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  1. Hi all! I just completed this nice kit out-of-the-box from Fujimi. Mr. Color and Alclad paints. Had some fun adding some wear and tear to this tired and abused Vietnam-era Phantom. Thanks for looking!
  2. Hi all, My first go at a RealSpace (and resin) kit! Had fun with this one but the decals were problematic, tearing very easily. The roll pattern decals ripped apart and so I had to paint the pattern on. Metallics are Alclad, the rest Tamiya acrylics. Thanks for looking! Thanks for looking! Check out my blog for an in-depth review of the build!
  3. Hi all, I completed this piece a couple months ago, but just now discovered this sub-forum and so I'd like to share it with you all! This is a 1/72-scale Mercury Redstone by Horizon Models, small Australian company that appears to exclusively produce Mercury missions and military missiles that use the Redstone or Atlas LVs. It's molded in styrene with a few photo-etched parts. Had a breeze with this one...thanks for looking!
  4. Hey, thanks! Indeed, this is not light gull gray. I was working with Tamiya paints and had read somewhere that Medium Gray (XF-20) was the Tamiya equivalent. It totally isn't, as you can see, and I was quite unhappy with the color when I first applied (initially it had too warm of a hue). I went back on forth about whether to repaint and said "hell with it, it'll be fine!" After all is said and done, I agree it isn't quite right, but after the varnishing and weathering it has settled to a more acceptable tone IMHO. If anything, this experience has encouraged me to move out of my Tamiya comfort zone and embrace the wealth of other paints out there.
  5. Thanks! I mention in my blog post that the Italeri kit (from which the decals came) is nice except for the lack of an actual nose inlet. That bothered me. Also, this post is a nice comparison of the different kits: https://www.blindbatnews.com/2014/06/kit-bashing-172-scale-comparison-a-7-corsair-2-fujimi-esci-matchbox-hobby-boss-mystery-of-annoying-parting-lines-on-canopies-solved/31480 The Fujimi kit is nice, though the armament selection is a little meh. I had the Italeri kit lying around and so I borrowed the Mavericks.
  6. Thanks guys! I should point out that the decals for this one were from an Italeri A-7E kit I had purchased earlier, but decided to forego because the nose inlet isn't open on that mold.
  7. Awesome. You need to add the blood spatter from the unfortunate guy who meets the propellor.
  8. Hi all, This is my first time posting on this forum, and I'm not sure I'm quite up to snuff yet to wow any of you seasoned old dogs, but here goes. I started this model in July 2022 and just finished. I like to write about the process in some depth, but understand this is not the place for that. If anyone is interested in reading more about how this model came together (probably only of interest to beginner types like me), please check out my blog: https://meatchicken.wordpress.com/ Thanks for looking and for any comments/suggestions! Cheers.
  9. Thank everyone so much for the outpouring of excellent advice! Yes, I learned the hard way a while back not to mask over decals. I had another USAF insignia from an old model, but it didn't match the colors of the other insignia I had already placed on the model and so I couldn't use it as a replacement. So, I tried to carefully cut out the star and use it the remainder as a stencil: Then, I painted over the emplaced decal. This worked OK, though the alignment wasn't perfect: I'll see how I feel about it over the next few days. In the meantime, I've ordered some aftermarket insignia from Hannant's and might end up just placing a new one on top of this one. Thanks again for all the help!
  10. Hi all, I'm hoping to get some ideas on how best to resolve the see-through decal pictured below. My thinking is to mask around the star and hit it with some white paint, though the tolerance for error is very low with that one. Thoughts??
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