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  1. Your techniques are very effective. Love what you've done so far. Trevor
  2. Spotted in Sleaford this afternoon - a Spitfire themed Smart car. Trevor
  3. Very nice model - bravo. Thanks for the short history lesson, as well. That Deltic engine was a mind boggling piece of engineering. Trevor
  4. That looks really nice, despite whatever problems you may have encountered. Also pleasantly surprised by seeing it finished as Mike Spence's car. Trevor
  5. Wow! Another great truck - bravo. Trevor
  6. Looks like it was a popular and well supported show. Such variety. Some proper rarities, especially the two Imps - don't see those very often. Trevor
  7. That's a neat solution for the chain. Great work. Trevor
  8. That would be a great solution, and not too difficult, either. Trevor
  9. For the Le Mans race only, the berlinetta Ferrari P4's were fitted with faired-in external mirrors, which look bigger than the regular mirrors. Hope this helps. Trevor
  10. Your patience is being tested with this one. Keep persevering! Trevor
  11. Very impressive. Good luck with the rest of the build. Which car will it end up as, the 1979 Le Mans winner? Trevor
  12. Might be worth considering making a vac-form screen. I recommend Milliput filler as the material for the master. Trevor
  13. I seem to remember that the C Scale HC4 conversion set included it. Trevor
  14. Looking really good now. All the bits of trim, etc. are the dogs. I had my first driving lessons in a Viva HA - white, or pale cream colour. Trevor
  15. Great work so far. Love the pinstripe. Trevor
  16. That is a fabulous model of a beautiful car! Bravo on your exquisite workmanship. Trevor
  17. Ooh, that's looking really nice! Trevor
  18. Around 11 this morning I saw a yellow supercar (McLaren 570S, I think) turning into a residential area of town. I only caught a brief glimpse, so I'm not 100% sure what I was. It certainly looked out of place in Sleaford, though! Trevor
  19. In order to apply sidewall decals to the rubber/vinyl tyres of my 1/43 sports cars, I start with two or three coats of acrylic gloss varnish after the tyre has been mounted on the rim. With surface now suitably smooth and shiny, I apply the decals as per usual and then use satin (or matt, depending on desired finish) acrylic varnish as a topcoat. Trevor
  20. That's really nice. Great paint finish - not easy with gloss black. Trevor
  21. But the panel gap between the door and the front wing of the Mk1 Escort is a bit shonky. Trevor
  22. Spotted a very nice Dolomite Sprint in Sleaford this afternoon. Looked to be in very good condition. Trevor
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