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  1. And then there were two.. For some reason cutting plastic isn't as much fun as glueing the bits together again, however sometimes you just have to suck it in.
  2. A quick mock up of the main parts. No rear looking windows, better get cutting... One gone, one to go...
  3. Part 1 is already done - cut out the cabin floor and build a well. A lot more to go so I may bounce around a little
  4. Cabin. External: Internal Add in a rear wall and that's it for the cabin. Much work required on the inside, and I'll add or replace a few external fittings along the way.
  5. One piece hull and single piece deck The Hull isn't too bad, may be needing a few drain holes and a thicker run strip here and there but otherwise looks fine. The deck has some fittings moulded in that simply require a but of detailing, however it is completely missing the central well for the cabin. I've found a couple of similar builds from this kit and a larger RC version that will give me a basis for a slice & dice. Hopefully when added to web pix of the external fittings it will allow some improvement without too much pain.
  6. ...or Hurricane, Meteor, Vulcan, Shackleton etc...they do nothing for me. Sacrilage...
  7. Hurrah, proper instructions... I think I've been making too many oldies with 1 page sheets recently! Even in 1967 Monogram knew the importance of a sprue diagram...I just wish others would take note! Nice big diagrams...no hunting for the microscope just to determine the build sequence
  8. Wonder if they could be persuaded to make a Bison to sit alongside the Yak? Or even a baby CALF http://www.stormclimb.com/2011/08/28/lockheeds-calf-jast-astovl-aircraft-powered-model-seen-on-google-earth/ And that leads on nicely to the new Farmer...
  9. Patrol Craft Fast (PCF), also known as Swift Boats, were all-aluminum, 50-foot (15 m) long, shallow-draft vessels operated in Vietnam primarilybby the United States Navy, Initially patrolling the coastal areas they later took to the interior waterways as part of the 'Brown-water Navy' where they carried out interdiction, counter insurgency, troop transport and special forces insertion. In total Eighty-four Mark I Swift boats served in Vietnam, with a further twenty reserved for training, however they are frequently overlooked in favour of their more heavily armed and warlike cousins the PBRs, Landing Ships and Monitors with whom they fought alongside. ..... The Brown Water Navy as a whole is rather overlooked in modelling terms, and the PCF is no exception despite it's distinguished service. As far as I'm aware the Revell kit is the only kit generally available and although being rather old (1967), quite basic (61 parts) and lacking in any type of interior detail it appears to be quite accurate and has some potential. .... For the princely sum of £20 inc p+p I now have 2 of these. I shall tackle one and hide the other for a possible future project (original civilian or demobbed perhaps)
  10. I think they are in danger of standing still which could mean a long slow fall similar to how Airfix got in to trouble. Having looked through their releases over the last 12months I was less than overwhelmed. They should have the mainstream Luftwaffe types sown up just as Airfix are now the ones to beat in UK subjects, and FujiGawa in Japanese. Their researchers must have anticipated Airfix renewing their 1940 moulds in time for the anniversary but they missed the ball. If someone goes head-to-head with 32nd scale and the larger 72nd scale types they may be in trouble on the aviation front, and will the Star Wars rush keep them going long term?
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