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  1. This is the 1/72-scale Hasegawa TBF 1-C Avenger. Built OOB with some canopy masks: initially tried Eduard but these (shockingly) fit poorly and couldn't be used. I found that DEAD Design Models masks worked like a charm. Mr. Color and Alclad base paints, weathering with Abteilung and Mig oils, AK and Tamiya enamel washes, and sparing use of AK weathering pencils and Tamiya pigments. Thanks for looking!
  2. HobbyBoss is to release a 1/72nd Grumman TBM-3 Avenger kit - ref. 87274 Source: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/8249037080 V.P.
  3. Modelcollect Hobby Inc is to release in 2018 (?) a 1/48th McDonnell Douglas A-12 Avenger II kit - ref. UA48001 Source: https://www.facebook.com/Modelcollect/posts/1003754996446267 V.P.
  4. Hi folk's just time for one more in the form of a little £5 E-bay buy,the kits OK for it's age and should pose no issues.
  5. Junkers Ju.188A-2 'Racher' (03855) 1:48 Revell The Ju.188 has a long and confusing development as a proposed improvement to the Ju.88, which was becoming less effective against the evolving Allied fighters as time marched on. It began life as the Ju.88B-0, but it wasn’t a major improvement, so languished in limbo because the expected Ju.288 was expected to far-outstrip it - once it was operational. The trouble was, the 288 was having the same problem with engines that the 188 was, plus other issues that delayed it yet further. The worsening situation with the Ju.88s triggered the RLM decision that some improvement was better than nothing, and the aircraft was given the go-ahead and officially separated from the 88 by the new Ju.188 name. The 188 had a stepless greenhouse canopy under which the crew sat, with only the rear gunner separated by his location in the under-fuselage ‘bola’ gondola. More delays were caused by the insistence that the aircraft be capable of mounting multiple engine types with standardised fittings in a “power-egg”, so that when the desired Jumo 213 engines finally stopped giving their engineers headaches, they could be retro-fitted quickly and easily for a healthy power increase in one easy step. It was christened Rächer, which translates to English as Avenger, which is a little ironic really. As the situation turned from attack to defence for the Reich, the bomber force saw its priority drop, with depressing consequences for the production of the new 188s, which were initially known as Ju.188A if it mounted the Jumo 213 engines, or as Ju.188E if it was powered by the BMW 801s. The 213 equipped A-1s were slow to reach the front, and were quickly replaced by the A-2, which had acquired a methanol-water injection system to boost the engine’s power to assist heavily loaded take offs and in emergencies. There was a torpedo bomber version that was made in small numbers, and planned variants of a number of types that never saw service thanks to the state of the war, coupled with the RLM’s focus on fighters as things got worse. The end of the type saw the high-altitude versions being split off under the name Ju.388, only a few of which saw service. After the war a number of captured airframes were operated by the Allies for evaluation, but none of them survived to reach museums. The Kit This is a re-release of the original 1994 Dragon kit by Revell, but that's no bad thing because it is a product of Dragon’s heyday, it is the only injection moulded kit of the type in this scale, and until fairly recently the kit has been harder to find as the years go by. Someone has removed some of the Dragon logos from the sprues, but not others, so it doesn’t take an expert to guess its origins. It arrives in a slightly-too-large top-opening box, and inside you will find thirteen sprues in grey styrene, two in clear, a small Photo-Etch (PE) fret and the instructions that hide the decals and one of those annoying safety sheets within. The detail is good, and the only thing that gives away the age of the tooling is the slightly rough interior texture that no-one will see once the model is completed. There is a tiny amount of flash on some of the smallest parts and a few sink marks on the wing tips for example, but if we apply a little modelling skill those will disappear under a coat of filler, especially if they’re dealt with before major construction commences. It’s a small price to pay for a handsome Ju.188 model. Construction begins with the cockpit, which is based on a multi-level floor part onto which the pilot’s conformal chair and the radio operator’s less impressive seat are fitted along with the radio gear and a selection of decals to depict their dials. Rudder, control column and throttle lollipops finish off the floor, and more instruments are attached to the starboard sidewall of the nose section. The nose is a separate assembly to the rest of the fuselage, as this part is the new section that attaches to