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  1. Nice model! Mach2 - ufff. Always hard challenge Try better use Flickr functionalities by embedding a pictures not links (example below) and take photos of your models on sheet of plain colour cardboard.
  2. Very good models. I've started my B1900C and I exactly know how much work you put into those models.
  3. Very nice model. Clear parts looks beautifully. Big plus for livery with "RESCUE"
  4. Edgley EA-7 Optica based on AviS BX 72026 kit in 1:72 scale. Painted with Bilmodel paints. Kit was made for a very long time, because it originally had undersized glazing. I imported the missing frame courtesy of ModelsUA from Ukraine. Frame came already during the war, so all the more respect for the company! I guess that's it - I hope you like it.
  5. Model based on Kovozávody Prostějov KPM0215 kit - 1:72 scale. Some small changes in decals (e.g. new decal with "FIRE RESCUE TEAM) and details (e.g. vents) were needed - rest is OoB .
  6. Not in my style. I rather take the ones that flown during WWII and make them civilian versions
  7. Do it and remember - 5-6 gram of lead in the nose is a must
  8. Thanks In "O" there is a part of US flag (from Wiki)
  9. My newest model is a NA-145 Navion in U.S. Coast Guard livery used by U.S.Coast Guard to SAR duties. Base was a Valom kit - quite good one except decals. They're absolutely useless due to some ekhm... mistakes (e.g. "USCC" in place of "USCG"). Some scratch parts are still needed although Valom added some resin parts. Panel lines are too strong, but... I had to cut off whole front part (I forgot about extra weight in nose) when all model was painted so "strong" panel lines were easiest way to mask a cut edge. Anyway I hope you will like it
  10. I'm curious if anyone knows the colors that used to appear on Hiller 12 of the Peru public health ministry? (http://www.aviastar.org/foto/gallery/hiller/hiller_12c-m.jpg)
  11. Royal Thai Air Force - no idea which airbase etc. I designed the decals based on photos from the RTAF museum
  12. Model not perfect, but rather rare on forums.; probably because it's real "vintage" - released in 1959. It's still available, but mouldings are... laboured. Raised lines sanded, some new lines scribed, rivets added same as some details.
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