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  1. The other half of the Christmas present from my daughter. I have assembled both spacecraft and can't decide what missions I want to build, mmmmm. Pictures later. Box art Back of the box and Instructions. Decals. PE x 2 And parts x 2. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  2. Haven't posted anything for a long time. My daughter bought me this kit for Christmas, she also got me Horizon's Mercury Capsule kit and she had to tell me she went over her budget. I will be building 2 of these kits as I had one in the never decreasing stash. Box art. Back of the box. Decals. Parts. You get 2 of this sprue. Some progress. There are 4 lovely circles that need filling, well only half can be seen and really non of them will be seen when the model is sitting on its sta
  3. Thanks bigbadbadge. I am happily masking for the black stripes. Stephen
  4. Finally an update. There are many thin coats of yellow on this model, but I am happy with the cover, finally. Time to paint the stripes. I have not been totally lazy, have started a Training and Assessment course, nearly finished a 1/35 Academy M1A2 TUSK and my son has talked me into building an army of grots, he said it is good for my mental health, mmmmm. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  5. Finally an update.. I thought I would have the yellow on last Friday, but alas..... Filling finally done and ready for undercoat. Seat belts and engine started. I was going to buy PE seat belts, changed my mind as I don't think the belts and much of the cockpit will be seen. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  6. Have a look at Navy Bird's excellent build here: Going to follow along with your build. Stephen
  7. For a little light music try "The Velvet Underground", very inspirational. Better than the Beatles. Try this if you are game
  8. Thanks bigbadbadge and VG 33, I hope mine comes out nearly as good as yours. I must be reading posts with closed eyes, I have just noticed tonyot has added a link to his fantastic builds of this kit. A mate has been there for 49 years and does not know what he is going to do when he retires, he has no hobbies. I feel sorry for people who have no hobbies, that TV will drive you insane. Progress continues, the fuselage ready to glue together. This is a very nice little kit, parts fit well. Thanks or looking.
  9. Thank you for your concern. I resigned from my job today and I think I feel better, mmmmm. I worked for a meat works in Casino, which I call "Fools Paradise". I was a cleaner starting work at 1600 hrs and finishing at 2230 hrs, did this job for over 25 years. In managements wisdom they decided to contract out the cleaning to another company. They offered me a job starting at 0400 hrs and finishing at 1320 hrs. I could not come to grips with going to bed at 2100 hrs (I felt like a 5 year old going to bed that early) and waking at 0300 hrs. Some progress: Some interior green
  10. I finished my Deltas and am not happy with the result, they will be done again at a later date. The doctor said I have depression. I can't seem to concentrate on one thing for long, this build will be an attempt to clear my head of weird scenes and get myself back on track and hopefully finish my other WIPs. Enough of the sad stuff and get on with it. Sometime ago Navy Bird did a yellow and black stripped Anson. Love black and yellow strips. I didn't want to build an Anson and found this little Northrop. Love a Northrop. Some pics.
  11. I have this kit in the mighty stash will follow along and maybe start mine.
  12. The pub food is really sad in mighty Casino. Casino is the "Beef Capital" and we get deep fried crap from frozen packets, soggy sad chips...... Stop.... The modeling is fantastic, Moa so are the food pics. Stephen now hungry
  13. Costa Georgiadis is also one of the above but in the garden. Gardening Australia Guru with a lot of hair. Off topic again, but lovely modelling by the way. I seem to have 2 of these lovelies in the stash. Stephen
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