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Found 21 results

  1. In the club we had a Fokker challenge. Build the Eduard 1/48 Fokker DR1. I don't build in 1/48 but I got myself an Revell boxing of the kit and dived in to the unknown. This plane was used by DLR in mail runs between January 1919 and February 1923 but for some reason it didn't get scrapped with the rest of the warplanes after the Versailles treaty. 28/17 was displayed at the Deutsches Luftfahrt Museum in the 1930's. Now repainted to look like Manfred von Richthofen's plane. It was later used in the 1938 movie Pour le Mérite and it is rumour
  2. I stumbled upon this photo collection entirely by accident, and I recall that @Moa and a few others had a WIP and lengthy discussion on Norsemen with wheels, floats, or skis, so I thought some of these photos might be new or useful for modeling projects. What a variety of schemes and fits, and a couple of very nice closeup detail photos! Enjoy! Mike https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=0BpyA5Pp&id=7453481BFC711AC22B0798AB7DD80E3EA6B90485&thid=OIP.0BpyA5PpU6zwA5AOiAEDXQHaF3&mediaurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.norsemanhistory.ca%2FPhotos%2FCN190.jpg&e
  3. As this is the wrong scale for me wanting 1/600 for lines it might seem stupid to buy this kit when there are a 1/600 scale Titanic from Academy. But as I have a saw this kit is just what I need to build RMS Aquitania in 1/600. First I remove 10,3 mm from the hull. After the hull has been put together again more parts were removed. Now I have a hull that has the dimensions wanted. As Aquitania had four propellers while Titanic had three work has to be done to the stern. A piece of thick plastic card was cut and bent in to shape.
  4. I was given this model that had been slightly started. Wing halves had been assembled. Also the filling with windows for the cargo door has been glued. Every planned Ju 52/3m that I have is for a prewar plane where the cargo door has to be replaced and new corrugation has to be built. Now I needed to find a postwar plane with the cargo door. I found one but I had to build a door at the front. I used part of the unused cargo door for this. The Italeri kit has some spots that are missing corrugation. So i made a quick "dirty fix". As this pla
  5. I started this in the Nordic GB but got big problems with the fuselage joints so it didn't get finished. I restart the thread here instead. The group build made me dig this one out of the stash. But as usual, building out of the box isn't for me. First, I need to fill all of the small round windows. For this I will need lots of 5,5 mm plastic discs and found that a paper punch will make them, but it is hard to make them without wasting lots of plastic card. A piece of cardboard was used in helping to steer thin plastic strips to minimise th
  6. Bit of a weird one here. I've been cataloguing my loft insulation - a surprisingly arduous task. I came across six 'kits', for the want of a better word. Small little beasties, more or less snap together, moulded in bright green plastic. The only identification on them are 'Telegraph magazine' and 'Ford'. Me thinks these were a give away with the Telegraph magazine. One of the vehicles is definitely a Ford Capri - a splendid looking car. The other has the word Lotus moulded into it, and is obviously a F1 motor racing car. The final one is, I think, an midd
  7. *Record scratch noise You may be thinking, "Hold it right there! This guy isn't a modeler of floaty things! That model doesn't look like its plastic! Hell, we're not even sure if he's a real Yank, or even a person!" And you would be mostly right. I don't typically build floaty things, this model is paper (gasp!) - which I also don't typically build. And I'm only a naturalized Yank with Eastern European roots, so paper modeling is in my blood, To date, I've started several dozen paper models, and finished exactly zero. I used to get Maly Modelarz issues
  8. Here we go, my first in an occasional series of classic airliners, and the first 1/144 kit I've built since I was about 13! Thoroughly enjoyable to build, and took surprisingly longer than I was expecting given the apparent simplicity of the kit. I'd handpaint the silver and spray the grey next time, but it's lessons learned ready for the next one! All comments and advice welcome!
  9. I think @Moa is having a good influence on me. Out of all the military types in my stash, I’ve decided to build a civilian plane. It’s also nothing to do with my 1940 obsession, but I thought it would make a nice change. Not that it matters, Best Beloved is some years older than me. When he was still a young chap about town, he made friends with the owner of an Auster Autocrat. We are talking about the swinging sixties, when Best Beloved lived in the outer reaches of East London, also known as Essex, and worked for a firm based in the Medway Towns. To avoid the hack across the Tham
  10. Had no intentions on doing this little kit just yet. Knocked my coffee over and made a mess all over the bits and bobs. Thought I had better start it then. Looks like it will be an easy kit to build Decals and masks Thanks for stopping by for a look. Stephen
  11. Next build once AEC MK1 is ready for paint. Pictures later
  12. Howdy folks, this is for now just a slot keeper, I'll add photos as soon as I get the jest of how to post them. Enjoy the group.
