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  1. Ah, you're telling me wholesale consumption of virgins is rife throughout the Channel Islands except in Jersey?
  2. I stopped reading after the first 5 words and began to wonder if there was a whole darker side to the Channel Islands that Bergerac never even hinted at.
  3. A good one-stop-shop reference on the Stanier Black 5 is Locomotives in Detail 2 – Stanier 4-6-0 Class 5 by Jennison and Clarke. (Ian Allen). Not only does it have 4mm drawings by Ian Beattie but the book takes a modeller's (or anorak's) view of the subject, pointing out and illustrating details and variations in a huge class produced over many years. Not long ago this book could be found cheap, remaindered. If you were interested in the BR Standard 5 (which you aren't), there's Clarke's British Railways Standard Class 5, also published by Ian Allen but not in the Locomotives In Detail
  4. Welcome! Have seen that M8 HMC diorama on another site: superb modelling!
  5. Not a name I was familiar with, but a belated thank-you to the late Doug McHard. I recall reading that article in the library of my junior school (I would have been about 8-9) and it, together with similar MM articles like building a Mistel from the FROG Ju 88 and Bf 109, opened my eyes to the wonderful world of kit conversions. My parents and girlfriends might take/have taken a different view. PS I see he had quality support from JWR Taylor with the historical blurb and Ian Stair with the drawings. PPS Is this the first attested literary reference to the use of monofilamen
  6. ISTR an article a few years back, probably in Scale Aircraft Modelling, when some brave masochist had a go at correcting the errors in the Italeri B-25H/J, complete with fuselage splice, but my indexing is not good enough to find it. More recently @Brian Derbyshire had an article in the Feb 21 Scale Aircraft Modelling (pp.68-70) in which he improved the Italeri kits, not with the goal of producing a 100% accurate replica but of producing a better B-25 from Italeri kits already in the stash but rendered redundant by the Airfix kit. Still includes things like deepening the forward fuselage and
  7. Or was it security? I understood that the air tail was considered a bit sensitive so efforts may have been made to ensure it didn’t appear in photos intended for public consumption. PS I hope people haven’t forgotten the old Ian Allen book Beaufort Special. I’m sure there’ll be loads of useful photos and info in there. (I’d check if I wasn’t marooned 200 miles away from my books.)
  8. O/T: one has to feel sorry for those trying to make a go of print magazines when such skillful modelling, learned contributions and excellent reference are available in a thread like this. Thank you, everyone.
  9. Yes. When people say, "There is no such thing as a perfect kit," this is one of the kits that immediately spring into my mind as evidence for the defence. Especially if you get the F4U-1A boxing which will give you some spare goodies like a prop for tarting up the products of lesser manufacturers. Mind you, I did read somewhere that the seat is 1mm or so too far forward. And the fuselage spine behind the cockpit needs fitting with care for a perfect fit. And it doesn't have a droptank of the pattern almost invariably used by FAA Corsairs. And....
  10. That’s the nub of it. We are ditching real extant kit now (Type 23s, Typhoons, Hawks) now against vague promises of vapourware projects, which may or may not work/be affordable, at some point in the future.
  11. Yes, I got that. I was hoping to help others find the articles for you with the minimum of effort.
  12. Simple. For most of the Great British Public the Red Arrows and the BBMF ARE the RAF. They don’t know or care about the rest. And so no politician wants to be remembered as the person who got rid of either. Getting rid of huge swathes of operational capability gets you far fewer hostile headlines.
  13. It’s a sad story, I think. The ambition was there and, if the dice had fallen slightly differently, we could have had a kit nearly as good as the Tamiya one for about half the price. But the product was compromised at both ends of the process: by poor initial research which gave us a kit with a mixture of features from various variants and by poor mould making, which meant an unnecessarily complex breakdown of parts which don’t fit together without a lot of fettling and filler.
  14. I'm with you. In my experience the kit being "replaced" disappears overnight but its replacement perpetually recedes into the distant future: the requirement gets reappraised (=cut or descoped) or even dropped when they think no-one is looking. I foresee long "capability holidays" until someone is able to say the capability is no longer required anyway. And what use are 3 Wedgetails?
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