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  1. Ok folks, another one. Do Smiths even sell kits any more? 33p (about 6/7-) for two aircraft. Not bad. I looked at the price of the new tool Beaufighter - roughly £18. Fell off my chair, I did. I'm obviously out of touch with pricing. I think I'll build this pair. Simple kits, with minimal parts. Not bothered with highly detail cockpits or whatever, which I never see once the models are safely in a display cabinet viewed from a goodly distance of 3' or more.
  2. Another one, quite expensive at 84p! On the other hand, prices today seem to be between £22 and some silly price on evil bay. I've always thought about scratch building a wing to suit the Stirlings fuselage length - rather than the 99' imposed by the Ministry. What do you reckon, 129'?
  3. Morning, all, Somewhere in one of the forums, I came across a post about a recently formed group who buy stashes. They were set up in response to hearing about thousands of kits being sent to rubbish tips as relatives of the deceased didn't realise their worth. One key aspect of this group caught my eye. Where a model has been built or to far started for serious modelling, they will try and donate said model or kit to worthy organisations. Possibly museums for the former, more typically children's groups for the latter. Can anyone remember this group?
  4. And another one for you. I wonder - was it really $5 to the pound? I remember Lamont (?) in the 80's desperately trying to keep the rate above $2 to the pound.
  5. Very true, Dave. You definitely have a better memory than me. However (why is there always a however or a but?) my prices were in LSD. We didn't go decimal until 15th February 1971. A snippet of information seared into my brain - probably because of the huge publicity campaign, and that it made calculating prices so much easier. I reckon my 1/6- prices were about 1968 ish. The price hike was also seared into my brain. Probably had to carry me out of Woolies on a stretcher having fainted from the shock of a 3d price rise. By 1973, series 1 kits were over four bob - if th
  6. I am in the process of cataloguing my loft insulation. In doing so I noticed some price stickers. Boy did they bring back memories. One in particular springs to mind. Airfix increased the price of their series 1 kits from 1/6- to 1/9- (that's 7.5p to 9p for you young'uns). I was horrified. Prices tended to be pretty stable, hardly changing from year to year. When they did go up, they didn't go up by 3d on something priced 1/6-. Half a penny at most, maybe 1 penny if they were really pushed; but not 3 whole pennies!!! Scandalous. I thought I'd share a couple of gems I'd
  7. I came across a Heller Aurora in my loft insulation sort out. Turning to Scalemates to figure its history, I was surprised to see the Heller boxing only appearing once, in the 1970s. Subsequent entries are for other manufacturers e.g. Maquette. Did Heller sell off the molds for this vessel? or Did they allow it be cross-kitted, thereafter not producing it themselves? or Did they sell off the molds? Shame I can't find the box for the kit. Many thanks, Angus
  8. Bit of a weird one here. I've been cataloguing my loft insulation - a surprisingly arduous task. I came across six 'kits', for the want of a better word. Small little beasties, more or less snap together, moulded in bright green plastic. The only identification on them are 'Telegraph magazine' and 'Ford'. Me thinks these were a give away with the Telegraph magazine. One of the vehicles is definitely a Ford Capri - a splendid looking car. The other has the word Lotus moulded into it, and is obviously a F1 motor racing car. The final one is, I think, an midd
  9. After sitting on the partially complete shelf of doom, I finally got up the gumption to finish this rather marvellous kit. A curious mixture of superlative engineering coupled with strange design considerations and lousy construction sequence. All previous incarnations of an Airfix Lancaster allowed you, I believe, to construct it with large sub-assemblies; only bolting the bits together after painting e.g. A Lancaster in bits With their newest Lanc, Airfix has long wing spars on which you hang the wings, and then everything is added to the airframe, including all thos
  10. Finally got round to finishing this. Second tank of the year, well, last five or six years actually. I don't usually build armour, but seem to have quite a few in the build queue. I wouldn't know if this was a last production tiger or not, even if it came up to me and bit me. I just like it. The build process was, shall we say, interesting and a little fraught in places, not least due to the vague instructions. I was put off, for the longest time, by the tracks. I hate individual tracks and links. That being said, this kit had
  11. With the varnish still drying, I'm calling this one done and photographing it. Aerials need to be fitted and, rather distressingly, I appear to have lost a small part that fits on the rear of the commander's hatch This is Dragon's Sherman Firefly 1c. I've had it in my stash for years, always meaning to build it , but put off by the individual track links. I haven't the patience to put them together, and bought AFV club's T62 Track for M4 VVSS. No idea if it correct for this Sherman, but I wasn't about to put those links together. Having boug
  12. I always admire the patience of those who build ship models. But to scratch build as well. That's in a different league all together. Wonderful!
  13. Excellent first armour. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  14. I've recently completed a Merkava, but it pales in comparison to yours. Such patience, skill and attention to detail!
  15. I am in awe of the rusting on the blade. Magnificent!
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