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  1. Mars is a wonderful place send the scum to Venus, on the way pick up the Australian politicians. They won't pollute Venus for very long before they are reduced to primeval soup. The Russian Veneras didn't last very long. Venera 12 lasted 110 minutes before it dissolved. Maybe there is slim on Venus, there would be if the politicians went there. There is an hay fever pill add on TV here where they send all the people with hay fever to Mars. The add makers forgot that Mars has dust storms. I am doing a Work Health and Safety course and I SHOULDN'T be looking at models or dreaming of Mars. Stephen going to Mars
  2. Talking about things Mars, my name is going to Mars. Some fellow on Stargazers Lounge (my wife thinks this is some sort of porno site, silly woman) gave me a link to this and I followed the links got a boarding pass. Stephen going to Mars
  3. I have had too look at the pics again. 50,000 likes.
  4. Yeah. Swish is the correct word for this model, mmm Swish
  5. I am thinking I should get one..... 'Her Indoors' might smack me on the bum for even thinking about getting one of these. Beautiful modelling, too.
  6. What does that mean? Good to see you back Moa. Those decals are very nice and sharp.
  7. Guns are the kit's guns, I painted them black and highlighted them with a 2B pencil.
  8. Coopers Sparkling Ale is the best followed by Coopers with the green label ( I don't know what they call the green label one). James Boags is OK I just googled fosters and it still exists, I thought it disappeared. No one I know drinks it
  9. I have undercoated 1/2 the kit, finish the undercoating in the morning. I would like a copy of these instructions, sent a pm with my email. I have also bought Arma Hobbies D.VIII to assist with the build. I also got their Hurricane and 2 PZL models. Stephen
  10. There will be a USS Texas Ships Camel in my little collection, but not this time around. Thanks for the info Mike. Food is more important than models except if my mother cooked it.
  11. Time to start another WWI lovely. Pics of the bits and box art. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  12. Finished the kit. Had a go at painting laminated wood, mmmmmm. A very nice little kit. RFI Here Thanks for all the input. Stephen
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