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  1. 207 is not a Royal Navy FAA squadron, it is RAF. The next UK squadron to form on the F-35B will however be FAA and was previously announced to be 809. Mark
  2. The five Sentinel R.1 aircraft that were announced for the chop in the 2015 SDSR and which finally retired last week. Mark
  3. The A321 will not be operated by the RAF so no chance of a Transport Command scheme (attractive as that would be) so the livery will have been agreed in the contract that HMG has with Titan Air. Mark
  4. Beautiful! Bet that masking must have driven you to distraction though Thanks for sharing Mark
  5. Magnificent model and beautiful photography. That really does look the business and the end result belies your lack of experience with airbrushing etc. Mark
  6. Beautiful models from a most elegant family. You've reminded me I have a Pembroke on the shelf of doom that I really need to finish. Your results are inspirational. Mark
  7. A beautiful JP model in my favorite Training Command livery. Mark
  8. Hi Bangseat, ISTAR is a quite complex subject and each platform involved does have different but sometimes overlapping roles. From the RAF website it says about the Sentinel: The Sentinel R.Mk 1 provides long-range, wide-area battlefield surveillance, delivering critical intelligence and target tracking information to British and coalition forces. The aircraft has been operationally deployed in support of operations in Afghanistan, Libya and Mali, and is currently deployed in support of British and Coalition operations in Iraq and Syria. Using its powerful multi-mode radar, t
  9. Thanks everyone for the comments and likes - much appreciated. It is sad that another capable type is leaving the RAF inventory prematurely and Waddington will likely become a much less interesting and active place to visit. Mark
  10. On 26 February 2021, a Royal Air Force Sentinel R.1 aircraft – serial ZJ694 - carried out the last operational flight of the type from RAF Waddington after 14 years of service. The five Sentinel aircraft and V (Army Cooperation) based at RAF Waddington will be retired and stood down respectively on 31 March. The Sentinel R.1 aircraft have flown circa 32,300 hours conducting approximately 4,870 sorties – mostly on operations, during its service life. The withdrawal from service was first announced as part of the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review. The UK continues to invest hea
  11. A stunning and inspirational build. Great weathering and finish, hard to believe its 1/72ns scale. Well done! Mark
  12. A beautiful series of Britannias Keith. What an elegant design that you have captured perfectly in your builds. Mark
  13. Leigh and all, Many thanks for the likes and comments. It is indeed tragic that this excellent collection is to be broken up and a single resting place for much of the USMC history of aviation dispersed to the four winds. Glad I went when I did Mark
  14. The recent announcement that the Flying Leathernecks Museum is to permanently close at the end of March this year is very disappointing indeed. I was lucky enough to visit Miramar MCAS back in 2016 and the Museum collection was a must so I thought I would share some of my images before the museum is gone for good. The details of the closure are as follows: The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum at Miramar in San Diego – will close permanently on March 28. Miramar Commander Charles Dockery made the decision in order to save the $400,000 it costs to run the aviation mus
  15. A thing of beauty and displayed in what was without doubt the most attractive livery the type wore. Bravo! Mark
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