a Ju.88 fuselage to make the Ju.188. If you look at the fuselage sprue, the words Ju.88 are written on the header, which can also be seen on a few other sprues too. A ‘chin-strap’ of clear plastic is attached to the front of the assembly and another at the rear with a Zwilling twin-mount machine gun projecting through the glazing for self-defence. The tail-wheel is needed before the fuselage can be closed up, so the main strut is glued to the other three lower parts and the tail wheel is slipped between the pins inside the yoke, with a detailed bay waiting to trap it in place when the fuselage is glued, with the cockpit section fitted after the two assemblies have cured. As usual for me, I’d be tempted to attach the cockpit walls to the fuselage sooner to minimise any chances of steps appearing between them, but that’s a decision for when the parts are off their sprues. The big tail fin with separate rudder slots onto a large tab moulded onto the fuselage halves, making for a good join, and the elevators have separate flying surfaces with two pegs holding the fins in place, and another smaller peg for the elevator surface allowing offsetting of the whole empennage to your preference. The two engine nacelles are fitted with tubular exhaust flame hiders, and the cylindrical cowling is made from two halves with a single adaptor ring that fairs them into the wings. At the front of the nacelles the cooling flaps can be posed open or closed by using the appropriate parts, and the annular radiator hides the absence of any internal structure from the viewer. The props are all separate parts that fix to the central boss, through which the axle fits and is secured in place by a washer that is glued carefully in place, with all that covered up by a spinner cap, and a sleeve at the rear that will slot inside the central hole in the annular radiator part. The rest of the nacelle contains the landing gear, which is chunky and assembles onto a flat plate, using several parts before the two-part treadless wheels are glued to the axles next to the separate oleo-scissor links. If you’d like a weighted wheel, sanding a little flat-spot in each one will do the job, or pony up for some aftermarket wheels if you prefer. The lower wing includes the rear portion of the nacelles, and the completed gear assemblies slide into place within after you have drilled out a few flashed-over holes in the inner section for the bombs. These are standard Ju.88 wings so far, and have separate ailerons and the Ju.188 wingtip extensions added to the flat ends using the usual slot and tab format. With the two wings complete, the engine nacelles are glued to the front, and the ailerons and trim-tabs are completed with actuator parts, then the wings are joined to the fuselage and the under-belly insert is added to fill the gap there. The gear bays get a set of bay doors with hinges and actuators either side of their respective apertures, before four SC500 bombs are made up and fitted to different pylons depending on their location under the wing. Note that the two smaller linked sprues were separated to make photography easier. The final fitting-out of the airframe includes lots of small parts, some of which could be snapped off during painting and handling. These include the crew ladder and door at the rear of the Bolo, D/F loop, the sunrise-shaped Pielgerat (PielG) 6 antenna, plus a few other antennae, pitot probe and clear light in the leading edge of the wing. The props and the forward portion of the engine nacelle are also fitted now, then it is time for that large, clear canopy. Before the glazing is installed, the crew-served weapons are added first, along with their corrugated spent cartridge funnels and in the case of the forward weapon, a PE support strut. A small instrument package with decal is glued into the highly curved forward windscreen, which is fixed by sliding the gun barrel through the hole in the lower portion. The large rear canopy is then placed over the rest of the aperture, with the hole in the roof filled with a glass-topped turret or a simple flat clear circular panel. The turret has the gun, cartridge chute and small turret basket underneath, which will need to be glued into position to remain in place during handling. Markings There are two options on the sheet, with some interesting schemes depicted that will no doubt terrify those that hate complex painting. The first decal option seems to have received a replacement wing, with a blue underside and splinter upper (see above), while the flying surfaces retain the stylised crazy-paving pattern of the rest of the airframe, which has a black underside. The second option has a squiggle pattern on its all green tail, just to test your airbrushing skills to breaking point! From the box you can build one of the following: Junkers Ju.188A-2, 3E+HK, 2./KG6, Melsbroek, Belgium, October 1944 Junkers Ju.188A-2, U5+KH, Wk.Nr. 160096, 1./KG2, Bron, France, March 1944 Decals were designed by House of Phantoms and are printed by Cartograf, which is a guarantee of good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin matt carrier film cut close to the printed areas. Conclusion It’s still a nice kit, and has been treated to a nice set of decal options, including instrument dials and even well-rendered decal seatbelts into the bargain. Now, someone dissuade me from converting this to a Ju.388. Highly recommended. Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit or
