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  1. XJ782. Source: The Vulcan B.Mk.2 From A Different Angle, p.132 (Craig Bulman, Vulcan To The Sky Trust, 2013). A book no Vulcan enthusiast can afford to be without: astonishing degree of detail on changes, major and minor, to configuration, colour schemes and markings. Lots of photos, many in colour, with captions that give dates and locations, often down to flightpan numbers. If you buy only one book on the Vulcan B.2, do yourself a favour and make it this one!
  2. Tiger Hobbies accepting pre-orders: https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/VESPID-MODELS-VS720002-1:72-British-Cruiser-Tank-A34-COMET-Mk-IA.?search=vespid
  3. And behold, at £5.99: https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/military-products/military-aircraft-kits/pegasus-1-72-fokker-d-xxiii.html Think Freightdog picked up the Pegasus range.
  4. The good news is that the T.VIIIw was by MPM, which considerably improves the buildability score. But it's still a fairly early (1998) MPM kit so crude by today's standards. Other possibilities are the Douglas DB8A-3 dive bomber, also by MPM, and the Fokker D.XXIII pusher fighter. This existed in prototype form in a rather fetching camouflage scheme at the time of the German invasion. The kit is by Pegasus: limited run plastic with metal parts. Not a bad little kit within its limitations. I was surprised to find it still on sale somewhere recently: maybe it wasn't a best seller.
  5. £30 plus P&P apparently, which doesn't seem too outrageous if you can contemplate Kora prices without blanching. https://www.kingkit.co.uk/shop.php?search=kitfinder&search_term=Hart&brand=25&cat=&scale=1^72
  6. I had to check back to the title to confirm that this really was 1/700. Flyhawk clearly produce exquisite little kits and you've built and painted it beautifully if the little details look this good under the considerable magnification used in the photos. The catapult is a work of art in its own right and I like the way all the colours look "right" ie not unnaturally bright. I feel that the magnification does no favours to the wood deck: obviously this is no criticism of your modelling but to me it looks overscale and I can imagine a matelot or two tripping over those furrows between the planks! I expect it looks fine under normal viewing conditions though. Anyway: well done. I envy you your keen eyes and steady hands.
  7. From my limited experience of Dave, you can rely on him to do the decent thing, and with good humour too. Credit to him.
  8. Seahawk

    FAT for 17 pdr

    Weren’t M9 halftracks used early on? Or was that only with the very early 17 pdrs on 25 pdr carriages?
  9. Fascinating speculation. I look forward to seeing a photo and biography of the Evelyn after whom the Firefly Evelyn Tentions was named!
  10. Well done, both: I think that between you you’ve nailed it. Thank you.
  11. Below is a well-known photo. Can anyone help with the name on the fuselage of aircraft B in the foreground please? Looks like 2 4-letter words both beginning with L. https://www.reddit.com/r/WWIIplanes/comments/39ia7q/martlets_and_tarpons_wildcats_and_avengers_on_a/ Apologies if the answer is already contained in the combined ouevres of Sturtivant and Ballance but I am still separated from them (9 weeks and counting!).
  12. KD659 would have been a Mk.IV so the question must be which aircraft is shown in the photo. Like you, I find it very hard to credit that any Mk.IVs were repainted in TSS. A code of I7 looks a bit odd as well: AFAIK, it is associated only with various Rattray (UK)-based units, mainly flying Fireflies and Barracudas. BTW a lot of FAA Mk.IVs did have the canopy framing above the pilot's head. As far as I have been able to work out (and i don't know whether or not this info benefits from Dana's Corsair books or not), they were deleted on KD662 and subsequent aircraft, which means 450-odd Mk.IVs had the frame unless retrofitted. Look forward to the book!
  13. With apologies to OP for derailing his thread, which of the baffling array of available handles for these did you buy? Would you recommend it or with hindsight do you wish you'd bought a bigger/smaller one? @limeypilot That's some pretty awesome masking there: well done. But I'm a brush painter and you can bet that if I ever did something like that (and I'm not sure I could), paint would seep under the tape and ruin the lovely vacform canopy.
  14. The aircraft with the nearest serial to T5258 that I have notes on is T5273 H of 46 Squadron, Edku, Egypt, in December 1942. Chaz Bowyer's Beaufighter At War has 5 photos of this aircraft on p.72 and Simon Parry's Beaufighter Squadrons In Focus (Red Kite) has 2 on p.37. Angle of tailplanes ought to be visible in at least 1 of those photos but even then reading across to T5258 is something of a leap of faith. Afraid I can't help further as I don't have access to either book at present. HTH
  15. Thank you: on order - so I have been told.
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