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  1. Think he left his car in gear after reversing into the parking space. You can guess the rest. Nil further that I've heard since.
  2. That's your problem: if. Governments (of whatever colour) are only interested in doing the minimum they can get past the voters (who overwhelmingly don't care at all) at the cheapest possible price. How else can one explain recent ludicrous penny-packet procurements (Wedgetail, Type 26)?
  3. Yes, Revell's Hunter FGA.9 really is a gem - if you can find one nowadays.
  4. Very sad news. Long ago, when mail order was an expensive luxury for inpecunious schoolkids and students, TAHS got nearly all my mail order purchases because they offered free postage. And gave you IPMS discount at the Nats with never a quibble. The shop (4 Horton Parade) was much smaller than I expected from their magazine presence but a real Aladdin's cave: tremendous stock and all sorts of OOP items (eg Paragon) to be found if you rummaged deep enough. A good and fair-minded servant of our hobby, right up there with Dave Hannant and Mike Silk. RIP.
  5. Only used them once, a few years ago now. They are thin but reasonably tough. Confirm that they are difficult to move once on the model. If you can, check the transfers for accuracy before you buy: at least some are based on the artwork of a very prolific but not especially accurate artist, so may be inaccurate in size, colour, style, stroke thickness,... That's not to condemn them all but let the buyer beware. And they may have improved.
  6. I know what you mean. Amazing how deafening eyeball-rolling can be, isn't it?
  7. Still interested, Ed, but happy to wait my place in the queue.
  8. And long may he continue to do so. I'd rather he kept to the history, maybe with an occasional leavening of informed speculation, and left the bickering over most appropriate model paints to others. Personally, I completely disregard the alleged matches to Vallejo colours (though happily use Vallejo paints). However if including them helps keep the magazine's price down, that's fine by me. This thread has made clear that the mention of model paint brands and shades in the periphery of articles penned by Paul does NOT (AFAIK) indicate that he endorses them.
  9. You are of course right about my confusing Mallett's with the very late and lamented Miller's. I'm glad Mallett's still keep a few kits in: I haven't felt the need to brave the traffic hell that is Truro since T7 Models closed.
  10. And I am very glad that you provided your comments, which were measured and with reference to stated sources (with which we can agree or disagree to our heart's content). Far too many reviews, especially in-the-box ones, are uncritical: it's often only 6 months later or so that the truth about shortcomings starts coming out.
  11. Welcome to the forum! Ah, good: some AFVs in a sensible scale for a change! A very nice collection. Maybe I should learn from you and just build my models rather than just looking at the parts in the box! In Europe some ranges are more difficult to get hold of. My current pecking order is Vespid > Dragon > Revell (most of the time) > Italeri good ones > Airfix > Italeri less good ones. I haven't bought any Takom yet. I don't normally buy Trumpeter because they are often inaccurate. Hasegawa are beautifully moulded but a bit simplified and sometime inaccurate by modern standards.
  12. H H Munro, better known by his pen-name Saki, was an early 20th century satirist ("all the wit, verbal brilliance and incisive sophistication of a master of social satire", "macabre, acid and very funny", his work "drives a knife into the upper crust of English Edwardian life", (so the blurb on the cover says). Nowadays his work is a bit hit and miss but you might want to look out his short (4.5 page) story "The Toys Of Peace" for reassurance/consolation that children don't really change.
  13. Yes, it’s an issue with both the bomber and fighter boxings: whichever one you buy, it won’t have the blister windows.
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