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  1. Progress continues. I have finished most of the plactic parts. A good undercoat will show up any parts that need attention. Disk brake and axle assemblies, I will paint these seperately. PE parts Thanks for looking. Stephen
  2. I gonna watch too. Your builds are quite interesting. Dogsbody get a stool and stand on it, you will see everything
  3. Progress continues. This builds into a very large model as you can see. I still have a lot of small parts to add and some PE. Parts A28 and A34 after they are glued together are a pain to add to the gun. I ended up using a little PVA to hold the pins on the gun assembly so they could be lined up to the A28 and A34 assembly. I hope this makes some sense. Thanks for looking Stephen
  4. Some plastic glued together. This is quite a large model, easy to put together, with a little care as some parts are too tight not allowing for an easy fit and movement. Gun Barrel, sanded and ready for some undecoat. Gun Trails, I thought I had all the parts attached, not yet there are different parts for deployed and in the travel position. I have also reamed out the large holes as the holes are a litte too tight. These next 3 parts hold the gun to the trails and have required a little, no a lot of sanding to make for smooth operation. Thanks for looking Stephen
  5. I haven't posted in this forum before, I normally build aircraft. My modelling bits are in the container in the driveway, in the shed or out in the rain under a verandah and who knows for how long. I have managed to find some tools and have started this kit on the kitchen table, not an ideal place. Anyhow some images. Box art Sprues X 2 except for the gun trails PE and decals I have started to build this kit and some pics will follow. Thanks for looking Stephen
  6. and no blood, I hope. Beautiful as always Bill.
  7. For a bloke with a smashed finger and an overdose of the wog this is turning out to be a nice build and I do love the colour scheme. Stephen, whose modelling tools are in a container in the driveway.
  8. I lied, plenty of covid. Been talking to the wrong people, even the quak I see has had covid and happily spread it among his staff until he was tested. Stephen, teller of porky pies.
  9. Bill you live in the wrong country, no Covid here
  10. I like Phil Manzanera, have a couple of his albums and gladly rescued from the flood and safe upstairs.
  11. 'Her in doors told' me "if I buy anymore models I'm dead' SHE DOES NOT SCARE ME! We will see what happens on Tuesday, I beleive there will be warfare as the builder has made downstairs safe for the monsters (dogs - see avatar). The cleaner was not impressed with what the builder had done. The wife and I will run away to Ballina for some Prawn cultets and chips and let the tradies fight it out. A good plan.
  12. You might have wondered why there has been no more updates. We have to get our house cleaned and the mould neutralised (this is from the flood in Feb 2022). Nothing has happened for months apart from a lot of emails and phone calls, I got sick of 'Hurry up and wait' and started this WIP. The next day a phone call from the cleaner who wants to clean. Nothing down stairs has been moved because there was nowhere to move it to, it is amazing what a cranky cleaner can do, a 20' container arrived the next the day. Been busy moving stuff and there will be nowhere to model for months. Hopefully hurry up and wait is over and we will get downstairs rebuilt soon. Plumber comes Monday to remove the laundry tubs and the cleaner comes Tuesday, yeh right. "Her in Doors" has discovered the extent of my stash, not a good thing, she had a face like a smacked bottom when I got home from TAFE on Friday. Stephen lost for space now.
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