  13. Greetings everyone! Along with my Airfix Spitfire Prototype, I've recently finished this model of the High Speed Spitfire. I've chosen to model it in it's later form, with the radiator removed and the DeHavilland propeller (mainly because that was the easiest way). The modifications are: - Filled panel lines except on the cowling. - Landing gear legs from the Airfix Mk.I kit (since I needed the Tamiya legs, which don't have gear doors attached, for the Airfix one) - Shortened and rounded wingtips (a suprisingly small amount given how different they lo
  14. Hello all, I am intending to build the Revell 04478-0389 1/32 kit of the venerable Sud-Aviation SE 3130 Alouette II, but on floats, in civillian livery and markings. The aircraft chosen will be Zulu Kilo Hotel November Whisky (KZ-HNW) registered to Helicopters NZ (HNZ) and has an all-orange airframe with white cabin roof and yellow tail skid. The floats appear in the photo that I have to be white or a very light grey, with dark grey strips. Kit box via Scalemates: The photo of the aircaft can be seen here (via the HelicoptersNZ in t
  15. Hello I am joining this Group Build with this training aircraft which is the Boulton Paul Balliol. As I have been seduced by the box art of this recent kit made by Special Hobby, here she is in civilian guise. This airplane was used as a demonstrator. First I started to make the cockpit with the metal and injected parts from the box. The instrument panel was made of a picture behind the metal part Next I painted the cockpit with mainly a very dark grey I glued the
  16. Well, this morning I shot some spray-can green on the interior bits of my Tiger Moth, so I guess that means that it is officially started. In my wildest fantasies (err, make that relatively tame fantasies...) I'd like to be done by April 2, which is when the next "local" contest is. For normal people that would be simple, but I seldom claim to be normal. My plan is to do a representative civil-paint example- I'll consult the rules to see how faithful I have to be. I'm also aiming to stick as close to "Straight out of the Box" as I can manage, BUT this'll also be my first attempt
  17. Had a question for anyone with greater knowledge than myself. Could a 1/24 scale car be passed off as suitable for a diorama where everything else was 1/35, or is the difference too great? I wanted to create a scene that, while not necessary, could involve a police car for some additional visual interest, and fit the theme. Unfortunately, it seems all model police cars are often 1/24 scale, and there are no 1/35 examples. The only 1/35 vehicles that can pass as civilian seem to be variations of Hilux, which doesn't suit what I'm after all that much. Long story short, I'm aiming (in
  18. news from the Aoshima facebook. Link with more photos: https://www.facebook.com/Aoshima.Bunka.Kyozai.English/posts/1072048049472427?notif_t=notify_me_page full list of releases: All Japan model & hobby show announce items - 2015 OCT/NOV/DEC: 4905083014165 [DEC-NEW] 1/24 FD3S RX-7 IV type PATROL CAR JPY 2,800 4905083011690 [DEC-NEW] 1/24 IMPUL 30S (Y31 CIMA) JPY 3,000 4905083011683 [DEC-NEW] 1/24 K-BREAK 18CROWN HYPER ZERO CUSTOM Ver.2 JPY 3,000 4905083010747 [DEC-NEW] 1/24 LAMBORGHINI SESTO ELEMENTO [OVERSEAS EDITION] JPY 4,200 4905083010761 [DEC-NEW] 1/24 LAMBORGHINI SESTO ELEME
  19. At long last I have a 'new' desk which although smaller and lacking drawers/cupboards will at least allow a restart after a too-long break. And what dropped through my letterbox this morning but another early suprise...(although mine is rather more crumpled in appearance) The (not so) mighty Mechanical Horse aka Scammell Scarab which using the kit options would build up to this: I see there is a walkaround (yay!) but only one build thread (aww) so it will fit in nicely as being different to the normal 99.9% of kits seen. Now I just need to get bits and pieces sorted in to place before
  20. Ok while having a long boring nightshift I have come up with an idea for a GB which could include almost everyone! A South Latin American GB Ok after lots of requests by everyone.....well Steve anyway, I had a think about this and decided to open it up to the rest of Latin America. This GB will now cover anything and everything South American "of the border", as long as it was used there or built there it’s ok. There should be a bit of something for everybody here with all forms of transport covered, both military and civilian, even the automotive crowd with Dakar bikes/cars/trucks So
  21. Hi folks, What is the best source for black fuselage and wing serial code letters for my 1/72nd scale Tiger Moth please? I'm looking to replicate G-ANSM but don't know the actual size of the lettering used or who produces a suitable decal/paint mask in 72nd scale. Any help is appreciated. Cheers, Guy
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