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  1. Mandy reckons you have done a wonderous job. Well in reality I reckon you have done a wonderous job, she only wanted a pat. Stephen
  2. Pretty to watch, an excellent build as always. Stephen
  3. More progress, it seems I am getting slower and slower at this modeling thing. Anyhow some pics. Just a few decals and some parts to go and they will be finished. I have used my phone for these pics as my family have evicted me from the downstairs table where I did my modeling photographs. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  4. I came across this interesting kit while looking for bits for my Dragon 1/72 scale Saturn V. Actually, RealSpace Models have quite a few interesting kits I will purchase for the stash. There are a total of 10 parts in the kit and you need all of 2 colours for the paint. Box Art. Plans And finally all those parts. There are a few air bubbles on edge of the left half (in the picture) to fill but the rese seems to be a very nice molding. The right side needs a light sand on the flat side and it will be a good fit, we will see. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  5. Time to start putting these rockets together and doing the decals. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  6. I have made a lot of progress with these. I said I will get 4 capsules / spacecraft out of this kit. Left: Mercury Atlas Boilerplate, middle: Mercury Redstone Boilerplate and right I can get 2 other spacecraft. These will be John Glenn's and Carpenter's capsules in orbit modes. I screwed up the Mercury Redstone with the wrong decals, I should have used the black ones. This wont be a problem as I have 2 more Mercury Spacecraft kits coming, I plan to build all the different capsules. The other capsule is my attempt at Metallic Blue Black. Every time I look at the capsule it is a different colour, still deciding if it needs more black. Sorry for the lousy focus, I used a phone. It is good I got focus on the cat's bed. The cat's bed is on top of a box on top of a table where he feels safe from the marauding monsters - dogs. These capsules show that there is a little work needed to get the escape tower to sit in the right place. The escape tower is quite strong and there is no problem removing the material to get a good fit. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  7. I have most of the parts painted and ready for assembly, some pictures tomorrow. Today I only have pics of the warheads. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  8. I have never used foil so they will be painted. I have joined the rocket halves together on both rockets. I needed to drill the locating pin holes out to 1.3mm for a nice fit. These parts are painted with Mr. Paint dark aluminum. The Mk 2 R/V is painted with Mr. Color copper and Mr. Paint dark aluminum the other part is painted with AK Interactive Extreme Metal Flat Aluminum. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  9. This kit can be built in 4 spacecraft. You can get 2 boilerplate spacecraft and 2 of either porthole or window spacecraft or a combination of both. You can build the "Big Joe" mission with parts 13, 4, 6 and PE 7 and 4?. MR-BD with parts 4, 6 and cutdown 13, the parts for the escape tower and PE 7 and 4?, there is enough decals for 4 craft. Stephen
  10. The other half of the Christmas present from my daughter. I have assembled both spacecraft and can't decide what missions I want to build, mmmmm. Pictures later. Box art Back of the box and Instructions. Decals. PE x 2 And parts x 2. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  11. Haven't posted anything for a long time. My daughter bought me this kit for Christmas, she also got me Horizon's Mercury Capsule kit and she had to tell me she went over her budget. I will be building 2 of these kits as I had one in the never decreasing stash. Box art. Back of the box. Decals. Parts. You get 2 of this sprue. Some progress. There are 4 lovely circles that need filling, well only half can be seen and really non of them will be seen when the model is sitting on its stand. I have assembled the rocket halves and primed many of the parts for the 2 kits, some pics later. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  12. Thanks bigbadbadge. I am happily masking for the black stripes. Stephen
  13. Finally an update. There are many thin coats of yellow on this model, but I am happy with the cover, finally. Time to paint the stripes. I have not been totally lazy, have started a Training and Assessment course, nearly finished a 1/35 Academy M1A2 TUSK and my son has talked me into building an army of grots, he said it is good for my mental health, mmmmm. Thanks for looking. Stephen
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