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  1. Agree completely. For an RAF type it did have some mostly very nice special markings. I think the WWII camo really suited the type. Mark
  2. Thanks Pete, Have just come across another special scheme I overlooked initially. It is ZF210 of 1 FTS wearing the unit's 90th anniversary scheme seen at an unidentified location in July 2009. Mark
  3. Thanks Leigh, glad you like them and they brought back memories. I agree with you that the Tucano in WWII period camo is quite convincing and the type does have the look of a modern day Spitfire!
  4. Colin, Pete, many thanks for the additional insight. Mark
  5. In part 2 of the Tucano in RAF service feature I have raided my slide and digipix collection to bring you the specials worn during the type's long career. In 1990, the first Tucano solo display aircraft - ZF145, had a toucan design (after which the aircraft is names) applied to its tail by 7 FTS at Church Fenton. Seen here at Abingdon BoB display in September. ZF406 - one of two CFS Tucanos painted overall blue for the 1993 display season. In 1994 1 FTS celebrated its 75th anniversary making it the oldest flying training school in
  6. Chaps, many thanks for the likes and additional information. It is interesting to read some of the historical context regarding the Tucano purchase by the MOD, and also what it was like to work on by those who were there at the outset. Part 2 coming up! Mark
  7. A charming Vampire in some very colourful period markings. Small but perfectly formed! Thanks for sharing Mark
  8. For my latest photo essay, I bring you the Shorts Tucano T.1 in RAF Service. I will cover the three decades of service of this recently retired trainer in two parts: Part 1 will feature the various RAF users over the years; Part 2 will cover the special commemorative or air display schemes utilised. Shorts Tucano was the successful platform chosen to meet the requirements of Air Staff Target 412, to provide a high performance turboprop to replace the ageing but reliable Jet Provost as the RAF’s basic training platform for those RAF and RN students destined to fly fast jets. Built
  9. Great stuff as ever! Like Parabat, I particularly favour both the line up of spinners, and the aft shots of the Dakota and Lanc. One positive about COVID lockdown is the time and opportunity allowed for us to revisit images from the deepest darkest recesses of our hard drives and to share our memories with others! Mark
  10. An outstanding build and paint. Neither white nor red are easy colours to apply and you have done an excellent job with all that masking. She's beauty and you should be rightly proud. Mark
  11. A splendid model and a testament to your superb brush painting skills. I too do not use an airbrush by choice, and with results such as yours, it just shows that an airbrush is not the 'be all and end all'. Great stuff thanks for sharing. Mark
  12. A delightful Hun. Beautiful finish and just enough weathering. Nice matt finish too. Mark
  13. What a good year 2004 was. After a while each RIAT seems to fade into the next but the RIAT 50 book you mentioned earlier also helps remind of the best that each event had to offer. I particularly like the blue SHAR, the Boeing test pilot displayed F18 and the F117. Lovely stuff - keep 'em coming! Mark
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