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1/32 Seversky Racer - Finished

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I'm happy to share my second RFI, my Williams Bros. Seversky SEV-2 Racer.

It's a basic kit OOB, but the shape is good and the build pretty straightforward if filler-heavy. It's taken a while, but this one was always a project, and I wanted to test my self with scratch-building the interior, and then decided to improve on the base kit's undercarriage, engine, wheel wells...

The ancient decals fell to pieces, causing some concern, but overall I'm pleased with how things ended up. My brother ran off some bespoke prop and sponsor logos to replace those that came with the kit.

The WIP is here, if you like scratch-built bits and pieces (and filler). I've thoroughly enjoyed it, and welcome all your comments as ever.









Take care, if it's ever sunny again I'll take some better pics outdoors!


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What a great colour scheme. Your model looks superb. Very nice finish. Thanks for posting.

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Wow, thanks for the kind comments all.

One extra pic - took it to the competition at the Huddersfield Model Show today, was very happy to get a 'highly commended'!


Take care,


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Stunning result Matt. I've enjoyed watching your progress through this one and the finished model is worthy of all that effort.

Hi Col. Really appreciate you saying that, and all the interest you've taken. Might just finish off that Mirage now!

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