on a trailer heading north on the A1 near Water Newton. Trevor
  18. Not sure about the plug leads - not my scale of choice. However, this is my recipe for the dull metallic affect (please bear in mind that I only use enamel paints). First, prime with Humbrol 01 primer. Allow to fully dry (a couple of days, or so). Apply a wash of satin black (Humbrol 85). Allow to dry. Finally, dry brush with Humbrol 56. If you need to add a touch more brightness, then a further dry brush (very light) with Humbrol 11. Hope that helps. Trevor
  19. As I said during the WIP, a fabulous model of a wonderfully beautiful car. Trevor
  20. A very impressive level of detail. Nice!! Trevor
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