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  1. Cracking images! A bit of colour makes all the difference. Well caught and thanks for sharing. Mark
  2. My pleasure Latinbear! Thanks to you and everyone else for the kind comments and likes. Mark
  3. A splendid mighty hunter. A great build and nice finish without looking over weathered. Mark
  4. A terrific build of a kit I was unaware of. Lovely finish too particularly the fading orange day-glo on the top surfaces. Mark
  5. A terrific rendition of the FAA Skyraider. Can't understand why the AEW variant hasn't been kitted by an established manufacturer. Thanks for sharing your inspirational build. Mark
  6. As others have said that high speed silver finish looks spot on. Looks a lovely model and clearly Airfix's recent aircraft product choices are going from strength to strength. Mark
  7. A magnificent rendition of the Faithful Annie. Looks bigger than 1/48th is some of the photos and that tubular internal framework is most impressive. Top painting and finish too! Mark
  8. A magnificent build and finish. That Grim Reapers retirement scheme was really tasteful. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  9. Many thanks Leigh! I too miss the C types at Lakenheath and was glad I managed a few days shooting there before the type vanished. I read that at Kadena Japan the F15C is also now being retired too so the days of the original ADV of the Eagle are numbered, but on the positive side I wonder if or when we will start seeing the new F15EX? Mark
  10. And here's another photo I forgot I had taken. It's 73-0086 wearing 159 FW La ANG markings as seen preserved at US Army Jackson Barracks Louisiana. Mark
  11. Some cracking images, you are one lucky fellow! Mark
  12. Super shots Latinbear. It's always good to get some unexpected aviation action whilst on holiday Mark
  13. Cheers John. glad you approve and think the shots will be useful. I too am quite pleased with the 3 ship formations. Mark
  14. Many thanks for the comments and support Mark
  15. Thanks for the kind comments Latinbear! I certainly enjoyed and made the most of this rare opportunity. Mark
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