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  1. First - thank you all for nice words My photos are from smartphones In this case it's an iPhone SE 2020
  2. Last weekend I decided to build something "fresh". I've just received a parcel with model of Agusta-Bell 47J with SAR markings so choice was quite easy Very shortly appeared that idea to build something Out-of-the-box is impossible if I'm thinking about something similar to real helicopter... At the end after eight days of work and making many mistakes I can present to you my newest model
  3. Very good model! Welcome on BM. Show us more models (this shows that you have "some" experience )
  4. I've no information about conversion kit. Based on some photos I've tried to scratch something acceptable. Some of changes were needed because "wrong" base (TBM-1C not TBM-3): One or two were simple improvements The main work was placed on tank and few other places
  5. Rod, if you have more photos (especially a tank) or info what we need to change in Hasegawa kit please share them (can be in Priv Msg) First of all - you have a 4 sets of numbers ("7" & "4" in my case) - but you need 6 (2 x engine cowlings, 2 x tail and 2 x for wings). This same with a "shadow" after exhaust pipe - you have one decal, but you need two Thanks a lot!
  6. You're absolutely RIGHT! Corrected Thank you for this information. Neptune is somewhere in a queue
  7. Thank you! I have this same opinion about reuse of war machines - they're much better used in a second life Avengers? I don't think so... Maybe someone better in that topic can add something. This one crashed in May 1999 (pilot survived!)
  8. Today I want to present "civilian" version of TBM-3 - Tanker 74 Model is based on Hobby 2000 TBM-1C (#72010) kit, decals from Draw Decal (No. 72-TBM-1) with some scratch added (to be honest - some decals are home-made too; Draw Decals set have not enough digits to make a complete miniature). There's no WiP from that build but if someone will be interested in short story - I've some photos in backup Some data (and photos) about this Tanker you can find e.g. HERE. Back to model (LARGE photos - click on miniatures)
  9. Nice job If I can suggest something: try to use masks for painting frames on canopies (you can cut them from masking tape - good, fast and cheap method) On photos edges looks like freehand painted Second idea - decals look like not "sitting" in edges. Are you using any liquid for masks? If not it can be a good idea to test some
  10. The kit it is Trumpeter 01674 Decals are from ModelMaker D72124 (they should have also version for 48 scale). There is a small problem with the kit - upper intakes are open so plane should be taxing, but there is no pilot figure in a set
  11. Hi, I want to present something unusual for me: jet fighter (sic!). Model was prepared for my friend's 45th birthday so I had a real "deadline". In short time ("short" for me - I'm not a sprinter in modelmaking) I've build something what (I hope) looks like a MiG-29. People from Poland very easy can find "some" mismatches, but was built as an OoB in real hurry by a person who is absolutely a beginner in that topic .
  12. Very nice model I see that wiring engines is worth to do it. Hammer on the last photo shows that you're experienced modeller and know how to solve problems wit fitting
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