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  1. I always put masking tape about 1mm either side of critical joins like that where I don't want to lose detail. You can use the thinned filler as per Darby's advice and then also run a cotton bud soaked in acetone gently along the filled joint as well, in order to smooth it out as much as possible to reduce any sanding required. I remove the tape soon afterwards as well as I don't want any chipping that might be caused by removal when the filler is dry. Hope that helps - it usually works for me. Cheers, Roger
  2. A beautiful, nostalgic feel to these lovely pieces. They all look like they should be in some sort of "Boys' Book of Aeroplanes." Truly superb work and thanks so much for sharing. Cheers, Roger
  3. Some really super shots there and a great record of the assignment. Cheers, Roger
  4. Depends on your tip size as well, if you get my drift! My old 0.5mm AB shot Tamiya metallic very well but I've found the pigment just a little too big for best performance with a newer 0.3mm AB. I switched to Vallejo Modelair Metallics and have been getting great results. Very varied range of colours too. Cheers, Roger
  5. I can live with Roden plastic but the great thing about this boxing is that it won't be Roden decals. Hurrah!
  6. I remember reading about this as a kid and being fascinated by it. I don't think I'd like to be the one-man crew though! Lovely model and I think you've just added to my stash! Cheers, Roger
  7. Thanks for the comments guys - very kind. Cheers, Roger
  8. Hi All, Just thought I'd post a few pictures from last night's thoroughly excellent night shoot at Shuttleworth. Well organised, friendly and helpful - I can't recommend this event highly enough and I'll certainly be going when they run it again. As well as having a selection parked outside and four aircraft run up, there was free access to the museum hangars and kit like the Blackburn monoplane, Avro Tutor and several others were posed for us all to photograph. Want different lighting or a change of angle? Just ask the lovely people there and they moved things around! I've got a fair few fil
  9. Hi Pete, Yes the PE rigging needs a very deft touch as it's very easy to get a kink in it when it's being applied and it won't go back 100% straight so you have some nervous moments ahead of you! Once it's in it really does look the part though. It's probably a function of the lighting but the tailplane surfaces on mine are painted white - only the fuselage and lower wing are aluminium. IIRC I wasn't totally happy with the fit of the canopy and that's why I have it posed open. Enjoy yourself with this kit - it really is a gem that rewards careful work. I thought it was a bit like an Eduard
  10. Bravo! That's really excellent. If you pencilled in a fine moustache I swear that driver would pass pretty well for Graham Hill! Cheers, Roger
  11. Hi Pete, I built the F3F-1 and used shades from the Vallejo Metallic Model Air range. I can't for the life of me remember which ones and I think it's really a case of using the colours you like best and are most comfortable working with. You might want to experiment with a satin finish on the fuselage but certainly no matt anywhere. I gave the wings an extra coat or two of Klear to make them more shiny than the fuselage. Remember that these aircraft were maintained to a very high standard so there's no weathering to be done other than maybe a dab of wash to some areas like the undercarriage t
  12. Thanks guys, I think the way forward is to experiment on the night and see what works best. As long as I get the shutter speed right then a combination of shooting in RAW and processing with CS6 should mean that I'll get some decent results. I'll post anything that isn't too horrible! Cheers all, Roger
  13. Hi All, I've got a ticket to Shuttleworth's night photography event tomorrow night and wondered if any of you out there had done anything like this before and have any advice as to the event itself or just general help around photographing aircraft at night. There will be two sessions where aircraft will be outside and firing up and I think there will be a degree of floodlighting, although I'm not too sure and I can't get much detail from the venue ahead of time. Photography is far from new for me but this type of work is. Tripod is a given, slow shutter speeds for spinning props and the lik
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