  6. Hi Fellow Britmodellers--- Here is a plane I just finished an hour ago... Took almost two weeks and its probably my best model thus far. This one is an Academy kit of the original Accurate Miniatures tooling. The Academy instructions were really hard to follow and missed steps! If you build one, head to scalemates and look up the old Accurate Miniatures instructions posted online. I had to several times to figure out how to build this!!! I added resin wheels, eduard PE seat belts, and the decals are techmod for the USS Essex TBM-3 Avenger. I detailed the bombs with printscale US weapons decals. One thing I had to fix was the kit did not have the tailwheel extended properly (or I goofed placement of a bulkhead, but not sure). I had to add a post to the top of the tail gear retract strut to get the tail gear rotated out enough as per photos of real Avengers. Looking at builds of this kit on line, everyone seems to have the partially extended tailwheel! So watch for that when you build yours... I painted in Gunsie Mr Color sea blue and intermediate blue and flat white. I also painted according to official TBM paint guide with the 'gradiated blue' on the Leading Edges of the Wing and Stab which is same as on fuselage sides. I found a photo of the real Georgia Peach flying and so weathered and detailed accordingly... This one came out nice! Thanks for watching and checking it out...
  7. Hi, here's one a finished a few weeks ago. Nice kit though the turret gave me real problems! Used Ventura decals which performed very well. Cheers all 20210710_163938 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210710_163948 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210710_163952 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210710_164011 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210710_164036 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210710_164104 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20210710_164221 by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  8. Hi This is the Accurate Miniatures 1/48 TBF/M (not sure which) Avenger, it's been sitting on the shelf covered in dust for a few years so I decided to clean her off. Great little kit with loads of detail and I could really do with starting a new one at some stage. Thanks for looking
  9. After the TBM-3W Guppy (link), Sword Models is to release new Grumman Avenger variants https://www.facebook.com/swordmodels/posts/256373042442580 Expected late June 2020: - ref. SW72130 - Grumman Avenger AS.4 Source: https://swordmodel.cz/en/home/151-sw72130-avenger-as4.html - ref. SW72131 - Grumman TBM-3S2 Avenger Source: https://swordmodel.cz/en/home/152-sw72131-tbm-3s2.html - ref. SW72132 - Grumman TBM-3R Avenger Source: https://swordmodel.cz/en/home/153-sw72132-tbm-3r.html V.P.
  10. Hello to all, While the Mirage 2000 awaits its paintings, I attacked another kit, the TBF-1C Avenger from Hobby boss. It is a rather original subject which does not exist very little at 1/48 in the end apart from Accurate Miniatures. The kit is complete, beautiful, as much as the AM, I can not judge, I never had it in hand, I leave it to the experts. However, the kit has its shortcomings, such as many injection pads placed everywhere and especially in places that are difficult to access such as in the arming bay for example where this area is dotted with injection pads. Finally there is a little "flush" to eliminate on some parts too, and finally we would have liked more details on the side of the fuselage where we have the door of the aircraft. We will see how this kit is fitting, with its satisfactory level of detail. T he kit will be built out of the box with wings extended and flaps and door open. In terms of loadout, it will be those present on the boxart, tanks, rockets and bombs of 250 kg, that seems a bit much to me, I still leave it to the experts on this side. Finally I would like to add that HB is not very efficient when it comes to indicating the colors for painting the different parts of the kit, I had to go online to find how to paint the details of the cockpit to the extent that nothing is indicated. Now some pictures:
