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  1. Greetings everyone ! This will be a fast project ! The Hasegawa kit is an old one with no detail . Fitting is acceptable . I decided to paint the model with a cute green camo that i found on the internet . I don't know if it's historically valid but i don't care much . This is my progress so far . Hope you like it ! IMG_20200412_123651 by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr IMG_20200412_123641 by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr IMG_20200412_123631 by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr IMG_20200413_193236 by Dionyssis Vacalas, on Flickr IMG_20200413_19
  2. Well it has been a long time since my last update of this thread . I painted and placed the decals on the model and started the weathering process . Hope to finish it in the next few days .
  3. Thanks everyone ! This model was a test build for the 1/48 TA-7 that I'm about to begin . That will be a HAF fighter as well . I wanted to try and replicate the well worn pattern of the real aircraft .
  4. Hi everyone ! My latest completion . A-7E painted as a Hellenic Air Force fighter - bomber . The Italeri kit is an old one but it's nice to build . OOB except for the AIRES ejection seat . Hope you like it
  5. Hi Everyone ! During Easter Holidays I started painting this little gem . I used the Aires resin cockpit and did some reveting . Painting with gunze acrylics and freehand with my new weapon ( Harder and Steenbeck Ultra ) . Hope you like it so far !
  6. Thanks ! If you wish to copy the scheme you can download Eduard's instructions . That's were i coppied from
  7. It is an easy kit . Good fitting of the fuselage and wings and good detail
  8. Thank you ! I used some spare decals for the numbers and some from the kit because i wanted to replicate this specific aircraft
  9. thank you for your comments ! I'm now preparing myself for some fw-190's ! All 1/48 scale and a 1/32 ! Hope to see you soon with some progress photos this time
  10. It is unusual and very different from the other bf's that i've built . Masking was challenging i must admit
  11. Hi everyone ! My latest model ! It took me 2 years to finish it because ( i don't know why , maybe i was bored ) . Anyway , it's now finished and ready to be inspected . Gunze acrylics and some Eduard seat belts . Hope you like it !
  12. Thank you Joachim for the comments and for the tip ! I think i have to try the dark grey paint . As for the propeller weathering i think i got to excited and overdid it !
  13. Thanks guys ! I did the weathering with the airbrush , then a wash with dark brown and finally for the wings i used the same wash and a sponge to do the stains
  14. Hi everyone and happy new Year ! My latest completion . I used the Eduard set for the cockpit and some Montex Masks for the decals . The 'net' is freehand airbrushed and the rest just simple masking . Hope you like it !
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