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  1. le dernier kit sorti de l'atelier: https://nsa40.casimages.com/img/2020/10/14/201014045917954539.jpg [/ IMG] [ / URL]
  2. At the end of 1959, a new aircraft appeared in the sky of Algeria to replace the good old T-6 out of breath: the T-28 Fennec. Originally, two versions existed in the United States: the T-28 of the US Air Force with a light airframe, an 800 hp engine and a two-bladed propeller, and the T-28 of the US Navy, with a reinforced airframe, a landing stock, a 1,450 hp engine and a three-bladed propeller. The Fennec was born from a batch of one hundred and fifty light cells purchased by France, equipped with a large 1,450 hp engine, a three-bladed propeller and a tricycle train. The cabin was two-seate
  3. the last kit out of the workshop, I started it yesterday:
  4. correct, I have corrected thanks for the remark
  5. no particular dificulties, it is necessary to be careful to assemble the dorsal part flaps are an option in the kit, lowered or closed indeed, this is the last out of the workshop, my english is very bad
  6. hello, it is a good kit for me, quite easy to assemble, even if I added several AIRES kit to improve it another pics :
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