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  1. Hi I don't think the aerial fit was very different in the latter years to that which was fitted in the 1950s, the only exception being possibly the VHF blade type aerial on the upper fuselage. One other thing to remember though is that the DSG/Dk Green camo pattern on Winston was reversed to the standard for the F.8, the reasons for which escape me now. No idea about 1/48 decals but I built Winston in 1/72 some years ago from the MPM kit using a sheet from Xtradecal I believe. Here's a picture I took of the model just after I built it. Good luck finding what you n
  2. Shaun, I think the antennae fit on the current RC-135W Rivet Joints as used by both USAF 55 RW and 51 Sqn RAF has changed significantly since AMT issued their 1/72 RC-135V back in the early 90s. Here's a pic I took of ZZ664 back in 2014 which gives an idea of the profusion of underside aerials. Good luck with your update. Mark
  3. Quite delightful Pat. Like you I find the Gannet AEW.3 a most alluring and appealing type and your build is inspirational. Mark
  4. Another top notch selection Leigh in less than perfect weather! I guess that's the end of the display season now? Let's all hope that 2021 will be business as usual on the air show front. Mark
  5. Another lovely selection Leigh and well done for sticking it out as long as you did. Hope your circulation has returned Like you and others, I too very much like the Dak duo - v nice! Mark
  6. Sublime. A beautiful build and finish. Thanks for sharing Mark
  7. What an awesome. jaw dropping experience! In my naivety I hadn't even realised it was possible to fly in a two seat Hurricane. You were so lucky with the conditions, and yes, your wife takes a good photo too. Not remotely jealous...! Mark
  8. You could well be right! I recall a friend telling me that there is a single Elsan type toilet toilet in the cockpit for the benefit of the 4 person crew use. On a particularly long mission this inevitably gets quite well used. More worrying was the story that the toilet contents had completely evaporated after one epic long distance flight and the fumes had been inhaled by the unfortunate crew members!
  9. Another splendid day out Leigh, and lovely shots that capture the event. Would love to have heard all those Merlins in harmony! Mark
  10. A great set of images and an informative and enlightening reference source for anyone building a GR4. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  11. Thanks everyone for the kind comments and likes. Much appreciated! Mark
  12. A wonderful and evocative set of images and some nice angles on the aircraft at IWM. I remember visiting Madingley with my Dad not long after I moved to Cambs in the early 90s. The WWII American cemetery was somewhere he was keen to visit and we went there one Autumn day when it was misty and visitors few. We were both very moved by the experience, the beauty and cleanliness of the surroundings, and the sheer spectacle of all the crosses marking the fallen, so far from their homelands. Quite unexpectedly a lone Spitfire flew over us while we were there, a sight and sound that lives with me to
  13. A cracking Wessex in a love;y high vis scheme. Can't believe you are new to helos! Keep 'em coming. Mark
  14. Hi again With the recent arrival of the 'Royal' liveried A330 Voyager ZZ336 to 10/101 Sqn at Brize, I thought it was time for a photo report on some of the other special schemes and anniversary markings the RAF AAR/AT fleet has worn in recent years. A330 Voyager KC.3 ZZ336 seen departing Cambridge airport on 25 June back to Brize Norton in its new VIP/Royal livery following an upgrade and repainting at the Marshalls facility. Voyager KC.2 ZZ330 of 101/101 Sqns wearing the RAF 100 fin markings, seen returning to Brize on 10 July 2018 following the RAF c
  15. Quite magnificent and well worth all the hard work that went into correcting the basic kit. Mark
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