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  1. yes, it's a good remark, I made the modification
  2. my last built : https://nsa40.casimages.com/img/2021/04/23/210423110143758434.jpg
  3. it is a rather easy kit to assemble, but the wheels and exhausts are really ugly, the rest is not so bad, it is also necessary to work on the dihedron which does not exist in the kit
  4. I reinforced the fenders with rods from the rest of the kit and glued securely taking care of the dihedron
  5. a passage of black followed by H 85 sail, then brush vertically to give vertical streaks and scratch the exhaust trails
  6. A beautiful build, and the weathering and scuffing were incredibly realistic- hard to do well in such a large scale. One thing you might consider to make this outstanding model even better would be to rework the prop, as the blade contour looks more like what you would see on a Skyraider rather than a Corsair. See the links to good F4U-4 photos to see what I mean. Mike indeed, the propeller is not very beautiful, but I did not want to do anything other than mount this kit without major modification, the wheels are also ugly, the seat etc etc
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