  11. Today I want to present "civilian" version of TBM-3 - Tanker 74 Model is based on Hobby 2000 TBM-1C (#72010) kit, decals from Draw Decal (No. 72-TBM-1) with some scratch added (to be honest - some decals are home-made too; Draw Decals set have not enough digits to make a complete miniature). There's no WiP from that build but if someone will be interested in short story - I've some photos in backup Some data (and photos) about this Tanker you can find e.g. HERE. Back to model (LARGE photos - click on miniatures)
  12. Please find my latest completion Italeri's Grumman Avenger in 1/48 Scale. The kit was nearly built out of the box apart from a P.E. seat harness and decals by Print Scale for the insignia and markings plus a Techmod sheet for the stencilling since most of the original decals were not usable anymore from this ebay purchase. (Which was made clear to me prior the purchase which was at a reasonable price) Had some trouble with the windows, which required a few polishes with Tamiya polishing compound after which there were still some blemishes apparent. I once came across an article or video where they did some "after" polishing with car wax (Carnuba wax). So I thought I would give that a try and it did have some effect on these windows. Unwittingly I then used my polishing cloth to wipe some dirt of the wing........................... which resulted in wax on the wing, which I was unable to remove. Since The wings were meant to be specular sea blue. So I thought...............Why not wax the wings? Subsequently I accidentally got some wax on the fuselage as well......😬 So decided to apply the wax on the entire model in a last ditch effort to save the model. I am curious to know how you think it worked out. I would not repeat this method, but one pleasant side effect was that the gritty-like sprayed paint on the wings (Should have thinned the paint a little more) and some orange peel effect was totally eliminated. Turned super smooth. So something to keep in the back of the mind. Paints: Mr Color and AK real paints coated and polished in Simoniz Car wax! I did use an Eduard mask for the windows as well............ That's all, thanks for watching. Regards, Rob
  13. This is a refugee from last years Frog Squad GB This is the reason I am keen to build it, as it served at Macrihanish with 857 Sqn, Fleet Air Arm. Macrihanish is near Campbeltown in Argyll on the Mull of Kintyre, it's a bit of local history. The previous build thread is below, Still lots to do, will post further photos soon. Cheers Pat
  14. I'm all moved in to my new place, got the internetz up and running with no effort at all (plugged the router in, switched it on, walked the dog, came back, used internet) and am currently still a bit dazed by the extra space I have here. I got my modelling table set up in the back room: Just look how tidy! And remember it well for we shall not see its like again. I will be building this bad boy: I bought it several years ago, I can't even remember where now but they were as rare as hens' teeth even then. Fortunately for anyone who wants one at a reasonable price they are currently available as a re-pop under the Hobby2000 label from Poland and include nicer quality transfers and a vinyl mask set, I believe they can still be had for less than 20 pounds. Many years ago I built the Guillows balsa wood kit of the Avenger which never flew (or at least it had the flight characteristics of its component parts of balsa and tissue if they had simply been thrown unassembled into the air) but did hang for several years from the ceiling of a flat in Southend - my ex always referred to it as 'the grumbling avenger' Anyway here's the instructions and transfer sheet for mine: I've ordered the Print Scale decal set for mine, as the kit ones look as thick, shiny and hard as crockery. The clear parts: ... various bits: ... wings: The undercarriage bays are much too shallow, but not quite as bad as the picture suggests. In so far as I will be displaying it, it will be displayed the right way up anyway. Finally, the fuselage halves: I do have a few extras, namely the Eduard mask set: ... and a couple of Eduard's Super Fabric seat belts: As I mentioned above, I also have some aftermarket decals on the way, the print scale set includes markings for some interesting early Avengers including the Midway ones in Blue Gray over Light Gray, one in a similar scheme with the red-bordered stars and bars and one with the same national markings in the tri-colour scheme. I'm not sure which I will be doing yet, I'll decide when I've had a proper look at them. Cheers, Stew
  15. I have just completed this model from Hobby 2000, It is a re run og the Hasegawa under new label. Very nice kit fit is perfect as can be expected from an Hasegawa kit. The kit included the decals used on this model of the very well known burial at see of an airmann and his aircraft. Cheers Jes
  16. Downen Scaled Replicas is to release a 1/48th General Atomics Avenger kit Source: https://downenscaledreplicas.com/shop?olsPage=products%2F148-general-atomics-avenger V.P.
