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  1. Seahawk

    Vote Grump!

    Grump of the day: this assumption by insurance companies, no doubt made by callow youths with barely a whisker on their chins, that, once you hit 50 (rpt, 50!), you are staring into the jaws of death and therefore frantically thrashing about for a means of ensuring the expenses of your obviously imminent funeral are covered. Thinking up ever more creative ways of eliminating the children's inheritance, more like. Airfix Victor, anyone? PS Public service announcement: you may get back less than you pay in. If you stop paying in, you will not get anything back at all.
  2. Seahawk

    Beaufighter Mk IIF , Gibraltar 1944

    No, but Alleycat do them as well. https://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/early-beaufighter-mkivi-conversion-6526-p.asp As well you pointed that out, as they will be a necessary additional purchase for most (all?) Beaufighter II conversions.
  3. This rings a faint bell with me. I vaguely recall that no photos were taken of the aircraft at the time (wasn't it an unofficial exploit?) and so, when the powers-that-be subsequently wanted to make a propaganda film of the event, another aircraft had to be mocked up as ND-C. But please aim off for possible false memory syndrome.
  4. Seahawk

    Beaufighter Mk IIF , Gibraltar 1944

    And the moment has arrived: https://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/bristol-beaufighter-mk2-merlin-powered-early-conversion-airfix-6624-p.asp https://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/bristol-beaufighter-mk2-merlin-powered-later-conversion-airfix-6625-p.asp
  5. Not sure I've detected such a policy myself but, assuming for a moment it does exist, I'm relishing the prospect of 1/72 Javelin FAW.9, Sea Vixen FAW.2, Walrus and Sea Fury FB.11.
  6. Just be nice to see them doing a bit of churning in 1/72 instead of flirting with heretical scales.
  7. You're on shaky ground there. Airfix did exactly that with their old rivet-covered 1/72 Bf 109E, reissuing it with a new (and very nice) transfer sheet just before replacing it with their new mould.
  8. Seahawk

    Hobbyboss 1/72: which are the "A Team" kits?

    Yes, that chimes with my memories from my Telford inspections. Spitfire: horrible canopy, no undercarriage doors, Hurricane: didn't like the shape of the radiator, Wildcat: even cruder undercarriage than the ancient Frog kit. Your views on the Buffalo are interesting though personally I'm all buffalo'd out with Special Hobby and Hasegawa kits. Think the Dewoitine D.520 gets a good press too.
  9. Sparked by a comment by @Ed Russell on the Hobbyboss MS406, I fell to wondering which Hobbyboss Easy Assembly kits were tooled by their A-Team ie (with a bit of slack cut for the simplified assembly) actually stack up well against the conventional opposition. Ed's description of the Hobbyboss MS406 as a debugged Hasegawa kit sounds appealing. I am a great fan of the F4U-4 especially when tarted up with some seatbelts and spare Tamiya stores but, when I said so on here, someone bobbed up to point out the kit's manifold sins and weaknesses. Encouraged by the F4U-4, I looked at the first 12 or so releases in the range at that year's Telford (Spitfire, Hurricane and P-40 come to mind) but I could not see anything that wasn't let down either by inaccuracies in outline or details or by crude simplification (much more grossly than the F4U-4).. Since then, I think I recall hearing positive noises about the He 162, Me 163 and MiG-3. So, which Hobbyboss Easy Assembly kits would you happily put in a lineup alongside your Tamiyas, Hasegawas and Eduards?
  10. Telford is coming up: those words may return to haunt you. Don't forget the air freshener!
  11. Seahawk

    Weapon class destroyers - any kits?

    There was even an article on building a Weapon class destroyer way back in those happy days when every new Airfix release sparked an Airfix Magazine article a month or two later on "now let's convert it into something entirely different", probably 1967-8, but it would be too crude for use even as a reference nowadays . Not only have modelling standards risen considerably in the intervening 50-odd years but we take for granted the vastly increased amount of information available on the real things. NB That ship article was not by Peter Hodges, whose articles (eg Hunt and Battle classes, Leander class superdetail) are still worth a look nowadays.
  12. Seahawk


    And that's without considering helicopters. From reading crew reminiscences, it sounds as if the Whirlwind HAS.7 was a deathtrap that only young men with a strong sense of their own immortality would fly in. I recall a story of a pilot, required to do a hot and high insertion somewhere in the Arabian peninsula, who calculated that he could take one soldier but not his rifle and kit.
  13. Seahawk

    V-22 as COD for the new QEII Carrier?

    We were told such flexibility was built into the design. It was even said that PoW might be built with them or that they might be installed at first major refit. But it wasn't. Either that or BAE got greedy and ted quoted completely unacceptable prices for something they didn't want to do. PS Those in the know may well tell us that providing cats and traps at a later date was never going to be a realistic option once the first steel was cut. That doesn't affect what the taxpaying public were being told at the time.
  14. Seahawk

    1/32 Special Hobby Morane Saulnier Type N

    Lovely workmanship. There's nowhere to hide in 1/32!