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  1. thank's , but not a racer , a really war weary mustang :
  2. thank's for your nice comments and ... another one for 2020 : FW A 5 hasegawa 1/32
  3. non, just a what if thank you, sorry for the error
  4. Hello, here is a summary of my montages of this year 2020, all at 1/32 :
  5. thank's , it's only from the box, a really fantastic kit
  6. le dernier kit sorti de l'atelier: https://nsa40.casimages.com/img/2020/10/14/201014045917954539.jpg [/ IMG] [ / URL]
  7. At the end of 1959, a new aircraft appeared in the sky of Algeria to replace the good old T-6 out of breath: the T-28 Fennec. Originally, two versions existed in the United States: the T-28 of the US Air Force with a light airframe, an 800 hp engine and a two-bladed propeller, and the T-28 of the US Navy, with a reinforced airframe, a landing stock, a 1,450 hp engine and a three-bladed propeller. The Fennec was born from a batch of one hundred and fifty light cells purchased by France, equipped with a large 1,450 hp engine, a three-bladed propeller and a tricycle train. The cabin was two-seate
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