  17. Hello All, Hasegawa's Avenger competed as an aircraft deployed on HMS Indomitable Dec 44 in the Indo Pacific. OOB with the exception of a replaced tail radio mast (broke the kit one). Thanks for looking and Happy Modelling. Ian
  18. What's the reason for the look of the window below the gunturret on the Avenger's? Was it a hatch that could be opened or.. ? Cheers / André
  19. Hi everyone ! After a very long time i present to you my latest project . At first i thought that this would be an easy and oob project . When i started assembling the cockpit , i decided to try and improve the whole model . I give you photos of my progress so far . Thank you!!! [url=https://flic.kr/p/nNW94V]P6010230
  20. Hi Thi is my entry for this group build, a TBF/TBM Avenger in 48th scale from Italeri (rebox of the beautiful Accurate Miniature's kit) I have not already decided the livery and the version My first intention was to build an early version with the use of the rare KMC update set, (It would be great for me to build the only survivor of the battle for Midway) but I also own some good Techmod decals that I'd like to use (don't worry , i have another box) Aftermarket decal A pair of very old PE set (both designed for Monogram kit) KMC update set and Verlinden Wright Cyclon Engine As I said in the chat, I have 33 eligible models (34 if i count the Raven) so I can not give up this group build
  21. News for Star Wars fans and those who like Star Destroyers. Good news from the new workshop of Randy Cooper Models was announced late last month. Randy has completed his revised and re-tooled Avenger class Imperial Star Destroyer 1/1500 resin model. Randy has been taking back orders for around 6 months and has started to put the waiting list into production now that he has moved home and has his new workshop set-up. For the UK buyer, you will be looking at paying around £700 for the model once shipping has been included for export from the US. HMRC will still need to have their own share of your pocket money before it gets to your doorstep. I'm 2nd or 3rd on Randy's production list and will post a WIP thread once I get around to starting the new model although I am still recovering from building his old version. The re-tooled model has been made more accurate and the assembly process changed although the modeller will still need the same tools and equipment required for the previous Star Destroyer model. re-tooled kit has been accurately lengthened re-tooled kit has been accurately made shallower revised tower shape and facia plates re-tooled engines and hangar internal structure skeleton has been re-designed far more lighting friendly option to have trenches and superstructure cast in clear resin (at extra cost) improved overall hull and trench wall detailing simplified side trench assembly improved display stand 96 parts modellers choice to produce Avenger class or original Rogue One / ANH tower antenna options far more assembly friendly overall (we hope) Randy has been sending me photos of his re-tooling project but they are also available on his model shops Facebook site - here are some pictures of the master while in prototype production and pre-casting stages
  22. Unless I dreamed it (which is less unlikely than it may sound!), someone recently posted a link to a really excellent webpage with thorough details of the interior colours of USN types, not just Corsairs, Avengers and Hellcats but more obscure types as well. As well as cockpit interiors, it listed cowling interior colours, wheelbay colours, etc. Unfortunately I forgot to bookmark it. Does anyone else recall following this link and could they please remind me where it is to be found (or at least the thread in which the link is found)? Thanks in advance.
  23. Hello folks, This is the Academy (Accurate Miniature) kit. It is very detailed but the manual is poorly designed as it retained only the pictures of the Accurate Miniature's one without any explanation. I also used some Eduard photoeched in the cockpit, the decals are from Berna. Hope you like it. cheers
  24. This kit is a monster - both in sheer size and by measure of the amount of work that will be needed to complete it. Ordered from Randy Cooper in the US in the Spring, this must be one, if not the last of his old Devastator mouldings. A nice challenge ahead - when was a short run resin kit ever meant to be a simple lick and stick job. If I'm honest with myself, I'm quite looking forward to the amount of work needed here. The Hangar parts are not really usable due to shape distortion so I have commissioned a 3D build which will be an upscaled hanger produced for the Zvezda 1/2700 ISD - the proportions and dimensions work well when enlarged and nothing that a bit of filler and plasticard wont put right to blend the hangar into the hull when I get to that stage. Randy is working on a new and much improved ISD kit in the same scale with some updates and what I believe to be a more simplified build - but here goes my attempt. Randy's new ISD is based on the larger 9 footer studio model used in ESB and RoTJ - his Facebook pages are being regularly updated for anyone in the market for one of the new kits - I have slipped one on back order for myself hoping that this build will be the "dress rehearsal" of the 2.
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