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  1. Lovely images Jon. The C-146 was a rare catch and I hadn't seen the AK coded KC-135 with the Polar Bear before. Nice!!! Mark
  2. Some superb Mossies on here that show that the type has been well catered for by the world's model companies. Here's what I still reckon takes some beating, the Tamiya 1/72 offering converted into a PR.34.
  3. Cracking pictures in lovely Autumnal light. Seems that those Ospreys are rather high maintenance and troublesome aircraft but glad you got some action away from their usual haunts. Mark
  4. Thanks Shaun, high praise indeed Mark
  5. Thanks John and all for the positive comments. I hope that the current trend away from squadron markings is a temporary blip but I fear it may not be. Clearly the Typhoons have become increasingly unmarked in recent years due in part to their regular deployment on Op Shader and other real world deployments where naturally, the RAF is keen to maintain anonymity and improve security. However, there are evidently other factors at play. The RAF F-35Bs with their radar absorbent finishes do not lend themselves to the application of decals or painted squadron markings beyond the Lightning flashes currently worn. Also, most MOD painting and finishing is done under contract these days and so anything that is discretionary such as squadron markings or special anniversary schemes comes at extra cost to the taxpayer. And with a number of aircraft operated by, but not owned by the RAF, e.g Voyager and some of the Ascent training types, then the contracts of utilisation do not appear to allow for the use of squadron or other non standard markings. The trouble is this is also starting to happen with some other Air Forces. I saw recently that the Commander of the USAF's Air Mobility Command has banned the use of Wing tail flashes on the new KC-46 aircraft, apparently to reduce maintenance turn arounds and to ease the transfer of aircraft between units. Sad sign of the times I reckon. Mark
  6. I understand that although 8 has stood down from operational taskings pending reformation on the E-7 Wedgetail at Lossiemouth, ZH101 is still being kept airworthy for crew currency, and in the event of possible future resale. Mark
  7. A fantastic build and finish. That bomb bay looks the business! Mark
  8. Nice images Sven. Can't remember seeing the later two tone gray scheme on the F-4C, was it widely used? Mark
  9. Simply stunning. Every one's a winner! Mark
  10. Magnificent Mossies! Beautiful builds, lovely finishes, and greatly improved by the Freightdog aftermarket additions and decals. Mark
  11. Many thanks for the kind words. I too so wish that sqn colours would return to the Typhoon fleet,and get added to the F-35s! Mark
  12. A delightful and neat build. I'm so impressed by the quality of these Airfix Chippies that I could be tempted over to the dark side of 1/48th modelling! Mark
  13. Thanks Leigh. But you've been in a Dragon Rapide AND a Hurricane
  14. Thanks Keith. You are absolutely right - some of the squadron's former VC10 mates can't believe the leap forward in capability. Mind you, the VC10 had class and elegance!
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