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  1. Hello Gents, this will learn me not to lose modelling mojo in 1/144 scale...... I have only just had a browse of the KG 144 webpage after a 12 month absence and low and behold these beauties..... now I can't remember my KG 144 login...., anyways must order some of these..... they will go nicely with my 109F's and Spit IX's
  2. Hello All, A Kiwi company Micromaster produces these exquisite vehicles in 1/144. Happy Modelling All Ian
  3. Hi, The Paint was Gunze Acrylics - both their mid stone and Dark Earth. A bit of gunze off white to lighten it for the fading. Wow.... great to get some personalised history for the airframe. Glad you like it. Regards, Ian
  4. Hey Mick -- Check out ADF serials and the Aust war memorials photo collection. they will help.
  5. Hello all, this is an OOB Revell Halifax Mk.I/II completed as a 462 Sqn RAAF Halifax based in Tunisia in 1943. Can't afford replacement cowls and props so it comes with all the inherent errors of the kit. Happy to take questions if needed. Happy Modelling all Ian
  6. First post to this forum. OOB with the exception of some spare track.
  7. After a significant period of no motivation here is my break out kit. Completed with Ginze Acrylics, artists acrylics. Happy Modelling Ian
  8. That is looking great!! Curious to know. Did you add fibre optics to the LED's or is this just the LED kit inserted into the interior as per the instructions. Did you need to line the interior with Aluminium foil or paint the interior to improve reflectivity of the LED's? I have one on order for my birthday but have not done a lighting kit before so am a complete noob at this stuff. Any pointers or assistance/tips appreciated. Ian
  9. Hello all, This has sat on the shelf of shame for quite some time but it was resurrected while doing the King Tiger. Not a bad little kit but the rubber tracks are not up to repeated washes and broke. She almost got permanently binned but i remembered spare Revell Panther tracks - Used them but in trying to get the rubber tracks on I broke an idler wheel, drive sprocket and one of the roadwheels fell off. A bit of a checkered history. Happy Modelling All, Ian
  10. To answer SoftScience, The kit is standard Tamiya fare and goes together without stroke inducing dramas. They are such great kits and the engineering is superb. I am aware that a lot of people were not happy with the die cast hulls of these earlier 1/48 jobs but I have encountered no major issues. Yes, the grills were aftermarket. I admit to being a bit of a fan of the Mike Rinaldi school of weathering as a reliable basis of getting things to look good to my eye. Not everyone likes the really stressed look but it's a matter of taste. I do tend to vary things a bit. some of the scratches are derwent coloured pencil marks. I just go with things as I feel what seems plausible. The tracks were painted NATO black and Mig track wash added. Then it was dried mud pigment added and fixed with tamiya X20A diluent. A bit of dark mud pigment was added after the previous 'mud' had dried using the same technique. The roadwheels got the basic 3 tone camo, initial pinwash of burnt umber oils on the bolts. If I remember correctly it also got a mig neutral wash. then they were dusted with mig pigment dry mud and tamiya X20A used as a fixer. after that layer had dried, MiG dark mud was added, fixed and allowed to dry. The additional staining on the roadwheels was a pinwash of shadow brown (abteilung oil) and s bit of streaking. Thanks for taking time to ask questions. experiment and have fun. Ian
  11. Hello All, Normally I only do 1/72 or 1/144 scale stuff and rarely venture beyond this. Even rarer, is a diorama attempt. Tamiya 1/48 King tiger (Porsche Production) figure from the Tamiya Wirblewind kit and a Black dog resin building + a custom made base. Just have to fiddle with getting her to sit properly on the base. Happy Modelling all. Ian
  12. Hey Ian, where did you manage to squirrel away the ballast to keep her on 3 pins? curious to know as I have a kit and a cursory look seems to leave precious little space. Regards, Ian in Oz
  13. Hello All, Yes it is supposed to be RAF PRU Blue. The paint is a home brew mix of Gunze acrylic H56 intermediate blue and H42 aircraft grey with a touch of yellow. As far as the weathering process. primed Tamiya rattle can grey primer, panel line pre shade with midnight blue. some yellow patches sprayed in between some random panel lines and then the IB/AG paint mix built up over all. sealed in floor polish, decalled panel line pinwash with artists acrylic sepia. Flatcoat seal. Humbrol 104 oxford blue enamel filter applied (5% paint 95% white spirit diluent) allowed to dry. Humbrol 19 bright Red filter added to some panels (not all to give a purplish hue). Then a post shading with an acrylic mix of nato black and red brown (Tamiya). Oil dot mapping with custom mix of 3 shades of blue from a pale sky blue to a darkish blue and blended and streaked on upper wing surfaces. Left to dry for a couple of days and then I thought I needed to stop. Thanks for your interest. Ian
  14. Hello Steve, This is the DK decal sheet 1/72 72061 . I got mine from Hannants in the UK. The decals worked quite well. Their paint call out was overall PRU Blue which caused me to switch from building a Atlantic scheme bird to this one plus the Aussie connection was a bonus. Something a little different.
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