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  1. Great collection! I tried to count them 49 or 50 planes? i wish you another showcase soon
  2. Just finished vintage model of Mitsubishi MU-2S built as an OoB. Total failure with decals 40-years old were to weak for proper applying even after Microscale Liquid Decal Film. Some are (re)painted, and decal edges are still visible (even on photos below) even after (careful) sanding. If you have it in your wardrobe - buy a new ones or reprint your decals! MU-2S is a special version of MU-2 built for J.A.S.D.F. with few modifications: radar (and radome), bulb windows, doors opening during flight and (due to that) unpressurized cabin. Main role: Search-And-Rescue
  3. Today I want to present last of my finished previously small helis - Mil Mi-2 from Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (Air Rescue Service). Mi-2 were for years "workhorses" in Poland. Nowadays all are retired and replaced by EC135. As usually with civilian versions a lot of scratch (especially inside) has to be done Sorry if I've added too many photos, but... I just like this model If anyone is interested in a report "WiP" is available on the Polish forum
  4. Colin - I thermoformed it by myself (it's easy: cut in cardboard rectangle in original window size, gently heat a plate of clear plastic, push plastic thru hole in cardboard using round punch) I found a photo with showed "scratched" elements And some with inside :)
  5. Very nice work The only one thing to change in a future are wheels - in that scale they should be rather "bloated" not just filled near to ground. Anyway - very good model
  6. I created a separate gallery with it
  7. Realizing the request of the descent falcon from Agusta topic I present my older model (the second in my life helicopter) CH-118 (Canadian version of UH-1H) made around Feb 2018. And "family photo" with CH-113
  8. Mates, you're embarrassing me. Thanks again for your warm words. I had a one year break from modeling and now I'm finishing started previously projects. Currently I'm working on Mitsubishi MU-2S and next will be a glider or... Kamov 226 (a picture shows status from a year ago). If (when?) I get back to the project, I'll start a report in the section "Work in Progress"
  9. Thank you for being so warmly welcomed into the company. I love the SAR / rescue equipment. In my collection I've only a few small helis, but I hope I'm gonna increase their number (rapidly)
  10. Despite the fact that helicopters are not a popular topic I want to share with you my Agusta. It was planned as OoB model. Unfortunately Revell omitted some quite important parts (winch, mirror, some antennas, etc.). The bottom side of fuselage in a kit is an S-F Model built in "a hurry" mode (comparing to my normal speed ) in less than 3 weeks. I hope that despite this the result is acceptable.
  11. Some year ago I changed the type of models made from cardboard to plastic. I make mainly models of (civil) rescue services. My last completed model is Mil Mi-2 from Polish Medical Air Rescue -> https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=37811&p=albums&album=44538 (sorry if I broke any law by linking an external source)
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