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  1. Royal Thai Air Force - no idea which airbase etc. I designed the decals based on photos from the RTAF museum
  2. Model not perfect, but rather rare on forums.; probably because it's real "vintage" - released in 1959. It's still available, but mouldings are... laboured. Raised lines sanded, some new lines scribed, rivets added same as some details.
  3. After few month brake I decidet to glue something "fast and easy". I've choosed AVIS model of Lee-Richards Annular Monoplane. On Friday I found few low res photos on the Internet and started work. Today I can (maybe not "proudly" but "sattisfied") present my new model
  4. Nice model, especially because it's INTECH. Best parts from this kit are rotor blades - you can use them... on HobbyBoss kit where everything (except rotor) is better than in INTECH.
  5. I decided to try build something similiar to polish glider Bocian SZD-9 bis 1D. I will try not to write and only show progress
  6. Great painting & weathering! Congratulations!
  7. Thank you Colleagues for your kind words It motivates me to build next gliders
  8. Taking advantage of the "opportunity" (COVID isolation) I completed the model of the DFS Rhönbussard glider. The base was CMR resin. Attention! The set hull is too short by 4 mm. Apparently not much, but in this scale and with the size of the model it's VISIBLE. Fortunately, I was able to add the missing part This glider (reg. SP-125) was taken over and reconstucted in Poland after II World War and served 3 years. I tried to show as many moving wing elements as possible and the structure of the airfoil. I hope you will like the model And at the end current status of my collection of gliders used in Poland. Only six, but I've ideas for next 20
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