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  1. Seahawk

    What are you reading?

    Though one sees considerable overlap in subject matter. Oh, sorry: that's the Grump Britain thread.
  2. Seahawk

    BK-117 kits

  3. And a natural follow-on from Braveheart.
  4. Seahawk

    Airfix 2019

    Sorry for wandering off topic but for me Skyhook is that wheeze Vosper Thorneycroft had for VTOL aircraft to hover alongside a ship and be plucked onboard by a kind of glorified cherry picker arm. So the idea of a Skyhook B-17 or Hercules was rather boggling the mind.
  5. Seahawk

    MPM #72567, Gloster Meteor F.Mk,I

    Personally, I can't say because I've never even fondled the plastic of an MPM example. However some of the posts at the beginning of this thread are a bit negative about the general shape of the MPM kit. I consider the Meteor I and III kits two of Dragon's best 1/72 efforts. The main gotcha with it is that it assumes Meteors had inset elevators: they didn't - the elevators were horn-balanced. It's a simple fix: cut off the tips of the tailplanes with a sharp knife parallel with the centreline and add them to the outer ends of the elevators. (I think this has been discussed before in another thread buried deep in Britmodeller.) For a prototype you'd need the Mk.I kit because it has the earlier canopy. As for other differences between prototypes and production aircraft, I'd have to defer to others' knowledge, but I'd imagine similar changes would have to be made whether you were starting from the MPM or Dragon kit.
  6. Seahawk

    Kit Collectors - Help is at Hand

    Not so. I recently found the gravity tank from an Airfix D.H.4 I scrapped in about 1970. And yes, I was looking for it. I knew it was in there somewhere.
  7. Seahawk

    Kit Collectors - Help is at Hand

    Run that idea past me again. Remember the golden rule of the spares box: never throw anything away.
  8. Seahawk

    MPM #72567, Gloster Meteor F.Mk,I

    No, sorry, I can't. I just observe and read, I don't understand the engineering.
  9. Seahawk

    Best Battle of Britain Memoirs?

    I'll just toss in Sandy Johnstone's Spitfire Into War. Recreated from diaries of a pilot on 602 Squadron and still in a daily format which gives immediacy and some idea of the tempo of things. Also a number of incidental details for modellers on things like addition of armour, rear view mirrors, constant-speed props, cannon armament.
  10. Seahawk

    Would you pay a premium for ready-to-use resin?

    The problem in a nutshell. It depends whether the manufacturer's and the purchaser's idea of a "premium uplift" in both quality and cost are anywhere near each other. Personally I find resin pretty expensive at the best of times but I might be more sympathetic if I'd had to clean up, say, lattice masts in 1/700.
  11. Seahawk

    Researching 17 Squadron RAF

    I'm with Graham and Dave in the titles they suggest. Depending on how deep you want to go, they may meet your requirement entirely or inspire you to dig deeper into things like the ORB.
  12. Seahawk

    White Meteors

    Precisely the point made in my post 25 of the thread you quoted! This is all getting a little circular.
  13. Seahawk

    Airfix 2019

    And in some weird unnatural scale.
  14. Seahawk

    Seatbelts in WW1 aircraft: when did they come in?

    Absolutely brilliant! In the first instance at least, I was after seatbelt details for a...... B.E.2c! Many thanks.
  15. Seahawk

    HMS Manchester

    Over and above Whitley and Ensign 5: Town Class Cruisers, one clear photo (port bow quarter) in disruptive camouflage taken at Brooklyn naval yard, 21 Nov 42 and one (port side) of her at Colombo during service with the Eastern Fleet (Admiralty standard camouflage): too murky to be of much use for modelling purposes.