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  1. Brilliant work Adrian. You seem to have mastered the Gimp. I use Photoshop it is more civilised and I pay a monthly subscription for the privilage. Again Brilliant work. Stephen who has had sunshine for 2 days in a row.
  2. You are braver than me. I took one look at the gimp and ran like hell. Stephen
  3. They reckon it will take a year to do the work, suppose there are plenty in front of us. We can get a drink though. Seeing your builds brightens up the day and you have a nice doggy
  4. So does the ground with a crunch and no lunch
  5. 60mm of rain and you think it is a wet day!!! We have had 60 feet of water here, 3 weekends this year it has not rained, 18" of water through my house and we were lucky. Lots of people have lost everything. Should move to the Adelaide Hills there seems to be less water there. It is a weird feeling watching water flow into your house and you can't stop it. Now we have to hurry up and wait for the insurance company. On a good note "Bunnings fo Drunks" (Dan Murphy's) re-opened in Lismore last Thursday. Dan Murphy's is a supermarket for alcohol for those non Aussies. Oh! by the way your porcupine is looking wonderful. WOW. Great paint job and attention to detail. Stephen who is sick of rain and prays for sunshine.
  6. Excellent WIP and very INSPIRATIONAL. Thanks Stephen
  7. Brilliant modelling Adrian. Love em all Stephen
  8. This is coming along well Roger, your bombs look good.
  9. Mine went under in the recent floods, it wasn't the only swimmer. Another has arrived from Special Hobby. I will follow along as this is a very nice kit. Stephen
  10. Your little Muddy is a cutie We had a Staffy called Darth Vader and a Dinky Di both were animal rescue also. Billy was found roaming Bonalbo and Mandy was dumped
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