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  1. @Ruskin Air Services - my is not so advanced (have only one wing ) I tried some paints - blue is ok, white probably too . Unfortunately red is... too red. I used "signal red" but now I think that ordinary "red" is better... Hopefully (sic!) painting on a tail is in wrong place (don't ask me why - have no idea ) so I have some motivation to repaint it
  2. Lots of putty increased the problem with the tail falling. Italeri suggested "solution" [/url] Much better is to add weight in engine cowlings.
  3. Tank finished and set into a fuselage. Now I have a weekend with putty and sandpaper
  4. Cockpit painted & second seat added Very slow progress due to "excellent" fitting Now I'm trying to build water tank. Not perfect, but...
  5. Just to document all changes: Cut off place for lights Filed tailing edge Now I'm working on second wing
  6. Great work! This interior... Stay at home longer... and "glue" next helis!
  7. OK - I've spent time considering whether I can make STOL modifications. Faint heart never won fair lady, so... Waiting for your opinions
  8. Great! Maybe you know on which tanker was this logo?
  9. OK - now I've got what is that STOL modification , BUT ... If you look at https://www.goodall.com.au/photographs/80sfirebombers-2/80sfirebombers-2.html photos N4060A - have STOL wings (am I right?) N4818E - T-59 - have NOT STOL wings BUT have "square big, ugly tank" I cannot see tank, but doors are very similar in look as this from N4060A and (even more) N9425Z (next picture) N9425Z - T-57 - have STOL-26 on board (text next to front landing gear) So again - MAYBE configuration of T-59 with big tank and without STOL mods is correct? What do you think?
  10. Show it ! And this is a next reason (lack of documentation) to abandon T-59 and make T-57
  11. Jeff - to be honest During taking photo to "Always" Tanker-59 was in "bad configuration" I found one photo where N4818E has "a big, ugly tank" (an one where PROBABLY has) but it is absolutely not from year when "Always" was created. What to do Change numbers to T-57 OR build T-59 not exactly from film ?
  12. I want to present report from work on my new project - Tanker from "Always" Steven Spilberg's film. I base on Italeri kit - quite old, but not vintage. I hope it's better base than Airfix kit from '70 Unfortunately plastic used by Italeri wasn't too good and a lot of parts have rounded edges (even in places where you'll expect square ones). I have a decal set for "Tanker 59" from Draw Decal, but I plan to build "Tanker 57" - she had a nicer tank on board. Because tankers are most interesting on the bottoms I started some works on landing gears and their wells. Next I decided to replace "engines" to better ones (ok, only front halves), but I see no sense to try find a space for whole. After that I filed cowlings For now one side is ready for assembly
  13. Amazing! Collection AND a fact that all have opened flaps and slats! A lot of additional work!
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