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  1. Thank you for the info Basilisk. Stephen
  2. Hello fellow modellers I bought this from a model shop in Melbourne. I thought it looked great and it reminded me of the movie "Dunkirk", which I am not sure if I liked the movie or not!!!!! I do like the white and black undersides of British planes at the time. Although I don't know why they used this scheme. Box art: I thought I would start the Spitfire as I have never built a Spitfire, it's about time I did. Spitfire parts: Have a look at the the free flash. I also got hold of this which I had the great idea of using instead of the Hasegawa parts. What is the difference between a Spitfire Mki and a MKIa? Thanks for stopping by for a look. Stephen
  3. StephenCJ


    In Australia this wonderful effect is called 'blooming'. An EXsPERT has told me it is caused by a sudden change of temperature or humidity and or high humidity. This has happened to me recently when I sprayed a coat of clear gloss on a completed model, I sprayed on a bright sunny day but the humidity was very high, Solution: Swear, Swear, Swear and repaint or build another model. You could talk to a auto painter (that's where my expert came from). My 2 cents worth. Stephen
  4. I agree. We have 2 Bull Arabs, the greatest time consumers. Off to the park a 0600hrs every day, except Christmas day we all had a sleep in, although Billy and Mandy would have liked to have gone to the park. Both rescue dogs, Mandy was dumped and she had spent most of her first year on a chain. She is now 3. We have had them for 2 years. They are inside dogs because we are afraid someone will steal them for dog fighting. Some humans are evil.
  5. Best of luck with the in-laws. If you were to call in here we are going to have a crown roast tonight. The butcher that made the roast wants me to put it on my head, a crown for a king he said. I don't know what is worse modellers or butchers. He also wants a photograph with it on my head????????????????????????????? Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year Moa. The kits looks nice, too.
  6. StephenCJ

    1/72 ICM I-16 Type 28

    A little progress. This is a very small kit. Instrument Panel. Upside down. Cockpit. Need some seatbelts. Engine. None of this will be seen Fuselage. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  7. StephenCJ

    1/72 Airkits Rafaelyanc PR-12

    Yes I agree, very nice looking plane. Hope your trip was good, Moa. Some progress. The Instrument Panel. A few pics of the interior. I need some Russian seatbelts and to make the windows. Windows next. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  8. StephenCJ

    1/72 Dekno Stearman Northrop Alpha 4

    Some progress. Engine. Instrument Panel. One on the left is my interpretation of a photograph, the right one is the kit IP. I thought the kit IP was not correct but I have found another picture of IP that is totally different to the one I made. The kit IP could be correct. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  9. StephenCJ

    1/72 Hobby Boss F-5E Tiger II

    Since the last post she has been repainted and decaled. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  10. StephenCJ

    1/72 Sea Venom FAW. 21 CMR

    Great job. Navy Bird built one of these. Cheers
  11. StephenCJ

    1/72 Airkits Rafaelyanc PR-12

    Ask Pin. They are great kits.
  12. StephenCJ

    1/72 Airkits Rafaelyanc PR-12

    I don't have wheels either. I want to buy some more kits, I will pm you. Stephen
  13. StephenCJ

    1/72 Airkits Rafaelyanc PR-12

    This is a really nice kit. Mind you there is not much accomplished today. There was a little time spent fitting the bulkheads, I have made the IP and a pic will come tomorrow. I do have a problem,the prop is poorly formed and I can't fix it and I have no skis. Pin what type of seatbelts do I need to use? Thanks for looking. Stephen
  14. StephenCJ

    1/72 Airkits Rafaelyanc PR-12

    Pin. Home from the dungeon early and have finally had a chance to take in the material you have posted here. Thank you as it will be very helpful and costly. I have seen some more models I like none at SBS though. There is a good chance I will be getting a kit or two from Israel and I'm definitely buying more Airkits. The Krokodil looks interesting. The boss said I have my birthday present already, she is wrong it will be at least 3 more Airkits. I will be in trouble, as always. I feel as bright as a 1/2 watt bulb in a blackout for not seeing the cutaway drawing, I had the instruction sheet folded and the exploded view in front of me. Wet weekend so I am intending to model. Mum needs to go shopping, the daughter wants Barramundi (fish) for dinner Saturday. That's a trip to Ballina 2 hour round trip. We have 2 Bull Arab dogs they love going to the park. I am not winging I wouldn't swap the dogs for anything or getting my daughter Barra for dinner and taking Mum shopping. Stephen
  15. StephenCJ

    1/72 Airkits Rafaelyanc PR-12

    Thanks Moa. Some nice kits on their site.